EMF Protection

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EMF Side Effects

Electric appliances as well as several other household products emit low grade electromagnetic fields or EMFs. As these fields compound and layer, the result is a condense cloud of harmful, even toxic radiation. As such, the kitchen of a home is often considered a “hotspot” for EMFs; however, all of the rooms in a house are affected.

This heightened exposure to electromagnetic radiation via household products, power lines, and other electrical devices has toxic effects on the body and overall health. Initially, EMFs stresses the pineal gland, which controls the hormonal balance in the body. As the pineal gland is affected, it makes an individual more susceptible to environmental sensitivity. This issue has an effect on sleeping habits, emotional health, and cognitive ability. Likewise, individuals highly effected experience chemical sensitivities or environmental illnesses such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. Increased stress levels are also associated with EMFs, causing headache, muscle pain, chest pain, anxiety, restlessness, stomach upset, change in sex drive, lack of focus and motivation, and depression. Especially high EMFs can even be linked to brain tumors and chronic diseases including cancer.

EMF Protection

While it is difficult to avoid all EMF radiation, certain precautions can be taken to avoid EMF radiation. An EMF meter is one of the most import EMF protection devices available. A meter assesses the level of emission from individual electrical devices as well as the room as a whole. Determining and avoiding the highest emitting items is crucial for overall health. Additional steps that can be taken to avoid radiation include purchasing and running an aquarium in the home to absorb microwave energy, limiting mobile phone use and using a wired internet connection. An additional option includes surrounding the home with several crystals of Himalayan rock salt or oolitic limestone to ground the waves.

Appliances that Emit High EMFs

Posted by Sam (Miami, Florida) on 03/28/2015

Unexplained health issues? Just in case, check if you have smart meters on the other side of your bedroom wall.

..."Wireless smart meters typically produce atypical, relatively potent and very short pulsed RF/microwaves whose biological effects have never been fully tested. They emit these millisecond-long RF bursts on average 9,600 times a day with a maximum of 190,000 daily transmissions and a peak level emission two and a half times higher than the stated safety signal Perlingieri's italics, as the California utility Pacific Gas Electric recognized before that State's Public Utilities Commission. Thus people in proximity to a smart meter are at risk of significantly greater aggregate exposure than with a cell phone, not to mention the cumulative levels of RF/microwaves that people living near several meters are exposed to.

People are exposed to cell phone microwaves primarily in the head and neck, and only when they use their device. With smart meters, the entire body is exposed to the microwaves, which increases the risk of overexposure to many organs.

In addition to these erratic bursts of modulated microwaves coming from smart meters that are transferring usage data to electric, gas and water utilities, wireless and wired smart (powerline communication) meters are also a major source of ''dirty electricity'' (electrical interference of high frequency voltage transients typically of kilohertz frequencies). Indeed, some scientists, such as American epidemiologist Sam Milham, believe that many of the health complaints about smart meters may also be caused by dirty electricity generated by the switching power supply activating all smart meters. Since the installation of filters to reduce dirty electricity circulating on house wiring has been found to relieve symptoms of EHS in some people, this method should be considered among the priorities aimed at reducing potential adverse impacts...

So many scientists and medical experts urgently recommend that measures following the Precautionary Principle be applied immediately such as using wired meters to reduce biologically inappropriate microwave exposure. We are not advocating the abolishment of RF technologies, only the use of common sense and the development and implementation of best practices in using these technologies in order to reduce exposure and risk of health hazards."

(Canadian magazine, La maison du 21e sicle the house of the 21st century, Dr. David O. Carpenter, a distinguished physician and former founding dean of the School of Public Health, State University, Albany (New York), has just published a letter called Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation.(**) Google for the letter in its entirety.)

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, US)

As an aside, there are financial complaints about smart meters too.

1) They will charge extra if one doesn't use the smart meter, at least in florida. This impacts people's decision to use them.

2) There are complaints of people's electric bills unexpectedly going up when they started using the smart meters; with control of the meter, they can play more games with your bills.

Replied by Steve
(Nevada, US)

There have been some reports of something called orgonite helping to transmute the bad EMF put out by smart meters. You can also buy devices like the smart meter guard that can measureably reduce EMF. In a pinch even wrapping your smart meter in tin foil and putting tin foil on the wall behind your meter will work well. You can simply google "orgonite for smart meters" and both of these should show up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtLQ20Q1rD8

After a bit of research it looks like aluminum screening will successfully block almost all emf put out by smart meters. I hope it's ok to post the link so you can get a visual on this:


Replied by Joes
(Calgary, Alberta)

Would like to get meters to detect radio frequencies including something that is good for 'smart meters'. Also for detection of Electromagnetic frequencies. Appreciate feedback and advice on other things I would need. Health is not good and think this might be a part of the problem.


Replied by Timh
2063 posts

J: Check out this www for info on healthy homes.


Replied by Tassi
(Berkeley, California)

I gave orgonite a full-scale try a couple of years ago: invested a few hundred dollars in several different sources, was even planning to start making my own, but gave the idea up when it became clear that orgonite was having NO effect. I am electrosensitive and I can tell. Orgonite can be very pretty and it's a nice idea, but it did not work for me. Nor did other supposedly "EMF protective devices", stick-on items, pendants, etc. Avoidance and careful shielding with materials that demonstrate an effect that is measurable by EMF meters are what works.

Replied by Goldencat
(Ne Ohio)

One of the videos by a private person in the UK, experimenting with orgonite and its cementite variation. He is also sensitive to energy fields, and approaches his investigations with a rational mind and some electrical measurement devices. This and his Orgonite Discoveries (3 videos) explains a lot, and may help you understand where the devices you had failed you.

Replied by Piter

Best way is to avoid exposure as much as you can to not suffer later. If it is impossible, than EMF protection is the answer. Better be safe than sorry, wear shielded clothing.

Replied by Andreea Stelle
(United States)

I believe we are at the beginning with the EMF protection and only time will tell us if those products could protect us against the EMF.

