Lymphedema Remedies

Green Tea

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Posted by Renee (Phoenix, Az) on 10/19/2012
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I have not suffered as long as most but I have been experiencing exscrushiating pain from the swelling of my legs ankles and thighs from third trimester of pregnancy until now. I kept being told by everyone including my doctor to just keep them elevated well with 4 kids and a new born on the way that was almost impossible to do all day. Well luckily I called my pharmacist for some possible natural relief and he said green tea. wow I can walk again green tea works.

Replied by Layla
(Palos Hills, Illinois, Usnited States)

I also have swelling in my thighs and ankles, its not that bad, but it just looks swollen and puffy compared to the rest of my body. I heard that green tea helps with the swelling but I am not sure what kind to get.

Inversion Tables

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Posted by Tasha (Jersey City Nj) on 06/27/2016
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Lymphedema: look into inversion tables. The body drains lymph into the circulatory system by the thoracic duct under the left clavicle. By inverting your body you allow lymph to drain.

Also look into whole body vibration machines. See if it contraindicates with any other medical issues you may have. But overall great for lymph. I'm a nurse with lymphedema.

Juicing, Epsom Salts, Trampoline

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Posted by Kokila (Roslyn Heights, New York) on 06/10/2009
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I had a terrible case of A. Lymphedma in my legs and B. Ringworm there as well.
Cured both.

Here's how:
Lymphedema: got this during my pregnancy and continued for almost 2 years thereafter.
I believe from Adrenal and kidney depletion...pregnancy is hard on the glands...adrenals control fluids in the do kidneys.
Anyway..tried everything: Lymphatic drainage massage MLD, acupuncture, herbs, compression stockings, you name it.
Here's what worked: a. Wheatgrass juice daily and fresh celery and spirulina and parsley juice.
b. Epsom salt baths (1/2 pound in the hot water with some bubble bath ,,,natural of course). Soaked 20 minutes a night before bed.
c. trampoline work.

Guess what? I'm cured...the massage therapist said I'd never cure it...that there is no cure. Oh yeah?
I sure hated those compression stockings. UGLY!

Now for the ringworm: AGAIN! Tried everything!!! Spent lots of money on creams, etc. tried herbs, etc. NOTHING! WORKED! The itching was driving me crazy ugly oozing sores on my legs. In desperation I tried: YES! Calamine lotion. IT WORKS FOLKS!
In a few hours I found relief and now it's gone. Try it. The lotion cost me $1.99

Best of luck.

Replied by Julia
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Thank you for posting your success! Are you juicing the wheat grass yourself? I ask because I think it requires a particular kind of juicer. If you are buying powder, know brand names and web sites cannot be posted here, so have included my email. Also, are you using spirulina powder? I don't think I have ever seen fresh spirulina in the store. Thanks again! Julia

Replied by Zonahead
(Allentown, PA)

I would like to know the amount of each thing you juiced. did you just put it all together and juice once a day or more? How long did it take before you seen some kind of results?

Replied by Yajaira
(South Gate, Ca)

Hi i was wondering has the lymphadema came back or r u totally cured?? im trying to get better please write back

Replied by Hubbli
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi I was very interested to read the posts on lymphodema, and I will be interested to give a few of them a go. But it is important to remember that what many people are talking about is odema or lipodema not lymphodema. My mother and I both have lymphodema, hers is extremely serious such as the last blog. She also can barely walk and is in extreme pain.We have tried the compression stockings the massage, the bandaging you name it - to no avail. So if just one of the remedies works, I am in your debt.


I've been interested in reading your posts on lymphedema. I too have tried stockings, massage, etc was recently told by the clinic I'm under that the wrapping is not appropriate for me. I argued the case, but to no avail. My legs are much worse in extreme heat. I find walking difficult now as can't get shoes to fit over my feet. My feet, calves, and thighs, are extremely swollen. I'm going to try inversion, supplements, but have green tea already and Epsom salts. My Lymphedema was brought on after a full hysterectomy.

