Heel Spurs Treatment - Home Remedies that Work!

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 07/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My husband has had trouble with his feet for a long time. He had plantar faciitis pain, which his mother also had. We found that the correct shoe made a big difference in his pain. He gets a well supporting shoe. Related to the platar faciitis is that he developed heel spurs. On the back of each heel he had a boney protrusion that resembled a half an avacado pit. I tried many different remedies from Earth Clinic and other things, and I can't even recall what they all were. But nothing was helping.

Somewhere along the line I started to give him borax 4-5 days a week for something else. While the dose for men is 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of water sipped through the day, this was too much for him. Instead, I put 1/16th of a teaspoon in his water for work (total of about 6 cups of water.) And he drank this through the day.

Over the course of many months, maybe a year, the heel spurs decreased in size, significantly and are barely noticable now. It took years to develop them, so it is not unreasonable to expect it to take a long time to heal. Though some people seem to experience relief more quickly with some remedies. Perhaps if his gut could have tolerated a higher dose, it would have worked more quickly.

But it worked for him. I could tell he moved gingerly when he first got up in the morning from the pain in his feet. He doesn't do that now.

Apparently borax can help to balance the calcium-magnesium balance in the body. I am guessing this is why it worked. For some, magensium supplementation works. But the easiest remedy for him was a bit of borax daily.

~Mama to Many~