Hyperthyroidism Treatment and Remedies

ACV, Garlic, Lemon
Posted by Lhucky (Manila, Philippines ) on 03/03/2016

I am not a healthy person. I smoke. I cough my lungs out. had flu sometimes accompanied by fever whenever my menstruation were about to arrive. I love fatty food. pork fats especially. And then 7 years ago, diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I never like drinking any kind of liquor. beer makes me puke, while liquor makes me feel very very cold. I'm prone to UTI as well. had +++ blood in urine last 2015. I had cold almost about every month, sometimes accompanied with fever. I tried looking for alternative for hyperthyroidism. sadly, I found that it cannot be cured. drinking iodine radiation nor operation wasn't an option. my heartbeat doesn't really bothered me that much. What bothered me then was how hot I feel. I sweat a lot. Lost 25 kg in 7 years.

My family were always on alternative medication. More like Chinese herbal medicine. But since I don't know any Chinese herbalists nowadays, I now rely more on Internet.Nov. I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar water. Most days I tried to make sure to drink at least 2 or 3 liter a day. There were also days that I can only drink 1 liter. Dec. I felt a lump on my left breast. Started reading about natural remedies for cancer. Came across the concoction acv, ginger, garlic, lemon, honey mixture for heart disease. Jan. I felt like I'm going to have a heart attack. The symptoms where there. My heart was pounding, there's a pain on my upper right back. Right shoulder feels like I sprained myself, tingling feeling on my right arm, my chest feels tight. I can still think straight though, I quickly took an aspirin, 1 low dose tablet. that next day, my husband made the concoction. I took 3 Tbsp that night. Told myself to drink it 3x a day. (While I asked my husband to take 1 Tbsp a day) had a good night sleep, feels energetic next day. but succeeding days I feel tired. sleepy. there were nights that I can't sleep. we finished the 1st batch in just a couple of weeks. The feeling of tightness on my chest were slowly going away. I can barely feel my back ache. I don't cough that much also.Comes Feb. I woke up having fever, my body feels very very weak, my hands and feet were very cold. My back is aching a lot. Heart pounding, Had nausea, and no appetite. accidentally drink mefanamic acid thinking it was an antibiotic. feels ok after 30 minutes later, had my breakfast around 3 pm in the afternoon. My husband insist on seeing urologist next day. next day, I woke up like I didn't fell sick yesterday. Urologist asked for blood test, urine samples, kidney ultrasound along with breast ultrasound and mammogram (diagnosis center only accept 40 years old patients for mammogram. I'm still 3 years far) after taking antibiotic for a week.Still taking 3 Tbsp 3x a day, along with 1 capsule of coq10 2x a day, and antibiotic with Tapazole in the morning and inderal 2x a day for a week. Still drinking Apple Cider Vinegar water 2 or 3 liter a day. At this time, I also add cayenne pepper on my Apple Cider Vinegar water.

Results came. I was shocked to see my blood test results were all in range. Createnine at 61 umol/L. Ph level 7. I even asked my husband if there's a possibility that someone mixed up with the results. (Laugh at the possibility that someone out there were worried sick with my blood test results.) My T3 and T4 were in range. Although TSH still at <0.005. (Might visit another endo for that) my T3 and T4 were always high. My chest tightness slowly going away. My right arm wasn't that weak anymore. I can still feel something was pushing inside my arm though, going up to my neck. But I feel great. My heartbeat doesn't feel like pounding anymore.