I'll report back on the natural remedies.

Replied by Steve
(Merrillvile, Indiana)

Kokila from Roslyn Heights I have lymphodema real bad in my legs pls help

Replied by Christie
(Hebron, Me)

For the Lymphedema did you do a, b, c all together to see results? Did you mix and juice the wheatgrass, celery, spirulina and parley together? How much of it? I've had Lymphedema since my second child and it worsened after my third and continues to get worse little by little.

Replied by Sherry
(Pleasanton, Texas)

Hi, I am wondering if I could get specifics on Kokila's cure for Lymphedema. Are you using fresh wheatgrass or the powder? How much? How much celery and is the spirulina fresh or powder? Do you use fresh parsley? How much of each? Specific recipe of ingredients would be fantastic. I recently purchased a trampoline and am willing to do whatever it takes to get my lymphatic system cured. I too hate the compression stockings and with the heat and humidity here in Texas wearing them daily is just not an option for me. I appreciate any specific details you can offer.



Replied by Tracy
(Bardstown, Ky)

Would like to give this a try. Please send me exact recipe for juice.

Replied by Kokila
(Roslyn Heights, New York Usa)

My recipe for the juice is as follows:

1bunch celery

1bunch parsley, flat

2 Tbls freeze dried wheatgrass

3 teas. spirulina

scoop of red desert clay powder

Mix in 20 amp blender or juicer, and strain through nut milk bag.

Use within 1 week, drink 2 cups a day.

Good Luck!

Replied by Linda
(Rochester Hills, Michigan)

Kolika -- Did you add enough water to make your recipe equate to 12 cups of liquid (you say 2 cups per day, I am assuming you mean that literally... I. E. 16 ounces. )? Or is your recipe only enough for 1 day? When I followed your recipe, uing 1 full package of celery (2 full stalks) it came to only 16 ounces of liquid).

Please advise. Thanks! Linda in Michigan

Replied by Mina

Hi, How long did it take to cure. And can you be more exact about juice quantity and for how long did you take,? Epsom salt bath for how many days to cure? Thanks

Replied by Mina

Thanks. Useful tips. I have calf swelling for 5 months. I am taking lymphatic massage but doesn't seem to work. I tried Epsom salt, but did not work. how much salt exactly needed in how much water ? Can you tell.

Replied by Susan

How much of each do you use? Do you mix it all with water?


Posted by Jogzy (Tao, Niger) on 08/13/2012

Hi , I have had lymphedema for almost 8 years after developing hyperthyroidism. Nothing seems to work for me. I am very much interested in your juice but I dont know where to get the freeze or powdered wheat grass.

I also want to know how to apply the desert clay. also where can I get the rings? Thanks for your useful contribution.

Posted by Michelle (Charlotte, Nc) on 10/16/2011

How can I get the specifics on how to mix the kokila cure for lymphedema? Should I use fresh, frozed or powdered wheatgrass? Is it possible to use the pill forms and get the same results?

Replied by Kokila
(Roslyn Heights, New York Usa)

Hi Folks, Just stopped by here and saw ALL the posts regarding my treatment for Lymphedema! Sorry I didn't know sooner, as I would have immediately posted.

What has amazingly helped are the juices. Especially the celery, wheatgrass, parsley, spirulina juice... I also add red desert clay powder.

Also there is herb: fennugreek that is good.

Red clover has helped me too.

I take the juice once a day these days in an 8oz glass. I make it fresh once a week in a 20AMP blender which maintains the integrity of the enzymes! Very important. Don't use a regular blender.

The trampoline I do every night, as that is when I notice there might be a slight swelling.

What has REALLY helped recently as well is: Light Life Rings by Slim Spurling. I distribute them now as I'm a believer! I sleep with them around my leg and upper body, and I really see it keeps the swelling away beautifully. Something about the sacred geometry of the copper rings really helps the cells/energy of my leg. I use the large rings.

Hope this all helps you my friends. I know it is a terrible condition...

