Correct a Hormonal Imbalance Naturally!


Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/20/2012

Garlic and raw food diets are supposed to balance hormones.

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Posted by Lisa (Jax, Fl, Us) on 02/10/2012

I just received a letter that the FDA has determined the effects of estriol to be unknown, so my insurance, of course, will no longer cover my bio-denticals. Is this one more push for the use of Hormone Replacement therapy (HRT) as opposed to something natural? Bio-denticals have been fabulous for me. Any other info out there on this? Thanks!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Lisa try a Naturalpathic Doctor ND for HRT using Progesterone or Pregnenolone as either of these are safe (recognized as natural by human body) hormones that will convert into proper hormone metabolites respective of individuality. A correct dosage will need be found and maintained.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Hi Lisa, I am 54, stopped a year ago with the anticonception pill and am now suffering a bit with menopausal symptoms like very dry skin. I have just been to a natural doctor and she wants to discuss bio-identical hormones next time. I wanted to read about it but unfortunately I haven't gone down to it so right now I know nothing at all about what is good and what isn't. I told her that I don't want HRT, so she knows that. I have an appointment next week.....

Replied by Lisa
(Jacksonville, Florida)

Thanks Tihm! I will check that out. And, Francisca, definitely do the bio-denticals. I had great success and relief from pretty severe symptoms!

Replied by Jillery
(North America)
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I tried bio-identicals for about a year. I used a patch, progesterone pill and testosterone cream. I ended up getting vaginal yeast infections-- one after another-- also had BV a number of times (like 6). I just didnt do well with them at all. I also continued to have hot flashes despite my levels being adjusted. I now just take Apple Cider Vinegar (2t in water) right before bed for the hot flashes.

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Posted by Ani (Toronto, Ontario) on 01/05/2012

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I received a bottle of Vitex from a friend who has already had a baby; she said it helped her conceive. I have done a BIT of online research and it seems to be very helpful to balance out the hormones, assist with PMS symptoms and increase fertility. I would love to get some feed back and more info about this herbal extract from anyone who has tried it or knows more about it. Recommended dosage is ambiguous; it doesn't say anything on the bottle and online info seems to vary. I was hoping EarthClinic (my "go-to" website) would have more info on it.

Replied by Been There Too!
(Atlanta, Ga)

It's been a while since I've dabbed in fertility but Vitex (aka chasteberry) is nature's remedy as opposed to one of the fertility drugs used to assist ovulation. It does assist with hormone balancing and other ailments as well.

I don't want to give bad information but I can suggest you check fertility friend sites and comb through the chat boards and I'll guarantee you'll learn what you need to know. :)

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Posted by Kay (Jacksonville, Fl/usa) on 02/10/2011

I had a hysterectomy at the age of 41 so I was thrown into HRT at an early age. I was on estrogen pills, patches, shots, etc until I was 60 yrs old when one family doc told me I should take HRT anymore and that I will probably eventually wean off of the hot flashes, etc. Didn't happen!

Here 5 yrs later, I have mood swings, hot flashes and my hormone blood test are showing low vitamin D and I am miserable! I went to an MD who also specializes in Holistic med. He has perscribed which I haven't filled the perscription yet, Estradiol, Progesterine and Testosterine(forgive the spelling) all in a combined cream to apply to my skin at 1/2 ml per day. There are so many pros and cons to taking HRT and since I don't have a family or personal history of cancer, has anyone else been through this? Are there safe alternatives out there or should I just go for it? Thanks for your input.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Kay - I am 50 years old... I highly suggest you get the book "Breakthrough" by Suzanne Somers. It discusses HRT in depth, and is an exceptionally interesting read. I bought my copy on half (dot) com for just a few dollars. (Hope it is okay to mention that site - if not I appologize).

I then went back and bought another copy for my daughter to read. It is knowledge a woman needs to have BEFORE menopause hits as well as after!

It sounds like the doctor you are seeing now knows their stuff, and that they are trying to get you balanced. Natural hormones vs. The crap the "regular" doctors will shove at you are two entirely different things!

