Natural Cures for a Fatty Liver

| Modified on Mar 31, 2024

Hearing the term “fatty liver” is often confusing and even frightening, especially if you haven’t had other health issues. While fatty liver is a complex condition, it typically can be treated with minimal medical treatments and supportive natural remedies. If you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, you should consider making dietary and lifestyle changes as well as incorporating nutritional supplements, like milk thistle, lipotropics, vitamin E, and turmeric, in your diet.

What Is a Fatty Liver?

If you are just hearing the diagnosis “fatty liver,” you may be wondering what it means. While it may seem that the condition refers to an organ that has been inundated by greasy or fatty foods and has “picked up a bit of weight,” the issue is a little more complex than that. The condition “fatty liver” is a term used to describe an individual whose liver has accumulated excess fat for one reason or another.

The condition is actually relatively common and causes few to no symptoms in many people with the condition. However, in some cases this state of the liver causes inflammation and scarring of the liver itself. Fatigue, pain in the upper right abdomen, and weight loss are other common symptoms.

What Causes Fatty Liver?

According to the, there are two basic forms of fatty liver: (1.) non-alcoholic fatty liver and (2.) alcoholic fatty liver. If your condition is classified as non-alcoholic, it is caused by your liver’s inability to appropriately and effectively break down the fats in your body, which leads to build up in your liver tissue. If the condition is the alcoholic form, the illness is caused by drinking too much alcohol, which leads to liver toxicity from the toxins in alcohol. Other common causes of this form of fatty liver include being overweight, having a poor diet, getting too much iron in your diet, and having hepatitis C.

Is There Any Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease?

While many individuals never know they even have this liver condition, it is important to be under a doctor’s care if you do. A doctor can determine the severity of your condition as well as help determine if there is inflammation or the potential for scarring in association with the condition. Even so, there are no drugs or surgery to cure fatty liver; however, there are a number of dietary and nutritional treatments that you can use. According to Dr. Weil and a number of other established physicians, a few of the best treatments for fatty liver include milk thistle, lipotropics, vitamin E, and turmeric. Additionally, adopting a more balanced diet and being active can also help treat the condition.

1. Milk Thistle

The University of Maryland Medical Center lists milk thistle as an effective remedy for a number of issues related to your liver and gallbladder. This herb contains a flavonoid known as silymarin that helps protect your liver cells from toxins. Milk thistle is also known for restoring damaged cells and reducing inflammation. You can use this remedy in the form of tea, liquid extract, tincture, or capsule.

2. Lipotropics

According to, lipotropics are another effective treatment for fatty liver disease. These compounds are complex nutrients that promote the metabolism of fat in your body. This process also helps detox your liver and remove buildup of excess fats in your body. Some of the most effective lipotropic nutrients are choline, methionine, and betaine, which you can typically find in capsule or supplement form.

3. Vitamin E

A known antioxidant, vitamin E also treats the condition. This nutrient helps protect your body from free radical damage, supports your immune system, and prevents more serious complications, like fibrosis and cirrhosis.

4. Turmeric

Research suggests that turmeric is effective for treating fatty liver because of its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use this remedy as a spice for your food or in the form of a capsule or tincture.

These treatments in conjunction with dietary changes should help you cleanse your liver and support more effective fat metabolism throughout your body. Look for more remedies below from Earth Clinic readers or add one of your own suggestions to our catalog.



Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 10/14/2012

I had fatty liver disease. From what I've read, it is caused by small cholesterol particles. Avoid white death by cutting out flour, sugar, rice and potatoes. Eat one ingredient foods. My pharmacist recommended milk thistle with artichokes. The artichokes scrub the liver clean! I also ordered salads with artichokes at restaurants. I've tried chlorella too, and it works well. Has anyone tried bentonite clay for detoxing topically? I read that if you do it three times and let it dry after bathing, it does a thorough detox. I did get my lip color back after I did a bentonite clay 'spa' detox. I have vitiligo, although, my hair is still dark (on arms, legs, etc.).