Replied by Kokila
(Roslyn Heights, New York Usa)

I also want to mention that I use powdered, freeze dried wheatgrass.

Also what helps emormously is bio-identical hormones (thyroid and adrenal)

I've noticed that I can pretty much say the swelling is gone, only slightly at night at this point, and improving even more.

Replied by Billie
(Queen Creek, Az)

Kokila, exactly how much do you consider 1 bunch of celery and parsley, I made it with a stalk of celery and it only made about 10 oz.

Replied by Mary123
(New York, Ny)

I saw your posting and plan to try your suggestions. I notice that you say to use a 20 amp blender. Can you explain? I found one on-line "Blendtec" - but it is very expensive. Would a 13 or 15 amp blender be okay? If not, I'll go for the expense since you are one of the rare people who seem to have recovered from this awful condition and it would be worth it - I'd just like to understand what the difference in amps means. Thank you.

Replied by Jen
(Kelowna, Bc, Canada)

Hi Kokila, Hope you are still checking this site. My mom is trying to use your recipe and is having difficulty getting enough juice out of it and it is very thick, any suggestions? She is suffering badly with swelling below the knee and is desperate for something that works.

Replied by Kokila
(Roslyn Heights, Ny)

Hi Folks, Stopped by here and wanted to answer the lymphedema question about the juice.

Add enough water to almost fill the blender after cutting up the celery, parsley and wheatgrass powder(or fresh grass: I use the grass too, but sparingly as it can damage the blender).

Then drink right away.... A couple of glasses a day!

Good luck

Lymphatic Filariasis

Posted by Robert (Cleveland, Ohio, Usa) on 10/29/2011

Since acquiring lymphatic filariasis [nematode bancrofti variety] [elephantiasis] from India travels in 1989, I have suffered repeated periods of severe "bloating" in not merely the legs and abdominal areas but systemic body wide. Weight gain has happened to 120 US customary pounds, filling up as quickly as in 35 days.

Hospital treatments endlessly employ harsh diuretics without even an attempt to supplement with herbal aids. I chose to investigate in the chinese herb direction and found TienChi Radix pseudo-ginseng to be very effective coupled with the diuretic: Bumex (bumetanide) a loop diuretic, available as scored tablets, 0.5 mg (light green), 1 mg (yellow) and 2 mg (peach) for oral administration.

Prepare TienChi Radix pseudo-ginseng as tea or lightly watercooked powder [rounded teaspoon in 8 oz standard serving oatmeal - sweetened to taste or mixed with peanut butter after cooked 10 minutes @ min. 100 degrees C [[email protected] sealevel] eaten once daily with usually breakfast.

It costed me USD $85 per US customary 16oz pound. The origin / source: PRC Yunnan Province; do not replace it or confuse with Korean, Japanese, American or Panax ginsengs as these are less or ineffective although cheaper. Pre-made extracts and teas are notably weak.

I eat raw fennel stalks and leaves [anise], parsely juice, alfalfa sprouts, baked or boiled unflavored red beets, fresh or canned asparagus, raw or boiled spinach, cultured probiotic milk foods and chicken livers with eggs; this constitutes most of my diet.

Results: under Nursing home oversight and full documentation, I have shed an average of 400ml of fluid hourly, more when the regimen began. I drink 51 fluid US customary ounces of direct oral water - roughly 1500ml restricted intake. I decreased from October 12, 2011: 469 pounds to [so far] 364 pounds on October 28, 2011, treatment is ongoing now as this is written. This heregoing I testify as a true report. -RSA 10-29-11

Replied by Alain

What can a nursing mother take to cure her filaria?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Alain,

Garlic is a great antiparasitic and antibiotic that is considered compatible with nursing.

I would try one clove of fresh garlic internally 4 times a day.

Also, vitamin C to support your immune system - 1,000 mg 3 times a day in the sodium ascorbate form.

Dandelion tea is good for the lymph system.

I would also do Epsom salt baths - 1 cup in a warm bath several times a week.

I hope you feel better soon! Let us know how it goes for you.

