Natural Remedies for Lice

Coconut Oil
Posted by Dianna (Sapulpa, OK)
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My daughter came home with lice, and a friend told me to use some coconut oil overnight to suffocate the lice and the nits. I had no trouble getting the nits out, and there didn't seem to be any bugs when I combed through her hair. The only problem I had was getting the coconut oil out of her hair. I used the coconut oil conditioner, which I think is different than liquid coconut oil, but it worked so well I had to share the tip.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lon (Stanhope, Nj) on 09/07/2010

I add vinegar to shampoo to remove oils from my hair.

Posted by Deborah A. (Newton, MA) on 01/02/2022
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Combing for lice missing from your info. It is the best form of screening, early detection, proper identification and safe removal.

Posted by Christina (United States) on 10/14/2019
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After seeing OTC products (Vamousse and Licefree) that kill both lice & nits that have an active ingredient of sodium chloride (table salt) since it dehydrates them, I make my own.

Roughly 3/4 table salt and 1/4 liquid dial hand soap (I would assume any liquid, even water would work since the salt is the key ingredient)....just enough liquid to make a spreadable paste out of the salt. I then saturated my daughter's head with it (mine too just to be sure even though a quick self check didn't turn up any lice or nits) and put a shower cap on for four hours.

Then the salt & soap got washed out.

My daughter's school has a "no live lice" policy but not a "no nit" policy so while I wanted to get rid of nits (alive or dead). I slathered our heads with conditioner and combed for a couple hours with a fine-tooth rat tail comb. I'm sure she had lice for at least a couple weeks since I got hundreds of nits out of her hair during that first comb out (none out of mine).

I continued the conditioner / comb out 1 - 2 times a day until I saw no nits come out. It took over a week to get them all out (in that time I never combed out any live lice so that confirmed that in all likelihood the salt mixture had indeed killed the nits as none of them hatched). More than once it was tempting to give her a pixie cut (wouldn't "get rid of them" but would make the comb out process a bit easier in shorter hair than her shoulder-length hair--I have very short hair and my comb out, combing thoroughly in all directions took me under 15 minutes, hers took 1 - 2 hrs-- and she would love the cut for any reason, but I didn't feel confident enough in my hair cutting abilities to do a good cut and I couldn't take her to a salon with nits in her hair, even if they were dead, so I just had to be thankful she didn't have long thick hair to work through).

Since getting rid of our infestation, I've taken preventive measures and added spraying our hair with tea tree oil & water every morning before we leave home / she goes out to play.

So far no new lice.

SPF 30 Sunscreen
Posted by Lesha (Ottawa) on 04/24/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all! Have had head lice for three years on and off...crazy, upsetting, and difficult! I have found an answer.I used sunscreen 30 for three hours. I noticed it was greasy and unwelcoming. To let you all know...I have tried all remedies!, dry hair and apply 30 sunscreen on the root lines first...apply a lot! Rub in and cover all hair like a helmet. Place shower cap on for three hours. Go to shower tap, bend over and apply a hardy conditioner for hair...rub in and add will feel a waxy effect taking place....wet hair with warm water and comb with small-toothed comb. It will be like taking a wet wax off hair...keep combing. Rinse hair in warm water...not hot! Now you have a seal. Wrap hair for 10 min. in towel. Release hair and blow dry on high. Stop and take a break...on head and upside attention to crown and back and 2 inches above again...stop and take a break...the hair will separate in small ribbons....dry more if you can/ Now sit and breath and have a not wrap hair again...put towel on pillow for sleep. In morning, blow again until hot...and wash hair as usual. Blow dry after or sun dry shaking hair and fingering. I hope this helps friends. Sunscreen 30 and later a hardy conditioner on top.... waxy buildup...comb. Blow hair...break for a bit...and resume/ Please no tears.... this will work!!!!

Nit Remedies
Posted by Alison (Uk) on 04/13/2015

My child has a huge problem with nits! I have no problem getting rid of the mites themselves but can't seem to get rid of the eggs. My child has lots of very fine hair and nit combs dont seem lift them off the hair. Tried all the obvious remedies but no joy. Any ideas anyone?

Nit Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 04/13/2015

Alison, like someone here already wrote, you just have to pick them out by hand one by one. Do some daily, and in a short time they should be gone.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mrs A From Uk (London, UK) on 03/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For head lice, please read everything you can find about Grapefruit Seed Extract (liquid concentrate) - especially users' reviews.

