Natural Remedies for Lice

Olive Oil
Posted by Ashley (Brownfield, Me, United States) on 12/05/2012
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I have a daughter who is in her first year of kindergarten. One day my daughter came home with her hair so tangled and while I was combing her hair I noticed that she had lice and I will admit I freaked out and so I called my mom up and asked what was the best way to get rid of lice and she hung up and came straight over. I watched as she was putting olive oil in my daughters hair... All I could think was 'why olive oil?' but knowing that my daughter had school the next day I was willing to do anything to get rid of the bugs. I stayed up till four making sure that my home was lice free it took me an hour after I washed her hair out wit dish soap to brush it but I then rinsed her hair with white distilled vinegar and I saw such a difference it was amazing. I have never heard about tree oil till now but even now I check my daughters hair every night before she goes to bed.

Posted by Pedro (Earth) on 08/13/2012
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Kerosene and other should never be taken internally. It's extremelly toxic just like gas or diesel. Do not try this remedy. It's also highly flammable, so I wouldn't use it on the skin either (it is also toxic that way through absorption).

There are lots of remedies for colds and other ailments on this site that are safe to be tried, but not this one.

Posted by Rebekah (Dowagiac, Mi) on 08/15/2012
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Someone is going to end up in the ER or dead if this is not removed. DO NOT EVER PUT KEROSENE ON OR IN YOUR BODY!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Seahorse (Arlington, Va) on 07/06/2012
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My daughter who is 6 had lice my son then got them and my husband the only reason I think I did not is because I dye my hair. I used mayonaise with olive oil in it you can buy it that way, left it on their heads for the day, and washed the hair a couple of times used a conditioner that I mixed with tea tree oil, lavender oil, peppermint, rosmary and eucalyptus oil. I also made a misture that I spray and leave in the hair too with those oils and either argan oil or olive oil just a cap full in one of those bottles of detangler spray. Then, I make sure to put gel in and no more lice! This killed them and prevents them!

Enzyme Shampoo
Posted by Ruta (Il) on 04/09/2018

What kind did you use?

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Heather (Leicester) on 06/22/2012
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Hi, this always works. You need a couple of bottles of tea tree hair conditioner from chemist- or any conditioner if that's not available but tea tree is the best due to it's smell and it being mildly antiseptic. You need one wide tooth comb to get rid of tangles and a couple of the small lice/ nit combs from the chemist in the White colour as these show up the nits so you can see them coming out. Wash hair as normal then towel dry hair til it is no longer dripping and just slightly damp. Then use the conditioner and use say half the bottle on
The whole head of hair. Use the wide tooth comb to help distribute the conditioner and to get rid of the knots and tangles so that when you use the small nit combs it won't hurt!

Next when you are tangle free and there is still plenty of conditioner left, work through the whole of the hair from root to tip with the small nit comb using the thicker end first to remove the bigger nits, they become immobile in the thick conditioner. Every time wipe the comb on tissue paper and you will see what you have removed and flush this away as some will come out live. You need to do the whole head to remove live ones then use the thinner side of the comb to remove the eggs, again wiping each time to ensure you don't transfer back to scalp/ hair. Use extra conditioner if necessary. Then rinse out the conditioner and dry hair. That's it!

Try and do everone in your house on same day and tell anyone you have been in contact with to do the same. Repeat again after a couple of days and then again after 1 week. Then take more vitamin c as I think all that nit biting lowers the immune system! Good luck. This works. Every time my daughters had them we got rid of them in this way. X

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Heather (Leicester, England) on 04/03/2012
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Here's how I always got rid of nits in my daughters hair. Go to the chemist and buy a couple of bottles of tea tree hair conditioner or, failing that peppermint and a couple of White plastic nit combs. Wash your child's hair in shampoo as normal and then towel dry it. Next load the hair up with tea tree conditioner and comb through with a wide tooth comb to ensure no tangles( very important! ) next use the wider part of the nit comb from root to end and wipe on a tissue every time - you will see large adult insects, and little eggs stuck in conditioner on paper, continue right through hair, paying extra attention around ears and back of neck. Then rinse conditioner out as normal. If you found lots of nits then repeat this process next night other wise leave it a couple of days then repeat. This treatment works every time and takes around 30 min depending on thickness and length of hair. Good luck

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Jenny (Sydney, Australiahi) on 04/05/2012
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Hi. I agree re the conditioner but would add another step. I put as much conditioner on as possible, covered it with a shower cap and left it for 30 minutes (I did for an hour plus), then combed through. I would also recommend doing it for several days in a row and put clean pillow cases on for sleeping each night. Good luck!

