Diabetic Neuropathy Remedies

| Modified on Aug 20, 2021

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Echoechoecho (Knoxville, Tennessee, United States) on 04/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

During "diabetic neuropathy" research I found comments such as these about ALA, which - being a U. S. citizen - I had {of course} never even heard of.

Interested, I bought a bottle of 600mg ALA at a GNC store and in less than 24 hours, the terrible stabbing, electrical-shock-type pains in my feet had gone down 90%! I've taken 2 of the 600mg per day for 3 days.

Now, in my 3rd day I am having next to none at all, and have not noticed any side effects. Everyone with diabetes should be on this supplement, as they are in Germany. Maybe word will spread here in the states.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Richard (Vermont) on 02/04/2018
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I share this with people with diabetes 2. A year ago I decided that I was going to beat diabetes but I was just diagnosed with by my doctor. After quite a bit of research I came across the Roy Taylor diet from England. The claim is that one must reduce the caloric intake to 800 to 1000 calories per day which is difficult for a lot of people with less willpower. My A1C had risen from 6.01 to 7.02 within 6 months prior to my doctor's visit. Taylor's claim and extensive research over 10 years or more is that when the body collects fat it goes to the organs first and then collected elsewhere and when you reverse the process of low caloric dieting the fat is taken from the organs first and then elsewhere in the body that allows the pancreas and liver to function properly again.

I've always had a thin male body. In general the fat on my body collects primarily around my stomach area.

I started the diet by eating fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and a carefully orchestrated dinner not exceeding 800 to 1000 calories per day. I stayed on this diet for 2 months straight I lost about 20 to 27 pounds. During this time I exercise regularly as well by biking and walking. I probably carried this a little bit too far because I also lost muscle mass which I probably shouldn't have done. However the result when I visited my doctor 6 months later my A1C drop down to 6 .02 I believe which meant that I had to be in a low fives to bring it down a whole point.

Roy Taylor claims that anybody can beat diabetes 2 which I had heard while I was down in Mexico as well on a vacation.

Like most dieters I have a lot of weight that I didn't need return and my A1C last taken was around 6.45. I do believe that proper dieting staying away from dairy primarily and eating more plant-based food will help anyone along this path.

3 years later I try to exercise every day by walking at least one mile up and down hills.

I take no medicine and never have for my diabetic quote condition.

I would encourage anybody who has diabetes 2 to look into the Roy Taylor diet by Googling it. I have had neuropathy for quite a number of years now and I believe that I can beat that as well through increasing my circulation through proper diet in exercise.

I hope this information helps all those people with diabetic 2 conditions. Taylor claims this can actually cure you of diabetes2 and I believe him as evidenced by my own experience.

Thank God for this website and all those who've been successful using it!

Best regards, Richard

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Mistersong (Georgia) on 03/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank Echoechoecho and the folks at EC for posting this amazing cure for diabetic nerve pain. I had severe pain in my right lower leg as described so perfectly in Echoechoecho's initial post from 2012. The pain would begin early in the evening and would become more profound after I went to bed. It was excruciating and kept me awake for two nights. I logged on to EC, read the post, went to my pharmacy and purchased alpha-Lipoic Acid capsules (600 mg). I took one capsule that morning and miraculously had zero pain that day and all night. I have been taking one capsule daily for the past three days and have not experienced any more pain. Sleeping like a baby. Thanks again and God Bless.

Posted by Frank (Charlotte, Nc) on 08/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Christopher says that you should use warm water when taking cayenne because the warm water opens your system up and allows the cayenne to get into your system faster than using cold water. I took cayenne capsules several years ago and quit. Because of type 2 diabetes, my feet had become numb and I have pain and burning to the point that I had to stop my 30 minute daily walks.

I started taking cayenne powder (1 teaspoon in 8oz warm water three times a day) about two weeks ago for my heart and high blood pressure. To my surprise after 3 days of the cayenne, I suddenly noticed that my feet didn't hurt like they had before. After almost two weeks, I am just about completely free of pain and numbness. I am actually wearing shoes today that I could not walk in a month ago. I read today that cayenne will kill prostate cancer cells. Is there anything this herb won't do? I plan to make my cayenne regimen a part of my daily life from now on.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/29/2012

Hi Echoechoecho... I completely agree with you about the ALA. Very good for neuropathies and also doubly useful to diabetics because it has hypoglycemic effects (helps reduce blood sugar).

