Natural Remedies for an Overactive Bladder (OAB) or Frequent Urination

Sauna and Steam
Posted by Dylan (Pittsburgh) on 07/16/2015

I hope my story can help someone else.

I have felt the need to urinate at least every 3 hours for 8 months. I rarely had a stream of anything substantial. Today, I was at a community center in Pittsburgh and spent 3 hours in a locker-room with a steamroom and a sauna. I was in one for a few minutes, then in another for a few more, maybe I took a shower to cool, and I kept repeating. I was doing it to see how much weight/water-weight I could shed. I didn't realize it, but I didn't go to the bathroom once after I went at 9am. I stayed until 12:20 or so, I drove home, and I didn't urinate until 5pm. After that, I didn't urinate until 1am. Maybe I won't wake up at 3 or 4 to go to the bathroom.

My frequent urination started after I was stopped at a red light and the driver in back of me didn't wait for me to take my foot off the brake before she put her foot on the gas-pedal. I thought things were fine, but hours later my left testicle was swollen and it was hurting. I went to the emergency-room, and was given pain-pills and some kind of ultrasound. it took a while for me to actually notice that I was going to the bathroom too much, but I was going every 3 hours. Sometimes less if I ate or drank.

I have been reading online about toxins being released in the sauna/steamroom, and I guess it makes sense. Some people tell me that it's crazy that sauna/steam could cure me, so maybe it was an answered prayer. Maybe it's both the prayer and the sauna/steamroom. Maybe prayer got me into the sauna/steamroom, but this is what worked for me.