Remedies for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

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Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Carole (Granville, Ohio) on 06/28/2013

Since I elminated gluten from my diet, every test for Hashimotos has been negative. Last winter I feel off the gluten free wagon for a couple months and viola, I tested positive again. I learned my lesson, and I will never eat gluten again. My thyroid had to be removed 2 years ago and my Endo said the Hashimotos will go after my pitutary gland next, since it already destroyed by thyroid.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Laura (Houston, Tx) on 06/13/2013

When my blood tests indicated that I had Hashi's, my alternative practitioner gave me 2 options - thyroid meds or a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. Of course, I chose the natural route! In addition, he put me on an all-inclusive liquid vitamin, something to support my liver, and a natural thyroid glandular support. He also gave me B-12 tablets. Within 3 months, 2 of the 3 blood markers have come down significantly. I just need to do a better job of sticking to the gluten-free part of the diet. My doc said 98% is not good enough. I have to be 100% gluten-free!!

Posted by Art (California) on 12/04/2020 2137 posts

Hi Michael!

Thank you for remembering and thinking of me!

Actually, I am always very happy when people come back with details about how effective a treatment was for them, not just ones that I suggest, because these replies are very useful for anyone who is considering a particular treatment for their health condition.

I have seen so many times on EC and other health forums where people post their remedy that was effective for them, but they leave out relevant information that leaves the reader wishing they could use the remedy, but something important is missing such as brand, dose, frequency of dosing, best time to take it etc. So I am always happy to see people update their progress, give a revised dosing schedule or just give enough information in their initial post so as to make their remedy useful for others without having to ask questions because often times the person is asking a question about a remedy that is years old on EC and the original poster may not be around to answer those questions!


Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 12/05/2020

Hi Art and good that you spotted my recent post- I hope this finds you well and full of beans?

I think that the link you advised me to pass on to my Homeopath was the above one and they reported that after many weeks of treatment, things have improved significantly for the patient.

I guess any required information, dosage, frequency, potency etc can be found on this link.

I do not claim to be a Homeopath in any shape or form but have relied on numerous similar Homeopathic remedies in the latter part of my long life and am a believer but my original Practitioner claimed that "only" 70% of people / patients (?) derive any benefit and that is possibly at least part of the reason for the widely-held view among some persons that it "Doesn't work".

The other group will express dismay that, "How can this substance become increasingly powerful the more it is diluted?". Search me . Do I look as if I care, as long as it works? Mind you, an essential part of the skill of said Homeopath is in the accurate diagnosis of the malady in the first place and also of the patient "Type". So I was lucky that my Practitioner had had plenty of years of practice and had not just switched from being a panel-beater yesterday.

("Thanks a Bunch" to the 14 people who liked my post- does this constitute a "Cult Following? or even a "Gone Viral"?? Down Boy Down!!)

Cheers from Down Under

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jeff (Laguna Niguel, Ca) on 01/12/2012

Hashimoto's is curable... Auto immune diseases are curable. Any auto-immune deficiency is simply the result of Leaky Gut Syndrome (which itself is easily curable). If you do a good herbal colon AND parasite cleanse for 90 days, plus eat a diet high in fiber from fruits and vegetables (not too much fruit/sugar), restricting or eliminating dairy, restricting animal based proteins (plant based instead... You can make protein shakes with a combination of pea protein and brown rice protein to help you get the protein you need). You will also want to take pro-biotics during the cleanse to help improve your intestinal flora. Within 90 days your intestinal tract will be healthy again... No more leaky gut, no more auto immune disease. Here is a very good article on Leaky Gut Syndrome and auto-immune:

The best colon and parasite products are "Experience" and "Clear" made by Awareness Corporation. However you might also look into Dr. Natura prodcuts.

Don't believe the "it's not curable" crowd... it's because they haven't done the right research.

Dietary Changes, Thyroid Supplement
Posted by Brian Galore (Uk) on 08/27/2015

I'm confused. WHY avoid iodine? I thought iodine deficiency is the culprit?

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Had (White River Jct, Vt) on 03/19/2012

I read a book called 'wheat belly', by cardiologist, he makes the claim that 'wheat' today is not real wheat, it is gmo'd and causes problems chemically in the body by stopping natural needed enzymatic reactions, and auto immune issues stem from this. So just w/o gluten isn't enough, it is off wheat, gluten and initially all grasses and carbs and sugars, to retrain your body not to have a fast insulin reaction. ??? for what it is worth, his information is compelling, we are doing, have hoshimotos as well. It has been a month, ??? book says takes months to get 'normal' but good will come gradually in this protocol. Also showed marked improvement or 'cured' pre and active diabeties(sp) 1 and 2, just by stopping sugar spikes and wheat spikes in blood sugar. Also marked improvement in the hair, yeah the stuff on your head, one toxic reaction your body has is the hair falling out because of the wheat. The book is way detailed as to bodies reactions to wheat and why and how it is different and how many 'issues' we have go right back to these 2 things, wheat and gluten. Get it at library, it is worth reading. hope it helps

Dietary Changes
Posted by Terrie (Perry, Florida) on 06/01/2012

For the comment on Armour, a lot of people have had problems lately w/Armour, my problem was NO doc in N Fl would prescribe anything but SYNTHROID w/cytomel(T3), I spent 8mo's barely able to get out of bed, so weak I could hardly hold a glass of water, these quacks(12 so called specialists) just kept changing the synthroid dose back and forth with NO CHANGE in my condition. My husband decided to let me try some ERFA from outside US since no doc will give me a prescription for NATURAL THYROID, I had to take my life/HEALTH into my own hands, I have been on it for 8 weeks and I AM DOING SOOO GOOD!! I am energetic, strong, riding my 3yr old horse for the first time!! I owe my life to NATURAL THYROID!! I have a mostly healthy diet, but I still enjoy some junk, I am losing this HYPO weight and getting my skin back to pre-HYPO state, I will NEVER TAKE SYNTHETIC again, it wasted 8 mo's of my life! STOP THE THYROID MADDNESS!!! GET RID OF SYNTHROID!!!!

General Feedback
Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 10/03/2011 13 posts

Update on original post from 2/24/11 about my progress with Hashimoto's. It has now been 7 months since diagnosis and being gluten-free. I had my last appointment on 08/31/2011 and my thyroid nodule is still gone, and my thyroid feels normal. The only issue I have is slight T4 to T3 conversion deficit that I am hoping will correct itself since I am on supplents with selenium and I still use VCO daily. I am feeling good on a daily basis. I never thought I could stick with being gluten-free but I feel so good and it is just my life now and I am fine with that. I felt so bad for so long that it is a small price to pay to wake up feeling rested and have energy all day. To play with my kids, clean my house, take a walk, all the things I couldn't do because I was so fatigued. I write this in hopes of offering encouragement. I am optimistic that in another 5 or 6 months to be at optimal wellness by losing 20lbs now that I can exercise again. For those that are suffering, please don't give up, just make one change at a time and take it one day at time.

I would love to know how others are doing and feeling, what protocols you are on, etc...



Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Mh (Toronto, On) on 11/28/2011

Lisa, the *last* thing a person following a natural protocol to treat a serious health ailment needs is an allopathic MD interfering! The biomedical system is self-legitimating (i.e. , they declare themselves to be authorities) and self-policing (they intentionally exclude natural healing practices, as they interfere with their almost-pathological need for control over people and their bodies). Many of us here do not recognize allopaths as legitimate health practitioners, or, at most, as people who hold to extremely limited and generally misguided beliefs about the body and healing.

Dietary Changes
Posted by lily (Kelowna , BC Canada) on 10/23/2020

I was on synthroid (synthetic) for Hashimoto's, after much study I asked to switch to desiccated thyroid treatment . The Doctor resisted but I held firm. What a difference for me, the fatigue, neuropathic symptoms & joint pain all disappeared, cholesterol down, my gut felt better, I felt happier and we were able to reduce the dosage from 90 mg to 45 mg daily over a few months . I have always been proactive about my health, I am not gluten free but have reduced it for many years. I do use various vitamins & magnesium daily also Omega 3's and Sunflower Lecithin & ubiquinal . I am 76 yrs old and the only prescription I use is the desiccated thyroid.I drink some coconut water also as it is a good source of potassium, magnesium & vit. C.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Mar Mimi (Paros, Greece) on 01/29/2013

I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and the first thing is to go gluten free - you will not regret it. Join the facebook page Hashimotos 411 and also their sister page which is for those wishing to follow the elimination diet (presently into day 2 of that). Since going gluten free, my symptons are subsiding, my back ache has gone, my scorched mouth feeling has gone, I've not had a single migraine (usually a big sufferer) and generally feel great. If you really want to get your health back on track - gluten free.

