Hypothyroid Remedies


Posted by Innerheat (Middle Tennessee) on 01/31/2016
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Cayenne for hypothyroid:

I used to run on the warm side all my life, then got to where I felt chilly a lot, did not sweat hardly in hot weather, felt sluggish.

I have been taking Lugol's iodine (2%, 5 drops a day) for many moons, cooking with coconut oil, avoiding bread with brominated flour, mostly avoiding fluoridated water, never use fluoride toothpaste...still was not consistently warm by any means.

Recently I got a nasty and persistent lung congestion that was going around, which gave several people I know pneumonia. I said to myself, "That ain't gonna happen to me! " I thought about that old "Back to Eden" book, and how the old herbalists talked like cayenne would practically raise the dead!

Seeing as its been years since I ate habaneros every day, or even that many jalapenos, I went at it cautiously. Every day I would heat up about 4 ounces of water, add a mere 1/8th teaspoon measure of cayenne powder, and drink it.

I did this for maybe a week. Been comfortably warm ever since, including through a recent cold spell. I think all the other things I've been doing played a part, but I believe cayenne was the real "magic bullet".

Everyone is different, your mileage may vary! Some people get along well with hot peppers, others may not.

Posted by pat (coos bay, or) on 07/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

thanks to this site i started cayenne pepper as a treatment for my hypothyroid issue. its been a few weeks and my metabolism has improved, my acid reflux and more energy. so glad i found you. thanks