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Artichoke is very good for Liver. For fatty liver disease, drink Carrot Juice 200 ml a day, will cleanse the liver even without your knowing.


Incorrect! Carrot juice is pure sugar! That's the worst thing anyone can do!



Brett RN

Note: It says: "...but not Steatosis..." (steatosis is fatty liver disease) Sooooo, high sugar juices, even "healthy ones like OJ, Apple, carrot, etc, are NOT what anyone with NASH should consume. I love juice, but once I was diagnosed with NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) it became a "NO-GO" to consume such high sugar liquids. Juices are EXTREMELY HIGH SUGAR (cup of OJ has about 5-8 teaspoons of sugar - 25 to 40 grams - depending on the oranges used and that is slow suicide in a glass unless you A: Just worked out hard or B: Just woke from a long night of sleep and break your fast with it. ln either case, NEVER IF YOU HAVE NASH, EVER).

Replied by Chris
(Sydney, Nsw, Australia)

I agree! Would be great if you could share the Dr & protocol they used here. Sounds great.

Carrot Juice

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Posted by AG (Phila., PA) on 04/15/2021

Friend was on liver transplant list at UPenn and began drinking 4 cups raw carrot juice daily.

She was taken off the list and MD said “I don't know what you are doing but, keep it up.” He was MD in charge of transplant team.

That was 19 years ago.

I had widely disseminated cancer and drank 8 cups of carrot jc daily, amongst other things, and got well in 5 weeks. That was 22 years ago.

Replied by John

Hi, For how many weeks/months did she drink 4 cups of carrot juice per day to find total recovery? What was her diet during that time? Or it was just the additional carrot juice no other lifestyle changes? Thank you

Replied by Katrina
(Delray Beach, FL)

Dr. Virginia Livingston- Wheeler, a pioneer who did many studies done with carrot juice in the 80's.

"The Woman who Cured Cancer ": The story of Cancer Pioneer Virginia Livingston Wheeler MD and the Discovery of the Cancer-Causing Microbe: Addeo, Edmond

Replied by Daniel

I drank gallons of carrot juice, along with some other juices, when I had liver cancer 24 year ago.


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Posted by Julie (Az) on 10/21/2018

According to "Perfect Health Diet" (I'm not necessarily recommending the book), on p. 320 is the following statement:

Choline prevents metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, and obesity. Choline deficiency by itself causes metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, elevated serum triglyceride levels, and high serum cholesterol levels) and obesity. Add in a low-protein diet, and it causes fatty liver disease. Choline supplementation rapidly cures fatty liver disease. In a mere twelve days, supplemental choline can reduce liver fat from 15 percent" to 4 percent."

Footnote refers to PMID # 16994629 (link:

There is also a detailed discussion on the Weston A Price ( website by Christopher Masterjohn on Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I imagine that, in addition to Ted's recommendation of 1-2 T/day of lecithin, a choline supplement (I suggest CDP Choline) would work a treat on Fatty Liver Disease. I'll leave further discussion and conclusions/recommendations for those more studied on the subject than I.

Replied by Noi
(North Fork, California)

Would Choline interfere with Gabpetin that I'm taking for Shingles PHN?

Grape Seed Extract

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Posted by Tammy (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) on 07/19/2014


About 2005 I was a manager for GNC and my mom was putting off a total knee replacement as her first one was a horrific experience (She had her first many, many years ago and they have come a long way since). She was taking pain medication that contained a lot of acetaminophen and well above the reccommended doses as she was in extreme pain with every step. Natrually, I was extremely concerned about liver failure. I searched and searched and found that grape seed extract is the only known substance that carries acetaminophen out of the liver. I think it has to be a high dose of something like 1000 mg. a day.

