Natural Treatment for Keloid Scars

Detox Diet

Posted by Biljana (Beograd, Serbia) on 01/12/2014

Dear friends,

One of the biggest problem of people suffering from keloid and the way ortodox medicine and social background treat you. As the medicine have not, or do not want to search for right answer and disturb pharmaceutical capital , you are mostly case for psychiatrist .you are not able to work but your diagnosis is your fantasy, why? Because you are danger for doctors authority because you know much more about your problem than they because you was alone in it but have to survive and you use much more information from internet and your head, I am not prone to keliid as i am not black and I had a lot of skin injuries as it is normal for children.but i have never had keloid on such places. I have keloid on skin place where i got vaccine as a child .and i do not believe in being prone. It is obvious that my immunity is disturb by vacine as happened to many people and place where i got vacine injection is body part with start with fight against toxic and unfamiliar material in vacine. Thanks to my intelligent body that start with inflammation trying to move out enemy from me. I realy have objective feeling all my life that something strange and uncomfortable is in keloid. But i was young and my parents were not informed and we were manipulated by propaganda and brainwashing .my keloid was quiet for years and repeat inflammation after 25 years as I got more toxin from teeth covering. The point is obvious that my and other keloids should be result of 2 variables immunity problem and toxic ingredients which have critical line to show bad symptoms. I want to tell you my very dramatic experience to be public for discussing and feed back. I have started with some kind of drainage beside dieting as i have seen that it helps me in detoxifying and helps me to breath normal and lost of lot dramatic symptoms. Whenever I left some little amount of blood to poor out of keloid I felt a strong metal smell in blood but I felt much better, after one year i have not metal smell .my blood from keloid was nearly blue violet at the beginning and now is normal red. My keloid still exist as my body use kelod to move toxin from many part of body system out through limpha and blood. I do not want to tell other people to do this because of possible infection . I did it with sterile needles and have not infection .but i want to say for those people who are thinking ...the point is detoxication and moving out toxin .all strategies that helps are good but do not use more chemical stuff that doctors give to you as your problem is that your blood and body have more toxin and specially chemical toxin that we can adapt to and that are not biocompatible with human. So, detoxifying is the are not special rase or prone to keloid . You are full of toxin from experimental medicine like vacine, from food, global and local pollution and so...your problem is very objective and you are not psychiatric case. And please doctors leave your internet fobia and read and read and be more informed as this is the way to use medicine in human way because you and your children should be the victim. This is also appel for society to help people who are victim of mostly intended pollution by understanding problem as very objective. Remember people who has not keloid as a sign of body fighting on skin level maybe are full with cysts and other somatic changes and they ignore it as it should not be seen before they get problems with health "without obvious reason.

Replied by Biljana
(Beograd, Serbia)

I have just sent you letter with my case and my way of thinking about keloid and much more. I have found your site the only one that connected tags keloid and detoxifying which means to me so much as this support my way of thinking. I am here alone as our medicine treat keloid as an esthetic problem and is not interested in reason or causes and if it is - the reason is connected with being prone to or hurted by more- all other conclusions that I made by reading a lot and thinking a lot were nearly put to scince fiction or psychiatric case. When I saw your site and understanding the connection between keloid and toxins and your suggestions about treatment I feel that I have friends, able to run away from manipulation, to treat problem with open mind and to treat people with problem in democratic way with communication. I have read a lot from your site and at the moment i am gathering information about detoxifying people with keloid. I sent you my experience. For me actual problem should be many conflict information about antioxidants like garlic, onion, some oils, some vegetables and eg coffe .so i have decided to make decision with help of my sense for good and bad and my body reaction in this conflict information.generally i am using natural food as it possible with lot of vitamins and minerals, trying to avoid! "bad food" and drinking enough water and using showers few time a day , ....but no chemicals .....not teeth paste, not cleaning chemicals, not food staying long time with chemical support, not parfumes , not ear rings, no magnet and so so...I am feeling better as I am not still able to work as I have sometimes some signs coming back and I fall in depression as I am not like others and I still depend on my mother money as our sooial help is not to be mentioned , it is enough for three day eating healthy food and nothing else, so I would like also to see some articles about social treatment of people with such problems

Replied by Lana
(New Zealand)