Replied by Dee

If the hormones recommended were bioidentical then you should go for it. I would assume that's the case since the doc is holistic. You needed to get off the other stuff bc they were synthetic therefore toxic to your system. Please read Suzanne Somers books - she is the guru on this topic.

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Posted by Gean (Salina, KS) on 02/19/2009

Hello, I have a couple of friends who have had hysterectomies, and I am wondering if anyone knows the best natural approach to hormone replacement. Thank you very much.

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Posted by Jonna (Los Angeles, CA)
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I think it would be great if women report in more about their hormonal fluctuations. To be exact, the ways they feel during parts of their cycle and what remedies they take... I think this would be very useful information to have from women of all different ages.

I am in my early 40s and have been paying attention to my hormonal ebbs and flows for a number of months now. I realized that my estrogen levels spike the day before I get my period, then again at the tail end of my period, days 5 and 6 of my period. I feel super-charged physically, ready to take on the world. I think I actually look younger too for those 2 days (ha ha - so much for the ongoing fountain of youth!). My husband also notices a difference and loves those high estrogen days, if you know what I mean... But the interesting thing is that while my body is "on", my emotions are "off" during this same time.. I feel anxious about stupid things... Then a day later things even out again and that super-charged feeling starts to disipate but I am super calm emotionally. I think supplements and remedies should be adjusted during these cycles. For me, I start upping my omega 3s about a week before my period begins (see my flax seed oil post). When my period hits, I take dissolvable magnesium. When I feel my estrogen start to spike, I supplement with natural Vitamin E. Then for 2 weeks I take a few supplements here and there and apple cider vinegar from time to time.

Does anyone know exactly what is happening to your brain chemistry during a woman's 28 day cycle? If so, have you tried experimenting with remedies? Thanks for your insight.

Helpful Articles

Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 07/02/2009

Great article on week-by-week hormonal fluctuations in Marie Claire magazine (May, 2009) entitled "Your Life in Hormones - What the hell is going on with your hormones--and how can you harness them for happiness, health, fertility, brainpower, and energy?" by Gabrielle Lichterman.

Herb Achillea Millefolium

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Posted by Violet (California) on 08/12/2020
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I'd like to add a wonderful herb to the list of the menopause healing. The name is Achillea millefolium. Good for irregular menstruation for young and for menopause.

Good for oophoritis, but at this the patient has to make sitting bath. Same for fibroids.

And more of Achillea millefolium:

Lung bleeding, stomach ache, migraine, bloating, liver problems, inflamation of gut, inner unrest, and together with the Acorus calamus herb good for lung cancer.

Source: Maria Treben

High Prolactin Level Remedies

Posted by Clorimer (San Diego, California) on 10/01/2013

Happy Monday! I'm hoping Earth Clinic readers can share their experiences with prolactinemia. I've recently been diagnosed with a high prolactin level of around 80. I got an MRI, which shows no sign of mass growth on my pituitary gland (there was what they called a "shadow" on the right side of the gland which could either be atypical or the start of something, too soon to tell). Now, I'm caught in this pre-Obamacare black hole where I don't qualify for low-income health care but don't make enough to buy a monthly plan (nobody will accept new customers until Jan. 1 anyway) and am looking for the most natural and affordable solutions possible.

I'm seeing the endocrinologist this week, but I'm really wary that s/he will want to take more tests and put me on a medication. I'd much prefer a natural remedy. I'm certain that sleep and stress are related, so I've been trying to regulate lifestyle changes, as well as exercise more. I have an IUD (paragard, non-hormonal), and I'm wondering if that is in any way related?

I haven't menstrated since January (it's almost October now), so I'm really concerned. I've never been regular, but this is extreme.

Other posts have mentioned Pituitrophin PMG, Chasteberry, among other remedies. I've read articles that have also suggested going on the pill, as it's a natural regulator, but I'm wary of this too.

I really appreciate feedback, especially longitudinal experiences that are tried and true.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Check the apple cider vinegar page on this website. I seem to remember a lot of women using it to get their menses regular.

