Remedies for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Jasper (Georgia, US) on 11/18/2014

I have read so many posting about Hashimoto's, I was diagnosed with HT in 2011 after going to dozens of medical doctors and on one could figure out my problem. I finally went to a holistic practitioner who immediately diagnosed me after hearing about my situation. He told me to get off iodine, it is not good for people with HT and to completely eliminate gluten from my diet. My joints and muscles were aching, had a large lump in throat, my metabolism was changing between too fast to too slow! I was taking Naturethroid I had gotten from a natural doctor who didn't tell me to remove gluten from my diet. After the first visit with my holistic practitioner I immediately went off gluten and within a week all my symptoms were completely gone! I continued to take my thyroid pills until about a year ago I started noticing my metabolism speeding up again, so I slowly started eliminating the thyroid pill until I stopped completely. I no longer eat any gluten or take any pills except vitamins, supplements daily. The other day I ate a Butterfinger everyday for 4 days and started noticing my joints/muscles aching so I had to go thru the process of evaluating my diet and Butterfinger are made of corn flakes that have malted barley, so the source of my problems.

For years I have been telling my son to remove gluten out of his and his daughter's diet, to no avail until he finally took his daughter to a doctor that told them to take his daughter off all gluten. She had been on Adderall since 4 years old, she is 8 now. We have been trying to inform him of the dangers of Adderall for years and they won't listen to us. After removing the gluten from her diet she has gotten better. I tell everyone about gluten and the dangers and some of my friends have removed it but others just keep eating it anyway. I will never go back to eating gluten.