General Feedback
Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 04/29/2011 13 posts

Hi Louise~

I will share what I am doing for my Hashimoto's which includes virgin coconut oil. I do take 1 TBS _____'s organic vinegar about once a week as well. Everything I am doing is under the supervision of my healthcare provider. She practices integrative medicine and that makes a huge difference in treatment. Most conventional/western doctors will put you on some type of synthetic thyroid hormone. Here is my current protocol:

1) Gluten free diet is a must and has made a huge difference : )

2) I take 1 TBS of virgin coconut oil daily - usually I just put it in my tea but some people prefer to put it on toast or in a smoothie, etc... I know some people take up to 3 TBS/day but I have found 1TBS to work great for me, no side effects.

3) sublingual B12 (methylcobalamin)- 1000mcg per day

4) 200mg CoQ10

5) 2000mg krill oil

6) pro-biotic -I use Jarrow brand but there are many good ones out there

7) D3 5000iu daily

8) daily raw multi-vitamin

9) adrenal cortex was just added to support my adrenals - I haven't started taking this yet.

10) L-Theanine for anxiety when needed but since going gluten free my anxiety is pretty much gone : )

I know this is probably more than you wanted to know. But I didn't want it to seem like I was just using VCO for my Hashi's.

Health and wellness to you~


Dietary Changes
Posted by 6finns (Oswego, Il) on 04/12/2011

I have been cured of Hashimoto's through a diet initially developed for Asperger's by Sandra Desorgher (later used to treat her Autistic daughter, Sarah). After being on the diet (which is lutein- and beta carotene-free) for about 5 months, my thyroid antibodies tested negative. I've seen other improvements such as feeling more present and alert, more patience, and a greater ease in shifting my focus.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Jbh (Marietta, Usa) on 01/17/2013

Many chiropractors DO hold degrees in nutrition while an M.D. often knows nothing about nutrition!

As a Hashi patient, I see a naturopath which I love. She has helped me so much more than all the medical doctors I have seen! They spend less than 5 minutes, then bill insurance!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/21/2017

Hi Allison...Hashimoto's can be managed and even cured but no doctor will know how to do it. If you want one key substance that will help -- think Iodine. Here is something I wrote a long while ago about Lugol's Iodine just to show you how important iodine is for your body metabolism and all-round body health.

Here are some websites that you can also investigate for yourself which might help to change your thinking about how to treat your son's Hashimoto's condition.

The Iodine Protocol

Stop this Thyroid Madness website

Dr Guy Abraham's Iodine Research

Water, Supplements
Posted by Trea (Shirley, New York) on 01/23/2010

I have Hashimoto's disease and a golf ball sized goiter on my neck on the right side of my thyroid. I had an appointment with my endocrinologist two weeks ago. Aside from sending me for a blood test and another sonogram he also said he wants me to have a biopsy. That was when I decided to try some alternatives. I am not allowing them to take out my thyroid and be on medication for the rest of my life when the medication has not helped at all. I found this site and Dr.Batmangheldj's site.

I knew I was dehydrated so I started increasing my water intake to 96 ounces a day. I weigh 180 lbs and Dr. Batmangheldj recommends drinking half of your body weight in water each day. I also started taking extra potassium, magnesium and I take my multi vitamin 3 times a day instead of once because it has iodine in it and the water causes flushing out of your system. The goiter went from golfball size to half of that in less than a week just from the water and increase in supplements. I also do not feel as many bumps as I had on my goiter as I had been feeling when I lay back and stretch my throat.

Also my edema is much better. My hands and face are less swollen and my skin is no longer sticking over my socks a quarter of an inch which they had been for a long time. This past week I have started with the apple cider vinegar and baking soda (2 tbsp ACV and 1/8 tsp of baking soda) twice a day and the goiter has gone down even more. At 52 I thought I was getting arthritis but I guess it was dehydration because almost all aches and pains are gone now.

I live in New York, we have chlorine and fluoride in the water so I am getting a shower filter and the Zero water pitcher (it's supposed to remove fluoride from the water) and maybe my thyroid will improve even more. I will also be trying the Borax to rid my system of fluoride. I'm so glad I found this site. I was feeling kind of hopeless after I left the endos office.

Low-Dose Ivermectin
Posted by Zander (Anytown, USA) on 11/12/2023

I had TPO antibodies over 600 but thyroid was hanging on within normal range but not "optimal." I had terrifying hashitoxicosis where my blood pressure and heart rate would shoot up to deadly levels. I had no idea what was going on, but "thyroid" and or "adrenals" were suspected. I had to do my own testing to confirm as the ER "diagnosed" me with "sinus tachycardia" the first visit and "anxiety" the next: with BP 180 over 120. I have had naturally low/normal blood pressure all of my life.

All signs pointed to looming Hashimoto's with an initial hyperthyroid phase (hashitoxicosis.) Finally one physician (I consulted with 6) came to this diagnosis. I had suspect the same but was tired of trying to offer my view to physicians as it seemed to set their will against me and my impressions.

In any event, I saw a man who had posted on this site who had taken Ivermectin for Hashimoto's and when he had blood work done after some time (months?) it came back as completely gone. I did everything I could: bugleweed, motherwort, lemon balm, selenium, black seed oil, inositol, etc. But I still had these frightening attacks. I awakened with a racing heart nearly every night and whenever I would stretch, my heart rate would go up 20 or more bpm. (I believe this racing heart from stretching may be due to higher cholesterol since my thyroid became less active.) In any event, taking 1/2 mg of Ivermectin at bedtime stopped these attacks. I should add I was also taking LDN and it may have been effective to some degree. but it also caused me to awaken at 1 and 3 am nearly every night. I stopped the LDN. Well, something worked because last blood work showed TPO at 71. That was 2 months ago and the attacks seem to have stopped and I feel quite good. I should add that I followed a NO SUGAR, anti-inflammatory diet. I also had to do AIP for 3 weeks because the beta blocker I took, Carvedelol [sp?] caused me to have food sensitivities I had never had in my life. Three weeks of AIP was plenty for me. Also, a British woman had posted that ascorbic acid healed her leaky gut. It did mine too. I turned the corner taking 3 mg ascorbic acid a day.

I would be fascinated to know if anyone has a theory as to how or why Ivermectin alleviated my symptoms. The gentleman who posted about it initially said, "TPO antibodies behave like parasites in the body." Godspeed to all who struggle with health issues. Goodness knows the drug pusher, pharmacy trained doctors know next to nothing about helping us. They're good for testing, x-rays and the like, but treatment? They offer mainly symptom masking poisons.

Gluten-Free Diet
Posted by Jasper (Georgia, US) on 11/18/2014

I have read so many posting about Hashimoto's, I was diagnosed with HT in 2011 after going to dozens of medical doctors and on one could figure out my problem. I finally went to a holistic practitioner who immediately diagnosed me after hearing about my situation. He told me to get off iodine, it is not good for people with HT and to completely eliminate gluten from my diet. My joints and muscles were aching, had a large lump in throat, my metabolism was changing between too fast to too slow! I was taking Naturethroid I had gotten from a natural doctor who didn't tell me to remove gluten from my diet. After the first visit with my holistic practitioner I immediately went off gluten and within a week all my symptoms were completely gone! I continued to take my thyroid pills until about a year ago I started noticing my metabolism speeding up again, so I slowly started eliminating the thyroid pill until I stopped completely. I no longer eat any gluten or take any pills except vitamins, supplements daily. The other day I ate a Butterfinger everyday for 4 days and started noticing my joints/muscles aching so I had to go thru the process of evaluating my diet and Butterfinger are made of corn flakes that have malted barley, so the source of my problems.