~Mama to Many~

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 02/03/2021


HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and I finished my leg wraps and still above ground. I have a new bed ordered. Sleeping in a lounge chair is not too sporty. Research of my problem indicates that I have 2 to 5 years left. I want to see how things come out. I think the Lord has decided that it is his time to get involved. Evil folks have taken over. Me, I want to go back to the 50's and boggie with my Tractor Driver. We setting up a system to collect the rain water off our roof. Got lot of brush to sink in the lake to attract fish. Got my old worm bed going. Docks lights to be installed to attract fish. We are preppers. Times are going to get interesting. I know we can survive as I was an Eagle Scout and spent 60 years gardening. I am a fisherman and a hunter. You need to read books, I don't. I can write um. This is all going to come out far different than you think.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tasha (Jersey City, Nj) on 06/27/2016

I'm a nurse who also to happens to have lymphedema. There are several remedies that have to be included together. Look into inversion table therapy( could buy one cheap on eBay) also whole body vibration machines (cheap on eBay). You have to follow a low fat low sodium diet. Particularly long chain fats. Medium chain oils such as coconut oil benefit lymph. It doesn't travel through lymph system not clogging it up. Hydrate like crazy to speed up lymph flow. Also stay away from diuretics. Western medicine loves to give that but the logic behind not drinking diuretics including coffee is because it removes fluid from lymph trapping the slow moving protein making it more dense and sludgy in your lymph system. Also deep breathing pranayama facilitates movement of trapped lymph. Also muscle contractions and relaxation move it along. So muscle workouts are best. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Replied by Denise

How is your lymphedema doing? Have you heard of any new remedies that work? I have lymphedema in right arm due to breast cancer surgeries looking for a natural remedy that quickly works with draining the area..

Replied by Gail V
(Easton, Pa)

I get an ion cleanse 1x/mo. It seems to help with lymphedema. I am a 10 yr. breast cancer survivor. I had 47 nodes removed with 17 being cancerous. Contrary to some who don't believe in alternative medicines, this does help. I also rebound on the mini trampoline.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jodi (Roslyn Heights, NY) on 12/02/2008
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Hi, I have developed a painful case of lympedema, and arthritis with cysts around my ankles and up into my legs from an injury 2 years ago that wasn't treated for a long time.

I've been trying various things, but have not seen a reduction yet in swelling...the swelling is awful...I have to wear compression knee highs, etc. I've been doing Manual lymphatic drainage massage, taking ACV and other natural cures.

The ACV has helped the pain from the cysts on the back of my foot...I think that it might be helping to dissolve it, but there is a lot of tissue under the skin that is swollen and hardened into cysts or like tracts of tissue...weird stuff!

Any ideas from people on natural stuff to help this? I feel a lot of pain recently from other lymph nodes too...feels like fluid is not moving correctly through them.


Replied by Vivienne
(Paia, HI)

Hi Jodi, I have lymphedema of my left leg (30% larger than the right). The only thing I know of that definitely helps is MLD (manual lymphatic drainage), which especially helpful when used in conjunction with Kinesio taping (the tape acts as 24/7 massage) and it has helped me, so I can recommend it first hand. You mention you wear support hose, do you also bandage at night? There is also a support non profit site for lymphedema sufferers

I wrote to Ted at Earth Clinic recently... Here's what I wrote and his reply:-

Please could you possibly help me? I developed Lymphedema after having lymph nodes removed from my pelvis in 1989. I massage daily and wear support hose during the day and special low stretch bandages at night. My left leg is 30% larger than my right, the swelling is mostly from the knee to buttock area and pubic mound, there is also minimal edema in my right ankle. The swelling results in cellulitus once every 6 weeks or so, which is why I take the 7-Keto DHEA to boost my immune system, it has not completely stopped the cellulitis, but makes it much less severe.

