Eosinophilic Esophagitis Treatment: Alternative Health

Dietary Changes, Coconut Oil
Posted by Jazzdanca59 (Highett, Melbourne, Australia) on 12/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have severe Oesophagitis. Am under care of a Specialist. He told me to give up tomatoes and bread. I didn't believe about the bread, but I have tested it, and he was right! . I occasionally indulge in a slice of healthy grain bread, but have found it's not worth it. What I have found remarkable for it is Coconut oil. It has lots of healthful qualities, (don't believe the propaganda about bad fats). It's a good fat, especially for hypothyroidism. Also, I have recently begun symptoms of Fibromyalgia, which I believe from lots of research ( Dr Low) is caused by extremely high oestrogen/very low progesterone. Oestrogen dominance causes hypothyroidism. I can keep the pain under control with a mix of coconut oil and Turmeric/Boswellia tablets, (which I have to buy from America). This combination will keep me far from any cancer threat as well.