For years I have been telling my son to remove gluten out of his and his daughter's diet, to no avail until he finally took his daughter to a doctor that told them to take his daughter off all gluten. She had been on Adderall since 4 years old, she is 8 now. We have been trying to inform him of the dangers of Adderall for years and they won't listen to us. After removing the gluten from her diet she has gotten better. I tell everyone about gluten and the dangers and some of my friends have removed it but others just keep eating it anyway. I will never go back to eating gluten.

Iodine and Antioxidants
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/02/2013

Here's some very useful information on Hashimoto's and Graves disease that might help people with these thyroid disorders. Below is some independent research by Dr Guy Abraham from the Iodine Project on the importance of selenium and, in particular, the glutathione peroxidase enzyme as an essential anti-oxidant in the body that helps to prevent and cure auto-immune thyroiditis problems like Hashimotos and Graves Disease. This paper reveals both the cause and cure for both Hashimotos and Graves Disease:


Chapter 7 described the apoptotic (i.e., anticancer) effects of the iodinated form of lactone (delta-iodolactone). Iodolactone is not only important for preventing cancer, its production is also necessary to help regulate the oxidation of iodine. Figure 3 illustrates this regulatory step in the oxidation/organification of iodine.

As previously mentioned, the oxidation of iodide to iodine occurs through the interaction of H2O2 and TPO. Iodine is a necessary product in order to provide the correct molecule in the cell so that organification can occur. If organification does not take place or is blocked, thyroid hormone and iodo-lipids will not be formed. As can be seen from Figure 3, this reaction is controlled by intracellular calcium levels and iodinated lipids delta-iodolactone.

Intracellular calcium stimulates this pathway. On the other hand, delta-iodolactone and other iodinated lipids act as a brake on the system. If there is not enough iodine in the cell to organify and produce adequate amounts of delta-iodolactone, it can set the stage for damage to the thyroid cell and the development of an autoimmune thyroid disorder such as Hashimoto's or Graves' disease.

A Proposed Mechanism For The Development Of Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders

The NADPH oxydase system is found in the mitochondria of our cells. The mitochondria are the energy-producing cells of our body. The mitochondria produce energy (i.e., ATP) through a complex process called oxidative phosphorylation. All medical students (and most physicians) are familiar with oxidative phosphorylation because we have to memorize the many steps responsible for producing ATP. This production of ATP requires many items including: oxygen, magnesium, ADP, and amino acids.

Many people with chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and autoimmune disorders, complain they have no energy. ATP is the molecule that stores energy for the body. The body is constantly producing and utilizing ATP. Its production is a complex process that is beyond this book. However, there are two cofactors, Vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and B3 (niacin), that are integral to stimulating oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production.

Hydrogen peroxide is a byproduct of oxidative phosphorylation. It is this production of hydrogen peroxide that is so critical to the oxidation process of iodine. Hydrogen peroxide and TPO help to oxidize iodide to form iodine.

If there is a deficiency in iodine, which is common when ingesting the RDA for iodine, there will not be enough substrate (i.e. , iodine) to produce iodinated lipids. As can be seen from Figure 3, the lack of  delta-iodolactone and other iodinated lipids results in a loss of the 'brake' in the pathway to oxidize iodide. This may result in a temporarily production of too much hydrogen peroxide. This excess hydrogen peroxide can damage the enzyme TPO.

What Happens If TPO Is Damaged? Autoimmune Thyroid Illness

The body's response to TPO damage is to produce antibodies against TPO or anti-TPO antibodies. A diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease requires the presence of anti-TPO antibodies. As the damage worsens, surrounding proteins can also be damaged such as thyroglobulin. Damaged thyroglobulin will result in the body producing antibodies against thyroglobulin - anti-thyroglobulin antibodies.

In most cases of Hashimoto's disease, there are antibodies to both TPO and thyroglobulin present. Although Graves' disease may also possess these same antibodies, antibody production is not necessary to make the diagnosis of Graves' disease. However, my clinical experience has shown that the treatment for both Hashimoto's and Graves' disease can follow a similar course with similar positive outcomes.

How to Treat Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders

1. Ingest enough iodine in order to provide adequate substrate to iodinate lipids.

2. Take Vitamins B2 and B3 in amounts necessary to stimulate the NADPH system to produce adequate amounts of H2O2.

3. Correct oxidant stress in the thyroid gland and the mitochondria with antioxidants.

4. Ensure adequate magnesium levels.

5. Minimize oxidative stress in the body.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Cattoes (Silver Spring, Md) on 10/01/2013

Because Hashimoto is an autoimmune disease and can never be cured, treating the gut is the key component to managing the disease. A good probiotic with meals can help with digestion. It also helps if you do get indigestion and need relief. Gluten free foods are not entirely what they are marketed to be so be careful of the ingredient xanthan gum. It could impact an already compromised digestion system.

To rid the body of gluten, which takes about six months to remove from deep tissue and cells, there's a detox program for 7 to 21 days with a select group of foods to choose from.

Be sure to drink pure water (reverse osmosis) which can be purchased at select health markets. Dry body brushing before showering can help with smoother skin. Moisturize with a gluten free lotion.

There is so much to learn about what and how to manage this disease but it can be done with determination and awareness. It isn't always easy to do but you can always get right back on course once you've fallen off but ask yourself, was it worth it?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Thyroid Sufferer (Jupiter, Fl) on 05/22/2012

The individual who stated Hashimoto can be treated with Armour successfully is making an erroneous statement. I have had the disease for over 20 year. I have tried synthetics and currently on Armour for 7 years now. My disease is more inflamed now than ever. I am considering a diet change to gluten free. Each individual is different and therefore each individual needs a different solution.

Posted by Imcinnamon (Orlando, Fl) on 10/30/2011

I am an avid follower of Dr. Jonathan Wright, and Dr. Mercola. The information on Dr. Wrights site is excellent regarding hypothyroid and Iodine. Two Dr's said in all their yrs of practice, I have the worst case they have ever seen, and described it as "off the charts" I have went from an energetic thin person to overweight, exhausted, depressed and anxiety ridden person overnight. I feel so ill sometimes, I even thought maybe I had cancer. After reading Dr. Wrights site last week, I purchased iodine (colored) to test my iodine, [put the orange color on my inside arm, and it completely disappeared within an hour. I then ran to a health food store, and purchased Iodine, and literally overnight, I felt better than I have in years. In 2 days, the huge lump I had on the right side of my neck, is completely gone. Nothing short of amazing for me. I plan on adding _____s apple cider vinegar next, and a few supplements that are purported to assist.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Kathy (Soldotna, Alaska) on 04/26/2012

This is for MH from Toronto Hello MH I really like what you wrote about allopathic doctors. They have sad things and done things to me that were not beneficial towards my Hashimotos. I had blood work done in China and they have tried to put the fear of God in me. Allopathic docs in China are just like the ones n the US. They want people to buy drugs and do endless amount of tests. We know how we feel right? I am on armour and the protocols that I see on this webste. I feel excellent. Its just when those doctors try to scare me I lose my focus.. Do they really know how to treat this disease? They want to slash burn and put poisons into us. I beleieve in alternative medicines and the power that we can heal ourselves. MH thank you for your words of wisdom. You helped me get back on track. Kathy

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Susan (Macomb MI) on 06/03/2023

I've celiac disease-to STOP inflammation no GF products should be ingested at all. Also LDN compounded (Low Dose Naltrexone) works great to change wacky thyroid numbers. LDN great to halt Crohn's disease symptoms & arrests the effect of MS. Look this chemical up.

Water, Supplements
Posted by Ritesh (Mumbai, Maharashtra) on 05/08/2012

Homeopathy treatment for hypothyroidism.

Just order these four medicines. bottle size 1 oz,

6 tablets (which should be kept below tongue) and taken only once in month.