For the swelling I take:
Horse Chestnut 300 mg 2 x day
Rutin 500 mg 1 x day
Triple Chlorophyll 60 mg 1 x day
Alfalfa 2000 mg x 2 day
Vit C 1000 mg x 1 day
7-Keto DHEA 100 mg 3 x day

Since reading the earth clinic site, I am now also taking ACV 2 tbsp., 2 x day, VCO 1 tbsp., 2 x day, Blackstrap Molasses 1 tbsp., 2 x day and a Cayenne & Garlic capsule 1 g garlic/500mg Caynne. But I have not been doing this long enough to see a result.

Ted's reply:
I am personally against removal of any organs because the resultant effects are often more severe down the road. In any event the removal of lymph node could have been avoided if potassium citrate, camphor, and sodium bicarbonate were supplemented or perhaps the use of castor oil hot packs (with camphor added) to assist lymphatics clearance. Quite often high protein diets, high heavy metals, thick plasma (where clotting sometimes occur), excessive virus, vitamin C sodium ascorbate and bacteria buildup are common ones that clogs the lymphatic system. I agree bandages is useful also as is raising legs higher may help a little.

Anyway even with such removal, there might be some lymph nodes leftover but is obstructed or the veins has to overtake the missing lymphatic system. In this case, a removal of lymphatics will result in excessive fluids along the veins, called venous insufficiency, where excessive fluids accumulate. When this happens, pine bark extract is often used as a supplement to reduce this issue.

While it is true that DHEA does indeed help reduce the cellulite, some people prefer DHEA, or other people prefer 7 Keto DHEA. It all depends on the result. Some people have low hormones of the other and DHEA would work well there. However, some has sufficient hormones with exception of DHEA, so 7 keto DHEA will work for him.

There are other cellulite reducing supplements besides DHEA, although DHEA is best known, but I have found quite a few of the others, namely taurine, l-carnosine (500 mg x 3)are the best ones I know of, along with chromium supplements. Most chromium, if they are water soluble worked fairly well, I used chromium chloride to save costs compared to chromium picolinate for example. The dose of taurine is taken 30 minutes to an hour before every meals, such as 2000 mg. This will prevent negative reactions between sugar and proteins, which result in cellulite. Chromium further lowers blood sugar spikes and the common dose I used to get result is about 1000 mcg, chewed, or powdered, dissolved in a glass of water.

It should be noted that in event the blood becomes too thick, the ability for the blood to flow back through tehe veins is obstructed. This is true for high fat products, sugar, and acid forming foods. The diet is replaced with high enzyme foods, such as raw vegetarians and enzyme supplements taken three times a day. In this case, EDTA is important, but I prefer a much lower dose of EDTA, in the form of disodium EDTA as means of reducing blood obstruction and lower the blood thickness so if the blood is a bit more watery, the ability of blood flow and plasma is not hampered. EDTA also removes certain free heavy metals that tends to cause the blood to be thicker. It is also true of high fats, high sugar, high fructose, and high protein diets. However certain amino acid is useful such as carnosine and taurine.

Estrogen is the major problem causing cellulite, and perhaps natural progesterone cream will keep the ratios of progesterone: estrogen in check, such as applying on the area might also help.

Some vitamin E is also useful in reducing blood thickness that prevents blood clotting as is also true that magnesium is antagonistic to calcium and may also help. The other supplements that also reduce some cellulite is the alpha lipoic acid, taken along with food to prevent stomach upset. It also helps if plenty of water is taken to further reduce this problem.

Chlorophyll tends to give the body more blood, so its a matter of debate whether that helps or not. However, chlorella is a heavy metal chelator and may reduce obstruction by further helping the circulation. Fluid retention is the other thing that caused it, so diuretic products may further help if taken in moderation such as green tea. Some other things that reduce kidney obstruction from uric acid, or if body is a little high in uric acid may lead further to swollen legs. In this case a very low dose of lithium citrate or lithium carbonate such as 5 mg may help the body rid of excess fluids. Some additional taking of potassium citrate (technical name is tripotassium citrate) taken at 1/4 teaspoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate may help normalized bowel movements, especially the potassium and if more frequently it is taken, the stool becomes more fluid, thus reducing the fluid retention that way.

