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Multiple Remedies

Posted by Anniebananie (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 12/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Well I thaught I would post some positive news! The aloe vera gel by lily of the desert (inner fillet) taken every night on empty stomach around 2am for 2 weeks healed my daughter of vomiting after food, tummy pains, gastritis, gastroparesis you name it. The aloe vera really works. She eats everything now but it was several steps to get her to where she is now.

1) When you are really sick with not being able to tolerate food from ulcers or gastritis or gastroparesis in the beginning stages you have to go on food combining, and keep everything really simple. Fruit in mornings until 12 noon watermelon worked really well, proper combining of types of fruit is very importants. No bananas yet! After noon, bland properly combined vegan food no protein other than vegan protein. Keep it simple for atleast 2-3 weeks. Stay away from all nuts. Oily food is lethal. The old food combining book "fit for life" by harvey diamond is the way to go. Its not what I would recommend for normal people but great for people with digestive enzymes. Don't stress!

2) Take digestive enzymes with every meal.

3) Take a tb of raw coconut oil in 1/4 cup of warm water melted before every meal, it coats whatever irritation is on the tummy walls, especially if you accidently eat a bad combination of food the acid will form and the coconut oil will protect your tummy. Many times gastroparesis and acid reflux is a result of the stomach not wanting food in there because it is irritated and it cannot tolerate its own acid so it will come back up or not digest and sit there in the tummy. You also have to figure out if it is a low hcl problem too, which there are tests for this. I knew it wasn't a low hcl in my daughter case because apple cider did not help her digest her food. The stomach was just irritated and she had all the symptoms of gastroparesis.

4) Look up digestacure. The digestacure supplement worked for my friends daughter they have a website but they are realllllyy expensive. So I asked the guy working there, if digestacure heals all these things from within at a cellular level should she continue to take the coconut oil with her meals. He said yes but most important use the aloe vera gel I mentioned above. It works well. So anyway I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on digestacure just yet so I tried the aloe vera gel. It healed her. Now worse people might need both. My friends daughter had chrons disease and she is now fine after having surgery and recovered with the digestacure very fast after the surgery. She eats everything.

5) We are still giving aloe vera gel now twice a week, 1/2 cup at night and she is healed. There is hope. You can get better. When you are better stay away from oil sugary stuff, healthy homemade sweets are ok when you need it. My 16 year old who vomited when she ate and had the worst 6 months of her life, I thought she would never get better is now better and eating tacos, and chili cheese fries and milk, steak etc.... Normal. I hope this helps you. You can email me with any questions. Good luck