Appliances that Emit High EMFs
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile ,tn) on 11/22/2013


Let me tell you another story. Concerned with house EMF's, so I bought me a meter to help me seek out the electrical problems that will do me in. Yep, our microwave is bad news Charlie. Don't just back off when it's running, get out of the room. What was so disturbing to me is that our laptop was just as bad as our microwave if your had it in your lap. The strength goes down with inches, so use this device and stay 6" or more away least you mess up your recreational area.

I also learned that our FIR Sauna that I brag on often, also can do you in. I will just conclude that the EMF's are a trade off for getting detoxed. Life is just a bowel of cherries and we need to rejoice that we have a site like Earth Clinic that we can share our health success' and failures with our fellow man. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is in this day and time. I'm sure this site is a target to be shut down by our handlers.

Too much free expression. Got to toe the line.

Love you all =========ROBERT HENRY=============

Replied by Harry

There are so many ways of overheating yourself without using Infrared saunas. How about the traditional dry saunas? Many people prefer them. How about a steam shower? Jacuzzi or large bath? None will douse you with radiation.

Replied by Momto2

Near infrared saunas/heat lamps are a much safer way to detox. Dr Lawrence Wilson has a book out and a LOT of information on his website. The FIR saunas do put out a lot of emfs, and he does not recommend them at all.

I am also wondering about the Earth Calm products. Their pendants are so expensive, and they have recently changed their in-home protection device. How can we know what works and what doesn't?

Aquarium Tank

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Posted by James (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/25/2013

Hello, I just have a suggestion that I think would help others about protection from EMF and microwave radiation. I believe a good size aquarium of at least 50 gal in your room will help a lot in absorbing harmful microwave energy. I haven't done experiments on this to really prove that it works but you can try it. This youtube link might convince you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KprvZ8cBfW4

Replied by Camur

An aquarium of water in a room is not a protection against electromagnetic radiation. Unless you are fully immersed in the aquarium yourself most or all of the time, then this method will not block out EMFs from your room, home or body.The only proven way to really prevent your body absorbing the seriously damaging microwave and EMF radiation in your home is to not let it in - limit mobile phone use, change wifi to wired connections, replace cordless phone and wireless baby monitors with corded, turn off mobiles and night and keep out of bedrooms, keep room as clear of electrics as possible, ie clock radio, electric blanket. These are all easy to do, however, keeping EMFs from outside coming in is not as easy. eg phone masts, smart meters, neighbours' wifi etc. In many cases people have had to shield their homes with specialist paint to block out EMFs, which can be effective if carried out properly, and sleep under EMF shielding canopies which also helps some people. I know because this is what I have had to do. Illnesses from the increasing wireless technology and electromagnetic radiation from pylons, windfarms etc are growing at a alarming rate. Everybody needs to know this, whether they feel it or not, we are all at risk from health effects.

Coffee Enemas

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Posted by Charles (Dallas, Tx) on 02/15/2016

EMF sensitivities: I wanted to share what has helped me tremendously.

I've tried a lot. Not everything but one thing which is very embarrassing to share, but I feel I must, to give back to this community has worked.


They detox the body and liver better than anything on the planet and lower my raised blood pressure and headaches that I get from emf exposure almost instantly. After the coffee enemas, and I usually do two back to back, I feel refreshed, happy and alive.

They've changed my life.

Do them in private. No one has to know... but I do say you have to try them!!! I believe they will change your life.

Replied by Steve

Ditto on the coffee enemas. A couple of years ago I was waking up every morning with dizziness, ringing in my ears, chest pain, liver pain, and nausea. I had heard so many good things about CEs that I knew had to try one as I was at my wits end. These symptoms had been going on for months. On my very first CE I felt 85% better and after that the symptoms never returned. I believe CEs saved my life. I still do them a couple of times per week as maintenance to keep my liver healthy.

If you are sceptical I recommend reading Dr Wilsons info on CEs. They are a standard part of Gerson's cancer therapy as well and should be used by anyone interested in detoxifying there whole body very quickly.



Glad they've helped you too!

Great advice on what to read to research. "Dr. Wilsons info on coffee enemas". You'll learn a ton from the site on how to do them and why they're beneficial.

A little more about me: I'm a private jet pilot. The plane I'm in is very electrical. I just came to it 2.5 years ago. I thought I was going to have to quit aviation because the symptoms felt daily were so bad.

I would just feel miserable beyond belief. Not just headaches, but I now realize really elevated blood pressure happens at the same time and a feeling of lethargy and fatigue. Pure misery.... Just a feeling that this was so unhealthy that I couldn't do this long or it was going to kill me of heart issues or cancer...

Tried everything. Apple cider vinegar helps some, because ACV will lower blood pressure and help with headaches, but my body just needed more help. The EMF's were just too strong for any amount of ACV I could drink and I'd still feel worn down at the end of a day with a dull headache...

Coffee enemas to the rescue....

Now, like clockwork, when I get to the hotel I will coffee enema twice in the hotel every night. Feel better instantly. If I'm really bad, I'll request extra coffee sent to the room and do another in the morning.

So now the combo of Apple Cider Vinegar and Coffee Enemas is a daily thing for me...

I didn't have to quit being a pilot :) Saved my career and life....

My next experiment: See if Milk Thistle, which cleanses and detoxifies the liver (better than anything except Coffee Enemas) will help me get through the day better and make me feel less worn down as I get to the hotel before the coffee.... just ordered some yesterday. Will update if it helps...


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Posted by Cassandra T. (Ventura, CA) on 08/30/2019

I have a SafeSpace EMF protection device in my house as well as an EarthCalm whole house system. I didn't notice any difference with the SafeSpace. Not that it's not working, but just that I didn't feel anything. It took me several months to get used to the EarthCalm system. I had horrible detox systems -- fatigue, headaches, insomnia, nausea. I don't know if I feel better now that I'm used to it, but I definitely feel worse the few times I've had to unplug it. I also have one of the EarthCalm pendants. After wearing it daily for a couple of months, I developed a marble-sized lump on my sternum where it hangs. This freaked me out, so I stopped wearing it, and the lump went away. I have no idea what that was.

