Ease Indigestion Naturally: Top Home Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Toni (Montana) on 08/12/2009

Wow..... .....after 7 days of of feeling like I was going to digest my guts!!! I finally found this website i took 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water and within an half hour I feel much better. So far very good.

Empty in Montana.

Onion Juice
Posted by Gabriela (Pahoa, Hawaii) on 04/24/2009

Onion juice therapy for indigestion

Onion Juice Therapy made me aware what's going on in my body. You are supposed to drink one turkish tea glass of pure onion juice from pungent organically grown onions frist thing in the morning. After a 40 day vegetable and fruit juice fast, my digestion was still not fine. So I tried this remedy.

After the first sip I felt very sick and immediately threw up undigested food. I could drink only one sip that morning. I also spit up a lot of foam. Don't ask me what kind this was. It also burnt slightly in some specific areas of my stomach. I drank the rest of the juice then during the day which was easier as there was food in my system. Next day I could down 2 sips and felt slight burning sensations in different areas of stomach. I read that if you have strong reactions to this medicine you need it the most. So I continued and today I can drink the whole glass without problem. I have to explain that I used onion juice before mixed in fresh orange juice to cure a flu and developing bronchitis. After 2 days of drinking one large onion daily mixed in 32 oz orange juice I was fine. Since then I have great trust in the healing power of onions. I think that drinking the onion juice mixed in orange juice would be a good start for people who simply cannot put up with the pure juice. Then they can gradually decrease the amount of orange juice needed till the pure juice is tolerated. I know there is other remedies out there less difficult. I had problems with indigestion and smelly gases for so long that I really want to eliminate this problem. Undigested food might be the starting point for so many illnesses that it is to me of utmost importance to clean up this mess. I just drank one glass and it feels good when this juice cleans you up from the inside. After only 5 days in which I increased my intake every day by one sip more, I am now feeling really good with it.

Slippery Elm Tea
Posted by Oldphart (IN) on 11/19/2020

We have used slippery elm in our house for over 40 years now. Our youngest, now in his 50's, used to ask for a cup of the tea if he had a tummy ache when he was much younger. It is the go to cure for diarrhea or constipation. It works both ways. Something I just discovered is that if you take it before eating a "gassy" food, you will have no problems. We have the 'sawdust' handy for tea, but you can also get capsules from S.....n Vitamin, or Amazon for such a reasonable price that it isn't worth the effort of making a cup of tea. Hope you find this helpful. We wouldn't be without it.

Yerba Mate
Posted by Janice (Sutherlin, Oregon) on 09/17/2016

For over 10 years I have used Yerba Mate' tea for indigestion or minor food poisoning. It's helped me also when I have eaten too much or am constipated. I always have some handy for travel.

Yerba Mate' tea is like a miracle worker for indigestion! Mint tea and or Stevia can be added for taste.

I originally learned of this tea from book The Handbook of Alternatives to Chemical Medicine.

Posted by Rick (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) on 12/09/2014

Normally, apple cider vinegar works great for my indigestion. But it wasn't quite enough this time. So I decided to gnaw on a little bit of ginger, and that seems to be doing the trick.

Side note - since I began adding magnesium chloride (the main ingredient in a concentration of liquid trace minerals) to my water, my digestion (and therefore lack of indigestion) has improved drastically. Although tonight was different, I rarely need anything more than just this water to digest food properly.

Black Seeds
Posted by Niloofar (London, United Kingdom) on 09/24/2008

my cure for all ailments basically is the blackseed its called kalaunji seeds.1tsp of kalunji seeds with honey in the morning and afternoon is the best idea. if the seeds are big grind them in a powder form as it eases digestion. try it and tell me any comments can be posted to my address. thankyou.

EC: http://food-forthought.blogspot.com/2006/06/mistress-of-spices-finally.html

"The name of the seeds in most languages has a reference to the word 'black'. For instance,
Latin: nigella (niger)
Hindi: kalonji (kala)
Italian: grano nero (nero)
Arabic: kamun aswad (as"wad)

Oregano Oil
Posted by Andrew (Seattle, WA) on 08/19/2008

I've been taking Oregano Oil when indigestion kicks in and it does seem to help greatly. I bought the ones in pill form and take two in between meals twice a day. There's also a droplet variation, but it seems you get more oil for your money through the pills. And you can just split the pills open if you do need the oil. Just make sure the oregano the oil is made from comes from the Mediterranean and is wild. Not locally grown/farmed. This is very important.

Slippery Elm Tea
Posted by Sandy (Il) on 11/05/2022

I have slippery Elm powder. So should I make tea and drink or just mix it in water and drink? Normally during fall season, I feel heavy in my stomach, burping and indigestion

Hydrate 30 Minutes Before Eating
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 06/20/2020

Charity, I agree with all you just said. I have NEVER been a good sleeper and have, for as long as I can remember, had IBS-D. Taking a look back, I don't remember EVER being without fear. My mother had ptsd from WWII (immigrated in 1952) and was a terror. For some reason, I was the target for all her animus. As an adult, I am still afraid much of the time. Never had enough money or adequate housing/food until recently. I wouldn't know how to relax if I had the chance. Now my husband is very ill and I'm having to deal with that, so there has never been a stretch of time for me to get myself in order. So, how do I get out of this? I try to care for myself, but that only goes so far. I cannot take magnesium except topically because of the ibs. The only time I really sleep well is when I'm drugged (just had surgery and have tramadol, sleeping great! Until it runs out). It's not so easy as do this, that and the other. How do I get my psyche under control? I really think that is the key to all my issues, just don't know what to do.

Hydrate 30 Minutes Before Eating
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/20/2020

Eric Berg on diarrhea information, I tried to paste that but you can go to youtube and get insights from Eric on gut issues . You may need to buy greens or grow them with magnesium salts so the plant can turn it into a form you can eat without issues . I watched Doug and Stacy homesteaders talk about putting mag salt in soil of plants, so you eat the plant to get the mag that agrees with you processed by the plant.

Betaine HCL
Posted by Stea (Albany, Ny) on 04/30/2013

Betaine HCl for indigestion/upset stomach/steatorrhea.

Mustard (plain yellow prepared) for heartburn.

Both wonderful, thank you God.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Therese (OH) on 12/05/2022

I would recommend only using food grade hydrogen peroxide and not the kind you buy in the store to ingest. That could be very dangerous as it is not processed the same way as the food grade is.

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