Another vitamin that is highly useful for diabetic neuropathies is higher dose B3. There are two forms -- niacin and niacinamide. B3 is useful for nerve repair, heart and blood conditions, digestion, arthritis, fibromyalgia and schizophrenia. B3 also relaxes the body and the mind.

Abram Hoffer was the doctor who found out many of the useful healing properties of B3 -- but these only occur at the higher dose. Here is some research:


The dosage for B3 is 1500 - 2000 mgs per day, in split doses daily. If you take the niacin form then please be aware of the "flush and blush" effect that it causes. Niacinamide does not cause this effect. B3 should normally be taken after meals and should always be taken with B complex vitamins. The latter works synergistically with B3 to improve results and B Complex also contains Folates and Choline which are also highly beneficial to nerve repair.

Lugol's Iodine is another substance that can reduce insulin dependency and reduce insulin resistance in some diabetics. Recent research has revealed that calcitonin, a hormone secreted from the thyroid gland to control bone formation, also indirectly controls the secretion of insulin from the beta cells of the pancreas. It works like this in the body:

Supplement Lugol's Iodine -- Increases Calcitonin hormone from the thyroid which regulates bone formation -- Increases osteocalcin bone hormone for bone formation -- Osteocalcin also increases beta cell insulin production and also decreases insulin receptor cell resistance in the body(proven).

Also notice that Iodine supplementation increases bone formation which is why iodine is healthy for bones too.

Therefore supplementing with lugol's iodine seems to increase the production and beneficial effects of the calcitonin hormone from the thyroid which, in turn and indirectly, increases the natural insulin in the blood and also helps to reduce insulin resistance at the cellular level. See this research:




Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Raque (Idaho) on 03/07/2017

Niacin is a methyl scrubber. Those who under methylate should NOT take niacin as it will reduce the number of methyl molecules available for methylation. For those who don't know, methylation is the process by which your body converts homocysteine to a inert molecule. Methylation occurs at a much higher rate in the brain than anywhere else in the body. If you under methylate, the effects of that a definitely felt in things like depression, anxiety and other brain imbalance symptoms.

Diabetes Medication Warning
Posted by C.R. (USA) on 04/06/2008
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Death by fatal heart attacks is a common side effect of diabetic medication. Even Glucophage product literature and the Physician's Desk Reference say that Glucophage can cause fatal heart attacks. Personally, I have known several diabetics who have died after taking Glucotrol and Glucophage.

After the last one died, I called my doctor. He said that the way that Glucophage and Gluoctrol kill is by progressive dehydration. As the body dries out, the blood gets thicker, he said. Thick blood gets harder and harder for the blood to pump. Eventually the heart gives out in a fatal heart attack.

Heart disease is now the second leading cause of death in the USA. Heart disase is also a complication of diabetes. Obviously, drugs that are known to cause heart attacks should never be prescribed, particularly to diabetics.

Saddest part: diabetic medication and insulin are totally unnecessary for Type II diabetics, according to Hungarian-born biologist Michael Somogyi. He advised the use of diet and exercise for the management of Type II diabetes. He also believed that Type I diabetics were overmedicated with insulin, which caused the now famous Somogyi or Rebound Effect. In the case of Type I diabetics, he felt that insulin could be reduced by 38%.

There are safer ways to lower blood sugar, such as using lquid chlorophyll (alfalfa extract), honey, cayenne peper, or apple cider vinegar. Some have been completely cured of diabetes by using honey or liquid chlorophyll. That means they no longer have to take any treatment because their body has returned to normal.

The dosage with liquid chlorophyll is one ounce, or shot glassful, in water twice daily. Alfalfa is a diuretic and should not be taken with the evening meal. Otherwise you ill be up all night running to the bathroom. It is said that liquid chlorophyll can cure diabetes in 3 months.

If that doesn't work, cayenne pepper is known to lower blood sugar. It can also cause vomiting in large doses. To avoid nausea after taking cayenne, you must build a tolerance to it. Start by taking a pinch of cayenne in water with each meal. Double the dose each day until you reach one teaspoon of cayenne in water with each meal. Peppermint and ginger can stop the nausea induced by cayenne if it is still a problem. In addition, cayenne is a laxative. Once your body adapts to cayenne, the laxative effect will stop.

