Remedies for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

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Posted by Frog513 (Swansboro, Nc, Us) on 10/03/2011 13 posts
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Update on original post from 2/24/11 about my progress with Hashimoto's. It has now been 7 months since diagnosis and being gluten-free. I had my last appointment on 08/31/2011 and my thyroid nodule is still gone, and my thyroid feels normal. The only issue I have is slight T4 to T3 conversion deficit that I am hoping will correct itself since I am on supplents with selenium and I still use VCO daily. I am feeling good on a daily basis. I never thought I could stick with being gluten-free but I feel so good and it is just my life now and I am fine with that. I felt so bad for so long that it is a small price to pay to wake up feeling rested and have energy all day. To play with my kids, clean my house, take a walk, all the things I couldn't do because I was so fatigued. I write this in hopes of offering encouragement. I am optimistic that in another 5 or 6 months to be at optimal wellness by losing 20lbs now that I can exercise again. For those that are suffering, please don't give up, just make one change at a time and take it one day at time.

I would love to know how others are doing and feeling, what protocols you are on, etc...