Diabetic Neuropathy Remedies


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Posted by Trina (Georgia) on 10/08/2016
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I have been taking Niacinamide 500 mg, which is a B vitamin, and that has helped me tremendously. I tried the different Rx drugs but they didn't really help and couldn't tolerate most of the side effects! There's no side effects and it truly helps me. Hope this helps.


Posted by Julyn (Johnson City, TN) on 04/29/2006

Do you have any information on diabetic neuropathy? i am trying to find information on natural treatments for this problem. or do you know ofany other resources to check out. i will appreciate any information that you could forward. thank you

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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I can tell you some of the leads, although some information is a little hard to find.

Diabetic neuropathy is usually helped by vitamin B1, granulated lecithin, chromium picolinate, glucophage (metformin), aspirin (taken now and then along with chromium to help with absorption), antioxidants vitamin E, and most of all avoid all vegetable oils except coconut oil. Check the information where there is less bias by going directly to www.pubmed.org and look up research references on it. Diabetic neuropathy is helped greatly by takin more of Vitamin B1 separately and then take the vitamin B complex together. Some improvement will be noticed within 2 days. Lecithin according to research is very important. It was shown that taking vegetable oils (1/4 cup) found in fried chickens and other fried food will cause nearly everyone to go diabetic within the next day. Therefore, lecithin a fat emulsifier will reduce this effect. Only coconut oil, which is saturated fat (and good) is one that does not interfere or destroy the liver function, which prevents you from going diabetic. Most of this information can be confirmed by visiting www.pubmed.org and check the information out yourself.

Replied by Medicine Man
(Earth Clinic City, USA)

Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg 2x a day and there will be less pain from neuropathy in 3 wks.

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, TX)

dry brush massage also helps with this. i have had the tingling legs thing several times since diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. if i keep my blood sugar stable and dry brush massage my feet and legs everyday it goes away very quickly. dry brushing with a natural bristle brush or a loofah or even exfoliating mitts stimulates your nervous system and improves your circulation - both of which are very important for diabetics. try it! what do you have to lose? it is very cheap and good for everyone and it may help! djh

Replied by D.d.
(Moses Lake, Washington / Usa)

There is a product offered for helping in recovery from diabetic neuropathy. I am wondering if those of you who have struggled with and reasearched this problem have any experience with it, and what the results have been. I realize that EARTHCLINIC discourages posting product names and advertisements, but I don't know how else to find objective feedback, so I will post a link to the ad on EARTHCLINIC. Com, and see what happens. This is for a friend who is suffering with this problem, and attempting to find satisfactory medical treatment. Editing by EARTHCLINIC in a way that would allow posting is welcome.



http://www.realfoodnutrients.com/neuropathy/home.htm?sid=g&utm_source=googleneu&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=diabetic neuropathy treatment&utm_campaign=neuropathy

Wet Socks

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Posted by Susan (St Petersburg, FL) on 01/19/2007
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I have found a very simple solution to temporary relief of stinging, tingling, irritating numbness to my feet due to nerve damage from Diabetes II. I simply put on wet ankle socks when going to bed! I don't know why or how, but as long as the socks are wet, I sleep like a baby; the tingling and the irritation in my feet literally almost stops immediately. Yes, once the socks dry out, they need to be re-wet but this beats having to buy expensive medicine. I hope this helps somebody else!

Replied by Joshua
(Aiken, South Carolina)
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wet socks helped when i sprained my ankle to numb the pain but for bad circulation and diabetic neuropathy, it is the worst thing you can do. cold feet lessen circulation and worsen numbness and cause much pain when getting out of bed.

i personally found wrapping my feet with a heated blanket, food with garlic and onion and brewers yeast full of chomium picolinate made and incredible relief. do put the setting on the electric blanket at its lowest and sitting on the side of the bed running while sitting helps circulation and feeling to return.

Replied by Me
(Boulder, Co)

The numbness and burning in the feet is a very upsetting feeling and I do not even have diabetes but have that nerve problem. What cured it for me was the advice of a radio show doc who said high doses of vitamin B6 three times a day. Within three days the pain stopped. Hope it helps you also.


What is considered a high dose of B6?

Replied by Diabeticexplosion
(Falun, Dalarna, Sweden)

I have heard also that B6 is a great help, but also that if you take it too much for too long, it can actually get worse. So I have been careful with that, but I take it that it cannot be that bad if you won't take huge amounts. Someone said that one should never go above 150-200 mg/day. Are you familiar with that?

The main difficulty for me, is that I was tricked into believing that it went away, but it didn't. I was running around so much, and then it gets much better, but as soon as I rest a day or two, it comes back. The really phoney thing is that I was an opiate addict for decades, and then I had spectacular blood circulation, as opiates dilute the arteries and veins, but now when I stopped that, I grew cold all over. Vitamin B3 isn't helping either, what can one do to improve circulation if one doesn't want to use aspirin?

Replied by Tips For Free
(Napa, Ca)

I do not have Diabetes but I have nerve trauma from arthritic spurs on my spine. I experience pain, numbness, tingling and weird sensations up and down my legs. I have been helped by a B formula. I discovered it as a result of my endless search for an end to my agony. It has B 2, 5, 6 and 12, folic acid and Thiamine in it. Nothing makes it go away completely but thus far it is the only thing that has helped me.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Google "calcium AEP diabetes" and "acetyl L carnitine diabetes neuropathy" and you will find that both can be very helpful in dealing with both cause and effect of diabetes.

Replied by Jackie

I would refer folks to Om's comments..her idea is to tread feet in a bucket of cold water for two minutes before going to bed do dry feet but straight away put on WOOL socks and into bed.

Replied by Yvonne

Did your neurologist say the vitamins were ok? I asked mine and he said no. But I always wonder. I'm so tired of the pain.

Replied by Alan

Alpha lipoic acid, plus acethyl l carnitine, plus benfothiamine..👍👍

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