Eucalyptus Oil
Posted by Nigelle (Texas) on 08/06/2017

Is this just regular eucalyptus oil? Like the essential oil type or is there a certain one?

Olive Oil, Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Kimberly (Fl, Usa) on 02/02/2012
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My niece came and stayed all night at our home, we did not know she had head lice. I found it in my grand-daughters hair about a week later. Her hair hangs all the way to her waist. I also got the little "darn" things. I too, have hair not quite as long as hers. We did the olive oil, wrapped out heads in saran wrap and tied a plastic bag around our heads. Slept all night, in the morning I rinsed our heads first with vinegar. I then put some tea tree oil in the shampoo and washed our hair. I sprayed some no more tangles on our hair and then combed it out with a nit comb. One week later I repeated the process all over again. Did not see any nits or bugs the second time. We used the shampoo all week with the tea tree oil in it. Still in the shampoo to date.

P. S. Got them out of my nieces hair too however I used the alcohol and vinegar mixture with the tea tree oil and wrapped her head with saran wrap and plastic bag. (didn't have olive oil) She kept it one for 2 hours, combed her hair out with nit comb. Sent her home with shampoo with tea oil in it. One week later I repeated except this time I used the olive oil, vinegar and tea tree oil-she was nit and bug free.

Pure Alcohol, Aka Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Joe (Starkville, Ms) on 12/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Easy, inexpensive remedy that completely eliminated lice after 3 treatments. Mix equal parts of 91% rubbing alcohol and white vinegar into a spray bottle. Add 1 drop of tea tree oil for every fluid ounce of mixture. 3-4 ounces will be sufficient to treat a head of long hair. Thoroughly wet hair with mixture, and comb out in sections with metal nit comb. After every few strokes, rinse the comb in a container of water to see what is coming out of the hair and to track progress. Wash and condition hair afterwards with coconut based products. Blow dry hair on high heat. Repeat treatment every other day to break the reproduction cycle until lice are gone.

Peppermint Oil and Coconut Conditioner
Posted by Tammy (Bridgeport, New York) on 12/10/2011
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I used about 4 drops of peppermint oil used in candy flavorings and coconut conditioner- mix together coat head really well, cover with shower cap for about 30 minutes. The peppermint and coconut oils kill lice on contact and after you rinse it out, the nits comb right out with ease.

Eucalyptus Oil
Posted by Samantha (Adelaide, Sa, Australia) on 11/22/2011
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Whenver we have lice, my daughter and I treat ourelves with 2tbsp of olive oil, 1 tsp of eucalytpus, 1/4 tsp of tea tree oil and a squirt of shampoo. Mix all together and slather on hair. Wait 30 mins. (We put a disposable shower cap over our heads). The oil suffocates the lice and the eucalyptus and tea tree oil damage their exoskelelons.

Our hair ends up soft and shiny. You need to repeat 1 week and 2 weeks later to completely break the reproductive cycle because it doesn't kill all the eggs.

Now if someone could come up with an oil that washes out more easily the formula would be perfect!

Posted by Iowama (Pella, Iowa/usa) on 06/29/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Thank you for your forum on headlice. My granddaughter's headlice have resisted both the an OTC and an RX treatment, but they succumbed to mayonaise. I applied it as per a you-tube video, using plastic wrap and having her wear it for several hours. I did as complete a wash and rinse as a 2 year old will allow, but the hair still looked a little dirty. I found the nits slid off more easily than with the 2 previous treatment tries. I repeated 2 days later and am continuing to check for nits. Great results!

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Rick (Benton, Ar) on 03/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I got a wicked case of head lice from a hotel in Alexandria, La recently when I went on a job interview. After just 2 days my head was on FIRE!!! I took my cat's flea comb and ran it through my hair, and BINGO, there was one of the little rascals! I dumped about 1/4 of a bottle of household rubbing alcohol on my head, guarding my face and eyes with a towel, and YOWEEEE did it burn! but here I am 10 minutes later (YES 10 MINUTES)! And no burning or itching! Thanks Earth Clinic! I am not sure if it is appropriate to mention my life long cure for athletes foot, ringworm, and exyma, which is Ether based starting fluid????? Can I share that?? 23 years later, and athletes foot won't even come near my zip code!