Electric Heating System

Posted by Clemens (Lhasa, Tibet) on 04/21/2011


I am about to restore a house that has no heating at the moment.

I was thinking about putting the hot water radiator system (a furnace and many hot water pipes heating the radiators in every room, as it is the habit in my country). Anyhow, talking with an architect, I learned that installing a system using electric heating plates is cheaper and wastes less energy if always kept on instead of turning it on and off al the time, plus, because after a while, because the wals themselves start irradiating heat, the overall temperature is more even and the air doesn't overheat or overdry.

I was wondering though, if electric heating plates have a bad effect on health or not and if it wise to use them?
All the best

EMF Protectors

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Posted by Josephine (Ontario, Canada) on 12/15/2014

Hi, I am looking to purchase EMF Protection for my home as I have chronic Lyme. I live in a condo apartment building where there is a lot of wifi around since every unit has their own wifi, also cell towers nearby and all around Toronto area. My unit is small, 655 sq ft, 1 bedroom + den.

I have looked into the following for my home and I am not sure which is better :
EarthCalm Home EMF Protection System - $375 CAD + $48.75 tax
SmartShield360 Plug-In Whole House Active EMF Protection - $299 US + shipping
Safe Space Radiant Room - $144.95 US + $20 shipping to Canada

I would also like to purchase a pendant, and I guess these are the most popular ones I have found :
EarthCalm Nova Resonator Necklace S Series - $199.00 CAD + $25.87 tax
EarthCalm Nova Scalar Resonator Stone Pendant - $349 US
Qlink SRT-3 Pendant - $99.95 US + shipping

And cell phone EMF protector :
EarthCalm Quantum Protector - $129 CAD + $16.77 tax
Aires Shield Extreme - $49 US + shipping
and other cheaper EMF sticker options

This is all I have found so far as there really aren't very many competitors. Any recommendations or suggestions appreciated. For example, does the Q-Link pendant work the exact same as the EarthCalm pendants? I haven't been able to find any reviews or comparisons on the internet.

My electrosensitivity has improved and getting better each day after removing my jaw cavitations, as well as fixing sphenobasilar bone being "stuck" after a few sessions with the craniosacral therapist. Will be treating Lyme shortly.

Replied by Brian
(Maryland, US)

Earth Calm all the way.

I have spent $15,000 on devices over the last 8 years and Earth Calm is the strongest and nost effective.

Replied by Audrey Oung
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Yes, I agree totally! Earth Calm is the absolute, very best! Am getting terrific results in just under 2 weeks! Their customer service is also excellent! Wish I had found it before I spent other money needlessly on Shieldite, and Iyashi that did not help. (I was given no help when I ordered, though I did try to get assistance)! And was totally unaware that having the 100 smart meters underneath my bedroom would require a HUGE Shieldite BRICK for EACH meter!! ??? And too late I found that they only have a 30 day guarantee. So they refuse to do anything ($400.00 later)... Stick with Earth Calm!

(United States)

Hello Audrey,

I have been researching various EMF protection devices and am leaning toward them but am so confused with all that it out there and what I should do! What were your symptoms and are you feeling better now?

My main complaint is ringing in the ears which I finally connected the dots and believe it to be from heavy Ipad use. I also have insomnia and brain fog.I sleep grounded at night and turn off the wifi but still no relief.


Replied by Caroline Taylor
(South London)

Hi there, I am Caroline a 38 female from London, I suffer from chemical sensitivities as well as ems and other health problems, too much to list at the moment. I also can't write much as I am using a computer which is currently giving me a bad headache as well as severely hurting my ears. In addition to that the lights above me in my office are also hurting and burning my head as well as adding to the pain and pressure feeling in my ears which has been a constant thing for me since last year when my symptoms got worse...But that's a whole other story...

Anyways...my question for now is do you think earth calm products or infinity home system will help if you suffer from resonance headaches(when radiation pulses hit brain stem), other severe types of headaches including overbearing crushing head/skull type painful sensations along with painful pressure sensation in ears aswell as tinnutis/vertigo when around computers/tv' s phones, lights or at home? DO you think earthcalm can help you with symptoms like these at home if it is to do with neighbourhood/or neighbour's devices/wifi etc emitting radiation that maybe travelling through the walls/ceilings into your home??? What do folks like us do if moving isn't an option and we have nowhere else to live???-serious dilemma!!! Can anyone please help in answering this and sharing what they have found to help them the most??-with really bad symptoms like these?? I eagerly look forward to anyone's help or advice on this...Got to come off here now...its too painful to continue using this computer... Many thanks guys....

Replied by Cheryl

I have spent many hundreds of dollars trying various devices. I have very severe EHS and can barely go grocery shopping without intense headaches and fatigue. The only two products that I have found to work exceptionally well are Pulsed Technologies VitaSet Generator for my home and Bicom Body Balance to take with me everywhere I go. Had a two hour dentist appointment today and without the Bicom, I would have been too sick to function for two days afterward. Usually feel like I have to run through the grocery stores to survive but with the Bicom I can take the time to shop without suffering to the extreme extent I have been experiencing for years.

Wondering if anyone has any insight into the BluShield Tesla Gold portable unit? I want a backup unit and the Bicom cost me over $400 with shipping.

EMF Sensitivity

Posted by "sparky" Phd (Oak Park, Michigan) on 06/06/2017

The reason for EMF Sensitivity is the fact that Microwave radiation does not belong on earth. I am a Geophysicist, and have conducted my own studies.

In short, our WIRELESS is killing us. ( wireless is MICROWAVE radiation, the same as in an oven. ) As microwaves cook and deplete photonics energy in food, of course they do the same in our bodies.

There is NO regulation on the use or proliferation nor any safe guidelines regarding Microwaves and human flesh, because NO STUDIES were ever done.

The existing guidelines are from 1997 when cell phone use was in it, s infancy.

