Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Posted by Martha (El Centro, CA) on 05/14/2009
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Cure Menstrual Cramps / Toxemia

Mineral supplements! I had severe toxemia in the 90's and afterwards found the website where Dr.Tom Brewer discovered that putting a woman on the "milk diet" completely cured toxemia! I rushed to check and my prenatal pills had 0% Calcium! What the heck? So over the years & after copious amounts of research I have found that the lack of minerals and other simple nutritional deficiencies seem to lead to all manner of disease! So I began experimenting with different supplements and finally after exhaustive research found a great mix and since I have been taking it, I do not get sick anymore as often as I used to and the horrific painful periods ceased!

An explanation of how/why we get sick!
Advanced reading: www.chimachine4u.com/AA.html and http://biomedx.com/microscopes/rrintro/rr4.html explains what the Asian people have discovered over centuries of nutritional advancement. They eat the right way; lots of fruits and veg and good teas, little meat as compared to how we eat; lots of meats, few if any fruit and veg, coffee instead of teas!