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Posted by Paula (Anon) on 09/14/2017
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I was diagnosed with low thyroid. I have worked my way up to taking 15 drops of 12% solution of lugol's iodine, over the last 11 months. With all the the necessary supported supplements. I salt load twice a day. This has helped me a lot and got rid of most of my symptoms. I no longer needed to take NDT. Now I am getting aching joints, sleepless nights and low energy ( what I see as low thyroid symptoms, just like in the beginning. ) When I increase to 20 drops a day, I feel better, am I taking too much, I'm just a little concerned as to what the limit is on the amount of Lugols to take? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Bill
(The Philippine)

Hi Paula...I think that you are taking too much lugol's iodine. Your dose is too high. The recommended dosage for low thyroid is 8 drops of 5% Lugol's Iodine per day(or 50mgs iodine/day). Taking this dose should easily alleviate or cure a low thyroid condition provided that you are taking all the advised minerals and supplements as well.

Taking 20 drops of 12% lugols is quite a high dose which I doubt that you need. That dose is equivalent to taking 120 mgs of iodine per day. Such a high dose should only be taken for cyst problems or something more serious. And since you have been taking iodine, at a high dose, for the last 11 months then it will probably help if you reduce your drop dosage to 2 drops a day which is equivalent to 9.3 mgs iodine(at 4.65 mgs per drop for 12% lugols iodine). This should be quite sufficient to properly replenish your iodine stores on a daily basis.

More details on supplementing lugol's iodine for you here:

The Guide to Supplementing Lugol's Iodine

LI Companion Nutrients

Posted by Ali (Ontario, Canada) on 11/10/2015
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Hi All,

Having read that many suffering from hypo-thyroid are iodine deficient, I decided it would be a good idea to test myself by painting a small two by four inch area with iodine to see how long it would take to absorb. Six hours was the average time needed. Five days a week, for a month and a half I painted with the iodine. My prior blood test indicated that I was just in the top of the upper normal range. The blood test after six weeks of use, showed my TSH was 4.21, the normal range indicated was between 0.30 and 4.00 mlU/L my TSH two months prior was 3.96, my free triioddothyronine was 4.2and my free T 4 was 12, these falling within the excepted normal range.

Recently I read that ninety percent of all hypo-thyroids have Hashimoto's and should not take iodine. It would seem this was true in my case so just wanted to warn others that might be considering using this protocol. Guess I will have to ask to have my iodine levels checked next blood work. Right now I am totally confused. I am also wondering if anyone else knows if NDT has ever been checked for traces of ractopamine? Could it be a part of the reason we are gaining weight even while being careful of our diet? I don't even want to think about having to use synthroid. My NDT does not seem to be working even after having my dose doubled from 15mg to 30mg.

Is anyone else having this problem? Any input on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks to all who make this site such a success.

All the best, Ali

Replied by Art
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Although many people recommend the use of "painting" iodine onto the skin as a method of absorbing iodine into the body, it is a very poor way to go as 88% is lost to evaporation and only 12 % actually becomes available within the body. This may explain your lack of response to your use of iodine.



Replied by Art
868 posts

I forgot to mention that people think because the iodine color dissipates that the iodine has been absorbed, but the salt in the skin slowly oxidizes the iodine to form iodide which is colorless and is still on the skin. In any case, if you are buying iodine, it seems like a waste of money to get just 12% absorption.


Replied by Ali
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi Art,

Thanks for your response to my request for info on iodine painting. The link you supplied was most interesting. You made an excellent point. I will ask my Dr. to check my iodine level before I proceed with the painting. A big thanks to Earth Clinic for the update on the harm caused by fluoride in our water supply as well as from other sources which affects the thyroid.

On closing, would just like to add that I received some info from Erfa, the company that supplies our NDT here in Canada. Gluten was listed as one of the fillers, I was very disappointed as I had just spent the last month trying to eliminate gluten from my diet, hoping to get the weight issue under control .Still no word from erfa as to weather or not their natural thyroid has been checked for traces of ractopamine. I am beginning to think I will never get this hypo-thyroid thing under control. It is so disheartening.

Wishes for health and wellness to all. Ali

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Ali...One of the main reasons that you may not be getting anywhere with your suspect thyroid problem is that the main TSH/T4 checks that the doctors run on your thyroid can be wildly inaccurate. That's a well known fact. Also patented thyroid meds usally only contain T4 and no T3. Triiodothyronine(T3) is the important active thyroid hormone that usually causes all the thyroid problems. So why are the mainstream docs only testing the TSH and T4 levels and medicating with synthetic T4 hormones? In the 1970s, for reasons completely unknown, the docs were suddenly advised(by the drugs companies) to change from testing T3 to just testing TSH/T4. I'm still trying to work that one out...

