Hypothyroid Remedies

Alternatives to Synthroid
Posted by Bj (Michigan) on 10/22/2021

I had been on Synthroid and/or Levothyroxine for many years. As time went on I began to react negatively to both. Even at lower and lower dosages I had racing heart and other reactions to the fillers used. I just did not feel well on the synthetic form anymore. I knew there were other "more natural" prescription alternatives, but as I researched I found most were porcine (pork) and prescription bovine was very difficult to obtain. Since I was taking my own health care in hand, I looked for desiccated thyroid bovine supplements. I found 100% grass fed New Zealand bovine thyroid from several sources. Do an internet search. Most come in 65mg or 130mg capsules or tabs. It took a short time to find the right dosage, as I started on the low end and built up to what I need daily, so as not to overload my system. I have no issues with the natural bovine thyroid compared to the synthetic thyroid meds. After much research I also added iodine with the desiccated bovine thyroid as they work hand in hand, and most people only get enough iodine from processed table salt to keep from getting a goiter, not enough to really help the thyroid gland or other organs. I use either Lugol's iodine or an organic tablet form of iodine. Walking and Vit D help as well, but it is difficult to get out in the sun to walk when you are so sleepy and tired all of the time.

Alternatives to Synthroid
Posted by Rick C. (Pompano Beach, Fl) on 04/23/2018

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Replied by Lois (Honeoye Falls, Ny) on 01/20/2015

Why hasn't your Dr.'s put those of you with hypothyroidism on Synthroid? That in itself is the replacement for loss of thyroid hormones. I also, take ACV every morning & night in combo with honey & black strap molasses. Great for losing and maintaining a good weight for your height and bone structure.

Synthroid (a/k/a Synthetic Thyroid) is only ONE way to treat hypothyroidism and, while it is the drug of choice for a great many medical practitioners in the US, it is often NOT the best choice.

Synthroid contains thyroid hormone T4 only - T4 is the storage hormone, it is not the active hormone. The only thyroid hormone that can actually be utilized by the body is T3, so the T4 of synthroid must be converted to T3 to actually be utilized by the body. Many people cannot make that conversion, and Synthroid is totally useless to those people. Rather than using the synthetic thyroid hormone replacement, many people have had much more success using what is considered to be the Natural Hormone replacement: Desiccated Pig Thyroid (such as NP Thyroid, WP Thyroid, Naturethroid, Westhroid, Armour, Erfa at al) contains all the natural thyroid hormones T1, T2, T3 and T4 so that NO conversion is needed for the desiccated pig thyroid to provide the patient's needed thyroid supplementation. Because all of the pharmaceutical advertising dollars have been behind Synthroid for so many years, it is hard to find a doctor who will prescribe the desiccated pig thyroid, but all hypothyroid patients should be aware that the desiccated pig thyroid is available, and quite often provides MUCH better results than Synthroid.

Additionally, Synthroid is, in my opinion, very dangerous for women, as my mother was on Synthroid for 45 years, and she developed osteoporosis so bad that her bones starting breaking of her own body weight at age 80. This is a known problem with Synthroid, but one that is seldom mentioned so you should question your doctor about this side effect of Synthroid. I personally have been on desiccated pig thyroid since October, 2011, and have had excellent results.