Inguinal Hernia Remedies

Jan 07, 2017

What Is an Inguinal Hernia?

An inguinal is defined as the protrusion of soft tissue through a weak point in the abdominal muscles. The soft tissue that pushes through the muscles typically consists of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity or a small section of the intestines. The result of the protrusion is a slight to more severe bulge that may be painful, typically when the affected individual coughs, bends or lifts a heavy object.

Some inguinal hernias do not cause symptoms and may only be discovered via a routine medical exam. However, inguinal hernias are often recognizable as present bulge in the abdomen that can be seen and felt. Typically the bulge is more apparent when the individual stands uprights, coughs or strains. Additionally, common symptoms of an inguinal hernia include a bulge in the area on either side of the pubic bone, a burning or aching sensation at the bulge, pain or discomfort in the groin, a heavy or dragging feeling in the groin, weakness or pressure in the groin and occasional pain or swelling around the testicles.

While some inguinal hernias have no apparent cause, others occur as the result of several different factors. Increased pressure in the abdomen, a pre-existing weak spot in the abdominal wall, a combination of pressure and a weak spot, straining during bowel movements or urination, heavy lifting, fluid in the abdomen, pregnancy, excess weight and chronic coughing or sneezing may cause or contribute to an inguinal hernia.

Inguinal Hernia Remedies

Surgery that involves the application of hernia mesh is often the first medical remedy offered individuals with an inguinal hernia; however, hernia mesh can cause complications later and does not have to be the only option. Natural remedies offer relief and treatment and are less invasive. A natural poultice of comfrey can cure an inguinal hernia without surgery. Additional options include licorice, ginger root, chamomile, marshmallow root, hawthornia and shepherds purse. Additionally strengthening the core through exercise and eliminating excess weight can also help cure an inguinal hernia.

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Posted by Shadel (Nebraska, US) on 03/25/2015

I'm wondering if anyone noticed my previous post regarding inguinal hernia. If anyone has taken 'Hernicare' with success to heal an inguinal hernia, I would appreciate them posting it on EC. Thank you so much. Would like to know if I would be wasting my money on this product. Thank you for a reply.

Replied by Trucker Ray
Ohio, Us

Best method to treat/cure an inguinal hernia is with a poultice of comfrey. This is applied to the skin, it is not a pill, nor is it a salve or cream.

Replied by George
Hawaii. USA

I have tried a comfrey poultice for several months but no success yet. The posting mentions: licorice, ginger root, chamomile, marshmallow root, hawthornia and shepherds purse. Are these to be taken as tea, capsules or even part of the poultice. Also any specific suggestions on preparing and using the poultice

Replied by Trucker Ray
Ohio Usa

Are you making your own comfrey poultice, or did you purchase the one that has been researched and developed specifically for hernias for the past 30 years? There are several other added natural ingredients that go into the comfrey poultice which make it safe and effective in treating the hernia.

Replied by William

Hi Ray,

I am interested in the comfrey poultice you mention, where can I purchase the type mentioned in your post.

Thnaks very much.

Replied by Trucker Ray
Ohio Usa

Hunters, located in Maryland USA. Also, if you are over 30 years of age, you should consider Stem Kine supplement to accelerate the healing process. Both are remarkable. Research both and make your own decision. I can only speak for myself. I had an inguinal hernia and it did take 3 months before all signs of the hernia were gone. One word sums up my experience using the above mentioned. Amazing. I never would have thought that anything other than surgery would cure a hernia. Good luck to you!

Price, Ut

Which supplement (not the poultice) - can't seem to find just the supplement on the website

Replied by William
Hautes-Pyerenees, France

Hi Ray,

Thanks so much for your reply and I'm sorry for the delay in responding Internet malfunction :(

Stem Kine supplement: How is this taken or applied I guess you know I'm a complete novice to Inguinal hernia's mine was diagnosed at the beginning of 2015 also is Stem Kine readily available? Thank you for all your kind help I hope to be able to find a mail order supplier as we have very little here in rural France :)

Take care and chat soon, Will

Replied by Kent
5 out of 5 stars

I tried HerniCare in combination with a padded spandex brief. It took me about six months to fully recover. The protrusion was gone, so was the pain.

Replied by Nina

Hi Ray,

I hope you are still on here.

I located the Hunters Store you mentioned and searched for the comfrey poultice, nothing turned up. Is there a brand name on the container you have?

Thanks for your help and info.


Replied by James
B.c. Canada

This seems to be what you're looking for:

Replied by Mike
New York

Multiple Remedies  

Posted by Bharatk8 (Ahmedabad, India) on 11/20/2014

Reasons for exploring non surgical cure options of Inguinal Hernia:

It can happen, very rarely admittedly, with quite severe consequences. But you will start to get serious discomfort and pain before
that happens. " Means you should explore non surgical options, with open mind.Surgery is not only solution. But be mentally ready for surgery if you "....start to get serious discomfort and pain...... "

"Strangulation rarely happens......"

Read full write up of this alternative therapy healer at following link. He has opined that chiropractic may not be helpful in IH

"if it is confirmed in U.S report so one should try other non surgical options and if you do not get results then only opt for surgery."...

Sometimes abdominal pain is wrongly attributed to IH. In such cases chiropractor may be helpful

Inguinal Hernia is caused by "tear" (term used by radiologists) of abdominal wall. So far I have reduced size of Hernia by 5 mm. I am fully aware of risk factors. But I do not have pain or discomfort of any type usually associated with IH, till date, not only that I am using hernia belt to prevent sudden strangulation leading to surgical emergency.

If ladies undergoing cesarean operation gets healed and are fit for next pregnancy, I think I should explore possibility of hernia without surgery. In cesarean operation, all layers of skin are cut while in case of hernia only some layers of skin are torn,

In next pregnancy considerably greater pressure is exerted on the old c-section of previous operation still human body withstands it. I am banking on this wonderful self-healing power of human body to find non surgical cure of Hernia.

Hernia is usually caused by tear of abdominal wall at weakest point usually due to constipation, frequent coughing, Indigestion, (Gas/Flatulence), overweight etc. I have taken care of them by making suitable changes in my food habits and lifestyle. I am searching for herbs/medicines/foods having wound healing properties that work. I have tried many options so far I think hot/cold shower therapy is best.


Replied by Deedat

@ Bharatk8 could you tell more about how you used this hot cold shower therapy for inguinal hernia ?