How To Prevent Cavities Naturally

| Modified on Apr 16, 2024
Cavity Prevention Remedies

You may think that there is little you can do to heal a cavity aside from go to your dentist and have it filled. While this is likely the most common option, it is not the only remedy. In fact, recent research suggests that a number of natural treatments can be used to reverse tooth decay without the drill. If you are not much of one for needles or even if you just prefer making healthier choices for yourself, consider treating (or preventing) your next cavity by making dietary changes, boosting your nutrient intake, using a mineralizing toothpaste, and oil pulling.

What Are the Best Ways to Reverse Tooth Decay Naturally?

Cavities are the result of tooth decay or the destruction of your actual tooth structure. The goal in treating a cavity is removing the decaying material as well as any bacteria that is causing decay and supporting the development of the tooth to heal. Previously research only supported the typical practice of drilling and then filling a cavity; however, today research suggests that a variety of different remedies can be used to stop decay and remineralize the tooth. In fact, some of the best ways to heal a cavity include making dietary changes, increasing your nutrient intake, brushing with a mineralizing toothpaste, and oil pulling. Nonetheless, you should always consult your dentist prior to self-treatment.

1. Dietary Changes

The food you eat greatly affects your overall health as well as the health of your teeth. If you are trying to heal a tooth, considering limiting sugars in your diet as these food particles get into the tooth crevices and actually initiate decay. Likewise, you should eliminate foods high in phytic acid – a mineral blocker and enzyme inhibitor typically found in grains, seeds, nuts, and beans.

2. Nutritional Supplements

In addition to eliminating certain foods, you should also focus on incorporating nutrient-dense foods in your diet. You may even want to take daily supplements. It is important that you eat a diet rich in calcium, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium, and phosphorus. Try to incorporate additional raw and cooked vegetables, raw dairy, fruit, and animal protein in your diet. Consider taking a vitamin D supplement of 5,000 IU on days you are not in the sun.

3. Mineralizing Toothpaste

A mineralizing toothpaste helps naturally restore your teeth’s structure. You can typically find mineralizing toothpastes at health food stores, or try making your own using 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of xylitol, 20 drops of peppermint essential oil, and 20 drops of trace minerals.

4. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is another effective remedy for cavities. Simply swish a tablespoon of oil around your mouth for 20 minutes every day to draw the bacteria out of your mouth hand teeth and naturally restore oral health. Read more about Oil Pulling here.

Continue reading below for more natural cure reviews from our readers. Please let us know what you've tried!

Black Walnut Tooth Powder

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 07/24/2015

My husband had a molar that was bothering him. It as not at the gum line and was bothered by hot and cold and flossing. From past experience, he knew it was a cavity. I mixed him up a batch of Black Walnut Tooth Powder. He used this twice a day instead of toothpaste. Now, about six months later, he realizes that it doesn't bother him at all! It was helpful right away but it took a while for a complete cure. When we used Black Walnut tincture for a cavity on a four year old, it healed up in weeks not months. But kids do tend to heal faster.

Tooth Powder Recipe:

  • 1 Tablespoon Black Walnut Powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Baking Soda
  • 1 Tablespoon Diatomaceous Earth
  • 10 drops essential oil (I used orange for him as he does not like peppermint)
  • 4 drops Stevia Extract (optional, but helpful)

This could be made without the Diatomaceous Earth. Just use 1 1/2 Tablespoons each of baking soda and black walnut powder. It will be saltier this way, though. Another option is to substitute Bentonite Clay for the Diatomaceous Earth. I am not settled in my mind if this would be okay if you already have fillings in your mouth because of the Bentonite's effect on mercury.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Pamela
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Looking for solid info about curing a cavity on a 4 year old with black walnut tincture

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Pamela,

I used black walnut tincture when my son had a cavity. He was 4. I put one dropperful of black walnut tincture into a cup with about an ounce of water in it. I had him swish this for 20 seconds and then swallow. I did this each night for a month. (I may have also done it in the morning but that was 7 years ago, so I don't recall.)

That is all I did and the cavity did heal. Herbpharm is a reputable source for black walnut tincture.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Natural Girl

Thank you for your post. Can coconut oil be added to this solution?

Replied by Marsh57

Hi Mama To Many and others who have any suggestions. Our 2 year old grandson has 4 cavities and will eat only carbs. We've tried everything (sneaking bits of chicken, fish, meat, veggies) into dishes. It seems the textures upset him and he'll cry - really cry as if his feelings were terribly hurt. Last summer he didn't like to walk on grass, would overreact. This summer we noticed grass is ok, thank God. His speech is also delayed although he's making more sounds, getting some words out. A speech therapist just began coming in 2x a month and he's been tested. They think he had bad ear infections that has slowed his speech. Keeping fingers crossed. Any suggestions on how to help getting proteins and veggies into his diet? We're making homemade tooth paste and a salve with coconut oil and clove, sneaking it on to his teeth during naps and after he falls asleep at night. Thanks and blessings.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Marsh57,

Have you tried smoothies? The texture is like milkshakes and it is easy to get all sorts of things in. But start simple to make sure it is palatable and then you can venture out.