The reason why some people feel it more than others is due to the fact that Microwaves are attracted to Magnets. If you use wireless devices, such as iPads, cell phones, radio phones with the base from the 1980's until now, wireless lawn mowers, and "SMART" Appliances, and if you have a SMART METER on your home, or if you live near high power lines, radio towers, cell phone towers, you will get sick. I guarantee it.

The reason is: MICROWAVES are attracted to Magnets and heavy metals which are conductive, such as elemental iron, and even copper in the bloodstream.

This attraction and the fact that our devices constantly emit Magnetic Vapor that penetrates our bodies, makes us absorb MAGNETISM through our skin, much in the same way that the transdermal nicotine patch does. We also inhale the magnetic and metallic vapors when emitted by our SMART METERS, devices and our dirty electricity.

When you use any credit card, Security Scanner, X rays, or even scan your items at the grocery, you get a nice Magnetic shower somewhere on your body.

If you use your cell phone while sitting in traffic, stalled near the freeway under a cell phone tower, You can get a dose of radiation so intense that it will begin to overload your system, because you will be sitting in a Microwave Oven.

The Automobile is like a faraday cage UNLESS, it is a " SMART CAR" or, you use your cell phone or wireless device in the car. When you do, it becomes a well insulated " MICROWAVE OVEN" and people are becoming ill, every day in droves.

Please point out the fact that MICROWAVES do not exist on earth, unless we synthesize them.

SMART Meters bounce microwaves inside of your house constantly, through the wiring. These microwaves then flow through our house and through US and into us.

Again, there is NO LIMIT ago the number of cell phone towers and cell phones and SMART METERS. This means, each day it gets worse.

Add to this the FACT that metal in a microwave SPARKS. IN a high CELL PHONE use area such as a concert, hundreds of concert goers get Tinnitis and other ear - hearing- Menieres and burn related issues. This is because they have just microwaved themselves.

Science understands that Microwaves and Magnets are killing us all, it is the FCC and the EPA and their lobbyists who are blocking and controlling the research so that they can make billions off of our slowly dying bodies.


This is the cause of most disease.

I personally need to move into an EMF FREE ZONE to save my life.

Save yourselves, because it will be 5 to 10 years before things will change.

By that time, the Millennials will be dropping from Cancer, so there will be no more need for Wireless.

The only survivors will be those in under-developed nations and those living sequestered in EMF FREE communities.

Replied by Julie

We're about to get these dastardly meters, without a choice other than to go off-grid. How do I find an EMF FREE ZONE? I am honestly willing to move.

Replied by Wim
(Lisbon, Portugal)


There are a few EMF-free zones, best bet would be to buy some rural property on 5 Ha of land or more and (re)build your own house. After some 5 years of checking on various portals for EHS free communities it seems to be too difficult for people to agree on even the basics. (No doubt part of the problem of EHS). And most people affected by it have little to no money to start anything.

Focus on what is within your control and reach. Seems that the good old US of A is worse than most other countries. I am not sure why.

Somehow a lot of what is going on seems related or based on a lack of spiritual power to overcome trauma or go beyond current days reality. I do think that we can improve a lot on basic wiring and eliminating radiation, at least in our bedrooms and houses.

There are a lot of alternatives, once the wiring is fine, to boost your immune system.

Replied by Magnolia 16

Netflix has a 6 part series called Afflicted that focuses on several people who are severely afflicted with lyme disease, EMF sensitivity, and multiple chemical sensitivities. It shows what they are doing in alternative treatments - all in the US - the emotional costs of these, how they affect their family members, financial costs, and how they have received some healing. Very interesting series.

EMF Side Effects

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Posted by Diane (Sherborn,ma) on 02/16/2014

Hello Bill, Do you have an opinion about EMF's and could they cause peripheral neuropathy? I was told by someone that IS the reason for my PN and I should disconnect my modem every night and put tin foil on my four walls of my bedroom and the ceiling...I've read some of your suggestions and was looking for and educated opinion I respect.

Second... would infra red saunas help PN or make it worse?

Lastly would a large 60 inch TV be bad for PN, my doctors have no opinion..

EMF Side Effects
Posted by S (Sd, California) on 09/10/2012

Hi, I'm writing on behalf of my Mother, who suffers severe electromagnetic hypersensitivity to cellphones, celltowers, major powerlines, and wifi. She gets burns on her skin from exposure, a cracking sensation in her head and body numbness just being in the same car or auditorium with those who have their cellphones with them. It's very hard recently living in our apartment in San Diego, as many neighbors now have satellite dish & wifi. We are looking for safer housing. We've made many adjustments already in the realm of health, dietary, even trying several shielding mechanisms, none of which have worked. We've even attempted moving but as yet nothing has panned out. Any help you have or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Please, if there are any resources or directions that could possibly help in dealing with this, let us know. Thank you

Replied by Sunshine Mommy
(Muscat, Oman)

Three very similar possible causes, which I read about recently regarding fillings in teeth and electromagnetic activity:

1. If people have different types of metal fillings in their mouth, this can cause electrical sensitivity. Different metals include gold / amalgam / mercury etc.

When I was researching Oil Pulling - one of the subjects who had different fillings in his mouth could actually 'hear' the local radio station in his head due to the reaction between the metals, and somehow he was picking up the radiowaves. I believe this is more common than we realise!

2. Possible allergy to the fillings and the material they are made off which create sensitivity to the individual and their surroundings.

My mum got her Gold filling removed due to allergy and cannot wear gold jewelry.

3. Amalgam fillings react with EMF and this can cause increased mercury leakage in the human body. The mercury leakage could be the cause of illness. Amalgam fillings which contain mercury seems to have several references to EMF on Google.

Points 1 and 3 together could cause more problems? Hope this is of some help.

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Hi this is to S from Sd, California: Keep Tulsi plants in your house both indoor and outdoor. Tulsi prevents harmfull radiation and energy to both the house and for the people dwelling in the house.