The other point is that you will need to take more than just iodine to cure a suspect hypothyroid problem that the docs can't confirm. You could try supplementing the Iodine protocol as advised here and here. I would also strongly advise that you should see an iodine-literate doc to help you with this, as hypothyroid problems are not so simple and can be highly individual and complex -- many other adverse factors can also be play their part such as diet, liver, adrenals etc.See this website for more info on how to get your thyroid checked properly. This website also has advice on how to find an iodine-literate doc who might also be able to help you.

I still take my lugol's iodine every day -- 6 to 8 drops (usually between 37 mgs to 50 mgs) per day. I've been taking this Iodine Protocol for nearly 10 years with no adverse effects. I'm one of the lucky ones. My body is detoxed and clean and fed with love and tender care. Others, when they first start taking lugol's iodine, can't even take one drop without going into a hyper or highly agitated or anxious state. But that's not the fault of the iodine -- that reaction is caused by poor personal diet and lifestyle which is due to lack of proper nutrients and poisons in their diet that has persisted -- unchecked --for decades. Some articles and further clarification on this and other aspects of iodine for health shown here and here.

Replied by Art
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One thing you can try is using a thermometer under your arm to check your temperature first thing upon awakening in the morning. It should be very close to 98 degrees. If it is lower than that, you may be iodine deficient. Not as accurate as what your doctor can probably find out, but it should give you a clue .


Replied by Ali
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi Art ( California ) Thanks for the suggestion that I try taking my temp. on waking as a way to check for low iodine.I will do immediately before I get up. I have a Dr. appt. in two weeks so will request a test than. In the mean time will check this out and hope for a 98.6 reading. As I recall, that is considered normal.

Will also ask about having adrenals checked. I noticed when I had my natural desiccated thyroid dose doubled a month ago, that my skin felt a little itchy and the last week I don't sleep as well and feel little edgy. It might be a little to much, so I take the full dose of 60mg and alternate to 30mg the next day.I may just be feeling edgy from cutting my tea intake . Never realized how much fluoride I was consuming in those six cups a day. Have cut back to two now. Our water supply does not have added fluoride, Thank goodness.

Thanks Art, it is so great knowing that people care enough to take time from their busy lives to give helpful advice to others who are searching for answers. I have learned so much from those who took the time to post on this site. Gratefully, Ali

Replied by Ali
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi Bill, (San Fernando, Philippines) Thanks for the links you supplied, I will be ordering a saliva Cortisol test, I did not know it was available without a prescription. I was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid about a year ago after many tests. I have been taking natural desiccated thyroid since that time. Just had my dose upped a month ago after my attempt at iodine painting.

Where you hypo- thyroid before you started on the iodine protocol ? If so do you still take natural thyroid? Thanks again for the links, tons of great info. I read somewhere that thyroid meds should be taken after the blood has been collected for the test, Any thoughts on this? Wishing you good health. Ali

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

You might be interested in the Iodine Workshop group on Facebook.

Posted by Bonbon (Pierson, US) on 09/24/2014 30 posts

I just joined this site after reading on many subjects over the last week. It's very informative and I'm thankful to have found it.

I'm a 52 yr old woman with, if it's not one thing it's another type issues. I know I have thyroid issues. My temp runs very low among other things. I tried a iodine product recommended by my local health food store last year. Within days my fingers started to feel numb. I knew it was the iodine because that was the only thing new I added. I don't feel confident it was good quality.

I just ordered the Lugol's iodine. I know I need this but I'm nervous about starting it. I saw where a salt solution protocol is likely needed and since I have blood pressure issues, which is probably from a lack of iodine, I'm just not sure how to handle this.

How should I begin this process? Would love some advise.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Bonbon...The alternative regimen you should always follow for lugols iodine supplementation crucially also includes taking the companion nutrients as well. This includes taking vitamins and minerals such as selenium, zinc, magnesium, niacin, B6, Vitamin C, etc on a daily basis with the LI.

This iodine regimen will not just benefit your thyroid. The iodine, vitamin C and niacin will all act to also help reduce your blood pressure issues too.

I'm 64 years old and I've been supplementing 8 drops of iodine with water for the last 8 years due to the severe lack of iodine in food today. I have no aches and pains, heart good, no digestive problems, have lots of energy, sleep well, BP 110/70 and feel about 35 y o.

