Dry Mouth Remedies

Posted by Ava (Boston, Ma) on 11/25/2013

Here are some things I have found that helped relieve my dry mouth/thrush:

Honeybush Tea
Olive Leaf Extract
Molecular Silver (a more potent colloidal silver)
Coconut Oil - both refined and extra virgin

Posted by Good Samartian (Lake Forest, Ca) on 04/04/2011

Recently I came across this article that could help people with this mysterious symptom. The deficiency of vitamins & minerals is causing widespread havoc with our overall health these days and the answer is obviously taking multi-vitamins besides just looking into oils, herbs and vinegars.

Minerals are the basic elements our bodies are made of and sometimes that's just what our bodies need to miraculously get back on track. Magnesium & B Complex intake can help with dry mouth as can Iron intake as Anemia too can be the prime cause for dry mouth! Omega 3s have been suggested too.