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Grape Seed Extract: A Powerful Ally Against Atherosclerosis

on Jun 25, 2023| Modified on Feb 05, 2024
Grape Seed Extract
Posted by VKRP (Charlotte, NC) on 11/30/2023

High Calcium Score of 224

Hello, My CT cardiac calcium scoring is 224 and plaque volume at 179mm3 put me in the 96th percentile according to MESA database. The results show left anterior descending (LAD) as 220 and right Coronary (RCA) as 3. My cholesterol levels are high as well.

My doctor put me on moderate intensity statins and 81mg over the counter aspirin.

After reading through EarthClinic reviews on atherosclerosis I have started 1200mg of Grape seed extract.

My questions:

1. Can I take GSE along with aspirin since I read it is not advisable to take it with aspirin or any other blood thinners.

2. Is there a time of day that is better for taking GSE.

3. Any other supplements that would help with my conditions to get off statins and bring the numbers down naturally. Will keep my PCP in loop while trying these natural remedies.

Grape Seed Extract
Posted by Jan (Mi) on 12/02/2023

I would be interested in knowing this information as well.


Grape Seed Extract
Posted by eliya (israel) on 02/05/2024 4 posts

I am a 76 years young female who has been battling the statin war for years. I realized the doctors will only discuss statins and aspirin, etc. due to the only protocol they know. It makes more sense to me to deal with the atherosclerosis instead of just lowering cholesterol. My question is since I am on blood thinners is it wise to take GSE and /or nattokinase?