Supplementing Lugol's Iodine in the correct daily amounts will also help to correct menstrual issues, stop cyst formation and it will help you to automatically lose weight if you are overweight. Iodine also seems to act as an all round hormone balancer and stabilizer for the body's other hormone systems.


A Guide to Iodine Supplementation

More Info on Iodine Companion Nutrients

Recommended Proper Lab Work for Thyroid Issues

Hypothyroid and High Blood Pressure

Replied by Michelle

Bonbon, You need an MD to test your thyroid levels, and probably need some synthetic thyroid hormone. Even though iodine is right for some of the people who have hypothyroidism, you must find out just what your problem is first, before starting to take iodine. I say this because your body may not need iodine at all...and you even might be hurting yourself, if your body doesn't need it, by taking it. Low body temperature can be an indicator of low thyroid function. After seeing a doctor, then ask him if iodine would help you or not.

Also, blood pressure issues are not necessarily from lack of iodine. More likely you need to add some synthetic thyroid hormone, which I find works best, after getting an MD to check your thyroid levels. I am hypothyroid, meanwhile my blood pressure is low....I believe these 2 facts are related.

Replied by Michelle
(Jacksonville, Fl)

Bonbon, First go to an endocrinologist, so you can find out why you have thyroid problems. It could be that taking iodine won't help you at all, depending on the reason why you have thyroid problems. Even worse, iodine could be something that is causing you health problems if your case isn't one where the problem is that "you're just lacking iodine". What you probably might need if you are just running a little low on thyroid, is to take a small amount of Levothyroxine or Synthroid. As we women age, sometimes our bodies produce less thyroid. Feeling cold is a symptom of low thyroid. If this is the case, then adding a little amount of Levothyroxine is perfect, because once you find the minimum amount that you need to add, then your body will add the exact amount you need to the meds, because your body can tell or sense how much it needs. My thyroid gland doesn't produce any thyroid hormone because my thyroid gland was ablated by radioactive iodine when I was 5, so when I take the Levothyroxine meds, then I'm stuck with whatever level is in my blood...my body can't sense and then add the exact, right amount like yours probably can....you see, maybe yours is just a little low, but mine doesn't make any at all.

Posted by Alicia (Abq., Nm) on 06/26/2012

I have been tested for both hypothyroid and iodine deficiency. I am currently taking Levothroxine but still have little energy, etc. So I asked to have a iodine test which came out that I was about 50% below what I should be. I was told to take a drop per day of lugols in a glass of water - I really felt hypertensive on the two occasions I did this so I stopped. Recently I read that putting the drop in the water and just holding it in your mouth and repeating til the glass is empty will work. I did it and I did feel much better. But the question is if I continue doing this should I continue to take the thryoid medication I have taken since the 8th grade? Can I take both of these together?

Posted by Stacey (Gboro, Nc) on 04/12/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Week 1 on Lugol's 2%

Like many on the website, I have all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism but test negative. Lately, my energy levels were dropping, and I have been steadily gaining wait even though I am on the Atkins diet. I decided to try Lugol's after a bit of research.

I wasn't expecting much since none of the thyroid supplements have helped me in the past, so I was pleasantly surprised with the iodine tincture. I started with 2 drops of the 2% in the morning in a tall glass of water and ACV.

So far my energy level has increased slightly. It isn't like a cup of coffee, but rather I am able to stay up a bit later at night, and even had trouble sleeping the first 3 days. My mood has elevated dramatically; it is much more positive even with overhaging stressors. My seasonal allergies are nearly neutralized as well.

My side effects so far include trouble sleeping, a low level vaginal discharge, cloudy urine in the morning, and possible hair loss. Iodine is supposed to help eliminate candida, which may account for the discharge. It may also be the case that my hormonal levels are changing, and that is the result. In relation to hair loss, I've always been losing hair, so I;m not certain that that is a side effect.

I'll keep you posted as I notice more changes.

Posted by Allmymarbles (New York City, New York) on 04/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

For 30 years I suffered from ever-worsening insomnia. The cause was never found, but it was suggested slyly that I was neurotic. Ultimately I developed short-term memory loss and my exhaustion was profound.

One winter I developed a craving for clams and could not seem to get enough of them. I noticed that occasionally I had short periods of normal sleep. Then it hit me - iodine! I had myself tested for hypothyroidism. The result was positive. And I was furious. I never got help from the medical profession, lived for years as a zombie, and had to find the cure all by myself! Thanks to potassium iodide I sleep just fine. Although I started at a higher dosage, I currently take only four drops of 5 per cent solution a week. Now if I could get a refund of all the money I wasted on doctors who resorted to facile psychology instead of medicine . . . .