Tulsi is a herb and a divine plant in Hinduism. You can even eat the couple tulsi leaves raw, which is a good cure for cough and bronchitis. Tulsi rejuvenates cell which are affected by harmful radiation.

Forbid using Microwave, Infrared Stoves, bluee tooth headset. Minimize the use of television, mobile phones, hope this helps.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi S from SD, I'm not sure if you've seen Robyn from Australia's posts but she is also someone who has extreme reactions to EMFs as well as chemicals. I will give suggestions that may help. I know I work to protect myself from EMFs all the time because although, many of us don't have the same reactions as those who are extremely sensitive, we are still being highly affected in negative ways. I mostly learned of this from a Longevity Now conference I attended awhile back. There was a panel of about 5 drs. All being asked the same questions and one was: In the last 7 years or so, what have you seen dramatically change in your practice or field of expertise? The answer across the board was problems which were being caused from EMFs! We are being bombarded by them everywhere now!

What I do is wear a Q link all the time. I have been wearing one for over 10 years having learned about them that long ago. Google them and you'll find out about them. Since that time there are other companies that make EMF protectors which may or may not be effective. I only mention this one because it's the one I use. I also have an EMF protector pad on my bed so while I'm sleeping I'm protected since there are electricals all through your home. The only electrical I keep in my bedroom is a small clock far from my head. When I am on my computer for work, I have my feet on an earthing pad. You can google that too or go here to learn more:


The far infrared sauna we use emits no EMF and that is made by Clearlight saunas: http://healwithheat.com/ Thus, I detox from heavy metals in one and am protected from EMFs simultaneously!

Anyway, these are some of the efforts I use regarding this ever increasing issue for everyone. And also, I agree with Ed2010 in his last paragraph! We haven't used a microwave in about 5 years.

Hope this info helps, Lisa

Replied by Sailchoc
(St. Clair Shores, Mi - Usa)

You might want to try Mark Romero's music. It is benefical at blocking the computer, cell phone and other waves. You can read about it at markromeromusic.com. I know one person who listens to it 24/7. I have seen first hand what it can do and have stopped putting my cell phone in my pocket, because of the demos.

Replied by Robyn

I suffer bad from emfs. It eletricutes me to use this computer, mobiles are worse. I've found it almost impossible to get away from them. amalgums, any toxicity I think acts as a conductor & so those of us who are toxic or have lyme or some such infection ie. immune suppression are more susceptible. I tried to buy land in the country but they had wifi out there too, to say nothing of the pesticides & I'm allergic to all that grass.

Replied by Debra M
(Sydney, Australia)
55 posts

I live in Australia too and have severe EMS. I can't go to shopping centres or public places because mobile phones, towers, wi-fi, tv, and computers all cause massive internal inflammation. I have Fibromyalgia or possible Lyme Disease which seems to be triggered by emf's. I left work 6 years ago as I was too sick. I've found that moving my computer box to another room reduces the emf down a little and I try to earth every day which has been the best help out of everything I've tried.

EMF Side Effects
Posted by Norma (Orlando, Florida) on 11/09/2010

I also have been diagnosed with EE, and have also been challenged with environmental illness. Just wanted to make others aware about what I think my trigger is and that is electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies. I am extremely electrohypersensitive and when I am in fluorescents and especially CFL's or around a lot of WiFi (cell towers, etc), I can feel the pain in my body begin among other symptoms and I most certainly can feel the acid reflux starting. If I try to eat after I have been exposed than I will not be able to swallow and my symptoms will begin. I know this may sound crazy to some, but it has been a very serious problem for me and I have been struggling with this condition for 5 years. I too have gone to naturopaths, and many other natural healthcare practioners, but they too are stumped by this condition and the fact that my body is so extremely sensitive to all of the new technology. Anyway, I just wanted to pass this along to hopefully help someone else.

Replied by Ann
(Brevard, N.c.)

Norma - your comments caught my attention as I am ES but was helped TREMEMDOUSLY by a Brain re-wiring program you can check out lots of info includ. video testimonials (I myself attended a workshop 2 1/2 yrs. ago in boston that improved my reactions a LOT tho once we're ES, always ES to varying degrees. Check out DNRS (dynamic neural retraining system). Let me know any questions as have been reaching out to others to be of help.

Replied by Caroline T.
(South London)

Hi to all on here but especially to Ann Brevard from N.C...I ordered Annie Hopper's brain neural dynamic limbic retraining system but was only able to watch about 2 dvds as the dvd player was giving me chronic headaches as an ems symptom, since a month or so after that my symtpms got worse..can't be around lights without being in pain or stand near tv or watch it much without tinnutis or migraine/resonance headaches (device pulses affecting brain/brain stem).. Throat closes up and hurts/burns, fast palpitations/loss of balance/vertigo/dizziness/prickling burning sensation in head esp on top, ears/acid reflux sometimes/clicking/can't use phones or be on buses or trains without being in pain in my head and ears amongst other symptoms..Anyway tried reading the programme manual but it wasn't the same or as fully helpful as dvd in certain parts for eg on explaining how to do the stop, stop, stop, my brain is stuck in a rut etc routine, I couldn't remember the order of all the stops as the manual wasn't clear enough on that..and when you have to turn and do the hand/gestures etc...Could you explain it fully from how you see that Annie demonstrates how to do it in the dvd?? It's a shame she doesn't have a audio cd of it also..even though I may or may not tolerate using a cd player just the same the rate my symptoms are increasing...Anyway, does anyone know of any similar brain retraining books that you could also use to do brain retraining techniques and exercises that would be just as effectivw as her dvd programme? Any helpful comments/advice would be most appreciated...Many thanks to everyone...

EMF Side Effects
Posted by Lilaki (Albany, NY) on 12/16/2008

When I talk on my cell phone (Motorola 830), next to head, after about 15-20 minutes, it often gets hot and I feel nauseous. There must be some way to test the radiation because this can't be healthy? I am one to not really believe in the conspiracy theory about cell phones causing cancer but I only feel safe using one of those Cell Phone EMF Protection Mobile Headset (with the air tube). Just make sure you get the newer version with the piece that wraps around the ear. I have an older version and it falls out of my ear easily. Also use a dab of super glue on the connector, because mine kept falling apart until I did.

