Hyperthyroidism Treatment and Remedies

Argan Oil
Posted by Irina (New York, Ny) on 02/06/2017

While taking culinary Argan oil, I've been noticing a number of amazing and miraculous health benefits. Within the first day or so of taking it (1 teaspoon), my hyperthyroid symptoms completely abated. The jitteriness and anxiety coupled with racing, skipping heart just went away - I feel calm for the first time in a very long time. You can purchase Argan oil from Morocco or Israel (I am taking the kind from Israel). I am taking just a teaspoon - 2 teaspoons was too much for me. The dosage for a woman is that you can go up to almost a Tablespoon. I posted about Argan oil in the chronic sinusitis section also - it helped clear my sinuses also!