Posted by Lucy (Albany, Georgia, Usa) on 12/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am so happy to have tried iodine/iodide for my hypothyroidism. I have had this problem since 1947 with little results with medications. Since I am older, the doctors will only go by what the test shows and I have been suffering. I remembered what my sister took after she had a goiter out 60/70 years ago and decided to try it. I looked on the computer and found some favorable information. I then called my Natural Doctor and he told me they had the product in capsule form and a suppurt product as well. I have been on the formula for about 3 months and my doctor is pleased. I take 12.5 mg daily. I also take 1,000 mcg of Vitamin B12. I also have medicine for diabetes. I am 86 years old and still do all my chores.

Posted by Loren (Queens, Ny) on 10/24/2009

Hi EC: I am hoping someone can help me out here. I recently read several articles strongly cautioning anyone who is hypothyroid with elevated antibodies to stay away from iodine. I am very nervous now cause i fall in that category and i am currently on lugols (4drops) daily. Would anyone know if this is true or not ? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ec for always being there for us. God bless!!!!

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

Loren, I talked to a Pharmacist who is into natural healing when he did a talk on thyroid last week. He said Lugols was o.k. but too much iodine can actually shut the thyroid down and he preferred to see people take Kelp, Dulse or some other source of iodine from food sources. He told me 1 drop of Lugols a day. I happened to have taken two that day and I got really flushed. The Lugols is the only thing I can think of that would do that to me.

Replied by Loren
(Queens, Ny)

Thank you Janice/Sharik for all yr help. Will follow yr advice and see what would be the outcome. Thanks again Ec. You guys are the best!!!!!

Replied by Saoirse
(Mason, Tx)

I truly wish I could go back in time when the hypothyroid was finally diagnosed and simply gotten a hold of some lugols or iodoral and started. Taking these synthroid, levoxyls whatever, has never ever made me feel better and I believe these synthetics simply put the thyroid into hibernation.

Iodine was the cure for both hyper/hypo and all this cautioning and hype /anti-iodine therapy has not helped the majority of those out here with thyroid irregularities. and this IS SIMPLY my humble opinion and you better believe THAT I AM sick and tired OF BEING sick and tired/

Will start the iodine and get through the inevitable detox symptoms etc and write back in a month. Do I have hasimoto's? I don't know and really don't care.

Funny, they're NOT concerned about synthroid stimulating more antibodies etc but with an organic substance that IS REQUIRED by the human body they ARE sooooooo cautious and condemning.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Saoirse, I agree that the synthetic thyroid drugs only supply T4 when our bodies need T3, T4 and other compounds found in natural thyroid. The synthetic T4 must be converted by the body into T3, and for some, this is difficult or impossible for some reason. I have recently been diagnosed with hypo and also take iodine, with the other suggested supplements that go with iodine. However, from what I have been able to read, untreated hypo has many serious and far ranging problems, like arteriotherosis, high cholesterol, and other things nobody wants. You can still take iodine with a natural thyroid drug and treat your thyroid so that you feel better. Adrenal issues can also complicate the issue. I'm just now learning about this, but I'm not sure about stopping your meds suddenly because they may not have been right for you. Maybe Ted or Bill will clarify this for both of us? I hope you feel better soon.

Posted by Kaylin (Hampton, IL) on 07/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Iodine is curing my hypothyroidism! I have been hypothyroid for 11 years, ever since I was 19. My doctor says I most likely have Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis, although it's never been confirmed by a test. I have been taking 60 mg. of Armour Thyroid 2 1/2 times per day. My dose has increased with each of my 3 pregnancies but I never felt any better and I still had a long list of symptoms. About a year ago I completely eliminated sugar and grains from my diet and lost 37 pounds, which eliminated a lot of my symptoms but I still had fatigue, hair loss, irregular cycles, and a lot more symptoms.

Two and a half months ago I read "_______" by ___________. I was convinced that I was Iodine deficient so I asked my doctor if I could start supplementing. He gave me permission but told me to go slowly and follow the book. I took Iodoral, the pill form of Lugol's solution. I started with half a pill the first day and I started my period one hour later (my first since breastfeeding my daughter, about 14 months after her birth). It was like my body was just waiting for iodine! My cycles have been 29-33 days since then, much more regular than they have ever been in my life (I didn't even start until I was 15).

