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Baking Soda
Posted by Francis (Cocoa Beach, Fl) on 11/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, my melasma is almost gone! After trying a lot of things (lotios, lemon, apple cider, etc, ) finally I found in you tube a girl that say that baking soda was good for brown spots, well, I was thinking why not try??, I make a paste with a little water and a little baking soda in my hand, put it on my spots an leave there all night (rinse in the morning), when is dry, it will fall off, you can make it a little more liquid if you like, in just 2 days I notice a difference! I been doing this for almost 3 weeks and is almost gone, even my husband told me he can hardly see it! I have olive skin, and my spot was really dark... Hope it works for you!