EC: There is something you can get to measure EMFs... We bought one about 10 years ago and it still works great. Called Dr. Gauss meter... back then it cost about $45. Cell phone EMFs were TERRIBLE 10 years ago. They have gotten considerably better over the years, but you will still see the meter pulse into the yellow (sometimes red) zone every 10 seconds when the cell phone is just on stand-by.  Haven't tested it on a Blue Tooth yet.

Replied by Jantien
(London, UK)

A great way to disarm the EM waves from your mobile phone is to stick a copper coin (i.e. penny) at the back with a piece of bluetack. I have had this recommended and tested by my kinesiologist - it works!

EMF Side Effects
Posted by Victoire (Cannes, France) on 04/24/2008

CELL PHONES: I have noticed the more time I spend on my cell phone, the more aches and pains I get. I feel some strange buzz in my head, mostly on the side I hold the telephone, I get massive headaches, heavy and congested sinuses, my ear gets hot, like burning and I feel tired most of the time. The quality of my sleep has decreased and I have tendency to feel depressed. My digestive system has become temperamental and I feel edgy. Nothing has changed in my life except for an increase of the time I spend on the cell phone. Are the electromagnetic waves coming from the cell phone polluting me, affecting my whole body, and making me feel so poorly? Please post this question on the site. Thank you

Replied by Sullykip
(Brooklyn, New York)

P.S. Victorie: The answer is Yes! EMFs have a huge effect on all of us. And like all toxins, they affect some of us far more adversely than others. As I say, my doctors taught me that those of us with high levels of heavy metals in our bodies, and those of us with fungal infections or candida, will suffer far more from EMF's. So in addition to reducing your exposure to EMF's, you may want to look into getting a heavy-metal test, and /or evaluating for fungal infections.

But either way, if you turn off your cell phone and wireless router at night and remove all electronics from within 5 feet of your bed, you'll sleep better. Also try grounding your bed and bedroom with plants.

Replied by Them8triark
(Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Usa)

!!! IN REGARDS TO USING PENNIES TO SHIELD EMF'S!!! You want to use ONLY the pennies that are made BEFORE 1983 as they have copper in them. "Pennies made after that year" are "made of 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper." (http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-a-penny-made-of.htm)

I am not scientific at all, but if copper is an ingredient that is useful in protecting from EMF's, then you may not want to use newer pennies.

EMF Suggestions

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Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/20/2010

EMFs have become quite a bit of concern in recent years. I have seen some people quite sensitive to them and highly affected. Dr. Joseph Mercola just wrote an article about the concerns of cellphones- something most of us now use. Personally, I have worn an EMF protection device for about 9 years. The endorsers are quite impressive- such as Lynne McTaggert, Ken Wilber and Gary Null. I've even noticed Anthony Robbins wears one. The product is called the QLink and they come in different styles. They all do the same thing though just some are fancier than others. They also carry home protection devices of which I have not tried. I feel it's worth having this protection and encourage everyone to do research on EMF protection. I mention this product because I use it and liked what I read about the research that was done to create the devices. Hope this info helps those with EMF issues. Lisa

Replied by Shabda Girl
(Santa Barbara, Ca)

I have used and sold EMF protection devices for several years, and am also electrically sensitive. I talk to a lot of people about protection, and get a lot of feedback. I have to say, emphatically, that people have very individual responses to the different types of products (QLink included). Make sure you can return whatever you buy if it doesn't work for you. And, don't go by your initial reaction to a product. A lot of them act comparably to something which suppresses symptoms with a stronger energy pattern or one that interferes with your ability to sense pain (think painkillers), and though you will initially feel better, because your energy field may adapt over time to the device into a pattern which is not natural for you, you may not know the net result of what a device will cause until you've lived with it for at least a couple of weeks. Probably longer. Whatever you get, you want it to protect your basic energetic organization, rather than to act allopathically by ultimately suppressing your ability to react and also exposing yourself to an even more complex set of interactions of energy fields. Blessings all! Shabda Girl

EMF Suggestions
Posted by Sullykip (Brooklyn, NY) on 08/22/2009

I know some EMF remedies that everybody can do themselves, at little or no cost.

1) Remove all electronic objects from within a 5 foot radius of your bed. Electronics emit radiation very strongly within a five foot field, but weakly thereafter. Your body needs peace and calm most of all when it sleeps--that's when it restores its energy and tries to heal itself. So your bed is the most important place to make EMF-free. By removing all radio-alarm clocks, electric clocks, phones, lights, etc from the area near your bed, you make a good start. Just put your alarm clock at the otehr end of the room, on your bureau--it will work better there, anyway! As far as lamps, you can either do without the bedside lamp, use a soy-candle instead, or, you can unplug your lamp (if you leave it on your bedstand) each night before going to sleep. Either way, if you make sure no electronics are active (ie, plugged in) within a 5-foot radius of your bed, you will sleep much, much better and be stronger overall.

2) Ground your bed--and your house--with plants! Put a plant that is in a natural pot--such as stoneware, wood, or pottery (clay) on a table also of natural substance (wood) by your bed. Take a strong or long piece of cloth that is either silk, cotton or wool or hemp (ie natural; ideally organic, but fine if conventional). Tie one end of the cord to a leg of the table that the plant is on. Tie the other end to a leg of the bed. Now your bed is Grounded. Seems ridiculous but is true. The plant derives strong natural harmonious energy from the earth's core. The energy will travel through the cord, to your bed. You can do this anywhere in your house--tie one end of a cord to a leg of a table that a plant is on, and tie the other end to a tassle of a natural-fiber rug, such as a wool rug, or cotton rug, or hemp-mat. Now the whole room is grounded, through the rug. If you already had plants around, this costs you nothing. You can tape the cord to the floor so it doesn't trip anyone, if you want. The more plants in natural pots (placed on natural surfaces) you have, the more grounded your house will be. Crystals work well too.