Last week I had an annual physical and my blood tested and my midwife called and told me that my TSH is low and my T3 is high, so I'm in a hypERthyroid state! Tonight at church about 4 people asked if I'd lost more weight. The scale says no, but my dad says my face looks a lot thinner. A puffy face (which I've had half my life) is a very common sign of hypothyroidism. My midwife told me to cut my Armour Thyroid dose in half and have another test in a month. I'll update with results. I finally have hope of getting off of medication!

Replied by Sangeetha
(Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

Can you please let me know the name of the book Kaylin from Hampton, IL had mentioned in her post for hypothyroidsm? I have been hypothyroid for the last 14 years and after going through your website I am certain I can get free of it too. I have been taking 2 tbsp coconut oil and will start on 3 tbsp shortly. However, it is interesting to know that iodine could also cure hypothyroidism (for those who have iodine deficiency and I would like to know how to find that out).



EC: It was this one: Iodine: Why you need it Why you can't live without it

Iodine, Dhea

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Posted by Aileen (Prestwick, Scotland) on 11/30/2009
0 out of 5 stars

adrenal/hypothyroidism: I also tried iodine and dhea both gave me bad side-effects.

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskchewan, Canada)

Dear Eileen:

It sounds like you had an experience like mine with the DHEA. I have a wonderful naturopath who has a relationship with a MD where we can obtain bloodwork. The reason I say this is that I have hypothyroidism and very low adrenal function. My naturopath put me on DHEA 25mg/day and I blew up like a pufferfish. I gained 10 lb in one month and it felt like my skin was stretching. We got new bloodwork only to discover I had elevated estrogen levels! I looked like a women on birthcontrol pills in the 50's. The DHEA caused this. unfortunaltely taking DHEA did not increase my DHEA levels in y body only my estrogen levels.

The iodine on the other hand is life itself. studies have shown that 10 drops of lugals solution is enough to prevent breast cancer. there is an e book out there called Iodine "secrets of the sea". It shows all the uses of Iodine that doctors pre 1946(a faulty bias study) used it for. It was even the agent that made bread fluffy. Now they use bromine,which is very harmful to us.

I wonder if it is the DHEA not the iodine that gave you side effects. Really the only side effects that could happen with too much iodine is hyperthyroid symptoms, them one could simply cut back.

For improving my thyroid the only thing that worked was T3 therapy. I take the iodine to relieve pain in my breast and to prevent breast cancer. It was certainly not enough to fix the hypothyroidism. As my temperature is comming up I can sleep again. Life is very rough for me when my thyroid is not functioning well. My naturopath is treating me for wilsons syndrome with the T3 and it is the only thing that has helped my thyroid. Trust me I have tried EVERYTHING else!

Hope this helps.

Iodine, Selenium

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Posted by Beth (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 01/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars

For years I have suspected that I was hypothyroid. Since my TSH was normal, my doctor saw no reason to do the T3/T4 test despite my having classic hypothyroid symptoms. It seemed like my symptoms were getting worse, so I decided take things into my own hands and started researching natural therapies for hypothyroidism. All my research led me to iodine and I started taking one 12.5 mg of iodine/iodide pill a day. I also started on a 200 mcg of selenium, as well. What I had read was that the two need each other to properly function.

The change in my life has been incredible. The first change was my energy. I felt completely recharged! I also felt motivated! Like I actually WANTED to get things done. Mentally I felt so much clearer. I have struggled on and off with depression since I was 13 years old and for the first time in my life I felt consistently stable. I researched this further because it was completely astounding to me. There is a known link between low thyroid function and bipolar disorder! In fact, if anti-depressants stop working or aren't as effective in some people, doctors prescribe them a medication that enhances their T3 and- viola! -their medication starts working again!

The next thing I noticed was that my knees were no longer hurting. They had been fairly sore for at least a month and the just stopped hurting completely.

The list goes on and on. The hypothyroid night sweats are gone (I would wake up at least 4-5 times each week with my pajamas, hair and sheets drenched), I am sleeping decently, my acne cleared up, the puffiness in my eyelids is gone, and on and on....

One thing that still just blows me away is that my feet are smooth. For as long as I can remember, my feet have been dry and cracked and the skin was so thick. To get my feet in shape for sandals in warm weather took a ton of effort. I just figured that's how my feet were. Within just a couple of days, I started noticing my feet were not as rough. After a week, they were like I had received an incredibly expensive pedicure minus the nail polish. To get results like this, normally I would have to soak, scrub, moisturize repeatedly and maybe after a week they would look half this good.