The major enemy in the cause of fluid retention has always been the chlorinated water. It works by increasing the blood pressure, due to its effect on the body to cause metabolic acidosis. It works like this, whenever there is a free chlorine in the blood that comes through taking shower, the free chlorine dissociates to react with the free hydrogen that is involved in the NAD to NADH, to form HCl, or hydrochloric acid deep within the mitochrondria involved in the Krebs cycle. So this reduces the mitochrondrial activity. I suspect the same reaction to also occur in presence of Fluoride. This doesnt happen with iodine because it's a required mineral. This also explains why legs are swollen or the body becomes much more swollen after swimming in highly chlorinated water as well as being fluoridated from the public water supply.

This also explains why people feel much weaker after the shower. It's the effect of chlorine interfering with the mitochrondria that helps with our energy level. If energy level is low, the ability of the body to maintain normal fluids is not possible, so the body becomes highly retentive with fluids. Therefore chlorine and fluoridated toothpaste has to be removed. Any thing that disturbs the neuroendocrine system, includes hydrocarbons, and aspartame. Aspartame in presence of body's enzyme converts into a free methanol alcohol so that's avoided, because further oxidation it becomes formaldehyde and results in fluid imbalance from destruction of the neural centers responsible for equilibrium of body fluids -its the line of communications that tells each organs what to do becomes impaired in presence of them.

In any event, I think disodium EDTA, at 25 mg x 3 mixed with plenty of water (maybe taken for a couple of days, out of a week such as 3 or 4 days), and taking plenty of enzyme supplements taken three times a day before every meal should help most the circulation, Enzymes help digest obstructions and foreign pathogens which tends to cause the clogging of the lymph node, while prevention cellulite formation is helped mostly with taurine, DHEA, alpha lipoic acid.

Certain dietary changes to more vegetarian less protein, but taking some amino acid supplements instead, less fat, less sugar, and less exposure to fluoride, aspartame and chlorine should generally help the most. Diuretics such as green tea, lithium citrate for example are helpful in reducing fluid retention, but lithium further removes excess uric acid that obstructs normal kidney functions too.

Water suana, without chlorine, and hence sodium thiosulfate dechlorinator, one size rice grain of the crystals mixed in a liter of water may also help reduce fluid retention. Initially the sodium thiosulfate will cause watery stool, but once the body get used to it after usually three days, it will further neutralize the negative effects of chlorinated water from showers.

Apple cider vinegar should add some baking soda, such as 2 tablespoons of apple cider viengar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water for example. The body tends to swell when eating mushrooms of any kind, including reishi mushrooms as well as many yeast fermented product, such as yogurt. This includes wheat products too in swelling but whole rye and millet won't generally cause swelling. Antibiotics promote swelling because of the mycotoxins, since mycotoxins and antibiotics are produced from fungus.


Replied by Vivienne
(Paia, HI)

Jodi! I just noticed a posting on Earth Clinic that might help you in regard to the cysts. Check out the posting 10/25/2008: l from Sandusky, Ohio on this link...

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Hi Jodi, may sound trite but are you sure you are getting enough fluid daily? If you check up on you will find you need half your bodyweight in ozs of water per day. eg. weight 100lbs needs 50ozs water to be divided into 5 or 6 servings. I have been using the watercure for the last few weeks and swollen ankle from 30yr old injury has finally subsided! Other benefits as well. Increased water does not make you retain fluid (provided your kidneys are in good working order) Body is 70% water of whick 25% is used by brain.. if you dont get enough water for the rest of your body to be properly hydrated then things start to clog up. And ONLY WATER can hydrate properly, contrary to the popular belief that other liquids will also suffice. If you are interested in trying this you need to check out the website to get ALL the relevant information BEFORE you start. Hope this helps you it has been a wonder cure for me. God bless.