Replied by Tricia
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I have experience of protactinium due to a growth on the pituitary. (growth removed 20 years ago) My levels read as high as yours and not knowing any better I automatically took the proferred prescription. The readings came down but not enough for me to have a baby. My Endo retired and I wasn't too impressed with the "I am God-like" creature that replaced him so I did a bit of research to go alternate. I tried acupuncture twice, herbal, massage from Kinesiology, reflexology and reiki. I have to say that I could see a difference only in that I wasn't as apprehensive as when I took script drugs but I now think that it was because I didn't research them properly. A new endo persuaded me to try a new drug(Dostinex) as the blood readings hadn't reduced and I've never looked back. No nausea, no dizziness etc. and I now have a lovely daughter whose birth caused the prolactin to shut down and therefore, after all that milk producing hormone having been in my body for years, I couldn't breastfeed.

High Prolactin Level Remedies
Posted by Stephanie (Boston, Us) on 12/08/2011

I have been suffering from very heavy menstrual periods that last 15 days each month and after having all kinds of blood work, it has been concluded that I have very high prolactin blood levels.

The range for menstruating women is 2-27, and mine is showing at 28.

Any natural remedies for bringing the prolactin levels down? I do not want to go for traditional meds which are very harsh to the liver.

Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.



Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg, North West South Africa)

Hi Stephanie, High prolactin levels are caused by stogen dominance. Remedy:- DIM & calcium-D-gluconate but if you go to Dr William Wongs website you will get valuable info there plus remedies that will work. Good luck.

Replied by Darlene
(Kewaskum, Wi/usa)

Years ago I had heavy painful bleeding. Midwife determined it was an ovarian cyst. Suggested using a tea of Squawvine (aka Partridge Berry; Mitchella repens) daily. One month later no problems. Never cropped up again. May work for you as well.

Note: Steep 30 minutes after adding to boiling water. I used a generous tablespoonfull per quart I think.

High Prolactin Level Remedies
Posted by Ti (Houston, Usa) on 07/24/2011

My prolactin blood levels are higher than normal. In menstruating women they should be between 8-22, and mine is close to 40. Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated. I do not want to take regular Big Pharma meds for this. Want to go the natural route.

Gratitude, T

High Testosterone Remedies

Posted by laura (Queens) on 05/16/2020

Hi Everyone:

I'm hoping someone can help me daughter who's 20 just recently noticed a few hairs on her chin that suddenly came out of nowhere. She eats so healthy because she's trying her best to use diet to help with acne breakouts that she has had for several years. But nothing seems to help. Upon many hours of research, we've concluded that it might be a high testosterone problem but we're unsure how to handle this. Can someone help with what supplements she should/or should not take and also what foods she should eat/not eat etc. Thank you so much everyone. Have a blessed evening!!

Replied by epeach
(United States)

Hi Laura,

I was just reading about this exact problem in my Prescription for Herbal Healing book by Phyllis A. Balch CNC. It says, yes, that an over production of testosterone is the culprit. My son has severe acne and I was looking for a remedy. There are numerous topical and external remedies that are listed but the one that stand out to me is Milk Thistle 120 mgs daily. It helps remove the over abundant hormone through the stool by increasing production of bile. Good luck and let us know what helped. God bless!


Thank you so much for your response. Will definitely purchase the book you recommended and also try the milk thistle. Thanks again....have a great rest of the day!!!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Balance is not as easy as it should be. Vitamin D is a hormone and it needs K to absorb. Minerals play a role in hormones. Iodine in the vagina will reset the hormone balance there. Borax is a mineral that controls calcium and hormones. I would only use chanca Piedra (stonebreaker) as it moves that calcium out of soft tissues, stones can break loose. Acne can be from the liver health. The liver needs healthy fats to produce bile for the gallbladder to be healthy. The bile drops into the gut to digest food and absorb minerals. Our world of plastics and plumped up cattle and chemically fertilized crops throw off hormone balance toward estrogen. Fat cells produce estrogen. Estrogen contributes to cancer cell growth and prostate issues. If you like to learn in short videos on all topics, my go to is Eric Berg.