At this same time her primary doctor found many fatty tumors on her liver on a routine test. On her 6 month x-ray recheck, to our supprise over half of the tumers were gone, my mom explained she was on the grape seed and he replied that only strict diet and cholesterol med would help this. When she went for her yearly follow up, all the tumors were gone and both at her 6 month and yearly check up, her liver function lab test were completely normal. She also took CLA supplements with Relacore for weight loss but only started that about four and half months into all this, don't think it had anything to do with either of the results. However, she did loose 55 lbs with it and she still continues to take grape seed today but at a lower dose.

She swears it not only cured her liver but kept her heart in good shape as that is what grape seed is known for. She was a heavy smoker for 35 years and her heart is in great shape to this day, not even a chest pain. Unfortunately, she worked in the coal mines for 15 years and has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis which is what has brought me to this web site. I am going to try some of the therapies suggested here and pray alot! I'm an only child and lost my dad (best friend) under severely tragic conditions in 2007 which has left me severly scarred and diagnosed with severe depression and ptsd (post tramatic stress disorder). I hope my info can help someone as I hope and prey some of these therapies will help my mom. Pay it forward. I'll keep her progress posted as she is going to try oil pulling, H2O2 therapy, aloe vera oil, and the 5 bottle pulmonary fibrosis package from Pivot health.

I'm hanging on desperately!!!

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Tammy - First, thank you for the information about grape seed extract for fatty liver disease.

Regarding pulmonary fibrosis, there has been very promising results using systemic enzymes (notably serrapeptase). You mentioned that your mom will be taking a product from Pivot Health. I hope that includes enzyme therapy. If not, you may want to look into serrapeptase and nattokinase.

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved father. He is still with you in spirit and in your heart. Best of luck to you and your Mom. Take care, Bess


Beat me to it, was just about to suggest Serrapetase!!!!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Tammy: Glad to see some good results and hoping you the best in recovery.

If I might add, it seems odd you didn't find NAC recommended for acetaminophen detox. I mention NAC in particular as it boost the body's Glutathione levels. PF is known to inhibit Glutathione production which in turn can cause toxicity problems as well as fatty liver.

If the PF formula you are trying doesn't contain NAC, I highly recommend it as well as Selenium and Melatonin to restore GTH.

Back to fatty liver, I have tried all the herbs and nutrients prescribed w/ marginal results. The amino acid Methionine has been the one nutrient to finally help me w/ this disorder. I take 500 or sometimes 1000mg daily w/ B-12.

I have been taking (oral caps) Grapeseed Extract plus Resveratrol for some time w/ also not much results until a few days ago I Liposomed (LET) a 50/50 blend of Pure Trans Resveratrol and Grapeseed Extract w/ very good or noticeable results.

It is also worthy to mention (in the case of PF) the necessity to greatly improve the indoor air quality as the lungs must have clean air to have any chance of repair. I have had best results w/ Negative Ion Purifiers, HEPA filters, and UV Light Purifiers.

Replied by Tammy

Tim from ky and Bess from Calgary: After reading my post I realized I made 2 errors. The dose for the grape seed extract was 3,000 mg. as she had to take 2/ 500 mg. capsules three times a day, it was not a cheap therapy. Also, now that I thought about it, she took Reservatrol also. Which ever one was on sale or that she could find in stock is what she took for the month so she bounced back and forth. Either way, her liver is completely normal, not even one fat deposit to be found. Now it's just the lungs. One of the things I am adding to my moms therapy regimen is licorice but I can't find a specific dose for pill form only tea doses. However, I did find one post for licorice and pf and it stated 3.5 grams a day which would be 3,500 mg. right? I've done read sooooooooooo much and feel so confused, I have literally slept about 4 hours in the past three days since my mom was discharged from UAB Hospital and hospice was called. Not saying hospice as a 6 week or 6 month time line but as she has a terminal condition. My mom has to make it, she's all I got. Anyone help? Being an only child should be against the law (lol).

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tammy,

I am so sorry about your mother's condition, and that you have no siblings to bear the burden with you. (I don't mean your mother is a burden, but the worry about her and responsibility are.) She is blessed to have you watching out for her.

