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Eliminating Wheat
Posted by Lynnbenn (Raleigh, Nc) on 11/16/2014

I don't know what brought my Melasma on three years ago. I tried everything, I was so discouraged. I couldn't put anymore energy into it. I had already been eating very healthy for years (organic veg and fruits, grass fed beef, free range chicken....) I just by chance cured my Melasma on accident. I read the book Wheat Belly, stopped eating wheat right away. I also started taking vitamin D3 supplements. Actually it is a combination of Vit D, Calcium and magnesium (Trader Joes brand to be exact). I was dreading summer, because that's when it got the darkest. BTW, I had been using sunscreen for 2 years.

Looking back, I know it didn't help, just getting hot would bring it out! This is the first summer I noticed it Was diminishing. It HAS to be the diet change. I am convinced it was my gut health. If you've read anything on how unhealthy wheat is, you know it blocks nutrition absorption. The minute I stopped the wheat and took vitamins, my skin transformed. It can't be a coincidence. I don't even wear sunscreen under my makeup anymore. My friends and family noticed right away. FYI, I only use coconut oil on my face every night. I don't even wash it off. I rub all over, wipe with a tissue. I also use it to take off my mascara. I don't think the coconut oil cured my melasma though, I think I was missing vitamins and minerals that my skin desperately needed! Just had to share, possibly to help someone else :)