Posted by Bill (San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines) on 05/19/2011

I've been reading alot of research on the thyroid, osteoporosis and diabetes in recent weeks which has led me to some surprising facts and conclusions. Just thought it might help those affected if I broadcast and share some of my thoughts and conclusions.

There are essentially two glands that control formation and destruction of bone in the human body. Calcitonin, a thyroid hormone, controls bone formation in the body and the parathyroid hormone or PTH which controls calcium release and bone destruction. This bone formation/destruction cycle in the body is normal and healthy for the body, provided it is in balance, and is a method of continually renewing old bone.

However if the thyroid is hypo- or insufficient and underperforming, then it is possible that this bone formation/destruction becomes unbalanced -- due to underproduction of calcitonin -- with bone destruction dominating this process and this is when osteoporisis occurs as a problem.

When a healthy amount of Calcitonin is produced from a healthy thyroid, more osteoblasts(bone forming) are produced than osteoclasts(bone destruction) with an accompanying rise in the bone hormone called osteocalcin. Very recent research has revealed that an increase in osteocalcin levels in the blood has a beneficial effect on diabetese. A rise in the body's osteocalcin bone hormone automatically raises the pancreatic production of insulin and also appears to reduce insulin receptor resistance throughout the body. A rise in osteocalcin levels also increases the sexual hormones of the body. Conversely, I have also read, that a possible cause of diabetes is due to the excess calcium in the blood which cause the pancreatic cells -- the Islets of Langerhans -- to calcify internally which greatly reduces production of insulin over time. As an aside, I can't also help wondering if this pancreatic calcification would also affect and reduce production of pancreatic digestive enzymes and bicarbonates as well, which would cause even wider adverse effects on the body's immune system as well.

So, all at once we have made the connection that if we have low levels of thyroid hormone -- caused perhaps by a low iodine or excess fluoride intake -- then this can have a wide domino effect in the body -- leading ultimately to a possible cause of both osteporosis, diabetes as well as a depression of immune system action in the body.

But other problems in this loop relationship can trigger osteoporisis and diabetes for different reasons. For instance, if a person takes the drug Warfarin over a long period for anti-clotting and blood-thinning, this drug is well known to cause osteoporisis -- and so, by logical extension, this drug will also most likely promote diabetes as well.

Another example of this is acid blood, which can also trigger excess calcium release from bone as well as ammonia relase from proteins in muscle tissue to neutralize the acid, all of which leads to loss of weight or a visible wasting of the body.

So, in conclusion, anyone who is suffering from diabetes (type 1 or type 2) would perhaps benefit considerably by also taking nutrients that promote bone formation and bone balance -- such as Iodine or Kelp, Magnesium, Vitamin K2 for example. Also from the research, promoting bone formation and osteocalcin also promotes and helps balance the sexual hormones of the body.

Another different perspective or view on this also explains why taking lugol's iodine for hypothyroid must inevitably help to promote calcitonin and proper bone formation as well as helping diabetes sufferers. This is why both magnesium and iodine have long been considered beneficial for bone formation in the body. However, their beneficial effect on diabetes is a fairly recent research discovery.

Replied by Michelle
(Cambridge, Cambs / Uk)

Dear Bill, thank you for all your helpful and interesting posts. I would like to ask you about other reasons for osteoporosis, and possible treatments. If the bone damage occurred from a virus/bacteria such as KLEBSIELLA, as it does commonly in horses, so probably more common in humans than doctors will admit, what would be the protocol killing the organism responsible, and repairing the bone again.

Also would it be the same treatment if it was a fungus causing the bone damage ? Lastly, I have just been diagnosed with sacroiliitis, and hip deterioration and unbelievably painful arthritis in my left heel, accompanied by left ankle foot oedema and awful petechiae and discolouration. This is very new, no one in my family has it. I am wondering if it is to do with my pituitary tumour, or possibly picked up something whilst in hospital having my hypophosectomy.