My book, "Nutritional Herbology, " says that the dosage for licorice (dried root) is 3-6 grams. So, what you read about 3.5 grams (yes 3, 500 mg) sounds reasonable. This book offers no cautions about using Licorice. However, the book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" says to use Licorice for no more than 1 week because long term use can cause high blood pressure, low potassium and water retention. I am not saying I wouldn't use licorice for more than a week, especially if it seemed to be helping a serious condition, but you should know the cautions so you can be monitoring things properly.

I trust you will keep us posted. God bless you as you care for your mother!

~Mama to Many~

(Surrey, BC)

There is one caution regarding the use of licorice. People with heart problems should not take it. I have atrial fibrillation & I am not allowed to ingest licorice in any form. Licorice can act on the heart if too much is taken.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Tammy – Here is a link to a 40-page free PDF regarding lung diseases written by Robert Redfern. He also wrote a book about serrapeptase called the Miracle Enzyme. Please bear in mind that he sells the supplements so he does have a vested interest. However, the information is still valuable.

And here is his pulmonary fibrosis health activity plan.

There is also the Earth Clinic pages with lots of suggestions - including some from Ted:

My prayers are with you during this difficult time – please don't give up hope. Take care, Bess


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Posted by Tintin (Sydney, Australia ) on 02/24/2021

I had fatty liver and high cholesterol 6mths ago on my blood test, I decided to go in favour of natural treatment and followed Ted's advice of incorporating Lecithin in my diet, yesterday was my 6mths follow up blood results and my cholesterol has gone from 7.3 down to 6.2 IN 6 MONTHS! I am so happy and my doctor said he had never seen anyone reduce their levels in such a short time without a prescription aid... also my markers for fatty liver did not turn up on my blood test. Dr said whatever I am doing to keep doing it because it is working, I didn't even change my diet and wasn't even taking the Lecithin every day, I started out once a day then the last month I totally stopped for a break so I can't wait to start again and see what my next blood test shows :) Thanks Ted! You are an earth Angel.

Replied by Max

Hi Tintin, great news for you! I also have been diagnosed with fatty liver and I'm going to do the same. You said you didn't change your diet but what does it consist of? Thanks for the post.

(Sydney, Australia)

Hi there,

My diet is ashamadly poor, little if no fruit, veges with dinner. mostly proteins, dairy (butter, olive oil, ice cream, full cream milk, cheese), carbs, carbs and more carbs lol, peanut butter/nutella, packet chips/biscuits, coffee, cola and water fill in most of the gaps... and after reading this back it makes me realise I need to really change my ways lol. I basically eat what I feel like so I was really surprised that the Lecithin worked so well, I did notice my bloating and pain disappeared after couple months and didn't correlate that these were the fatty liver symptoms.

Replied by cfitz

Hi, Tintin!

How many milligrams of lecithin did you take daily, please?

Replied by Maureen

Hi Tintin, I was just diagnosed with fatty liver and I wanted to know how much lecithin are you taking on a daily basis? Thanks, Maureen

Replied by Cfitz

See Dr Eric Berg's video, The 11 Benefits of Lecithin:

(United states)

Dr Berg's vids offer interesting tips. I personally quit gaining information from him due to his alleged associations with Scientology, which harms countless families. Sad news as I sure was a fan of his.

Replied by Tammie
(Nokomis FL)

Wihat product did you take?

Replied by Rlynn101

Fatty liver and sunflower lecithin GRANULES

I can find Sunflower but again, it's in 'powder' form not 'granules'. The only granules I find is soy.

Please help, where to buy Sunflower lecithin GRANULES?


So, which of these lecithin granules is SUNFLOWER? The only ones I see as granules are soy, and I don't want soy.


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Posted by Jk (Orange County, Ca) on 08/14/2012


Yes, parsley can help flush out toxins and have the other benefits, but the people with liver diseases should be careful to use it, because of high iron and high level will damage liver cells.