3) always always always turn your cell phone off at night.

4) in fact, turn it off whenever you do not need it to be on. You probably do not need it to be on as much as you imagine you do. We all think we're important and that everyone is trying to reach us all the time. This is somewhat of an illusion. The world will not end if you turn your cell phone off most of the day. Try it. Try only turning it on to check yr messages.

5) If you must have your cell phone on during the day, place it in the next room, or at least 6 feet away from you. It may need to be on, but it does not need to be in your pocket! That is what "loud ringing" is for. Put the cellphone far away from you. Say you work as a salesclerk. Put the phone at the other end of the store. Say you're a house-wife/husband. Keep the phone in the next room, the one you're not in. Just set the ringer on "loud." Unless you're deaf, you'll hear it. It absolutely does Not need to be in your pocket (where its strong & unharmonious signals will, on a low level, fritz your brain all day long).

6) Try the other guy's suggestion--get some "blue stick" at a hardware store, it's only $2-3 for a pack of 4 of the putty-sticks; use it to "glue" a penny (or two or three pennies) to the back of your cell phone. The EMFs will be reduced. Any copper or silver disk should reduce the EMFs. A disk of black onyx or black tourmaline also works nicely, as these inexpensive gemstones absorb EMF radiation. "Apache Tears" work very well; they are often sold as disks. Any black natural gemstone will absorb emfs.

7) You can test the efficacy of these devices kinesthetically. Ask a good friend or partner to help you. Don't tell them what the experiement is about. Say it will be explained afterwards. Ask them to stand up straight, leave their left arm & hand hanging down at their side, and to hold out their right arm in front of them, so that it is parallel to the ground. Remove their phone from their pocket, and place it at the other end of the room. Have them stand in an open space, at least 5 feet away from all electronic devices. The way you test them is:

a) STEP ONE: you stand perpendicular to them. You place your hand on top of their right arm, just below the wrist, and press downward gently but firmly. You tell them to Resist you, as much as they can. You increase pressure gently but firmly.

first test them with nothing in their left hand (which is resting at their side). You press down on their right arm; see if you can push it down. If they are healthy and strong, you can not. If you are much stronger than them: Just push a medium amount, not so as to push the arm down, but enough to test their strength. You must then use the same level of pressure during all other parts of the experiment, so as to be consistent.

B) STEP TWO: next, test them while they hold a known toxin in their left hand. The left side of the human body is the receiving side. Ie, the body receives information from items and forces through its left side. So if they hold a known toxin in their left hand, it will make them weak, and you should suddenly be able to push down their right arm quite easily. For example, have them hold a paper cup with some ammonia in it. Have them take a whiff of the ammonia in the cup first, to make double-sure that their body understands what is in the cup. then they hold the cup in their left hand, which is still resting at their side, down by their hip. Then they hold their right arm out, strongly, parallel to the floor, as before, and you say "Resist me." You press down on their right arm gently but firmly. The odds are, when they are holding the cup of ammonia that they just sniffed, the person's right arm will go weak.

If it does not: The person's electrical system is not in alignment. If they can resist you as strongly as they did before (when not holding the ammonia), that means their electrical system is out of whack, and/or needs some help. You can't do the rest of the experiment. It would be like asking a blind person to read a signpost. The person may need some magnesium. Or, I dunno. Ask Ted!

Another good example of a known toxin you can use for the first part of the experiment is fluoride-toothpaste. Any old tube of Crest or Colgate or Tom's-of-Maine-with-Fluoride will do. (BTW Colgate bought toms-of-maine. They are now the same company). Have the person put a little dollop of toothpaste on their tongue, and hold it in their mouth. They should NOT swallow. They hold the tube of toothpaste (open) in their left hand, which is at their side. They hold up their right arm, so that it is parallel to the ground; You say 'resist me!' and press down gently but firmly, increasing pressure as they resist. If their electrical system is in alignment, their right arm will go down down down like a limp noodle. You did not even tell them what the experiment was about, so this is not subjective. As far as they know, fluoride toothpaste is good for them.

C) STEP THREE: Now for the cell-phone. Take the person's cell-phone, which is unprotected. Make sure it is turned-on. Put it in their left hand, which as always, is down by their hip. Their left arm is at rest. Have them raise their right arm so that it is parallel to the floor. Place your hand on their right arm, just below the wrist. Say 'Resist me." Press down gently but firmly. Their right arm will go weak. Why? Because their cell phone, which is exerting strong discordant electromagnetic radiation, is in their left hand, and their left side is their receiving side.

D) STEP FOUR: Put their cell phone far away, or at least 6-10 feet away. Test the person with nothing again, just as a neutral step. See if, with no toxins in the vicinity, they can resist you as they did initially. They should be able to.

E) STEP FIVE: Take the cell phone that you have just now "protected" by attaching several (3) pennies with "Blue stick" to it. Put the "protected" cell phone in the person's left hand. Test them just as you did in STEP FOUR. If the pennies are adequately protecting your phone, the person will stay strong.

If they are weak when holding your protected phone: the three pennies are not strong enough to protect this person. They may be unusually vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation. The pennies are a cheap do-it-yourself remedy that while good, is not 100% effective. They reduce EMFs, but can only do so much. If you have a phone that emits a LOT of EMFs, you may need stronger measures. (Lap top computers are stronger than cell phones. They may require ten pennies. Try it). There are many EMF-reduction products sold that are very good--that are even excellent. I can't mention brand-names here b/c it's not kosher. Generally, the ones that offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee are better than those that offer only a 30-day one. A 30-day money back policy is probably a lame product. If pennies glued to your phone (or laptop) don't work, try gluing on onyx disks, or apache-tears-disks, or black tourmaline. Try silver disks. If those don't work, try some of the 60 or 90 day money back guarantee products. Test them! If they don't work for you, return them. I have a "resonator" necklace I bought from a site, that comes with a black-onyx and lithium battery charm, and it is very effective. I never take it off. My chiropractor, MD and naturopath have all tested it. I'm very sensitive to EMF's because I have aluminum poisoning. So I really need my protective necklace, my plants that ground my house, and etc. I keep my cell phone off whenever possible, and when it must be on, it's always on my right side, not my left. I can feel the difference whenever I accidentally carry it on my left side--I feel dizzy.