Pick Them Out in Sunshine
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 03/21/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have LOTS of experience with these lice. My daughter got them and did not mention it to me until it was horrific case. We tried tea tree oil. A whole bottle overnight, she had long hair wrapped in a towel. I wouldn't do that again.

Ao over the course of six months . I nit picked out in the sun. If there is one egg left on the hair shaft and it hatches. Then you are back to square one. I also washed her stuff constantly in hot water and bagged it while using stuff that had been in bags. I also had 3 feet of hair and never got it. My other family members never got it either.

For my grand daughter, I used a lighted magnifying glass my friend got lice and I picked her twice in a week between her using tea tree shampoo and she was over them. The combs don't get them all off the shaft you have to pick.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nante (Germany) on 09/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Want to get rid of lice in once? It requires a lot of work but pays off.

1. Wash your hair with tea tree shampoo or if you have none add tea tree oil to shampoo

2. Put as much coconut oil in your hair as you can fathom. wait 2 hours

3. Comb, comb, comb with a fine lice/flea comb (i used my pets flea comb after disinfecting). This is really important. divide your hair up in partitions to make sure you have had each section. After each stroke dip the comb in hot water with vinegar and brush with an old toothbrush. Keep combing until the comb is clean.

4. Wash again with tea tree. use also vinegar with your wash to kill eggs.

5. Apply new coconut oil and leave it in for two days. keep combing every day.

6. Sleep with a shower cap. put a towel on your pillow that your replace every day.

7. Meanwhile: take out all of your bedlinnens, all coats, scarfs and clothes you have been wearing. Put them in separate closed bags. Spray vinegar in the bags. Wash them as soon as you can. keep them closed and in quarantaine until you are ready to wash.

8. Add baking soda and/or vinegar to your laundry to kill lice & eggs.

9. Wear clean clothes every day for 3-5 days depending on the severity of your infestation. add the dirty clothes to the separate, closed bags. keep the laundry separate for a week.

10. Steam clean your home, mattrasses, pillows, blankets, laundry basket and clean your whole house thoroughly. don't forget the wardrobe, cloth hangers! Replace the vacuum bag. if you don't have a steam cleaner use vinegar everywhere and let it soak for a while.

I know this is a lot but it will get you rid of the lice in ONCE!

Olive Leaf
Posted by Diane (Uniontown, Pa) on 03/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My grands were INFESTED a few years back with head lice. Both my husband and I were taking olive leaf extract at the time and we never got them. Olive leaf extract taken internally kills them. They got them again. So we took the olive leaf extract and I also used Denorex Therapeutic proactively. They got it again, my head started itching, and I found a bug. So I took ole, did the Denorex Therapeutic again, got rid of them easily. I never even nitpicked. I never vacuumed, washed bedding or any of that. I just changed my pillow cases. My grands have head lice yet again. Their mother has finally agreed to at least make a tea from the ole capsules and pour it on their heads to see what this will do. Just wondering if anyone from here has tried an ole tea yet for head lice?

On another note, for those of you that are wondering why you keep getting them, I heard an interesting story a while back. A coworker said her family had a problem with head lice the whole time she was growing up. Her mother would wash all the beddings, put things in garbage bags and contact all the other parents every time they got them. Her dad was so desperate he poured kerosene on their heads, and they still kept getting them. Years later, they found out that their aunt had them and never told anyone because she was too "embarrassed". So if you're struggling with head lice, it's probably someone in your close circle not letting you know.

Olive Oil
Posted by Ashley (Brownfield, Me, United States) on 12/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have a daughter who is in her first year of kindergarten. One day my daughter came home with her hair so tangled and while I was combing her hair I noticed that she had lice and I will admit I freaked out and so I called my mom up and asked what was the best way to get rid of lice and she hung up and came straight over. I watched as she was putting olive oil in my daughters hair... All I could think was 'why olive oil?' but knowing that my daughter had school the next day I was willing to do anything to get rid of the bugs. I stayed up till four making sure that my home was lice free it took me an hour after I washed her hair out wit dish soap to brush it but I then rinsed her hair with white distilled vinegar and I saw such a difference it was amazing. I have never heard about tree oil till now but even now I check my daughters hair every night before she goes to bed.