Replied by Siberianwolf
(Havelock North, New Zealand)

This message is regarding Lymphedema and is for Catherine in Wellington NZ. Hi Catherine. You left your message here two years ago. I know everyone's problems are different, but as a matter of interest. . . How long did it take for your swelling to disappear having begun the drinking water regime?

Replied by Davee

Try kidney and adrenal herbs. Kidneys control elimination of lymphatic fluids. Also try castor oil packs and cabbage leaf packs to pull fluid out.


How do you use cabbage packs or castor oil packs - Hot water mix? What do you suggest? My leg lymphoedema is growing and scary. Lurline

Replied by Sabita
(Orange City, Florida)

I started getting swollen above my right knee and sometimes it was starting to creep up my leg. One day I ate some thing with a lot of salt and I noticed right away that above my right knee became swollen so I figure I have to cut out salt. I had also been using baking soda for alkalization and I had to cut that out. I just use lemon water for alkalization now. I also have a mini trampoline that I use to get lymph flowing. On days I can I do cardio, stretching and weights to get things moving.

Pycnogenol, Black Seed Oil

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Posted by JD (UK) on 08/13/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My dad had lymphoedema in his lower legs and had severe edema/swelling in his lower legs and feet, as soon as he put his feet on the floor in the morning getting up out of bed they would instantly swell, severe pain, redness, itching so bad he wanted to scratch his legs off, "dents" in the front of his lower legs, etc at the beginning of June 2021.

He was referred to the Lymphoedema clinic at that time by GP/doctor (no doctor actually saw him, they asked us to send photos to the surgery!), finally having a "telephone" consultation (what a joke) with the clinic only the other day (August 2021). During that time we did our own research and came across Pycnogenol and studies related to it:

We bought some and my dad started taking 3 x, then increased to 4 x 40mg/per day of Pycnogenol (purchased from here if in UK


Black Seed Oil (Original) starting with 1 x, then increased to 2 x/per day (

In just over 8 weeks the edema/swelling has decreased massively, now he only has a small amount of swelling in his feet, pain decreased massively, no itching, "dents" in lower legs look far better and so on.

Suffice to say he declined the Lymphoedema clinic offer of making an appointment to be seen (he did ask if an appointment would be at Christmas time as it has taken over 2 months to make a telephone call) and advised them that he has sorted himself out now.

Sea Salt

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Posted by whisperingsage (northeastern CA) on 03/06/2019 47 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Nobody will believe this, but I got rid of my pedal edema with unrefined Sea Salt. I was in the hospital for almost 5 months ( perforated colon, multiple organ failure, sepsis). I was on normal saline the whole time and various other things. I have a complicated nutrient program which I was able to do for most of that time as I was NPO (nothing by mouth). But I didn't have edema except during the first month in a coma when multiple organ failure was working it's magic. The last two weeks, I would come up with extreme low BP, down to the 70's /30's. I had my hubby bring me Real Salt which is a mineral salt. I had been on Celtic salt for the minerals by order of my GP for my adrenal issues. Each time my BP went down, I'd take a little salt and bring it up to normal. Once out, my hubby took me to my in-laws instead of home to have supervision. I quickly developed pedal edema, to a level I never had before. I wasn't taking my salt as I figured their food had plenty. I had an episode of vomiting and this is hard on me as I already throw out my minerals. So I took my RealSalt to help besides beet juice and V8 for potassium. This cleared up my edema. I had tried various other things that didn't help; dandelion, milk thistle, selenium. But my salt imbalance evidently caused this problem. Something I have never heard before. So I thought I'd better put it out there just so it might help someone. We know the low salt prescription has been a failure and actually increased mortality.

EC: FYI - Real Salt is unrefined sea salt from a deposit near Redmond, Utah.

Vibrating Machine

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Posted by Betty (Illinois) on 06/09/2020
1 out of 5 stars


The vibration machine made my lymphedema way worse. I don't know why. It also vibrated the pin loose in my shoulder from a replacement surgery. Talk about painful!

Buyer beware! This was from a sitting position on the lowest speed setting, at that!

