LPR Remedies

Vitamin D
Posted by Jcee (Ca) on 03/28/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Supplementing with vitamin D has almost cured my LPR that I've had for the last five months.

I didn't realise that the long term cough I had for over a year was caused by GERD until I got LPR. The cough was often after I ate and other times as well. Was able to get rid of the gerd with the cell salt nat phos 6x, three tablets after my two main meals each day, but the very painful LPR remained. I had heard that vitamin D had helped some people. (Google Elena vitamin D LPR ) so I tried supplementing and things seemed to get worse. After much research, I figured out that the Mg tablets I was taking for always being deficient in Mg were not working properly and switched to Mg Capsules. When supplementing with vitamin D, we need a very good base of Mg as vitamin D quickly uses up Mg. So when I switched to the capsules, I still didn't notice too much improvement but at least it wasn't getting worse now. I persisted a week and a half and it slowly started working! Was only supplementing with 1000 mg of vitamin D a day along with Mg (and a bone supplement every other day which also contains D, calcium, silica and boron). Also was making sure I got 20 minutes of sun every day possible. I believe the Vitamin D strengthened my UES and LES and it also acts as an anti inflammatory.