You're right, Biljana, detox is key to immunity . Try to se /read about breathing - Buteyko Method .. it was the greatest discovery of the last cenury for human health ..natural.. that helps to rise O2 (atomar, in blood/cells up to 100%) rapidly. Immunity grows 5-7 times as much in several days: asthmatics stop to have asthma attacks in 4 days (but they have to continue some more weeks to get full recovery, of course). Buteyko Method helps to detox effectively ..and you're right, after a proper detox body can recover using it's own strength! You can find out - if patient enough how to do right breathing exercises (on utube: only one person gives it - Patric McCeown, hope spelling is right) If you'd learn this unique Buteyko method of reduced /diaphragmal breathing - you 'd recover , and - may 'd be able to teach other people (after you recovery - in couple of months takes discipline/patience , but the result.. hope you 'd see it , if you'd decide to check it).. and may be later on even get some more means to survive..Or may be find work abroad..and meanwhile - wish you all the best, friend , cheer up! PS Many thanks to EC!!!

PPS: just couple of more words: Buteyko breathing method works not only for asthma, of course rising detox/immunity to its max, it helps with a long list of health problems..who'd wish to find out : will find more sources/articles/research results ..

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Sunny (Co.) on 02/13/2014

People that have keloids should avoid foods and drinks that are acid, sour vinegar, limes, etc, excess salt, and excess sugar red meat. These things make keloids itch and grow much larger. Take vitamins E, C, D , CQ1O LIQUID, KRILL OIL, VIT B COMPLEX if care is taken the darkness will reduce and many times the color will get to be the color of your skin and keloid will become more flat overtime.

I also have keloids and for many years the itching was terrible. I got surgery on one which made it four times bigger. Then I started getting painful injections on another one, which did not help. I got four injections in total and stopped since I changed my diet. That is what made a difference. Also staying hydrated. I will start painting it with iodine. Good luck.

Replied by Linda3480
(Orlando Fl)

I have been suffering from chest keloids since I was a teenager, I have had years of injections, it use to work but now every injections causes more damage to the area and then heals which causes more keloids and now I have 5 on my chest area where is use to be 1. Now in my 50's they are painful, itchy, and spreading across my chest. I need relief. I know nothing will make them go away and the Apple Cider treatment does not seem safe. I did read about a change in diet to anti-inflammatory foods, anyone have success in this method? And what can I use to ease the burning and itching?

Replied by Mother Earth

Perhaps you could read about the effectiveness of using serrapeptase or nattokinase enzymes for removal of scar tissue.


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Posted by Helena (Nashvile, Tn) on 05/08/2010

Hello! I REALLY want to try DMSO as a remedy for a fifteen-year-old keloid, four inches long, on my shoulder. Is the bad breath/body odor side effect going to keep me from going out in public for months? I know it will take a while to flatten the scar, but I need an alternate remedy if I'm going to stink badly for a long period of time. Thanks!

Replied by Sixxftr
(Fairfax, Va)

@Amanda is OH -- I clicked the link from to your site and was hugely disappointed. You and your husband are on a mission to get rid of keloids? I don't think so.

It seems as if this site had real 'valid' information on anything. You have 1 only 1 before and after shot and you don't say anything about it, nor do you say they used one of the home remedies. It would be great to know - what they used, how long they used it - and how long before they began to see results. Did they use more than one?

You also have Mederma on there - when Mederma is from onion extract and has not been proven to remove scars - let alone reducing keloids. Which is why so many companies clearly state that their formulation is not from onion extract (scartreatmentassociation. com, 2012).

While Mederma is certainly one of the most inexpensive and well-known scar creams on the market, our review staff believes that it is not the best product available for reducing the appearance of both old and new scars. This is because Mederma uses onion extract in their formulas. This ingredient was shown to have the same effect as using petroleum jelly.


But, what you do have on this site is - is affiliate marketing. It's quite obvious that you are trying to draw traffic from Deirdre's site to yours for affiliate dollars. This is quite evident after visiting your site and strictly MY opinion.

You definitely have your ads running.

Posted by Connie (USA) on 11/12/2008

ok. I went and purchased DMSO last week finally. for myself and a couple of friends. I have been using it for about a week now. First couple of days I mixed it with povidine iodine. It was the closest thing I could come to potassium iodide. I sent some articles about sski as to why I mixed the two.

Side effects. awful taste in your mouth. supposedly your body smells, I didn't notice, but I do taste it in my mouth for days after using it. Supposedly less than a teaspoon a day won't affect your body odor but who knows. my breath is awful! I'm thinking a drop of peppermint oil.

