Hyperthyroidism Treatment and Remedies

Eltroxin, Supplements
Posted by Monique (Sudbury,ont) on 02/22/2014


hi, I'm Monique from Sudbury Ont.

My concern is that I been cured from hyperthyroidism. My treatment was radiation and followed by Eltroxin 0.1 mg, now after several years on this medication to control the hypothyroidism in which I'm being treated now. From 35yrs to now 46 yrs. I still suffer from fatigue, mental and physical fatigue, I find myself absent minded, loss of concentration, low libido, lack of confidence and not to mention weight gain. I keep fighting these symptoms as much as I can with daily supplement, vitamins, and herbs...they help thank God. My question is I liked to stop taking Eltroxin because it's not natural substance but a chemical. I been looking for answers for a long time for a natural and healthier way. Along with these supplements I also take "zinc and copper balance" at one capsule per day. My doctor is uncertain about this method since they have little study on homopathic and holistic therapy. I refuse any medical medications for the symptoms mentioned. I am a total believer on natural approach for my health. Any suggestions....is Apple cider vinegar, Potassium idione, kelp or any other approach is greatly received. If I'm taking off the Eltroxin, to be replace with the alternative, this would so great. If the other approach is to stay on Eltroxin and to take other supplement like kelp or other is also welcome. thank-you