Diabetic Leg Ulcers: Home Remedies to Heal Leg Sores

Colloidal Silver, Potassium Permanganate
Posted by Jenn M. (Cobborra, Australia) on 02/23/2019

Some years ago I was given a radical idea to try. At the time I didn't take any notes etc but it worked! I had 5 cellulitis ulcers on one leg and I was told to drink 1/4 cup of Colloidal Silver every 5 hours and spray my leg frequently with same. To do it over a 24 hour period. I did it and within 10 days I had only had the original ulcer left. Which hasn't been oozy for years.

So in that time frame, I lost 4 ulcers that have never returned. In 2017, one of my 2 specialists told me to use potassium permanganate ( aka Condy's Crystals ) to wash my legs daily and use the amount of crystals that would barely fit on the edge of a matchstick... He told me it kills sepsis and pseudomonas. Other Dr was delighted and told me that before the arrival of penicillin, doctors used Condy's Crystals as a wash for ulcers.