Over time, you will build a tolerance to any medication, herb, or even exercise. Once you build a tolerance, the treatment will no longer work unless by then you have developed the placebo effect. In any event, it is wise to take a weeklong rest from every treatment once you have done it for 2 months or so. Then you can return to the treatment. During the rest, use something else.

Or you could use apple cider vinegar to lower blood sugar. There was a European study demonstrating that eating pickles with a meal lowered blood sugar in diabetics. Arizona State University then tested the effect of ACV with meals and found the same thing. The dosage is 2 tablespoons of ACV in water with each meal. The participants in this study also reported some weight loss.

Finally, scientists have known for years that the body makes its own inositol and that diabetics excrete a lot of it everyday. They also know that a deficiency of inositol causes diabetic neuropathy. Give it a shot.

P.S. Shirley Robinson says that Natural Transfer Factor cures diabetes. It is a derivative of colostrum, the liquid produced by mammals in the first few days after birth. Have read some amazing cures from people drinking raw colostrum - IF you can get access to a cow that has recently calved.

Additionally, the Weston Price site has an article by a medical doctor who researched the effect of raw cow's milk on diabetes at the Mayo Foundation, which was the predecessor of the Mayo Clinic. They obtained good results from a raw milk fast.

Stevia the herbal sweetener is also used as a medical treatment to lower blood pressure and sugar in South America. Assuming it is prescribed 3 times a day like most other herbal meds, the question is: how much? Although stevia is harmless, it is pricey at $43 a pound for stevia extract.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/31/2015

Sam, if the ALA seems to be helping what you are taking it for, then take less and drink more.

Posted by Laura (Newark, Ohio) on 05/21/2014

I just found this site! I've looking for help for diabetic neuropathy pain. I've been using msm in crystal form for two months, but always get a very sick stomach. On this low dose, haven't had any reduction in pain yet. Anyone else too sick from msm? Also, been putting dmso at 70% mixture on my feet at bedtime. Most nights it does reduce pain. Dr. Jacob said everyone who uses dmso will smell like garlic. I've never tasted it in my mouth or have ever smelled from using dmso. Thank you! Laura

Diabetes Medication Warning
Posted by Lotteb ( Missoula, Mt) on 07/08/2018

Thank you for this excellent review of alternates to these horrid diabetic drugs, all pharma options has worked for a few weeks and then the “side effects” hit hard and bg/A1c goes higher. Just FYI for all those suffering from diabetes, I never ate the SAD or lots of sugar-actually I don't like it and still the family curse caught up with me. I know I'm fourth generation. Following surgery where opioids were injected without my knowledge or consent, I now have unbearable neuropathy all over my body. I will try several of your recommendations and report back as I go along.

Much Gratitude to Ted and heart felt prayers for his health.

Diabetes Medication Warning
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 07/09/2018

What have you tried for the pain? Turmeric? Serapeptase? Nattokinase? Vitamin e? Sulfur? B vitamins?

Lately raw onion of all things helps my chronic pain. Raw garlic, calcium, and a berry flavored detox tea blend also help. Colloidal silver has at times, too.

Diabetes Medication Warning
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 09/24/2018

R Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the best natural treatments for neuropathy.

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 383 posts

I can tell you some of the leads, although some information is a little hard to find.

Diabetic neuropathy is usually helped by vitamin B1, granulated lecithin, chromium picolinate, glucophage (metformin), aspirin (taken now and then along with chromium to help with absorption), antioxidants vitamin E, and most of all avoid all vegetable oils except coconut oil. Check the information where there is less bias by going directly to www.pubmed.org and look up research references on it. Diabetic neuropathy is helped greatly by takin more of Vitamin B1 separately and then take the vitamin B complex together. Some improvement will be noticed within 2 days. Lecithin according to research is very important. It was shown that taking vegetable oils (1/4 cup) found in fried chickens and other fried food will cause nearly everyone to go diabetic within the next day. Therefore, lecithin a fat emulsifier will reduce this effect. Only coconut oil, which is saturated fat (and good) is one that does not interfere or destroy the liver function, which prevents you from going diabetic. Most of this information can be confirmed by visiting www.pubmed.org and check the information out yourself.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Charlotte (Victoria, Texas ) on 08/19/2021
0 out of 5 stars

I have Diabetic Neuropathy (numbness) in both feet and have been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid, 300 mg x2 a day.