I've seen my resonator, when worn by people who go weak when carrying a cell phone, make these people strong enough to resist anything even when carrying the phone.

Heavy metals, EMF's, fungus-es, and yeast all work synergistically. They support each other and promote each other. I don't understand the science behind it, but my (integrative) MD, who's helping me chelate aluminim and mercury, explained it to me. When I am near EMFs--say at a laptop computer with the wireless on--I feel very dizzy, and I cann't focus. This is in part b/c of the EMF's. But it is also because the Candida inside my stomach and head, and the fungi, think they are being attacked (by the EMF) and act up. It's a perfect storm--and perfectly awful! I have high levels of heavy metals, and Candida, and fungus. I'm sure I'm not alone. The best solution, for me, is to a) chelate the darn aluminum, which is promoting the Candida and mold. b) once I've chelated the aluminum, I can get rid of the yeast and fungus. c) Once I've done that, I will not be as vulnerable to EMF's. D) in the meanwhile, and even once I'm better, I protect myself from EMFs by reducing exposure as much as possible--only using the wireless on my laptop when I need to, only turning my phone on when I need to; and by grounding my home, protecting my sleeping area, and putting reduction devices on my phone and laptop, and wearing personal protection (my resonator). If you're on a budget and would rather not buy commercial protection devices--try using plants in natural pots, and try adhering pennies to your phone and laptop with blue-stick! It's surprising what you can do yourself. I've also heard you can make your own EMF-reduction pyramids with copper wire, and ground your whole house that way. I'm sure you can google this.

But most of all, turn your cell phone and wireless signal (router) off at night. And get the electronics away from your bed! And if your job entails sitting at a live computer all day, and it's giving you headaches--consider switching fields. Why should you suffer? If you really can't switch--there are products strong enough to ground a computer, and self-protection devices that are strong also. However, the best protection is elimination.

I'd be curious to hear what people find, if they try the do-it-yourself kinesthetic arm-test. Given, it is a crude test and not the "proper" method that trained kinesthesiologists used. But I've seen it used successfully by many. Dying to hear if it works for some out there with cell phones.


Replied by Epona
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I apologize for responding to an old post, but I too would like to know the emf necklace you wear that actually works for ultra-sensitive people.

Thank you.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Epona - It seems like a lot of people were wondering what EMF protection Skullykip used in the 08/22/2009 post. There were about 5 requests for the information but no response. I did a search using his/her description (black onyx lithium battery charm resonator) and it came up with EarthCalm Galaxy Gem (earthcalm. Com). Together with the resonator, it costs about $400 - so I hope it works! Other people have had luck with Q-Link products (like Lisa from Thousand Oaks). Good luck finding a suitable product!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Epona,

I have worn a q-link for about 10 years now. I wear it all the time and it has some impressive endorsers who use it. I will say this though, I attended the Conscious Life Expo this weekend here in LA and had the opportunity to see a booth that carried the earth calm emf protector. The woman who worked the booth said she'd worn the q- link for quite a few years before being introduced to earthcalm. She has been wearing that one for 10 years now and upon putting it on the first time, her asthma disappeared and she hasn't had it since! She said up to then she'd always needed her inhaler and hasn't used it since then.

She let me try the pendant for 45 minutes to see if there were any changes because she said w/ this emf protector you actually feel changes if in fact your problems were due to them. Well, I have to say I could feel changes definitely! So, my point is, I would look into that one. I believe both of them are the same price. You can google earthcalm for detailed info of how it works. If I had the money, I would buy earthcalm in a heartbeat after I tried it! Hope this helps.

Replied by Star
(Brooklyn, New York)

2) Ground your bed--and your house--with plants! Put a plant that is in a natural pot--such as stoneware, wood, or pottery (clay) on a table also of natural substance (wood) by your bed. Take a strong or long piece of cloth that is either silk, cotton or wool or hemp (ie natural; ideally organic, but fine if conventional). Tie one end of the cord to a leg of the table that the plant is on. Tie the other end to a leg of the bed. Now your bed is Grounded. Seems ridiculous but is true. The plant derives strong natural harmonious energy from the earth's core. The energy will travel through the cord, to your bed. You can do this anywhere in your house--tie one end of a cord to a leg of a table that a plant is on, and tie the other end to a tassle of a natural-fiber rug, such as a wool rug, or cotton rug, or hemp-mat. Now the whole room is grounded, through the rug. If you already had plants around, this costs you nothing. You can tape the cord to the floor so it doesn't trip anyone, if you want. The more plants in natural pots (placed on natural surfaces) you have, the more grounded your house will be. Crystals work well too.

any documentaion showing that even plants even without a hole in the bottom linking to earth , and even crystels 2 crystels? will ground you ???

Replied by Erin
(Tampa Fl)

Thank you for the suggestion of using pennies to reduce EMF. I have powerlines outside my window and they were giving me merry hell, but I emptied my wallet of pennies and put them on the windowsill and I'm feeling a lot better now.

Replied by Carol
(Goode, Va)

Fantastic suggestions and very clear testing directions! Thank you so much for sharing and I pray you get better soon! I am also eliminating heavy metals I received from Chinese drywall. I have been told that Linen also protects from EMFs, so I hold my phone with a linen napkin or with my linen clothes, made linen sheets from fabric...Wool has the same frequency as linen, so I'm wondering if it would do the same thing (now that it's cold.) I guess I could do the test and find out. I have also heard that blue glass bottles help correct any EMF issues that have happened to essential oils, so I'm wondering if the color blue would do anything… Does anybody know?

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