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Posted by Mary Beth (Pittsburgh) on 10/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was tied to the potty until a few months ago when I discovered acupressure points to strengthen or tonify my bladder.

Several energy practitioners advise pressing these points, that are, SO ODDLY, nowhere near the bladder.

Use light pressure on these points, about the weight of a nickel.

There are two “initial points" to press, first on one side, right or left -- and then do the same points on the remaining side. These are generally held for one minute, though if two points are held at the same time, the time spent is shortened.

There are also “controlling points", right and left again, that are held for just half a minute.

Here's what I did, though I will use "you" to encourage you!

The first set of points are to press a spot that is just a little further down your foot, just past where the little toe meets the foot, on the top of the foot. Press this point for one minute.

If you are able, you can be more efficient by pressing the other “initial" point -- your index finger nail -- against this spot just-beyond-the-little-toe. Choose the right side with both points -- and then repeat on the other side.

Or if that is too difficult, press on the near-the-toe-point with another hand -- and press the index fingernail with another hand -- separately. (Again, do the right side points and then the left side points.)

Do each of these points for one minute, either each point separately for one minute each -- or pressing one point with another point for one minute, pressing the two points together.

If you are extremely agile, you can press the right index fingernail on the beyond-the-little-toe point on right side, while also pressing the left index fingernail on the beyond-the-little-toe point on the left side. And that just takes one minute altogether!

Next there is another set of “controlling points" to press for just half a minute. I am going to hope that you can do these points with one hand on one knee -- and the other hand on the other knee -- in the same thirty seconds.

Find the spot in the center of the back of the knee. Press lightly there while also stretching a spare finger around to the middle of the front of the knee, going down about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch to a spot below the kneecap bone. Press these together for 30 seconds.

I did these pressings -- initial and controlling sets -- just once or twice in a two day time period. And I have been much more controlled than previously. I do have to be aware of how full my bladder is -- or if "number two" is pressing in on my bladder and causing issues.

But generally, this exercise has freed me and allowed me to go out into the world again. It is wonderful.

In point of fact, my bladder is now just a little too tight -- and many times I have to press on my bladder to get any "action." There are "sedation" points that I have also used, when I got too "tight."

I am happy to say that I no longer purchase “Depends" for security.

I have chronic Lyme disease and immune system issues, which is why this problem arose. But in talking to others about incontinence issues (and because of my success, it is often one of my main topics! ), this seems to be a growing problem for many of us. Note that adult incontinence products sell as much as baby diapers!

This may also work for “bed wetting" issues.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear -- and I will try to remedy it.