What tests could I ask my doctor to run for me to find out what is going on. I thought once I started growth hormone trearment, that I would feel better! I actually feel as bad as before due to all the arthritis pain. I was fit most of my life until this pituitary tumour kicked in, and I would be grateful for some relief from this back and heel pain. Looking forward to hearing from you. Michelle

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Michelle... The greatest problem that you have is the pituitary tumour. The pituitary is one of the master glands in the body, which functions to regulate many of the body's other glands -- including the thyroid, adrenals, kidneys, pancreas etc. So if the pituitary secretions are disturbed or disrupted, then all these other glands will not be performing correctly -- including regulation of bone, immune system, energy, blood regulation etc. Unfortunately there is no one herb or group of herbs or natural cures that can correct these necessary pituitary secretions. I have written about this subject before here in another post to Robyn, which I think you are aware of:

My sister-in-law, who is also a lifelong vegetarian, had her pituitary and pituitary tumour removed in UK and was put on a permanent course of pills to help adjust and regulate her glands. These pills, in other words, substituted for the abscence of regulation from her pituitary.

The greatest problems you seem to have are arthritis, blood iron and pain in the tissues. As Ted has said, arthritis can be caused by mycoplasma and associated bacteria and the best remedies appear to be borax, hydrogen peroxide and Magnesium Chloride(or magnesium citrate). For the tisue pain issues -- MSM(Methyl Suphonyl Methane) and DMSO(Dimethyl Sulfoxide) will help you here -- you can investigate these on EC. And for the iron/anaemia issue -- I would consider taking a more gentle and more bio-available source of heme iron such as dessicated liver tablets. Also, taking Manganese as a micronutrient on its own will help to improve the use of iron for the blood.

Perhaps the most in depth explanations for the causes of arthritis by Ted from Bangkok can be found here:

Undoubtedly, and from your tissue pain problems, calcium is perhaps not so well regulated in your body so supplementing Magnesium, Vitamin K2 and disodium EDTA should also help you reduce your calcium levels inside your tissues and thereby help to reduce the pain.

But I must admit to a problem with EDTA usage in your case. Because your calcium problem is essentially due to a loss of proper control by the thyroid(which controls bone formation), then if we continually remove the excess calcium from the blood, bone loss will nevertheless continue due to non-regulation of the thyroid by the pituitary gland and could help to weaken you bone mass further thereby continually aggravating your sacrolitis and bone loss problems. But if you don't remove the excess blood and tissue calcium, then the tissue pain(and all the other problems) will continue. So I must leave the decision whether to take EDTA up to you.

Another thought, since you must also be taking a battery of pills as a substitute for your pituitary secretions. Perhaps consult your doctor or an endocrine specialist and ask if there is any drug therapy that will help to increase the calcitonin output of the thyroid, in order to more balance and reduce your blood/tissue calcium excess and your bone issues.

Concerning petechiae, which is burst blood capillaries in the skin, these can be caused by "sticky blood" where blood or platelets clump together forming a small blockage or thrombosis in the capillary causing the small blood vessel to burst. Taking Chanca Piedra capsules, which acts as a mild diuretic should help clean and thin the blood safely. And taking serrapeptase or nattokinase enzymes, which are protease or protein digesting enzymes, should also help to digest and clear these capillary blockages safely. These protease enzymes should be taken outside mealtimes because you want them in the blood. The Chanca Piedra, as well as the protease enzymes, should also simultaneously act to quietly reduce the edema in your leg. The Chanca piedra should be taken as a capsule -- 1000 mgs twice a day at mealtimes. My partner developed small varicose veins recently, so I gave her pancreatin, which also contains similar protease enzymes, and her varicose veins disappeared after only a short while.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Michelle... Just an update on my last. There is indeed a form of synthetic Calcitonin which is already being used in the medical industry for hypercalciumia problems. Check these links here:

My guess is that the pills that were given to you to provide correct thyroid activity are not in balance. To confirm the excess calcium in your blood I would therefore suggest that you get a blood test that directly tests calcium blood levels. Thus armed with proof, you should then request calcitonin supplementation from your doctor or specialist as the cure. This could solve many of your calcium-related and bone loss problems for sure.

