Natural Remedies for a Hernia

Posted by Sumner (Renfrew, Pa.) on 12/23/2020
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Hernia, Non-Hiatal.

Well, as most on here would report, I didn't choose this topic, it chose me. As a long time reader of EC I have never felt I knew enough to report on that had not already been said. I am surprised there are no others discussing this affliction here on Earth Clinic.

About 8 or 9 years ago I went on a cruise and discovered I had a hernia. The kind a 62 year old would remember from his early days when the doctors, etc made their "checks".

Yeah, that kind.

Well, when you find something that feels like a third testicle suspended halfway down the scrotum it's unnerving. I knew I didn't want the mesh. It took me about a week to decide to manually push it back where it belonged. It fell back down but not as far.

If I laid down for bed it would stay in place until morning. That was the good news. Then it would drop upon getting up from bed. I still didn't want the mesh. The wife said get the surgery. I said no. She showed me pictures of people with their intestines at their knees. I said no.

To stand more than 20 minutes was hard. To take a bag of salt to the basement for the softener required resting the salt on several stairs. I felt old.

I read EC a lot. Even just for fun, stuff that didn't afflict me. I changed my diet. I did a colon cleanse. Completely filthy, gross beyond description. My personal belief is that my Traverse Colon was collapsed. I dropped from 220 to 190 lbs. The condition improved. I could carry salt and stand.

Today, 8 or 9 years later, I am healthier and enjoy lifting heavy things at the gym. What seems to improve it the most is going for a run or the stepper at the gym. At times it seems almost perfect for extended periods. I am fully persuaded that if I were a little more disciplined it would be correctly and completely healed.