The whole thing is shocking and amazing to me. It has helped me beyond anything I could have imagined. I figured so many of my issues were things I had to live with and never dreamed they could even be treated. I wonder how many people are walking around with low functioning thyroids and don't even know it?

Don't take my word for it. Do the research for yourself, there are tons of well-documented studies online. Do a patch test. If you are deficient, try it for yourself and get your life back!

Replied by Julie
(Chapel Hill, Tn)

What is a patch test? i am using coconut oil for my hypo, and seeing great results, but i do wonder if what you are talking about would help as well.

Replied by Beth
(Chicago, Il, Usa)

Hi Julie!

The patch test is an easy way to see if you are deficient in iodine. Get a bottle of tincture of iodine. Paint a 2 inch square on an inconspicuous place on your body (arch of your foot, inside of your arm or thigh, stomach, etc) before you go to bed. If it's gone in the morning, you are iodine deficient. In someone who has enough iodine in their system it should disappear in about 24 hours.

Another thing I wanted to add is that my sugar cravings are gone. It's bizarre! Really, if I woke up and started speaking Sanskrit I would be less surprised! I've always struggled with my weight because I was always craving things, always thinking about food. A while back I was counting my calories trying to lose weight (again!). Once I started with the iodine, I stopped counting calories, because I just didn't need to. I could suddenly go without snacking between meals. I am losing weight with a reduction in my calories, but it's not a struggle or an effort as it has been in the past.

I saw this on another board about iodine and it's true for me as well- I am finally eating to live instead of living to eat.

Best of luck to you!

Replied by Wusstambol
(Tempe, Az, Usa)


Your post is very very interesting to me.

Of most interest was the feet thing....around the time I got pregnant (a few months after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism) they started getting all thick skinned and very dry and cracked and rough.

I moved from Ireland to Arizona around that same time, so I attributed the foot issues to the dry weather here and the almost-constant sandal-wearing... Now I'm rethinking my previous assumption...and just to think about the possibility that it can all go away makes me feel happy. So thank you for that!

And that's just the foot thing!

I've been doing a lot of research recently and bought some selenium and magnesium yesterday, along with some ginseng to see if that helps at all in the meantime with the lack of energy. That's my main problem; I now have a very active 2-and-a-half year old son, and just can't keep up with him, let alone keep our house clean and make dinner, etc.

I had read some time ago that almost no one is deficient in Iodine in this country these days because of the amount of salt we eat; now I'm going to do the patch test and see for myself.

I'm excited to try all this, but am wondering, how soon can I expect to see results? Haha, I'm impatient...

Thanks for your time and for your experience!


Replied by Imcinnamon
(Daytona Beach, Fl)

This was true of America years ago, but now there is an almost epidemic issue with iodine deficiency due to poor soil conditions, etc.





Lugol's Iodine

Posted by Sloveall (Nashville, TN) on 05/15/2009

Should you take Lugol's Iodine if you are taking Synthroid?

A chiropractor noticed I was getting a "dowager's hump" and said it was because of my hypothyroidism. I have been taking .125 synthroid for 24 years. He suggested I take Lugol's Iodine. I have been taking it but it has been making me dizzy and weak, or something is making me dizzy and weak. Anyone have any experience with Lugol's Iodine and thyroid medication?

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

Although I have thyroid disease, I can't speak on the iodine as I am still researching many things. But I wanted to remark on the dowager's hump - this means osteoporosis and that should be attended to ASAP. Have you had a bone scan? It would be a good idea to find out just what level this is at.

A lot of people think that popping some calcium tablets will be the fix, but this is not true. Building and maintaining bone is far more complex than that, and calcium alone will not do it. On the dietary front, chia seeds are a "super food" that are easy to incorporate into the diet (eat plain, sprinkle on salads or cereals, add to soups, baked goods, etc.). Among other beneficial things, like omega-3's and 6's, chia seeds contain a good amount of calcium plus an often-overlooked trace mineral which is important for bone health - boron. They are also a good source of phosphorus and manganese. You also would want to ensure adequate intake of vitamins D3 and K - I take these together in a tiny sublingual "dot". Another factor will be magnesium. I take a calcium magnesium citrate liquid; again it's very easy to take. These should of course be in addition to a good diet and multivitamin. Do some research on these vitamins and minerals, and bone health in general, and see what you think.

Just found these links to start you off, which from a quick skim seem to have good info:


Good luck, and please keep us updated!