Replied by Michelle
(Cambridge, Cambs / Uk)

Dear Bill, many thanks for your prompt and very helpful reply. I can implement straight away some of your advice, but I am also a long term vegetarian, ( no meat, fish or eggs. ) and have to find substitutes for some things, ie dessicated liver, which I take fulvic/humic acid, BSM, and hope it is ok instead.

I still have some pituitary gland left, with some tumour left with it, so although I have blood tests nd MRI scans at the Endo clinic regularly, they haven't given me any pills, just growth hormone replacement. I inject 0. 2 daily. I do feel much better mentally with this, my muscles have sort of reappeared a bit after 5 months! , and I can stand up straight again, But no weight loss, and much pain. I hope your sis-in-law is doing well, and I'm sure with someone like you on hand, her particular journey is much alleviated.

Ted posted that growth hormone destroys the liver. I would like to know how this happens, and if there is anything I can do do to prevent or slow it down.

I'm taking milk thistle, and will get some chanca piedra, manganese and Nattokinase immediately too. Just out of interest Bill, do the petechiae ever go ? I've read here on this site, that some people have them still after 1 year.

Thanks for the advice on the calcitonin, I will be asking my doctor for the relevant tests next week, and will post my results, in case it helps anyone else with this many faceted dis-ease called arthritis!

Fingers crossed, and bless you all for creating and running this site. Amazing!

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

For some reason I thought edta also put ca from tissues/arteries etc back into the bones like K2 does. But is it that it just gets rid of it from the body - I gather its through the kidneys? thank you for all your help. Im still confused about using mg if Im showing mg toxicity in my tissues.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Michelle... The root cause of most gland tumour problems is perhaps a comibination of both the accumulation of toxins from processed foods, pesticides, heavy metals and halides such as bromine, fluorine and chlorine -- as well as a lack of important nutrients in the body -- such as minerals, amino acids and vitamins. So the real culprit here is trusting yourself to cheap, toxic, chemically processed food, drink and drugs.

Above all you should continually work to remove these toxins from your body. Never stop. To remove heavy metals -- by regularly taking chlorella/spirulina or sodium alginate or drinking green tea three times a day or eat salads with a small handful of fresh cilantro will all help to remove the heavy metals. Lugol's Iodine or Kelp is my favourite for removing all the bad halides. Iodine also removes cadmium, mercury, lead and aluminium.

Fulvic acid is another good one which also helps to remove heavy metals and food toxins, as well as acting almost like a protective antibiotic in the body to assist the immune system. I myself regularly take a Filipino brand of fulvic acid/electrolyte/ascorbate/zeolite concentrated drops mixture which also seems to increase energy substantially for some reason.

To answer your questions:

Ted posted that growth hormone destroys the liver. I would like to know how this happens, and if there is anything I can do to prevent or slow it down.

The growth hormone, in a cancer context, can indeed destroy the liver because of over-production of lactic acid from its anaerobic respiration. Thus, it gets to the point in metastased Stage 4 cancer that the blood has a very high concentration of lactic acid with high levels of mycotoxins and aflotoxins, which the liver, in the end, is unable to remove or cope with. The lactic acid acidity is what helps to kill the liver in the end. Indeed, the liver frantically works hard to remove the lactic acid by re-converting it to glucose -- which actually helps to feed the cancer!! This then becomes self-destruction -- a death spiral for the liver -- unless this lactic acid/glucose toxic cycle is stopped.

Therefore, a growth factor such as HCGH will help cancer to grow -- which increases lactic acid in the blood, which helps to kill the liver in the end.

In the Gerson Therapy therapy against cancer's and tumours, the patients would drink a mixture of liquidized raw liver combined with carrot juice which seemed to have considerable reviving effects for the liver and also provided a means to stop tumour growth which few people understood. Later, Dr Virginia Wheeler investigated and used the same protocol against cancer. The secret reason was that something in the raw liver juice reacted with the Vitamin A in the carrot juice to create Abscisic Acid -- a very close relative to Vitamin A -- which had the ability to neutalize the HCGH(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone), a growth hormone, which particularly governs the growth of stem cells(babies) in the womb. Cancer tumours also produce a very similar growth hormone. So, by taking this liver/carrot juice mix Gerson and Wheeler were able to safely stop both tumour growth and cancer spread by metastasis -- thus reducing lactic acid in the blood thereby protecting the liver -- Although, upon discovery of the reason, Dr Wheeler just simply gave her patients Abscisic Acid tablets instead.