Tea Tree Oil, White Vinegar, Liquid Soap
Posted by Racer (Hampton, Tn) on 11/15/2010
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Lice Remedy

6 ounces Dawn
2 ounces white vinegar
2 TBSP Tea Tree Oil

You can get this all at walgreens. Put six ounces of dawn in a measuring cup that measures ounces, and then add white vinegar to it until it rises two more ounces. Put two tablespoons of Tea Tree Oil into this. Mix up. Put on hair, Massage in, put grocery bag over hair, close with clothespin. Leave on 10 minutes. Take off bag, massage and rinse, put in conditioner, rinse and comb out with lice comb. Maintain this by putting 15 drops of Tea Tree oil into any botttle of shampoo or conditiuoner and using twice a week. I give the kids each their own lice comb or flea comb and tell them to brush their heair each time it itches, and anytime they think of it, morning and night also.

Posted by Racer (Hampton, Tn) on 11/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Cetaphil rubbed into hair and blow dried until hair is dry, kills lice. Put it on hair, then a shower cap and leave on all night. Wash out and comb through. 15 drops tea tree oil in any bottle of shampoo or conditioner used twice a week should keep the lice away as long as the lice comb is used all the time to get bugs out of the hair.

Cedarwood Oil
Posted by Elle (Uk) on 11/03/2017

How do you use cedar oil? do you use w/ a carrier oil? how many drops? and then do we rub on the scalp? and leave it on for how long? and then shampoo it?

Neem Oil
Posted by Cameron (Brisbane, Australia) on 04/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Like so many others I've had such success with remedies from this site I thought it was time to provide some feedback and maybe help others.

My little girls had not gone to school yet but now had their second case of headlice, I watched my sister in law go through hell with these creatures with 5 kids and now it was our turn. I tried the horrible Mayo and plastic bag idea but it was revolting firstly and secondly ineffective, that time I enede up using an OTC product from the pharmacy.

The second time I came straight here again and decided Neem was the go, I mixed 1 part Neem Oil to 2 parts Olive Oil and left the mixture in the girls hair for an hour. We combed all the dead lice out and the eggs, we never retreated them it was a once only treatment that was 100% successful, we now use a Neem Shampoo that has allowed my little school girl to survive 2 school headlice outbreaks nit free even though her best friend got them both times.

As others have said you could simply mix some neem oil into your usual shampoo, it will however leave a nasty ring around your bath but its a small price to pay for nit free kids.

Thanks to all who take the time to post here it makes others lives that much easier.

Neem Oil
Posted by John (Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia) on 02/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, neem oil is definitely really good..... Many Asians know about this and is a standard treatment in parts of India.. Neem is a hardwood tree that grows faster than other hardwoods, very oily. The oil can also be used in tootpaste. It is not known to be risky for humans but will attack parasites, bacteria and fungi.

Posted by Tina (Dayton, Oh) on 10/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I got rid of my daughter's lice a few years ago by pouring vinegar over her head in the bath tub and letting her sit there with it on for about 10 minutes, then rinsed. Did this for about 4 or 5 days while also removing as many as I could with a lice comb and getting every egg out I could find. But the vinegar does really kill them. You could see dead ones floating in the water. vaccuming and cleaning as much as possible is necessary as well.

Rubbing Alcohol, Olive Oil
Posted by Valerie (Germantown, Md) on 10/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Lice: First you pour rubbing alcohol on your entire head. Cover eyes with towel first. After it dries, pour olive oil on your head and leave on over night. Wash in am.

Olive Oil, Dish Soap, Vinegar, Tea Tree and Neem Oils
Posted by Joy1234 (Ravenna, Ohio) on 09/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the Olive Oil, and White Vinegar remendy and IT WORKED!!!! My daughter is in first grade and she has been getting head lice from other students at school since Kindergarten it got to the point where we were spending $100.00 a month on medicine and laundry to get rid of the head lice, we even bug bombed the house several times and she was still getting it. I started to Google how to get rid of head lice naturally and found this site. I can't believe we actually found something that works.

Olive Oil, Dish Soap, Vinegar, Tea Tree and Neem Oils
Posted by Brittany B (Spring Lake, Mi) on 08/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

This really did work! Thank you for the tips. My daughter came home from Preschool last week and we did the Nix and Rid treatments three times and it would not take care of it. Not to mention all of that is so expensive! You could even see the live lice it killed from the oil and the nits that the come didn't get came out so easily. Amazing! Thanks again!

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