Replied by Sloveall
(Nashville, TN)

Thanks for your concern. I think I'm OK on the osteo thing - my last bone scan showed me at, I think this is right, 117. They told me that was way over the normal number, which I think is around 100, for good strong bones - so no bone loss yet. The chiropractor doctor told me that I would get rid of the hump with 6 drops of Lugol's (15%) 3 times a day. And something is making me really dizzy, so I was hoping to find out more info from others who might have taken Lugol's along with their synthroid medication. Thanks so much for you help!!!

Replied by Sloveall
(Nashville, TN)

Should you take Lugol's Iodine AND your Synthroid medication for hypothyroidism?

I was told that a 15% solution of Lugol's Iodine, 6 drops a day, three times a day for about three months, would cure hypothyroidism. Has anyone else heard about this? And is it safe to take your doctor prescribed thyroid meds while taking Lugol's Iodine? I've been taking .l25 for about 24 years.


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Posted by Loren (Queens, Ny) on 12/01/2009

Hi Lisa: I have to say I really do enjoy reading yr posts. Keep them coming!! I noticed you mentioned in
one of yr posts that Maca is really helpful to menopausal women especially. Do you think it can correct a hypothyroid condition with long term use? Ihave read many good reviews on this product and would love to try it. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid a few months ago and I am hoping Maca can help. Please advice. Thank you so much.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

Hi Loren, I'm glad you find my posts of use. I think that Maca would be a wonderful choice for you as I have noticed that many of your posts have to do with thyroid, menopausal and adrenal issues. This is a superfood that addresses all of these. I would also encourage you to read up on others like raw cacao, goji berries, medicinal mushrooms- there are some amazing superfoods on this planet that are given to us by Mother Nature we need only do the research. I know I've said this before but you should listen to David Wolfe speak on youtube and other forums as he is quite brilliant in his research and knowledge- an absolute wealth of information and much of it doctors will not tell you or don't even know themselves or would poo-poo the info anyway. He has given me some amazing keys to my own healing such as the negative effects of calcium in the body and the damage it is doing to everyone. I can't believe how much is changing for myself. I love it! At any rate, don't become overwhelmed and maca would be a wonderful start. I wish you the best! Lisa

Replied by Loren
(Queens, Ny)

Hi Lisa: Thanks for yr prompt response. I'll try the Maca, and let you know if it works. Also, I'll check out those
websites you mentioned. Thks again

Replied by Sonja
(Toledo, Oh - Ohio)
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I'm a certified Holistic Health Coach. I had previously used Maca when I was 40 because I was experiencing hormonal fluxuation. I wanted to mention that I had to stop because it was making me estrogen dominant. After stopping my estrogen dominant symptoms went away. I was hoping that it would have increased my progesterone.

Replied by G
(Nyc, Ny)

Sonja.... What were your/are "estrogen dominant symptoms"? Thanks in advance.

Medication Side Effects

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Posted by Ceci (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 02/26/2012
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Hello there, I have been taking euthyrox 50mg for 10.5 months with regular visits to my doctor my initial thyrod level was 9.6 but after regularly taking the medication 50mg everyday and 75mg once a week I have managed to drop my thyrod level to 2.9, my last blood test was 1 month ago.... I have noticed since the medication gaining weight slowly and my dr said you have probebly change you eating habits (which in fact I didnt) now after 10.5 months I'm already 5.5Kg extra on what I was when I started the medication my dr as well as the little reasearch that I've done all confirmed that this medication will actually make me loose weight this never happened I keep gaining and gaining now I'm following a certain diet trying to eat less bread and carbs and sweets although this never been the case in my life I always ate what I wanted..... can someone please advice if me gaining weight is a side affect of euthyrox 50....

Replied by Sony
(La, Usa)

Hi, your msg. frightens me. I am on euthyrox since Oct'11 25mg daily and I have noticed a consistent weight gain since then. I have told my doctor about this, and he says be patient, you are actually supposed to lose weight on this , but you are giving me mixed signals. He increased the dosage by 25mg for one day of the week, and I think he wants to see what happens. As the visits are every two months, I think that I am in for a long wait , to see how my body reacts to teeny weeny increases.... I too have gained about 5 kg and very upset about it, despite controlled eating. I am on the verge of ditching the meds, but I have seen an improvements in other areas so dont want to give up on those. Instead I am now thinking of starting daily exercise of at least 1 hour a day, may be this will help.... But if it does, then it wont be the medication, it will be the excersise and I wont know for sure... I am confused as you are....