Recently developed extreme dry skin on both big toes and both 2nd toes, that sometimes cracks and bleeds a little. Have started applying Vaseline to toes and wearing socks to bed.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 08/20/2021

I have battled foot issues and Eric Berg says it is a liver issue and I do have a liver complication. Cortisol is the main issue with my liver . The alpha lipoic acid lowers blood sugar and too low can cause dry skin on feet. I can say the liver is going to affect everything. I wouldn't just put creams on it, I would figure it out so it doesn't grow to be a larger problem. 9 Things Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Liver Problems - Dr.Berg - YouTube

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Grace (Ny) on 05/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Diabetic Neuropathy: R or Alpha - Lipoic acid helps with circulation as well as with nerve repair.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Bebe (Flatwoods, Ky) on 03/23/2017
4 out of 5 stars


Alpha Lipoic Acid for peripheral neuropathy:

I began using alpha-lipoic acid (300 mg twice a day) a little over a year ago and experienced almost immediate improvement in my symptoms which included numbness in my feet, restless legs, and what I can only describe as painful nerve "pings." I used it for months and it continued to provide relief. When I developed an awful vaginal yeast infection after having to take a course of antibiotics, I also noticed on closer inspection a rash on the skin around my vagina. I also suffer from a significant cystocele which causes pressure and friction. So I had a perfect storm going on in my pants. In the process of researching and treating this, I discovered information that alpha lipoic acid can cause rash. I immediately discontinued it and the rash improved. After a course of Diflucan and having achieved clearance and comfort, I tried the alpha lipoic again and proved it to be the source of the rash. I decreased my dosage to 100 mg. I know it sounds like too little, but it does still provide relief for my legs even at that low dose. But it also still causes itching. I need and want to use alpha lipoic acid. Do you have any suggestions about how I might use this in conjunction with something to mitigate the rash? At this point I am taking it for relief when I absolutely must have relief. I am amazed at how effective a 100 mg capsule can be considering the recommended dosages of 600 mg and up. Clearly I am sensitive and responsive to it...in both good and bad ways.

Posted by Trina (Georgia) on 10/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking Niacinamide 500 mg, which is a B vitamin, and that has helped me tremendously. I tried the different Rx drugs but they didn't really help and couldn't tolerate most of the side effects! There's no side effects and it truly helps me. Hope this helps.

Gluten Free, Supplements
Posted by Ali (Wales, Uk) on 06/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thiamin deficiency has been found to trigger many issues including peripheral neuropathy. It can set up sub-clinical Beri-Beri which can lead to neurological issues, heart problems, muscular weakness, fatigue, joint and other pains, cognitive impairment and even death in extreme cases.

Modern processed wheat flour, found in most commercial food these days is a Thamin thief. It does us no favours. It is fortified yes, but not usually with enough, or the right type or balance of nutritional elements to aid its digestion in the body. Adopting a gluten-free low-carb diet can be very helpful.

But getting Thiamin levels up and increasing sulphur-based elements seems to be a key to reversing diabetic issues, and in some cases even diabetes itself. Thiamin (B1) is needed for glucose metabolism, insulin production and utilisation, aids the mitichondria to use glucose for energy, protects the myelin sheath around the nerves, and is a key player in cell integrity.

We are very deplete in healing sulphur and sulphur-based elements these days apparently. I have been increasing my sulphur(with garlic & MSM), Thiamin and Biotin and my energy levels are coming up. My digestion is improving and my hair has virtually stopped falling out. I have just ordered some Benfotiamine to take with the Thiamine. Some people have found that it has lowered their sugar levels and insulin resistance.

I have already reversed my diabetic neuropathy by going gluten-free 7 years ago, but I am looking forward to the extra improvements from taking therapeutic B1.

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 05/21/2014

Laura from Newark , Ohio ---- I have no more trouble with neuropathy since using AMALA , a very potent and pure vit. C. from India. It is available also online. To date it is three years. I take it as a powder, in solution with warm water and stevia (I use honey) and, at least three tsp. and divide this for about two days, drunk through a straw to protect tooth enamel, You can read up on this highly potent vit C on Ayurvedic sites. If I forget for a little while, I get small twinges to remind me.