1. sulfur 200 (after getting this tablets you may get some aggravations to pull out ailments from root, don't be afraid its for good & it will be temporary)

then after one month take again 6 tablets of (only once)

2. Calcaria carb 200.

then after one month take again 6 tablets of (only once)

3. Lycopodium 200

then after one month take again 6 tablets of (only once)

4. silicea 200

then after this treatment if you still have any problems then mail me on 4all.ritesh(at)

Homeopathy does not have any side effects. If medicine is chosen correct then it will surely give good lasting affects.

Posted by Art (California) on 08/27/2020 2137 posts

Hi Michael.

You may find the following article link useful regarding Hashi's and homeopathic options:

Please keep us posted on how this works out and good luck!


Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 08/27/2020

Thanks a bunch Art (for the Hashimoto)!

Will let my friend know about this now.

She will be impressed at such prompt feedback, as she asked for information only yesterday. My kudos will be inhanced!

Cheers and keep up the good work you are doing.


Posted by Art (California) on 08/27/2020 2137 posts

You're welcome, Michael!

You might also mention to your friend that keeping her gut microbiome in tip top shape may be additive to the homeopathy for Hashi's. Synbiotics, probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods and fermented drinks are a few ways to help toward that end.


Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 08/28/2020

Thank you Victoria,

I will try to keep you posted when I get a little more feedback on this one.

All the best to you.


Posted by Jane (Exeter, Uk) on 02/04/2017

Iodine for sore throats and colds:

Hi, I understand that it is ok to use iodine if you have Hashimotos as long as you are supported with selenium - according to Dr Brownstein MD but he also warns that some people can be allergic to it. As long as you only use small doses and have used selenium for a few weeks beforehand there should be no problem for most people with iodine. Thanks, Jane

Dietary Changes, Thyroid Supplement
Posted by Cattoes (Silver Spring, Md) on 09/30/2013

I've been struggling with low TSH & Hashimoto since February this year. Many test and multiple doctors visits and one Naturopath visit and much research on my own. I've been taking a Thyroid 130 mg supplement. My TSH is now normal. I now take two daily. Hashimoto gene can not be turned off only managed by diet. Cutting out all gluten, wheat, soy and the hardest is dairy. Even my make up and body products including toothpaste/mouthwash are GF. Avoid fluoride as well.

Eat simple foods and organic. Veggies and meats and following a Paleo type diet can make things easier. Cook all cruciferous veggies such as kale, broccoli, etc. Since they contain goitergens which cause the goiter for people with hyperthyroid conditions and watch out for nightshades due to inflammation. Avoid iodine foods and products. Maintain healthy vitamin D levels as well. And careful on exercising. Give yourself time to heal then keep it simple. Walking and gentle stretching yoga a few times a week is best. Learn to listen to yourself. The body does talk to us, we just need to pay attention and go with what makes you feel better not what doctors, media or what works for others. Each case is individualized so learn what works for yourself.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Drnatural (Tucson, Arizona, Usa) on 01/07/2013

Just a correction regarding Dr. Davis's book "Wheat Belly". Wheat is not GMO, it has gone through hybridizations (if I remember correctly some 25,000). This has completely changed the primitive wheat that existed 2,000 years ago and has greatly increased the percentage of gluten and also gliadin. According to Dr. Davis, the amount of gliadin in modern day wheat is more than normal digestion can handle and creates excess gliadin in our body. The problems caused by gliadin may be as bad or worse than the problems caused by gluten. Thus making modern day wheat bad for everybody whether gluten sensitive or not.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Patients Helping Patients (San Luis Obispo, Ca) on 03/13/2012

I can tell you from experience that Dr Kharazian's protocols regarding diet are not well informed and have cost me dearly health and pocketbook-wise. Hashimoto's is cureable by switching to using Armour or Erfa thyroid supplement. All the stuff about leaky gut, allergens, etc are not the problem if you eat carefully and include a lot of raw juices. The key to changing the condition is the T3 in Armour, check out StoptheThyroidMadness. com or

General Feedback
Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 04/27/2011 13 posts

I wanted to share my update since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's in late February of this year. I also had a 1cm nodule on the right side of my thyroid. I had already started the VCO on 02/24/2011 and in addition, my doctor told me to go on a gluten-free diet immediately and chart my symptoms/progress, etc...

I have been diligent about not cheating since going Gluten Free and I have been faithful in taking 1 TBS of VCO daily along with other supplements. I had a follow-up appt. On 04/19/2011 and my doctor could not find the nodule! I have also felt increasingly better since going GF. I noticed a huge difference after about a month of being GF and I am feeling better as time goes on. She will check my thyroid levels in June, including antibodies.

Currently I am not on any meds and she has said she hopes to keep me off of any medication as long as possible. I do believe it is the combination of the VCO and GF diet that have helped with the Hashimoto's. The supplements I am on, I have been taking for a long time. So I think at this point I am actually able to absorb the nutrients and am benefitting from those from a nutritional standpoint. I have also been told that people with Hashimoto's need to be very careful about supplementing with iodine since our issue is an immune system issue and not rooted in the thyroid per se. I am not saying nobody should take iodine but at this point I am not using it and and being cautious. My doctor said she did want to check my iodine levels as well but for now to continue on as I have been doing. Here is a link to Dr. Kharrazian's site: author of the book titled: "Why do I still have thyroid symptoms when my lab tests are normal"

Any feedback or input is greatly appreciated!


General Feedback
Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 04/30/2011 13 posts

Update on Hashimoto's protocol... I forgot to mention a few very important supplements in addition to the ones I already listed.

1) 2000mg vitamin C in the form of ester C - this is essential for adrenal health. Most people with a thryoid condition also have some form of adrenal fatigue.

2) 12 mg Zinc 3- x's week ( the zinc I use also has vitamin C and vitamin A)

3) 400mg magnesium daily - I use a topical magnesium gel that is in a sea water solution. This has helped with heart palpitations, and I sleep much better. My healthcare provider also said that magnesium taurate is great but I didn't want to take another pill so she is fine with me using the gel. Magnesium is very important - if you want to learn more just google "symptoms of magnesium deficiency" or "benefits of magnesium" - very interesting reading. I wonder how many people would benefit from this supplement alone but doctors never even mention it!

God Bless~


General Feedback
Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 07/22/2012 13 posts

I was diagnosed in February of 2011 and immediately began a GF diet along with various supplements. It is now almost 1½ years later and I am still med free and feel really good. I am still GF ( mostly Paleo/raw) and will continue to eat that way since I react horribly when I ingest even a small amount of gluten. I am truly grateful for the healing that God has brought to my body. I share this information to offer hope and to let people know that it is possible to heal. It is a commitment and the journey can be long but for me it has been worth it!

My recent appointment on June 5, 2012 went well. My bloodwork is as follows:
Free T3: 3.0 normal
FreeT4: 1.12 normal
Ferritin : 28 low
CRP : 4.0 high
Vitamin D: 55 good
Cholesterol: Triglycerides 132, HDL 55, LDL 69, ratio 2. 7 all normal, low risk.

My antibodies were normal the last time we did bloodwork so I guess that is why she didn't check them this time.

One of my most frustrating issues is not being able to lose 20lbs. My doctor thought since my T3 is low normal that could be hindering the weight loss so she put me on cytomel ( T3 only) for 3 months (12.5 mg 2x's day). After 3 days I was so tired I stopped taking it. I am not sure why I was tired- the usual side effect is the opposite but not for me. I felt better within a day or two and decided that I would find another way to lose weight. Just curious if anyone else has tried cytomel and if it helped or not.

If anybody has any insight on why my CRP is elevated please share. My doctor thinks I might have a parasite, or yeast but I just did a yeast cleanse and don't have any symptoms of candida. I do have a broken back molar that needs a crown but no infection and my other teeth and gums are good.

