Natural Cures for a Fatty Liver

Grape Seed Extract
Posted by Tammy (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) on 07/19/2014
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About 2005 I was a manager for GNC and my mom was putting off a total knee replacement as her first one was a horrific experience (She had her first many, many years ago and they have come a long way since). She was taking pain medication that contained a lot of acetaminophen and well above the reccommended doses as she was in extreme pain with every step. Natrually, I was extremely concerned about liver failure. I searched and searched and found that grape seed extract is the only known substance that carries acetaminophen out of the liver. I think it has to be a high dose of something like 1000 mg. a day.

At this same time her primary doctor found many fatty tumors on her liver on a routine test. On her 6 month x-ray recheck, to our supprise over half of the tumers were gone, my mom explained she was on the grape seed and he replied that only strict diet and cholesterol med would help this. When she went for her yearly follow up, all the tumors were gone and both at her 6 month and yearly check up, her liver function lab test were completely normal. She also took CLA supplements with Relacore for weight loss but only started that about four and half months into all this, don't think it had anything to do with either of the results. However, she did loose 55 lbs with it and she still continues to take grape seed today but at a lower dose.

She swears it not only cured her liver but kept her heart in good shape as that is what grape seed is known for. She was a heavy smoker for 35 years and her heart is in great shape to this day, not even a chest pain. Unfortunately, she worked in the coal mines for 15 years and has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis which is what has brought me to this web site. I am going to try some of the therapies suggested here and pray alot! I'm an only child and lost my dad (best friend) under severely tragic conditions in 2007 which has left me severly scarred and diagnosed with severe depression and ptsd (post tramatic stress disorder). I hope my info can help someone as I hope and prey some of these therapies will help my mom. Pay it forward. I'll keep her progress posted as she is going to try oil pulling, H2O2 therapy, aloe vera oil, and the 5 bottle pulmonary fibrosis package from Pivot health.

I'm hanging on desperately!!!