Replied by Michelle

Cece, 50 may not be enough. Weight gain can mean you don't have enough. I never heard of euthyrox. Can you get Synthroid or Levothyroxine instead ? Have you had a TSH test to see if you need more or less ?

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Erika (USA) on 12/16/2011

Wondering if anyone can help. I've been recently (2 wks ago) diagnosed as hypothyroid. My OB wanted to put me on Synthroid, but due to reading on this site (about fog brain and libido), I chose Armour Thyroid over that. She wasn't pleased to deal with it (as it is a pig's thyroid-OMGoodness! ;)), and said she didn't know how to prescribe it, but did it anyway and only prescribed 1/4 grain/day. I am considered borderline, but really for a younger woman of childbearing years (40), they'd actually like to see my numbers even lower.

I immediately started research here for natural healing and added coconut oil to my daily intake of food (about 1and 1/2 or 2 Tbsp/day). Also, 4 days ago, I found a kelp supplement w/ added folic acid and started that, 1/day. At the same time, I found Ashwaganda and a B-stress formula and started taking those 2x's a day. I've been unable to find the Guggul and the Bauhinia as of yet.

I also had started ACV (about 2Tbsp. + water +honey around 2x's a day) about a week before this diagnosis, as I had just found this website and read that it would help my asthma. Unbelievably, my asthma practically disappeared w/i 2 days. Weirdest thing I've ever seen! I have used my Xopenex inhaler 3times w/i the last 3 weeks, but only on the nights when I had neglected to take my ACV that day. Before that, I had been using it 3 to 4 times A DAY!, 2 puffs each time, and it was getting worse by the day! Oh, and I have OPed with Coconut Oil about 4 or 5 times during this time too (only once before my asthma went away though, so I attribute it's disappearance to the ACV, not the OP).

My husband made the comment to me yesterday that I seem to have gotten worse since being diagnosed. (I only started the Armour 2 mornings ago). I agree that I seem to be even more exhausted than normal and the only thing I can think of is that maybe I'm detoxing because of the OPing and the ACV, and the coconut oil in general? I would not be surprised in the least if I have a system wide Candida issue. I think I read somewhere about "die-off"? Can you explain this to me and tell me what I would need to do to help it along? It's Christmas of course, so it is not real probable for me to get off sugar until January. Even then, I will struggle tremendously. I am truly addicted to chocolate and crave a sweet (hot chocolate, cookies, cheesecake, hot fudge sundae, etc...) before going to bed at night. :(

Are there other things I could be doing for hypothyroidism that I am not currently doing? I find it difficult to get enough time on here to read everything as I have 3 children and am SO exhausted! Do I need to take more coconut oil than I am? More Kelp? More B? More herbs? Oh, and what is the difference between cold pressed and expeller pressed? Mine is from Radiant Life and is expeller pressed. Also, do I really have to take 2 days off the ACV every wk. to get it to work best? I'm concerned about my asthma coming back. I hate being dependent on the inhaler.

I know that I have more questions, but due to the fog brain, I can't remember them all. My memory is shot. I walk around all day knowing I'm supposed to be doing something, but can't remember what. Please help!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
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Erika, my hypothyroid was off the charts a yr ago, and small nodule, but is now normal. My regimen wasn't completely like yours but some similarities. I had severe side effects to the Levothyroxine with only 2 doses. I used magnet therapy daily on each gland for almost 1yr. I finally broke down and decided the Kelp thing wasn't enough and the povidone iodine may not be suitable, and began liquid potassium iodine. A few weeks of daily LPI I experienced a sudden symptoms of radiation sickness. I took some pectin fiber and sodium bicarbonate to deal with the radiation (I assume). Normal now. Oh, I also took raw thyroid glandular daily for several months.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Replied by Worldspice
(Uppsala, Sweden)

Watch out so you don´t overdo it! I screwed up my liver because I started taking like 20 supplements at the same time. They have no time to work separately, so you do need to stop the madness. Take the kelp and ACV and wait with the VCO because it is actually cleansing your liver and will make you worse for couple of weeks, so when you start with it, you need to be sure that you don't take anything else! Good luck!

Replied by Michelle

Erika, I think the problem here could be the Armour...it is very weak and inefficient. I tried it. A much better choice would be the synthetic thyroid, ...Synthroid or Levothyroxine, just like your doctor wanted for you .

Replied by Rhonda
(North Carolina)

Michelle, no one is going to listen to you extolling the virtues of a synthetic thyroid here on Earth Clinic. We are interested in natural remedies and cures from the things God created---not the junk created in a pharmaceutical lab for profit.