I am trying to get my supplements down to a minimum ( I am a recovering supplement junkie : ) and at this point I have found the following to be the most beneficial for me:

Probiotic - dairy free and at least 30billion active cultures.
Magnesium - or a topical Magnesium gel
L-theanine - great for anxiety - I don't take this much anymore but it helps with sleep too. Non-drowsy - just relaxes you and helps with GABA production.
N Acetyl Cysteine - 600mg
Tumeric - I take this for inflammation - hoping it will help lower my CRP
Vitamin C - 1000mgs
Selenium from Brazil nuts - I almost purchased selenium and noticed it has wheat in it - be sure to check labels if you go that route.
Krill Oil or fermented cod liver oil - I alternate these 2 supplements
Iron - I will take this until my iron stores are adequate
Coconut oil - organic
Brewers Yeast - I just added this less than a month ago - I was skeptical because I thought it would cause candida but I read up it and this kind of yeast is good for many things. So far, no side effects at all. I like the fact that I am getting vitamins and amino acids from a food source rather than a pill. Only taking 2TBS a day not the 3 that is recommended.
Liqui-Kelp - I just started this yesterday. I realize this goes against the Dr. K Hashimotos protocol and against what I said in an earlier post but I read an article about how to take iodine if you have Hashi's and my doctor also said that it is necessary for overall health even if you have Hashi's. She recommends Atomidine but I wanted to try a kelp based one. I am only taking 4 drops once a day which is 150mcg - very low dose. I am hoping that this will help with my immune system, lower CRP level, and help with weight loss. Any Hashi's people out there who have used iodine ( kelp, lugols, etc.. ?) with success? I will let you know what happens, still too soon to tell. Here is the article if anyone is interested:

Here are the issues that have resolved for me:
-Thyroid nodule is gone and thyroid is no longer enlarged.
-No more chronic sinus infections
-No more catching every virus/flu that comes around
-No anxiety, heart palpitations
-My eyelashes and eyebrows are full an thick again ( I had bald spots on my eyebrows and was missing a lot of eyelashes)
-Steady energy throughout the day - thank God!!
-My feet don't hurt anymore
-Clear thinking ( clear for me anyway : )

Always consult your healthcare provider before taking supplements. I know some of us are forced to self-treat - I was one of those people for a long time. Now that I found a wonderful integrative healthcare provider - my health has improved greatly.

Please don't give up hope - it takes time but once you get there it is worth it. Sorry this was so long! Health and Wellness to all~

~Carleen -- frog_513(at)

Posted by Cindy (Anaheim) on 09/28/2016

Be careful with Kelp.. I took kelp and it turned my Hypo symptoms into hyper, I had to take PTU and got hives when I stopped it cause it made me too low/hypo.. it was horrible.. my doc said no more kelp..

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Erin (Nashville, Tn) on 04/19/2011

Hi everyone!

The practitoner I see is Brian Foley, D. C. In Nashville. Dr. Brady Hurst will work with people long distance.

Dr. Kharrazian also has a list of pracitioners on his site:
No, gluten avoidance is not the cure all, but a majority of Hashimoto's patients are gluten intolerant (many genetically so) and gluten is a major trigger for cytokine attacks in Hashimoto's. The thinking is that gluten molecules resemble TPO molecules and as the body goes after gluten, it also attacks TPO in the thyroid tissue.

Most gluten intolerance doesn't cause gut symptoms (except in true Celiac)- instead, it causes joint, brain skin, heart or reproductive inflammation, so someone may have no clue they have it. Cyrex Labs has new saliva tests that test all 12 forms of gliadin, not just Alpha Gliadin (which is what other tests are based on) and they even have a test to find out which part of your body is being affected by gluten or if there is a cross-reaction going on (casein and coffee are two offenders, here.)

As far as the Marshall Protocol goes, it's only applicable when Hashimoto's is triggered by an infection, as far as I understand. Dr. Kharrazian talked about that in an interview and said that he tests his patients to see if they have the situation where they need to avoid D and hardly any of them do. D modulates both branches of the immune system and is very anti-inflammatory. Dr. Kharrazian has found that most of his autoimmune patients do best when their D3 levels are in the high end of normal.

Dr. Kharrazian's protocol is pretty specific: balance the overactive branch of the immune system, remove the triggers, heal the gut, balance the blood sugar and deal with hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. Neurotransmitters can be very affected by thyroid hormone imbalances. It's very all-encompassing.

I'm still doing the protocol, now with the addition of dopamine support (Dr. Kharrazian makes a formula for it called Dopatone) and I'm feeling EVEN better! My elimination has improved a lot, my brain feels way more "on" and my libido has returned.

Water, Supplements
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 01/17/2012

Hi Pema, I agree that most people feel low self esteem at some point or another. I believe it has mostly to do with our society and all of the images we see daily on TV and magazines. 100 years ago you did not get exposed to thousands of beautiful people on a daily basis. There may have been a few gorgeous people in your town but you probably only saw them occasionally. Now we are constantly seeing beauty and we are comparing ourselves to it which is completely unrealistic. I am just as guilty as anyone else. The unworthiness is also associated with the fact that these beautiful people are burried in wealth and attention while we are (usually) not.

On a different note. There is also an association between autoimmune diseases and some sort of traumatic event that may have happened to a person which caused a sort of self blame. In response to this self blame the body begins attacking itself. For myself I have found this to be a possibility. I have a form of thyroid disease called Graves Disease. I did have an event happen in my life right around puberty which is most likely when my disease started. I blamed myself for the event and until recently you could say I may have hated myself for it. I have also read that thyroid disease in particular are associated with a feeling of not being heard or not speaking out. As it is located right where your vocal cords are it can actually cause laryngitis. I have found this to also be true in my case. I used to be very quiet and very rarely spoke my feelings or opinions in most situations. I did find my voice in writing though and that may be part of the reason for my healing:)

No matter what though you are not alone as far as low self esteem goes. I do not have hashi's but there is still this feeling of not being worthy of love and attention. I fight it on a daily basis. I try to stay away from TV and magazines to help the issue but I am still exposed on the internet and while standing in line at the grocery store. I hope that someday we will stop thinking beauty is so important but I also pray for peace on earth and so far it's not looking likely.

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 01/20/2010 391 posts

Dear Diego:

Potassium iodide in general has the least side effects when taking the iodine supplements. A lugol's solution for most people, the use is limited to 1-2 drops. However in the case of a client I know, who has severe Parkinson's disease, they are far more sensitive to the lugol's solution, taken either internally or applied externally to the feet or applied to the throat area. Hence I have found another kind of iodine which produces even less side effects then Edgar Cayce's Nascent Iodine, which is the hydrogen iodide. I had to since this particular case is a hypothyroid. A lot of researchers really got stuck into what forms of iodine has the least side effects and allow the body to utilize them. For most people, I will use lugols' 1-2 drops in the evening with 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C as it is more available. A potassium iodide will also do fine and has few side effects, but iodine in general will cause some people, at least initially of acne, being the most common problems. In practice, the use of iodine against Hashimoto does reduce them, but it's more likely that a person will not increase in energy. The effects of iodine is because it's a halogen, and a required mineral, it will also drive out cancer causing fluoride and bromine out of the body, even after months of use, it will continue to drive them out. The beneficial effects is it re activates the pineal gland, which is considered your organ's clock mechanism, such as a CPU clock in the computer, and allows for more regular sleep cycle. For example, the common benefits from increase energy is likely more regular sleep patterns which is most responsible for the increase in energy.

The reason why there are conflicting information is the body simply has trouble trying to get iodine and utilized them, as many forms of iodine produces side effect. So the Quick and Dirty rule is commonly used by conventional medicine such as giving out, thyroid medication instead of the use iodine. So you get a quick fix approach, which commercial scale is cost effective, for them, but won't cure your condition as you will end up taking thyroid medication for the rest of your life. So that doesn't make economic sense as a consumer. It just makes economic sense for the conventional medicine approach. As a result the best forms of iodine I have found is hydrogen iodide, nascent iodine, potassium iodide (or a similar form SSKI), are the ones with the least problem. A lugol's makes more economic sense for most people as they are more easy to find, but it's limited by the dose a person can take, which is usually 1-2 drops with vitamin C before sleep and this works too, at least for most people.

The other problem is how to get the body to really utilize the iodine, hence it's possible that lugol's solution can be taken with tyrosine, which helps the body utilize them, but magnesium seems to be also an important factor too, not just vitamin C so the person can take larger dose of iodine without problems. Therefore in event of a hypothyroidism, which in severe cases leads to goiter, it was well known that the use of iodine in larger doses was in fact the cure fo thyroid. This fact is known for over 150 years, but in today's meidicine the quick and dirty rule is slash and burn, which translates to remove the goiter, and take thyroid medication for the rest of your life. That doesn't make sense, so some may rationalize and just say it is shut down.

