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Posted by Tiffany (Watertown, New York) on 04/20/2008

I have really bad problems with menstrual cramps during my period. One day my sister suggested trying a spice called Tumeric to help relieve them. Saying she had read this on the internet somewhere. So I tried it. She was right. Mixing a teaspoon of Tumeric into a quarter cup of hot water and drinking it, followed by a small glass of milk (to help take the bitterness out of your mouth), relieves cramps in about ten minutes. I swear by it today and use it everytime I need relief.

Turmeric, Green Tea, Pistachio, Pomegranate

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Posted by Clatterbuck (Beltsville, Md) on 01/30/2017

I had horrible cramps for years. Ibuprofen barely made a dent in the pain. I felt like I was taking too many pills so I started looking for natural alternatives. The first thing I tried was turmeric capsules. They worked great, but if I took too many my pee turned really yellow and burned a little coming out so I researched some more and found out that green tea was used to alleviate cramps. I tried that and even though didn't like the taste of green tea I started drinking that every morning during my period. I also read an Iranian study that recommended eating pistachio nuts to keep away monthly cramps. I tried that and they seemed to help also. Another remedy I discovered was drinking pomegranatejuice.

So my first two days of my cycle go like this:

  • Take a turmeric capsule and drink green tea all morning.
  • Mid day through the after noon, take a couple of turmeric capsules and snack on pistachio nuts.
  • Evening, take a turmeric capsule and drink a glass of pomegranate juice.

Works better than ibuprofen.


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Posted by Major (Wichita, Kansas) on 02/13/2008

I wonder why this remedy is not more well known. Zinc supplements relieve menstrual cramps - 100% success rate in almost every case.

My teenage daughter began her mense cycles early in her life and almost right away suffered from extreme menstrual cramps. Each month she would be bed-ridden for at least two days with a heatpad wrapped around her tummy. Missing school was the norm. And any future activities usually had to be planned around her cycles as she would be totally debilitated for at least three days of the month. This went on for quite awhile with tylenol or some other pain reliever being the usual protocol though providing little in the way of relief.

Visits to her doctor usually brought up the discussion of birth control pills as one alternative to relieve the monthly pain. And so after several years of her suffering in this way, we relented, and she began a regimen of Ortho TryCyclene. Admittedly, we were relieved to finally see her free of her painful menses and for the first time in a long time she was enjoying her life without worry of the dreaded cycle each month. She could finally plan activities without worry! But in the back of my mind I was not at all happy about someone so young being put on hormone therapy.

One day during my routine research on the internet, I came across a website belonging to George Eby. Mr. Eby is the guy who pioneered the remedy of zinc lozenges for the common cold. He has also done alot of research on magnesium for depression. His website has a ton of useful information:

At any rate, while at his site I stumbled upon research with zinc as a remedy for menstrual cramps:

In some of the case studies of young women taking zinc gluconate, some became alarmed that they had become pregnant because their menses failed to occur - a testement to how successful the zinc protocol is.

We purchased the recommended type of zinc and began our daughter on this regimen after discontinuing the Ortho Tricyclene. Lo and behold! It works! We have been so overwhelmingly amazed that such a simple supplement works. If you follow the protocol in the pdf file, I am confident this will work for any woman suffering from painful menstrual cramps as our daughter did.

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