I used it on some varicose veins, a scab on my leg, that's been there since the end of Sept., a muscle on my other leg that needed some serious stretching, I believe I had permanently strained it a while back, I also used it on some scarring, some with raised keloids on them.

So far, besides the taste in my mouth it's all good. Within one day the muscle in my calf was better, within a few days the varicose vein that had been there for 20 years is kind of fading, the scar keloids are dissolving, the scabs and scars appear to be fading.

Then I added oregano oil in olive oil. Why? it fights yeast. In alternative medicine yeast is the root of all illness. I got sick as a dog within hours. Try to remember when you use this stuff that it boosts whatever you are taking into your body. That means if you are enjoying mouth amusement? ie. something with alot of sugar or not particularly good for you? you will pay.

The supplements I am taking along with this is MSM, vita c, wild yam, black cohosh, chasteberry, magnesium citrate, st. johns wort.

I've stopped craving coffee, although I still drink it. I didn't have chocolate until yesterday after going 24 hours without coffee. I also neglected my magnesium supplements for a day. Chocolate cravings have to do with a Magnesium defficiency. :)

I just put it on my doggie's hot spot on his paw as well as some scabs on his back from his extreme flea allergy.

I'm psyched about this stuff :)

Replied by San
(Houston, Tx)

DMSO helping dissolve keloids. Can you please tell me what changes do you see on keloids, I have almost 20 on my shoulder and I am curious to know how MSM and DMSO are helping you? Did you say one one day you saw some difference? Hw many keloids do you have and how old are they.

Thanks, will appreciate your reply.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi San, I have written about this on here before regarding MSM and keloid scars. We started using MSM many years ago before anyone really had even heard of it. It was my dad who introduced me to it for body pain due to exercise. He insisted I try it and I hesitatingly agreed to it. It was absolutely amazing! Both my husband and I continued to use it on a regular basis taking it in powder form since it seemed to be more effective than the capsules. It was well into the second year of regularly taking it that suddenly we both noticed our scars had diminished dramatically. I had one on my foot from an operation from many years before and my husband had a very large one above his shoulder from a childhood operation. His was even itchy. At the time we both agreed it was the MSM because there was nothing else we were doing back then on such a regular basis. Several years later we would read about MSM for scars.

Now you could try MSM internally but also use MSM cream topically. It certainly can't hurt to try. Hope this info helps. Lisa

Replied by Ami

Hello people,

Looking for some help. I have some 20 big keloids on shoulders and chest. These are 12 yrs old now.

I just bought DMSO liquid and lugol iodine(5% iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide). Can someone tell me how to apply these on keloids and how often? Has anyone seen results using this combination?


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Posted by Salem (Canada ) on 04/26/2018

I have struggled with keloids for years. They started when I was 14 and I am 28 now. I have them on my shoulders and small ones on my chest. I recently started to use a topical garlic ointment for the past week and noticed they are getting flatter. They are also less itchy. I am going to continue using this process and hopefully they will continue to go down. It's such a struggle dealing with these, it burdens my heart.

Replied by Ecfan99
(Everywhere, Usa)

Where would I find a topical garlic ointment? Did you make this or purchase? Thank you.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts

if you still need to make your own garlic oil, quick recipe at bottom of post

General Feedback

Posted by Carla (Lakewood, Co) on 03/20/2013

In doing some online research for keloid treatments, I found the following:

Dr. Tirgan in New York City has started the Keloid Research Foundation. There they are attempting to obtain funding for research on this condition. There are several surveys that those people with keloids can take to provide them with more information regarding this condition. You can also sign up to be a member. Although I am not certain there's much reason to do so, I did. Dr. Tirgan has a specialized website for his private practice, also, and one dedicated to keloid information. He sells a topical panax ginseng cream for keloid treatment. Anyway, I would encourage ANYONE who is seeking treatment or information regarding keloids to get in touch with the foundation! The more people willing to participate in the surveys, etc, the more they'll learn about this condition.

I'm trying the scar treatment cream along with lugol's iodine solution AND Kelocote silicone gel. Not sure, but it seems my keloid scars are reducing just barely. I plan to continue this course even if over the next year and hope to see noticable results!

Replied by Ami

Hi .. Thanks for sharing this information. Can you please share your results with ointments used.