However, too much iodine might not be possible for the body to utilized them, since other supplements are needed so the body can handle them, such as taking tyrosine amino acid along with the iodine. It would be a boon to actually allow the body to quickly utilize the iodine if other supplements are also taken so it can be cured faster. So if a simple case for most people I would modify taking a bit larger drops of Lugol's solution to say 4-5 drops every night, with vitamin C 1000 mg, and 500 mg of tyrosine supplements. Or a more conservative dose, if someone still have problems is just to limit to 1-2 drops again. Another indirect way is to take the tyrosine supplements 500 mg with vitamin C in the morning followed by a 10 drops in 1/2 glass of water with lugol's solution as just a mouthwash. That should also reduce some of the problems. SO the cause of hypothyroidism and goiter has been the lack of iodine, how we can take them without problems is the real issue. In fact iodine can cured malaria as same as MMS, but both has problems with the side effects and some can handle them, some cannot. It's all about finding the remedies that won't cause problems for a great majority of people, not a small minority of people. In general for the questions of Lugols' versus the potassium iodide, the answer is simply that potassium iodide produces less side effects then the Lugol's solution, such as light headedness is the ones I noticed, but I take in much larger dose, such as 10 drops to test for their side effects. I won't get these problems at 1-2 drops. As for potassium iodide in general, there's no lightheadness problem if the dose are reasonable and keeping it at 10 mg dose or below. It's harder to do a 10 mg dose on Lugol's. In general, Lugols' for most people are easier to obtain then potassium iodide, so if it's hard to get, people will just get Lugol's and get around the problem by taking them at night and take the vitamin C to reduce the side effects of lightheadedness. It's taken during the night because lugol's solution does make you sleepy. Hence it's one of my remedies to help sleep also and allows people for regular sleep patterns.


Low-Dose Ivermectin
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 11/13/2023 84 posts


Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug, so if it is able to alleviate your disease, then chances are you have got parasites in or around your thyroid.

Why is it that you keep getting misdiagnosed? Because medical schools ignore parasites as much as they can, I.e. the typical MD is trained to ignore parasites, AND blame their action on something else, such as autoimmunity.

No, I am not saying that TPO antibodies behave like parasites in the body. What I am saying is that you might have a microscopic intracellular parasite infestation resulting in the inflammation of your thyroid and the presence of TPO antibodies.

May I suggest you continue using an anti-parasitic drug such as Ivermectin, and stop saying it is an autoimmune disorder.

I hope this will help.

Posted by J. (Florida) on 02/14/2021

Dear Art and Earth Clinic staff,

Thank you for sharing your insights in your various posts and for sharing your insights and making this website available, respectively. One way to decrease the likelihood of an accidental loss of what one has been typing is to do the typing in a text-editing or word-processing program (periodically saving the content in a file while one types) and to then copy the content from that file into the text box of the Earth Clinic webpage.



Posted by J. (Florida) on 02/15/2021

You're welcome, Art!

Posted by Anne (Hawaii) on 11/11/2018

The dose you are taking of Lugol's sounds very high. I take it occasionally for breast cysts that are brought on by eating chocolate or drinking coffee (both contain something called Theobromine, I believe) and it gets rid of the cysts in 2-3 days by taking 1 drop of Lugol's iodine solution in 16 oz. water one time a day. If I don't take the iodine and just eliminate coffee and chocolate the cysts will go away in 4-6 weeks.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Tresa (Boise, Id) on 03/09/2012

Suz. I believe a lot of it has to do with all of the testing that they do is why it is so expensive. If money grew on trees fine. So I am going a different route. Will be going through a professional 10 day detox and work on healing the guts because a big, if not most of the immune system is in the stomach/inner terrain.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Leah (Honolulu Usa) on 01/11/2017

Yes, it is still active! Your cholesterol is high because you have low thyroid. I have been on Levothyroxine for 7 months and my tests came back much improved. Avoid gluten and especially soy at all costs and take a capsule of turmeric four times a day to deal with inflammation. I am symptom free.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Missy (North Carolina) on 07/22/2017

Try matcha green tea, plus rolled oats, greens plus a bean every day like pintos, cannellini, grapefruit, apples, nuts like pecans, English walnuts, raw almonds, flaxseed oil, avoid sugars and refined carbs. Be sure to be well hydrated with water the day before tests and the morning of labs have 2 17 oz bottles water...I also take fish oil, msm plus boron, resveratrol got my total cholesterol to 183

Dietary Changes
Posted by Nixie Ritter (Orlando Florida) on 05/20/2022

Hashimoto's is a complex autoimmune disease and one cure does not fit all. The best place to learn about Hashimoto and Thyroid issues and what treatment options are available is the Stop the Thyroid Madness group.

Posted by Pixie Poet (Sunnyvale, Ca) on 04/21/2012

Iodine supplements must be taken with SELENIUM together.

Otherwise, iodine will actually harm the thyroid.

Do not take selenium alone, do not take iodine alone.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Steve (NZ) on 01/30/2022

While I'm not sure what Mcdonalds use for frying, I do know that canola oil can cause stomach issues, and, as it is very cheap, it tends to be the choice of business for cooking.. I have a fairly robust digestive system, but it does not like canola, so I avoid it.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Erin (Nashville, Tn) on 11/21/2010

I am being treated for Hashimoto's with Datis Kharrazian's protocol, which involves eliminating gluten, which causes antibody production (as most Hashimoto's sufferers have gluten intolerance, but not necessarily with digestive symptoms), balancing the immune system, healing the gut and improving thyroid hormone conversion (which happens in the liver and gut). Determining the dominant immune pathway imbalance and stimulating the non-dominant pathway is a huge part of the protocol. As I am th1 dominant, I avoid th1 stimulators like astragalus, echinacea, medicinal mushrooms and licorice, as they make me worse and instead take a polyphenol complex, emulsified D and a glutathione/SOD cream to reduce inflammation. Most Hashimoto's patients don't need thyroid medicine (unless the thyroid is already ceasing to function due to damage)- they need immune system balancing to stop the autoimmune attack. Meds do not accomplish this and if you have Hashimoto's, you are at much higher risk for developing other autoimmune disorders down the road, as long as the immune system remains imbalanced.

Since starting my protocol, my brain fog has lifted, I've lost weight without trying and I'm much less tired and heavy feeling. The improvement was very quick for me. My friend is also being treated and has had similar quick improvements. Just eliminating gluten (before I ever started the Kharrazian protocol) eliminated my debilitating menstrual cramps and the monthly IBS that accompanied them. My skin also had a lot less breakouts.

Water, Supplements
Posted by Dena (Florida) on 02/29/2024

Check out the book, Good Bye AutoImmune Disease by Dr Brooke Goldner!!! She helps heal autoimmune diseases! My daughter has thyroiditis problems and I found her book very helpful!

Water, Supplements
Posted by Eve K (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 08/25/2010

I was diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism and positive for antibodies--though my endo never called it Hashimoto's. I spent a year on thyroid medication which did lower the antibody levels and also the TSH, but did not do anything to alleviate my symptoms (weight gain, lack of libido, fatigue, etc. ). I did not have a goiter. After getting fed up that I was not actually feeling any better, I eliminated as many sources of fluoride and chlorine as possible: no fluoride dental care products or treatments, drink & cook with only distilled or non-flouoridated water, installed a shower filter (claims to remove chlorine and also some fluoride), and so forth. There are many books and resources on the web that can be researched. I also followed Ted's borax protocol briefly, helps to remove fluoride from the body. There are other sites that recommend additional ways to remove fluoride--drinking fresh beet juice, eating more fresh beets, eating lots of fresh cilantro, the list is endless. I followed the suggestions that did not seem too outlandish. Finally and most importantly, I disregarded the "avoid iodine" advice that comes with most thyroid treatments. I bought the pill form (12. 5 mg) of the iodine/iodide. There are many references it to on this website--there is also a liquid form called Lugol's that I found hard to find. The pills are easy to find on the internet and not terribly expensive. I took 4 a day to start (2 in am, 2 in pm) because I am heavily endowed in the bust area and this is supposed to indicated a greater need for supplement. I am no longer on thyroid medication, my TSH is around 1 (the target of the endo), I have zero antibodies and I have more energy, better sexual energy, and am no longer gaining weight. I am still struggling to lose but I was able to take off 10 pounds relatively quickly as I began to feel better, something that was impossible before. This is just my personal experience, but in addition to finding a new endo (by the way, a gyn may also be willing to prescribe Armour), I would look at the fluoride and iodine connections. I still avoid soy for a number of reasons, and it will certainly not hurt for your daughter to eat a clean, natural diet and avoid potential allergens if they are suspected. There are also a number of diets on the net that describe how to eliminate and challenge potential allergens such as wheat, corn, dairy, etc. Good luck!