Just out of interest Bill, do the petechiae ever go ?

My answer to that is never say never!! When I had systemic candida, I had all sorts of skin ailments including psoriasis. In medical research opinion there is simply no way that you can get rid of psoriasis, which is also defined as a precancerous condition. However, my psoriasis disappeared completely when I successfully killed off the candida and has never reappeared in 5 years. So I would say that the medical research fraternity is completely wrong on psoriasis. You certainly can get rid of it. I am also of the opinion and convinced that psoriasis is not the pre-cancerous culprit, but that systemic candida is really the pre-cancerous condition that is the bigger danger.

So, from my own experience above, there is really no earthly reason why you should not be able to get rid of your petechiae as far as I'm concerned -- as long as you can address and eliminate the root causes of the problem -- and the root cause seems to be the thick blood possibly caused by the pituatary imbalance and excess calcium problems. The Chanca Piedra and the serrapeptase enzyme should help you here by removing the capillary blockages, reducing edema and safely helping to thin the blood. Serrapeptase and Chanca Piedra also have strong anti-inflammatory and pain-killing action with very few, if any, side-effects -- All good, in other words.

(New England)

I can't believe that you just said all of that - holy moly! Candida and thick blood - I have super thick blood - and never had anyone relate all of that - thx. Would it have anything to do with sugar addiction?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Robyn... Disodium EDTA(not Calcium EDTA) should really be used when your glands are all working properly and where your blood calcium excess has occurred through excessive ingestion of calcium foods such as dairy or too much food that has been over-fortified with calcium -- a problem that seems to exist in all modern western diet these days.

These calcium problems then become further compounded by lack of magnesium, iodine, vitamin C etc in the diet and this leads to an eventual weakening of the immune system. And that leaves the backdoor open for not just one but many diseases to take hold in the body. Furthermore, the medical research profession has never and will never conceed that a poor nutritional diet, which includes heavily chemically processed food which contains toxins and, equally, a lack of nutrients, has anything to do with any medical illness. Their business model simply won't allow it I guess. Far better to get patients hooked on their drugs for life, rather than to cure them outright in a couple of months. This simply pays better because the Pharma Drugs Industry have alot of voracious shareholder mouths to feed and satisfy...

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

Dear Bill, "So the real culprit here is trusting yourself to cheap, toxic, chemical processed food, drink and drugs". Here here. If only I'd known at the time. I think I did a lot of damage - severe fms pain and with no diagnosis or treatment plan drank red wine to try to numb it. 2 decades of that might be the reason I have no ca in my bones but its blocking my arteries and lying around in my tissues causing more severe pain. I have done everything suggested here borax, hyd peroxide, mg citrate, msm, dmso, K2, edta. But not the fulvic acid, difficult to find - is it OK to ask where you get yours? Or are we barking up the wrong tree? Could there be something else going on? Am I just not cleaning out my system because of my liver although the tests say its no good I dont look jaundiced. The only indication of a troubled liver is my white coated tounge. AND SEVERE ALLERGIES.

Kundalini Yoga

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Posted by Shine (Bethelhem, PA) on 01/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hormone balance almost seems like a life long quest for most women, but I think I found a great cure. It also made my re-occuring ovarian cysts disappear. Kundalini Yoga all the way! It changed my life. Don't be discouraged by fear, most instructors give options for flexibility and experience. You can also take breaks. It will realign your chakras, in-turn balancing your hormones. Once a week will even make a big difference. I also find Siberian Ginseng to be very helpful.

Maca Root

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Posted by Brandi (Fort Worth, Texas) on 07/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to also recommend Maca Root for hormonal imbalance. I was amazed how quickly my energy came up and mood leveled out. I actually noticed positive results within days. Be sure to use the gelatinized version for easier absorption.