Be aware that all vit C is now GMOed. I also take dissolved turmeric in almond milk daily with Amala for many benefits including sugar. Turmeric also has much chromium. This combination is suggested by Ayurveda for sugar with many more benefits. Namaste, Om

Posted by Jonah (Australia) on 02/22/2015

Take MSM with Molybdenum to remedy the sick feeling MSM gives!

... If taking MSM, garlic, onions or other Sulfur rich foods makes you feel sick? take some molybdenum.

"I had a bad reactions to high sulfur foods (a garlic and onion soup I made) which I had not experienced in the past, and indicated to me I was getting sicker.

I started out with 300 mcg of Molybdenum and worked up to 1000 mcg. WOW! Not only did the Molybdenum take care of the 'sulfur sickness' I was experiencing, but the brain and thinking problems cleared up and I had a lot more energy after only 3 weeks.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Lotte B (Missoula, Mt) on 09/22/2018

Forgot to mention I have found temporary relief by soaking feet in cold water with 2 cups of magnesium chloride ( I tried mag sulfate-not effective). Recently started using magnesium oil gel and it gives longer relief...again not a cure so far. I will find a deeper bucket to soak in...thanks.

Diabetes Medication Warning
Posted by Nena (Oklahoma) on 06/10/2016

Hi C.R.:

In 2008 an excerpt of what you posted follows: " Some have been completely cured of diabetes by using honey or liquid chlorophyll."

My question is, what doses would it be recommended to use for the honey?

Wet Socks
Posted by Alan (Mexico) on 06/11/2020

Alpha lipoic acid, plus acethyl l carnitine, plus benfothiamine..👍👍

Posted by Medicine Man (Earth Clinic City, USA) on 02/05/2009

Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg 2x a day and there will be less pain from neuropathy in 3 wks.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Sam (Illinois) on 12/30/2015
0 out of 5 stars

When I take Alpha Lipoic Acid for diabetic neuropathy, it burns when I pee.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/21/2014


On foot pain issue caused by neuropathy...

I'm an advocate of DMSO so am glad you are already onto it. Also consider using the DMSO gel if you are not using that. Try applications during the day also.

Another help for diabetic neuropathy is the wonderful "AEP" (comes in different forms; mag AEP and calcium AEP) which Hans Nieper popularized. Dr. Adkins used AEP in IV drips for his MS patients. If you go on line you can find sources for Calcium AEP...I'd give four or five at night to my mother who had full blown MS especially a lot if she was having flair ups. Worked wonders. I've mentioned AEP many times on EC and have always referenced the google site: "Calcium AEP nutrition review" for a great article.

On dietary issues; I presume you are off the carbs which present glucose problems for diabetic folks or pre-diabetic.

Another trick that has worked for me...baking soda, a half teaspoon dissolved in half glass of water. Apply the liquid to feet and legs...twice within three minutes. Then I drink the rest. It helps alkalize the system and the application somehow really helps the "restless" or aching limbs. Works for me. Usually within minutes.

Posted by Vera (Blacks Beach, Queensland Australia) on 02/11/2015

I don't know about either DMSO or MSM but I use "Tegretol CR 200" (Carbamazepine 200mg controlled release) even though this is not a natural remedy, one tablet at night helps me heaps. I hope this helps you.

Posted by Daniellerenee (Ocean Shores Wa) on 02/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have severe Diabetic Nerve Pain and used to take Alpha Lipoic Acid, but then it seemed to stop working. I wondering what else I could try, and was thinking about Cayenne and how it increases circulation. I began taking one capsule three times a day with meals and it really helps. The first night I could feel my feet tingling very dramatically. I hope other people have good luck as I have.. Danielle

Dietary Changes
Posted by Om (Hope BC, Canada) on 07/15/2013

Reham from Cairo - C. I have had severe pains as described for quite a while but since I started taking high doses of vitamin C to body tolerance, I am free of pain. If you experience diarrhea, cut back. Hydrotherapy just before bed by water treading in a high bucket of cold water is also very good for cramps and excellent for blood circulation, especially for diabetes.

People also use alpha lipoic acid. It is expensive and depletes some vitamins. I have opted for the above regimen with very good results. Hope this helps. Om

Dietary Changes
Posted by Nena (Oklahoma) on 06/10/2016

Hi Om from Hope BC, Canada, In your post of 07/15/2013 you said: "People also use alpha lipoic acid. It is expensive and depletes some vitamins." What vitamins does it deplete?