Water, Supplements
Posted by Pema (Suffolk, England) on 01/16/2012

Hi there - I may possibly have Hashimoto's and the question in my mind the most for everyone in this forum is about the psychological-emotional aspects of autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto's. How many of you have any level of low self-esteem or at least grew up feeling unworthy or unappreciated? This is definitely the case for me and I would love to know how many others feel any kind of psychological-emotional cause? Many thanks and I really appreciate everything I have read so far on this forum. Best, Pema (England)

Water, Supplements
Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 01/19/2012

PS - Maria, be aware that a lot of stuff that has been forbidden over the year it is more out of interest or profits than about danger for health! What is really dangerous never seems to be forbidden! In my book I read that they used to add iodine to the bread as a dough conditioner, then it was forbidden and bromide was introduced instead which is very toxic. So there you go....

Posted by Paola (Lugano, Ticino/Switzerland) on 03/16/2009

Rhodiola for Hashimoto Disease: Thyroid:

I have been taking Russian-Rhodiola for a week now, 300g in the morning. I'll see my Doctor tomorrow, as I am also under pills for my thyroid, and I would like to replace thyroid chemical pills (Levothyroxine sodium - thyroid hormones) with rhodiola's cure, let's see what he's going to tell me. I feel definitely better, from the first day. I used to be chronically tired, now not anymore.

EC: Read more about Rhodiola here.

Kombucha Tea
Posted by Mizmiriam (Asheville, Nc) on 09/22/2011

Hello Susan from Seattle - I am so excited to read your post! I am writing a book about the stories of people who have cured Hashimoto's disease and would love to interview you for the book. Could you please be in touch? If anyone else out there has cured themselves, please be in touch as well. We are all on this site to help each other. Thank you so much, Miriam

Low-Dose Naltrexone
Posted by Sony (97056) on 02/03/2024

I've been taking LDN for 14 or 15 years for Hashimoto's and various autoimmune symptoms. Right now I get it mailed to me through an online pharmacy. I can't even imagine not having it. I take 4.5mg at bedtime.

Posted by Victoria (Fl) on 08/27/2020

Hi! I've been treating my Hashimoto's under a holistic Dr, and have several possibilities that could be helpful.

Tell me what u are targeting to handle, I.e. fatigue, pain, etc. And I'll do my best to offer you how I have found best to progress in life.

Posted by Art (California) on 12/06/2020 2137 posts

Hi Michael,

I had a longer reply almost finished and then I somehow lost it! Those things happen sometimes.

I am very glad to hear that your homeopathy practitioner is making headway with the patient! There are quite a few variables involved in homeopathy so a good practitioner is very helpful in resolving the issue!


EC: Sorry Art, blame it on the post ghost! Happens to us all the time!

Posted by Art (California) on 02/14/2021 2137 posts

Hi J,

Thank you very much for the tip on preventing loss of a post! I tend to not even give it much thought until the post is actually lost and then I can fully appreciate a tip like yours!


Posted by Paula (Richmond Hill, Canada) on 11/12/2018

I just wanted to know if I need to increase my dose on my thyroid medication. What do you think about my test results? I didn't want to know about the iodine I just mentioned just to let people know what I am taking. I didn't write iodine on the top, just at the bottom, what I am taking at the moment for my hashimoto's. Thanks I am having a hard time with all the symtoms and I am getting nowhere. If anyone can help, I would appreciated.

Thanks, Paula

Nascent Iodine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 09/06/2014

Hi Lynda...Regarding supplementing iodine, these links will give you the most useful advice on form, dosages, frequency etc:

The Guide to Supplementing Iodine

The Role of Iodine Companion Nutrients

Iodine Research

My own preference, and the preference of many independent researchers is to use either the lugol's iodine or Iodoral forms. Triiodide, in the form of Nascent Iodine(NI), is usually given at too low dosages to be effective. NI is also not as good as the other two forms -- for instance the triiodide or NI form will not detox your body as well lugol's iodine or Iodoral which contain all three useful iodine forms -- triiodide, molecular iodine and iodide which all have considerable beneficial action in the body.

Here's some more research on using iodine supplementation for Hashimoto's:

Hashimoto's Questions Answered

Hashimoto's and the Importance of Selenium

Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disorder where your antibodies end up attacking your TPO enzyme in the thyroid. This happens because there is insufficient glutathione peroxidase in the thyroid cells to prevent the excess build-up of hydrogen peroxide free radicals(which are naturally produced from the thyroid hormone producing process). Normal amounts of glutathione peroxidase act to quickly quench these free radicals, so if you are deficient in glutathione then these free radicals will act to oxidize and change the TPO protein structure which the antibodies immediately recognize as the enemy -- so they attack TPO, further damaging the thyroid.

Proper amounts of glutathione peroxidase can only be generated with proper levels of selenium intake in the diet because the central metallic atom for glutathione is selenium.

Some more information on this concerning other factors which might also be involved in Hashimoto's:

Hashimoto's and Molecular Mimicry

i also would not worry to much about your TSH going up if you take the iodine. The TSH normally always goes back down to normal after awhile. I would also monitor your Free T3 and Free T4 periodically, since this is a much more accurate and proper measurement of your thyroid hormone levels. So I wouldn't worry too much about your TSH levels:

TSH: Why This Measurement is Useless

I would first just take all the companion nutrients with no iodine for 3 or 4 days to build up the minerals and enzymes to necessary and adequate levels in order to accommodate the thyroid process. When you start supplement with iodine, start small and go slow until you reach the proper daily dose.

I would also take the the daily dose of iodine in smaller split dosages during the day. Avoid taking larger dose iodine during the evening because it tends to energize you -- and might cause difficulty with sleeping.

General Feedback
Posted by Cc (Los Angeles, Ca) on 06/26/2013

Kathy from Olympia, re. Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Google Thyroid Maddness. When I switched from synthetic to natural thyroid dessicated meds, my symptoms dissappeared. In my reseach I found the best natural dessicated thyroid medicine and the purest, manufactured in Belgium, distributed in Canada by Erfan. In the last 4 yrs since I made the switch my Antibodies have been reduced from 4 Million to 29.

Study, research and take responsibility for your own health...... No one else will. Good Luck.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Linda (Ny) on 03/12/2016

That's amazing. I want your Dr. Where are you? Can you tell me what the liquid vitamin and natural thyroid support he prescribed? Thank you!

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Carly (Ny ) on 06/29/2016

Who is your doctor? I can't find anyone in NY who will take my hashimoto's seriously. They all say diet doesn't matter, I need to accept the infertility from it and just take more synthroid! I'm going crazy

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Jane (Nyc ) on 08/17/2016

For hashimtos - I have been to 13 mds in NYC and no one has a clue how to make me feel better. I take LDN, gluten free diet, selenium and Sarrapeptase.

General Feedback
Posted by Beverly (Haskell, Ok) on 02/08/2013

I live just outside Tulsa, OK. Like so many Hasimoto patients, I can't find a really good alternative medicine doctor or even an understanding Endo. (have been to 3 in past few years and none are sympathetic to natural healing (surprise, surprise.) Has anyone out there found one they can communicate with and would recommend? Anywhere in NE OK?

