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Posted by Richard (Vermont) on 02/04/2018
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I share this with people with diabetes 2. A year ago I decided that I was going to beat diabetes but I was just diagnosed with by my doctor. After quite a bit of research I came across the Roy Taylor diet from England. The claim is that one must reduce the caloric intake to 800 to 1000 calories per day which is difficult for a lot of people with less willpower. My A1C had risen from 6.01 to 7.02 within 6 months prior to my doctor's visit. Taylor's claim and extensive research over 10 years or more is that when the body collects fat it goes to the organs first and then collected elsewhere and when you reverse the process of low caloric dieting the fat is taken from the organs first and then elsewhere in the body that allows the pancreas and liver to function properly again.

I've always had a thin male body. In general the fat on my body collects primarily around my stomach area.

I started the diet by eating fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and a carefully orchestrated dinner not exceeding 800 to 1000 calories per day. I stayed on this diet for 2 months straight I lost about 20 to 27 pounds. During this time I exercise regularly as well by biking and walking. I probably carried this a little bit too far because I also lost muscle mass which I probably shouldn't have done. However the result when I visited my doctor 6 months later my A1C drop down to 6 .02 I believe which meant that I had to be in a low fives to bring it down a whole point.

Roy Taylor claims that anybody can beat diabetes 2 which I had heard while I was down in Mexico as well on a vacation.

Like most dieters I have a lot of weight that I didn't need return and my A1C last taken was around 6.45. I do believe that proper dieting staying away from dairy primarily and eating more plant-based food will help anyone along this path.

3 years later I try to exercise every day by walking at least one mile up and down hills.

I take no medicine and never have for my diabetic quote condition.

I would encourage anybody who has diabetes 2 to look into the Roy Taylor diet by Googling it. I have had neuropathy for quite a number of years now and I believe that I can beat that as well through increasing my circulation through proper diet in exercise.

I hope this information helps all those people with diabetic 2 conditions. Taylor claims this can actually cure you of diabetes2 and I believe him as evidenced by my own experience.

Thank God for this website and all those who've been successful using it!

Best regards, Richard