Diabetic Neuropathy Remedies

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Bebe (Flatwoods, Ky) on 03/23/2017
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Alpha Lipoic Acid for peripheral neuropathy:

I began using alpha-lipoic acid (300 mg twice a day) a little over a year ago and experienced almost immediate improvement in my symptoms which included numbness in my feet, restless legs, and what I can only describe as painful nerve "pings." I used it for months and it continued to provide relief. When I developed an awful vaginal yeast infection after having to take a course of antibiotics, I also noticed on closer inspection a rash on the skin around my vagina. I also suffer from a significant cystocele which causes pressure and friction. So I had a perfect storm going on in my pants. In the process of researching and treating this, I discovered information that alpha lipoic acid can cause rash. I immediately discontinued it and the rash improved. After a course of Diflucan and having achieved clearance and comfort, I tried the alpha lipoic again and proved it to be the source of the rash. I decreased my dosage to 100 mg. I know it sounds like too little, but it does still provide relief for my legs even at that low dose. But it also still causes itching. I need and want to use alpha lipoic acid. Do you have any suggestions about how I might use this in conjunction with something to mitigate the rash? At this point I am taking it for relief when I absolutely must have relief. I am amazed at how effective a 100 mg capsule can be considering the recommended dosages of 600 mg and up. Clearly I am sensitive and responsive to it...in both good and bad ways.