Gotu Kola

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Posted by Joy (Chicago, IL) on 01/17/2007

Hi, I have been trying to find natural cures for keloid scars and in addition to the information on your site, I also found information that says Gotu Kola is effective at reducing the size of keloid scars. I have not tried it yet, but I have just begun using the lavender and tee tree oil treatment recommended by Ted. I will follow up with updates of my progress.

Gum Spirit of Turpentine

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Posted by Courtney (Chicago, Illinios) on 04/06/2008

Someone told me that using Gum Spirit of Turpentine helps dry out keloids completely and they won't come back. She told me to find it at my local pharmacy (or who ever carried it) to see if it worked. I just started and I'm only a week in. It seems to be drying it out very slowly. I have three keloids on my ear. The biggest one is about as big as a pencil eraser on the back of my ear. The second one is on the front side of my ear and it's half the size of my biggest one. And the smallest is where my second ear piercing was. It's about half the size of the second. I tried asprin soulution. I tried using vitamin E as well. None of that was working, in fact my keloids seemed to feed off of it. Not sure if this "remedy" is working either but will see what happens in a month or so.


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Posted by Rose (PA) on 11/25/2006

I burned my hand by taking a pan out of the oven and I had a keloid by the same area. Well, I apply it directly to both areas and cover with a bandage before bedtime every night and within a week or 2 I saw it disappear. I also applied it to my keloid scar after surgery. It does wonders. I thank God. God is good.

Ice Cubes

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Posted by Suresh (New Delhi, India) on 06/27/2009

Worked Temporarily

I have post heart surgery keloids on my chest. These often itch suddenly and unbearable. so far none of the cure has worked. however, to get relief from severe sudden itchin, application (rubbing) of icecube helps.


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Posted by Kristi (Michigan) on 06/04/2016

I ordered 5% loguls 5% iodine and after a week of use noticed my keloid start to shrink slightly. Then I ordered a dermaroller and used that with the iodine and massive quick difference. The keloid had lost 50% of its swelled height and getting closer and closer to flat after less than a week and a half. I can only speak for myself but this has been great.

Replied by Jamil

Please tell us your fully regime? Glad to hear you reduced your keloid size in a week! Also how does the story end?

And how is the site of the keloid almost a year after this post was shared? I hope everything is good!

Replied by Sunny

I have lots of keloids on my chest, back and face. Can you let me know how much of this iodine I need to apply and how often please?

Posted by Marilyn (Canada) on 01/06/2016

I have had keloids since I was 5 (following a vaccination on my arm). At puberty, some of the pimples on my back/shoulder areas developed into small keloids. Then they grew together into large keloids. I had injections of kenalog for about 30 years with very poor results. I am now 53 and started using iodine orally about a year ago. I also started to paint lugol's iodine on my keloids after showering in the morning. The keloids are amazingly decreased and the redness is coming out of them. I have taken breaks (summertime especially because the iodine looks almost worse than the keloids). I think that the keloid scar tissue is trying to surround an infected area and keep the infection contained and unable to spread to the rest of the body. The iodine is an antibacterial that must be healing the infection so the keloid is no longer necessary. It has been a long process, but I am convinced that they will disappear completely over time as some already have.

Replied by Lloyd

How has the process been, has the potassium iodide helped?

Replied by Sadface

Has this treatment worked? Do you have a before and after photo? Many thanks.

Posted by Witchnat (London, Uk) on 07/11/2015

I have had keloids since the age of 11. I now have 5 of them and one hypertrophic scar. About a month ago I read about Lugol's iodine and decided to give it a try. I bought 12% solution so I dilute it 50:50 with water. I drench a q-tip in this solution and painted it over my scar (I tried on one of them only to begin with) twice a day. I am happy to report that after 25 years of looking for remedies for keloids, this is the very first one that is working! I was thrilled when after 3 weeks the top skin had dried up and cracked and started peeling off. Underneath it revealed a much softer and less angry smaller scar.

Before that I tried surgery, silicon sheets of various types for months, snail creams, emu oil, injections. While the oil and creams didn't affect the scars, the surgery and injections made them much worse and they were big and itchy and painful when they came back.

Please give iodine a try. On older scars I guess it will take a bit longer as I tried it on a scar that was just over a year old. I will now start to treat all the others and I can't wait to see the results!

Replied by Shiyoko
(New York)

I actually just started using this on both ear keloids. I'm using SSKI which is a saturated iodine that is clear instead of staining your skin. It will take up to a year but worth the wait. I searched many sites and this is the best I could find. I'm hoping it rids me of these ugly scars. 2 or more drops of sski rubbed in to the keloid twice a day or more. May take a few months to see a change. The more you put on the better and faster results! I'll keep you updated. Before and after pics soon to come somewhere..

