Eosinophilic Esophagitis Treatment: Alternative Health

Dietary Changes, Supplements
Posted by Khloe (Fresno, Ca) on 11/09/2009
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Try reading about leaky gut. I was diagnosed with EE several years ago after I had a gallbladder surgery, and they overdosed me on antibiotics. Several weeks later, I ended up developing leaky gut syndrome, which I believe is the altrenative medicine's name for the same condition. I could not eat anything without having an allergic reaction, and was down to just lettuce and brown rice and cooked vegetables. The only raw items I was able to eat was lettuce. I also ended up not only being allergic to mostly all food, but became severely chemically sensitive as well. It took me over a year and a half being on probiotics and supplements, mainly Zinc,digestive enzymes, NAC, and l-glutamine to help rebuild my intestines. I also did plenty of colonics and sauna treatments to help detoxify my body. Finding a good naturopath is extremely important. Especially someone who can test you for deficiencies.

When you take antibiotics, it destroys all bacteria, whether good or bad. The good bacteria never have a chance to colonize in the gut unless you replenish by taking probiotics. The bad bacteria end up creating tiny holes in your intestines. When you consume certain foods, the undigested proteins cross the blood barrier through these holes, and cause an allergic reaction.

I currently am on several vitamins and supplements daily, but I am now able to have a wider range of choices to eat from. I recommend also getting an ALCAT test to figure out what foods you may be intolerant to. These foods can be trigger foods, and set you up with a whole host of immune reactions from other seemingly safe foods.

Currently I try to avoid all gluten containing products as well as corn, soy and especially sugar. Try limiting your fruit to only two pieces, and make sure that they are not too sweet. Green apples work well. Get plenty of vitamin D (sunshine, fresh air, and spiritual time, and try to relieve stress through exercise. Stress makes it much worse.

Good Luck.