Vibrating Machine
Posted by Dawn (Las Vegas, Nv) on 08/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

The vibration machine is a life saver for me. My lymphoma effects my entire right side, including my back, shoulder and chest areas. (I am a breast cancer patient and had a mastectomy with lymph node removal.). I use my pneumatic pump, then get on the vibration machine first thing in the morning and before bed each day. It has made a huge difference in my quality of life!

Replied by Crystal
(Albuquerque, NM)

I need to know if it's covered by insurance, if so what kind of insurance?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI YA'LL,,,,,,,,, back problem is taking second place so I switched my PT from my back to my lymph swollen feet, ankles and calves. Ask my PT guy if sleeping with my legs raised on a wedge would help. He said, probably not. Wrong. It helps immensely, and I get my first treatment Monday from him. There is no doubt that you have to listen to folks that have studied their trade, but they follow the narrow brick road that they were taught. Me, I keep an open mind and listen to all.

Got word today that one of my best HS buddies died from a car wreck. We had just been talking about his cancer ...... problem was he had already started down the Allopathic route of chemo and radiation. When we talked on the phone he could hardly breath following these treatments. This kills your immune system and the immune system is what saves you from your cancer.

My PSA is on the rise. I have just been half-assing my natural cancer treatments. If my test increases, then to heck with lymph leg problems, I have to do what our hero Bill Munro did for his cancer. One thing about getting old is that if you solve one problem then you have another two staring you in the face soon thereafter.

Don't worry about ORH..... he is having a ball with his health problems and getting ready for the coming revolution. Don't think that's right, then why did 99 countries just go into the ditch with hacking. You don't need a nuclear bomb, you just need to know what computer keys to stroke. A pencil neck nerd fits that bill. He ain't tough, but he can bring you to your knees.

ATS =====ORH======

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How long do you stay on vibrating machine?

Vibrating Machine
Posted by Megs (Canada) on 04/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have had lymphedema for over a year now.. Went through all the tests and a friend mentioned trying a total body vibrating machine.... You can look them up there are a lot of different ones out there... They all do the same... But prices differ... I went on it for 10 min two days in a row and all my swelling is completely gone... I also bought the circulation booster and have been using that. But the whole vibrating machine works a lot better than jumping on a trampoline... So much easier on the joints.. so that was my cure hope this helps.

Replied by Lymphactivist
(California, US)

Before spending one penny on a device for lymphedema, ask to see a controlled clinical trial which proves that there is a benefit from the device for your specific condition. Otherwise you may be throwing your money away. Interesting that this vibrating machine is claimed on the basis of one user to be better than a trampoline for lymphedema, but the trampoline has never been proven to benefit lymphedema. I am reminded of the episode between Alice and the King

`You alarm me! ' said the King. `I feel faint -- Give me a ham sandwich! '

On which the Messenger, to Alice's great amusement, opened a bag that hung round his neck, and handed a sandwich to the King, who devoured it greedily.

`Another sandwich! ' said the King.

`There's nothing but hay left now, ' the Messenger said, peeping into the bag.

`Hay, then, ' the King murmured in a faint whisper.

Alice was glad to see that it revived him a good deal. `There's nothing like eating hay when you're faint, ' he remarked to her, as he munched away.

`I should think throwing cold water over you would be better, ' Alice suggested: `or some sal-volatile.'

`I didn't say there was nothing better, ' the King replied. `I said there was nothing like it.' Which Alice did not venture to deny.

So I suggest that there may be "nothing like" a rebounder or a full body vibrating machine for lymphedema, but have either ever been proven to be beneficial?

Replied by Mina

Hi, Thanks for the information. Can you tell where you get vibrating machine, brand name, cost. Thanks

Replied by Karen
(New Zealand)

Hi, is the vibrating machine like the powerfit one? Does anyone know?

Replied by Beamer
(Brisbane Australia)
5 out of 5 stars

I use a vibrating machine - one you stand on - got it on eBay. It has been one of the best investments for my health. Highly recommend them. Try one out in a store or gym and see for yourself.