Posted by Pedro (Earth) on 08/13/2012
1 out of 5 stars

Kerosene and other should never be taken internally. It's extremelly toxic just like gas or diesel. Do not try this remedy. It's also highly flammable, so I wouldn't use it on the skin either (it is also toxic that way through absorption).

There are lots of remedies for colds and other ailments on this site that are safe to be tried, but not this one.

Posted by Rebekah (Dowagiac, Mi) on 08/15/2012
1 out of 5 stars


Someone is going to end up in the ER or dead if this is not removed. DO NOT EVER PUT KEROSENE ON OR IN YOUR BODY!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Seahorse (Arlington, Va) on 07/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter who is 6 had lice my son then got them and my husband the only reason I think I did not is because I dye my hair. I used mayonaise with olive oil in it you can buy it that way, left it on their heads for the day, and washed the hair a couple of times used a conditioner that I mixed with tea tree oil, lavender oil, peppermint, rosmary and eucalyptus oil. I also made a misture that I spray and leave in the hair too with those oils and either argan oil or olive oil just a cap full in one of those bottles of detangler spray. Then, I make sure to put gel in and no more lice! This killed them and prevents them!

Enzyme Shampoo
Posted by Ruta (Il) on 04/09/2018

What kind did you use?

Eucalyptus Oil
Posted by Nigelle (Texas) on 08/06/2017

Is this just regular eucalyptus oil? Like the essential oil type or is there a certain one?

Olive Oil, Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Kimberly (Fl, Usa) on 02/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My niece came and stayed all night at our home, we did not know she had head lice. I found it in my grand-daughters hair about a week later. Her hair hangs all the way to her waist. I also got the little "darn" things. I too, have hair not quite as long as hers. We did the olive oil, wrapped out heads in saran wrap and tied a plastic bag around our heads. Slept all night, in the morning I rinsed our heads first with vinegar. I then put some tea tree oil in the shampoo and washed our hair. I sprayed some no more tangles on our hair and then combed it out with a nit comb. One week later I repeated the process all over again. Did not see any nits or bugs the second time. We used the shampoo all week with the tea tree oil in it. Still in the shampoo to date.

P. S. Got them out of my nieces hair too however I used the alcohol and vinegar mixture with the tea tree oil and wrapped her head with saran wrap and plastic bag. (didn't have olive oil) She kept it one for 2 hours, combed her hair out with nit comb. Sent her home with shampoo with tea oil in it. One week later I repeated except this time I used the olive oil, vinegar and tea tree oil-she was nit and bug free.

Eucalyptus Oil
Posted by Samantha (Adelaide, Sa, Australia) on 11/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Whenver we have lice, my daughter and I treat ourelves with 2tbsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of eucalytpus, 1/4 tsp of tea tree oil and a squirt of shampoo. Mix all together and slather on hair. Wait 30 mins. (We put a disposable shower cap over our heads). The oil suffocates the lice and the eucalyptus and tea tree oil damage their exoskelelons.

Our hair ends up soft and shiny. You need to repeat 1 week and 2 weeks later to completely break the reproductive cycle because it doesn't kill all the eggs.

Now if someone could come up with an oil that washes out more easily the formula would be perfect!

Posted by Iowama (Pella, Iowa/usa) on 06/29/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Thank you for your forum on headlice. My granddaughter's headlice have resisted both the an OTC and an RX treatment, but they succumbed to mayonaise. I applied it as per a you-tube video, using plastic wrap and having her wear it for several hours. I did as complete a wash and rinse as a 2 year old will allow, but the hair still looked a little dirty. I found the nits slid off more easily than with the 2 previous treatment tries. I repeated 2 days later and am continuing to check for nits. Great results!

Posted by Racer (Hampton, Tn) on 11/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Cetaphil rubbed into hair and blow dried until hair is dry, kills lice. Put it on hair, then a shower cap and leave on all night. Wash out and comb through. 15 drops tea tree oil in any bottle of shampoo or conditioner used twice a week should keep the lice away as long as the lice comb is used all the time to get bugs out of the hair.

Cedarwood Oil
Posted by Elle (Uk) on 11/03/2017

How do you use cedar oil? do you use w/ a carrier oil? how many drops? and then do we rub on the scalp? and leave it on for how long? and then shampoo it?

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