Mahanarayan Oil, B Vitamins
Posted by Om (Hope, , Canada, Bc) on 01/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I was suffering from the excruciating pains of neuropathy in my foot. Months later, I have only an occasional feeling type of reminder but it is rare now. I use hydrotheraphy. Before bed, tread cold water for two minutes in a tall bucket. Do not dry but put on wooled socks and so to bed. In the morning I take a rough luffa type of glove and massage the feet and sometimes the entire body. The feet will be smooth and pink. Then I apply a special sesame oil called Mahanarayan oil in Ayurvedic medicine. This, warmed up and applied to feet and legs. One could also use plain organic sesame oil as this is the only oil that will penetrate all skin layers according to Aurvedic medicine.

I also had started to take vit B6 in addition to B complex. I am also taking B3 500mg but had to halve it because of the burning. I am without the pain now but work to prevent a recurrence. The hydrotheraphy can be done without interruption and it induces sleep. Oh, I am also taking ACV now. All the best. Om

Mahanarayan Oil, B Vitamins
Posted by Debra (ga) on 12/01/2020 5 posts

Thx for the info... I have just started having numbness and tingling in my toes for about 1 month now and read where ACV helps and it does. I apply to my feet and with my hemp oil lotion and take in water and have notices reduction in numbness... I will add this sesame oil to my regiment for better relief Thx

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Diane (Framingham, Ma) on 10/21/2012

Hi Echo, echo, echo... Are you still taking 1200 mgs of ALA and are you still getting the same results?

thx much

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Becky (Rogersville Tn) on 07/15/2016

To: "Echoechoecho (Knoxville, Tennessee, United States) on 04/28/2012" Can you give an update on your numbness? Are you still taking ALA? Did it bring any feeling back? I'm looking for a way to cure the numb feet for my diabetic father. Have you tried cayenne? Thank you!

Diabetes Medication Warning
Posted by Lotte B (Missoula, Mt) on 09/22/2018

I found that benfotiamine seemed to help for a couple of weeks, I tried 500 mg 2-3x per day plus a full B complex...but then the pain punched back with a vengeance. I was able to get an IV treatment of high B complex and magnesium and it really helped but only lasts one week and is very pricey. I was able to get bg way down, but allas, extreme levels of pain drives bg and bp right up.

I've been afraid of cayenne due to possible asthma but this level of agony has to be worse than trying cayenne. Would love to try the raw milk healing but mt still remains in the dark ages so it's not available.

Any feedback is welcome.

Wet Socks
Posted by Susan (St Petersburg, FL) on 01/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have found a very simple solution to temporary relief of stinging, tingling, irritating numbness to my feet due to nerve damage from Diabetes II. I simply put on wet ankle socks when going to bed! I don't know why or how, but as long as the socks are wet, I sleep like a baby; the tingling and the irritation in my feet literally almost stops immediately. Yes, once the socks dry out, they need to be re-wet but this beats having to buy expensive medicine. I hope this helps somebody else!

Wet Socks
Posted by Me (Boulder, Co) on 07/11/2010

The numbness and burning in the feet is a very upsetting feeling and I do not even have diabetes but have that nerve problem. What cured it for me was the advice of a radio show doc who said high doses of vitamin B6 three times a day. Within three days the pain stopped. Hope it helps you also.

Posted by Dianna (Austin, TX) on 02/06/2009

dry brush massage also helps with this. i have had the tingling legs thing several times since diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. if i keep my blood sugar stable and dry brush massage my feet and legs everyday it goes away very quickly. dry brushing with a natural bristle brush or a loofah or even exfoliating mitts stimulates your nervous system and improves your circulation - both of which are very important for diabetics. try it! what do you have to lose? it is very cheap and good for everyone and it may help! djh

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Dannyel (Wisconsin) on 09/13/2017

Have you tried a probiotic?

Gluten Free, Supplements
Posted by Cr (Texas, Usa) on 01/30/2018

January 28,2018 : Enjoyed your comments about diabetic neuropathy. I've been praying numbness in my feet would leave. It happens mostly at night and disturbs my sleep. I will try a gluten free diet first. Thanks. - Char

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