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Magnesium, Dietary Changes +

Posted by Cat (Austin) on 07/30/2018
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Menstrual Cramping:

This is what my daughter does: Takes a 400 mg capsule of magnesium bisglycinate and pain subsides until she can get apple cider vinegar tablets to eliminate pain -- both work excellently for her supremely painful menstrual cramps. She did notice that if she avoided eating high carb/sugar around her period and stuck to a Meat, veggie, berry-fruit regime 2 weeks before, her pain and cramping were at 5-20% compared to 80-100%. SUGAR IS A CURSE!

If you bleed a lot like I once did, take a grass fed capsule of desiccated liver at least twice a week -- you need the iron, minerals & B vitamins. BUT, most important for extreme heavy bleeders, especially those about to enter menopause? Stop eating HIGH CARB / HIGH SUGAR DIETS. High carb eating (over 70grams a day) with SUGAR is damaging to our feminine apparatus. Those with fertility problems should also research Black Seed Oil. Listen to your doctor and check out google and youtubes -- filled with people with your same problem who have found solutions.