Iodine and Antioxidants
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 06/27/2013

Follow up to my last post on Vitiligo. Sorry it is called 'SELSUN' in UK... But I think it's 'SELSIUM' in USA. I will go look and correct any other mistakes I may have made. But the 'VITILIGO' forums I went on were USA... I love The American people, they're real honest and open about health problems and willing to share what worked for them, and don't try to sell you some, B.S. product. Also can everyone please 'REPORT' any Links That say's IT'S FREE!! And when you 'click', on the link....... 'THERE IT IS!!!!!!! ' A product being sold????? That's EVIL!!!!!! Some one finds something that 'cured' them..... Then sells Books, E-Books and Products which are all given with good intention on here. OK!!!!! For instance, under 'COPD' Some one posted a so called 'FREE E-BOOK-LINK, I thought I bet it's the 'DR WILLIAM'S PROTOCOL FOR 'H202 ORAL INGESTION'.... So I purchased it. Do not bother!!! I am not stupid, I just wanted to save deperate people from spending money they can't afford, neither can I!!! ALL THE INFO IN THERE HAS BEEN COPIED OFF EC!!!!!!! PLEASE NOTIFY EC....... IF YOU SPOT SOME THING 'DOGEY' I always do. Love Andrea C xxxx

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Bay (Houston, Tx) on 06/07/2013

I have Hashimoto's, and was told that it 'tends to run in families', so I took my 12 year old daughter to be tested. Her T3 and T4 and TSH were fine, but she did have the thyroid antibody which attacks the thyroid. I took her off glutens for 4 weeks, and had her retested. Her autoimmune response had decreased by 50%.

Unfortunately, a gluten-free diet was just too hard for a school-age kid. She went back on glutens. Now she is 16, and did her own research on her fatigue, rough skin, etc. and has decided to take herself off glutens on her own.

I take Armor Thyroid, but have limited my own intake of glutens for the last 5 years. I haven't eliminated completely, but only consume gluten infrequently. I notice that my skin is smoother and softer, and I have much more energy.

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 06/13/2013

I have cut back on glutens too. I went "cold turkey" last fall and avoided them like the plague, when I resumed eating them my hair started falling out. Be careful! I thought my skin was getting softer because I've been taking a bath in white distilled vinegar (about 2 C. In a very large garden tub) and using lemon soap! Maybe it's the reduction in gluten!

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by John (Boston) on 05/28/2014

Good post but I will say you want to take your probiotic on an empty stomach and with a small amount of water with some lemon or lime in it. This is the most effective way to take them.

This gets it where it is needed the fastest (in your intestines)and with less insult from the HCL in your stomach. Unless you have a stomach parasite you don't need them in your stomach. You should also take Live probiotics vs. Freeze Dried. The Freeze dried can not reproduce.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Lorica (New Albany, In.) on 04/28/2012

A lot of raw juicing can actually cause thyroid problems if things like spinach and other goitrogens are being consumed, which they usually are. Juicing causes those things to go into your system in an especially intense form. Also, put no soy in anything. Soy is the major goitrogen.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kelly (Portland, Oregon) on 06/08/2013

Hi there! Not every person with Hashi's has problems with gluten. There are accurate (read, tested, controlled, etc) labs like Biotek out of Seattle that can test for IgG for food sensitivites. A simple finger poke helped me avoid an aggravating elimination diet. I found out that Whey and Egg Yolk cause problems for me and once I cut them out of my diet, major improvements in health. Changing my diet has been the only thing that has helped lower my TPO. Probiotics (HMF Genestra) have helped me feel better and avoid illnesses like the flu, and EFA/DHA has stopped my hair from falling out. Find a fabulous ND that will be thorough. I work with Julie Brush, ND at 2BWell. She has helped me when other doctors have struggled to look past test numbers to help with total health.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Masu2 (Montana) on 12/27/2014

When I looked into a Dr. Kharazian practitioner, they charged a flat fee of $10,000 a year. They had a strict diet which was not for me and if you went off the diet a tiny bit, the disease is your fault for not following the diet perfectly and you could lose access to the practitioner.

There are many worthwhile diets. I do not have such a big amount of funds to pay someone to scold me.

General Feedback
Posted by Louise (Petaluma, Ca) on 04/28/2011

I have also been diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis and am interested in starting vinager and coconut oil. I'm just not clear on how you take it. Thanks for any advice.

General Feedback
Posted by lily (Kelowna, BC Canada) on 10/23/2020

I follow much the same treatment as you and have had wonderful success. I use magnesium citrate powder form in water to drink as well as using topical gel.

General Feedback
Posted by Marina (Lake Stevens, Washington, United States) on 08/18/2011

This Website has given me so much hope and a new beginning. I am a strong believer of one self healing itself with nature. I have been suffering from hashimoto's for about 6 years now and not one has made me feel hopeful. I went to one naturopath and neither she didn't show any knowledge. I have been shut down so many times. I have been reading and found conflicting suggestions until now. My endo is supposed to be the best one in town. Unfortunately, I don't need an endo. I will take control of this disease and Everyone here has given me this strength to do so. Thank you everyone. I will get that book today and definitely go gluten-free. I have 3 hideous visible inflammed nodules all over the front of my neck. I'm so glad I didn't go through the surgery when I almost did. The whole surgery made no sense to me at all. I didn't want to removed a gland which had to deficiency whatsoever. I can now finally start my journey to balancing my immune system and living a more comfortable life.

God Bless, Marina

Posted by Sam (Hi) on 08/24/2020

Aloha, because it happened so fast, you should consider getting an RBC mineral test to see if you have any thallium or heavy metal poisoning! Go to a holistic doctor for this. Thallium is in rat poison and can make it into food sources. It has radioactive isotopes that can mess up the thyroid. This is what happened to me anyway.

Posted by Joy (Solana Beach) on 09/15/2013

A friend of mine was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. I read the two articles you included, and I thought they were VERY important articles... That should be read by everyone on Earthclinic and beyond... even if they don't have Hahimotos. We all need to understand the importance of the selenium-iodine balance. Thanks so much!

Posted by Cate (Nc) on 03/05/2015

I take kelp and evening primrose oil daily for my fibrocystic disease. It helps avoid my huge cyst from filling up with fluid. The last time I had it drained the doctor said I broke a record in how many syringes it took to drain... *7*! It was scary experience since I thought the huge swelling in my breast was cancer. Also it was VERY painful! EVENING PRIMROSE OIL + KELP TABs keep it from filling up! No more going to the doc to get it drained! Hope this helps!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sue (Missoula) on 05/28/2015

Thank you for posting on the beta-carotene avoidance. I started using Vitamin A and avoiding beta-carotene and it sure has helped my eyesight. My Hashimoto's went on for 30+ years before diagnosis. I am trying T3 compounded, long acting hormone. T4 is a poison for me now. If any of the MDs or naturpaths that I had seen in the '80's had caught this, I might have had a better life, but maybe not. The study of thyroid problems is not funded now die to the TSH test being the Gold Standard (from Hell) and T4being the one-size-fits-all treatment. Meanwhile, we need real help! Also I eat no gluten and very low carb. The T3 is giving me my life back. My temerature has been very low for a long time. It is finally coming up and my heart rate too, which was in the mid-50s.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Allison (Indiana ) on 10/17/2017

My two year old son also get's sick after eating Mc Donalds nuggets and oldest son 15 years has hypothyroid. and on 125 levothyroxine. Before we found out about our son he was getting sick to his stomach.....and alot of other things but digestion slowing down is an indicator that your metabolism is slowing. He was severely hypo stunted growth and all. But he is growing now. Still I'm in search of a real cause of it.......................maybe soy oil maybe a combonation othe digestion problems leaky guts etc.....don't know.........but the mc donalds post caught my sure they use cheap oils for sure. to much money at stake for people/farmers to lose because of genetically modified's a shame that we aren't committed enough to ourselves and people to admit a fault and make the change to something that works for everyone. Farming the grain processing and selling it to food companies and families.........I'm frustrated but will continue to press on ....what else is there to your best. Pray. Love. "sounds simple that's what your thinking but love can walk through fire without doesn't take much if you get enough living on love".....that's a country!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Careen (Florida) on 05/24/2018

McDonald's is junk food.

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