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Glycolic Acid
Posted by Aufia (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) on 01/13/2013

hello everyone... I'm Dr. Aufia

Thank God I saw these comments on treatment of melasma... and I really feel blessed to help u out of this stigma on face...

leave everything else aside n go to a medical shop n get 15% glycolic acid and a sunscreen with spf more than 40... N apply over the whole face daily for 2 weeks... n then come back n reply my comment...

ok bye c ya.. Ol d best

Glycolic Acid
Posted by Roseyposey (Youngsville, Nc, United States) on 12/19/2011

I've tried all the cures and then some. My melasma is on both sides of my neck and was horrible looking! I found some glycolic acid online and ordered that and it worked beautifully on my face but not on my neck. So I found some TCA acid online and ordered that and IT WORKED! One side of my neck is completely clear and the other side may need 1-2 more applications. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! CHOOSE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU! BE CAREFUL AND FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS! Also, amazon. com has some really good info on these peels as well...