Replied by Joyce
(Sacramento, Ca)

How did you use the iodine on your keloid?

Replied by Brian
(Los Angeles)

Does it get rid of ear keloids?

Posted by Rad (Vancouver, B.c.) on 03/25/2010

I have a large red keloid on the back of my left earlobe. I have had my piercing for around 4 years now and have had it swell recently around a year ago. At first it was very small but now it has grown considerably bigger. I recently got some Iodine Povidine from a brother's friend and have applied it a few times to the large keloid. I was wondering will this help at all or would there be a faster natural method since I would rather not have it surgically removed at this point.

Replied by Avis2972
(Allentown, Pa)

This is the cure.. Try it, you won't regret it! It is amazing to me that doctors and dermatologists keep this simplest of remedies for keloid scars away from their patient. Iodine is so cheap and readily available.. No one should have to endure the shame and physical anguish that it is having keloid scars!!

May all keloids melt to hell!!!!!!! :-)


My son is 13. 7 months now since dog bite to face and scar is raised. We've been doing scar massage and a pressure treatment but only half good. Some red areas and he's now become more self conscious especially since April 11th when masks were optional at school. I literally just bought the clear iodine at a health food vitamin shop.

For anyone who might know the answer since this post is from 2012: How much do you apply and how often and any other details you may want to share. Thank you.

Replied by Veritas
(Philadelphia, Pa, Usa)

For Avis, please share with us a few more details about your experience with iodine. What was your condition and treatment protocol? Thank you.

Keloid Remedies

Posted by Teegurl (Lagos) on 02/21/2013

Dear Ted, please I need help with an extensive keloid on my chest &shoulders which I suffer last July 2012 as a result of a fire incident. Presently, I am very miserable and depressed owing to the discomfort from the keloid, I can't turn my neck because of the keloid over my neck & chest and my functionality has being seriously impaired. Right now I'm in India where I planned to have surgery to remove the keloids and restore my functionality but upon consuting with the plastic surgeon, he expressed his reluctance for the surgery because of my skin's proneness to keloid and the possibility of it recurring after the surgery. I started using a balm I bought from an ayurvedic dr in which I've been using since October 2012 but so far have not notice any improvement only more pains & discomfort from using the balm. Pls help me before I lose my mind, my life has since come to a standstill.

i will appreciate if you can take time to read my mail and proffer solution.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Teegurl... The remedy I would use for keloids is Ted's lugol's iodine and DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) in a 50 - 50 mix. Apply this twice a day to the keloid area. The DMSO helps the iodine to efficiently penetrate deep into the sub-epidermal layers which is where iodine does its best work by helping to regenerate new skin while pushing off the old keloid scar. DMSO is also useful for the skin. Your pain or inflammation problem may well also be caused by pathogens -- this is where lugol's iodine is also highly useful -- because it kills most pathogens in less than one minute.

After topical application of the DMSO/LI mix it would also be useful to apply aloe vera oil afterwards -- this will help heal the skin too. If you have difficulty finding lugols iodine then potassium iodide is fine to use as SSKI (Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide).

For more options see these EC links on Keloid Scar Remedies:

Keloid Scar Remedies

Teds Keloid Scar Questions

Replied by Teegurl
(Bangalore, India)

Thanks Bill, will definitely try your suggestion, but pls any idea how I can get the DMSO, and is that the common name?. Also if I have to apply the solution on the keloid area that will mean my entire upper region, my keloids are extensive spreading across my chest, neck and shoulders, both neck &chest are fixed together by a long stretch of skin. Please, I would like to know if the solution can be applied with a cotton wool. Thanks.

Replied by Alex

Hello! Have you heard of this place in India?

I have had keloids on my jawline, chest, and shoulders now for 5 years. I Have had countless painful cortisone injections, an even had surgery on my neck. I have ordered the cream from that site, but I think going to the doctor there will help a lot more. I tried the ACV last night, mixed with organic wheat grass, and I do see the results! I have been mixing it with notoginseng for about a month, which has made my keloids shrink, as well as become lighter. So far, the ACV has worked the best! I wish you the best!!

Replied by Geiac
(Las Pinas City)

Bill, where can I get SSKI or Lugol's in Manila? Most pharmacies don't carry SSKI

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