We use one or more of the following:

  • frozen blueberries
  • frozen pineapple
  • frozen banana

Choose a milk:

  • whole milk
  • almond milk
  • coconut milk

We sweeten with honey, blackstrap or raw sugar.

I have put canned beets in my smoothie - it makes it pink and quite pretty!
Some will put spinach in, but don't start with a green smoothie, I think.

We will add a raw egg to ours, but we have access to our own free range eggs. This is a great way to get in protein.

Cottage cheese is another thing to add with plenty of protein. My boys love to add peanut butter to theirs, another great protein source.

I hope this will be helpful and that others will have some ideas for you as well.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Marsh57

Thank you Mama To Many and many blessings to you.

Replied by Marsh57

Dear Moma, Today while watching our 2 yr old grandson we started brushing his teeth, he jerked he began crying. I lifted his upper lip and a blood blister about the size of a pencil eraser was on his gum above his front tooth. My heart just sank ~ another dilemma with this little boy :-( Within the hour it spread wider and became purplish. He has a dental appt for root canals (the 4 cavities I wrote about above because he's holding his jaw and crying several times a day.) Thoughts??? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Marsh,

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about that.

If he is awaiting root canals, I am assuming this is an abscess?

How soon will he see the dentist? If it isn't very soon, perhaps the dentist would see him sooner?

For some temporary pain relief and possibly to help draw out infection a tea bag could be held between the lip and gum.

But if there is an abscess and he is in pain I would try and get him seen by a pediatrician as soon as possible if the dentist cannot see him soon.

If you notice it getting worse instead of better or if he runs a fever, I would go to the ER or an urgent care type clinic. I don't mean to be dramatic, but there are definitely times I would use an antibiotic, especially for a little one.

Let me know how he is doing.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

He's two, his diet is acidic and need to alkaline rinse his mouth at bedtime.

(Faithville , Us)

Use topical comfrey cream on face and neck and then eat some eggshell powder, In three months teeth should remineralize

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Marsh, I'm not Moma but maybe check what this child is eating. Too much sugar/junk might be the cause.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

in the time: before he gets to see a doctor you can empty a tea bag and put some activated charcoal in it ( pinch 1/16 tsp. ) with some peppermint oil if you have it ( I would drop the oil on a plate and then with your finger put some, (very little) of the oil on the teabag), have him keep it in his mouth on the site while you read a book to distract him....or use a toy so he is not focused on removing it. It will draw out some of the toxins . Ginger in his food will help...even some candied ginger(the size of his pinky fingernail)...very tiny piece, it can sting on open sores, but kills all kinds of bacteria, fungus, microbes, germs, virus. Coconut oil used to make him some popcorn with seasalt on it will help alot. vinegar and sea salt potato chips if he will eat them

A childs dose of alpha lipoic acid, don't know what that is but it kills nerve pain. Childrens b vitamins help with raw nerves and stress. As a last resort baby orajel to stop the pain

a mix of peppermint oil(drop), coconut oil(TBSP) and baking soda(TBSP) at night to coat those teeth while he sleeps would do a world of good for the pain, just use a very fine coating on his gums and teeth, safe to swallow

Replied by Rsw


In addition to the other suggestions given, I might add that perhaps a second opinion before proceeding with four root canals on a two year old would be a good idea. I can't imagine that another, less traumatizing, route would not be available. Poor little guy! I am so sorry he is suffering like this. Maybe Mama's suggestion for antibiotics could be tried first, and a pediatrician may have a salve for his gums, also. I hope he feels better soon.

Replied by KT

What a good idea. Thank you...and it is really a joy to see you!!

KT <><

Replied by Carolyn

Hi, just wondered how your grandson was doing. I have used a solution of powdered vitamin C and warm water to rinse my mouth when I've had tooth pain. Hope your grandson is doing well. I would hate to see someone so young go through having root canals.

Replied by Marsh57
(Denver, Co)

Dear Mama & Concerned Friends ~ since I last wrote, our grandson (now 29 months) had 10 caps (this was a 2nd opinion) in Sept (no root canals). His diet still mainly consists of carbs; he'll eat chicken nuggets, eggs occasionally, yogurt, and cheese. It seems he has problems with the texture of other foods; will stick his tongue out so we can remove the food or he becomes upset. He's seeing a speech therapist who said his tongue is not normally working on occasion, causing him to gag-cough. She thinks the brain isn't able to process putting 3 consecutive sounds together. For example when we're working with him to say 'pot', he says ppp, a and t, but unable to string the syllables together. Since Thanksgiving he is saying 'mom', da da, hi, bye, blue, two. Today, his mom put turkey on his plate which was ok; when the mashed yams went on he had a melt-down. His mom put him down so we wouldn't have an upset child during Christmas dinner and told him there wouldn't be any food after. Changing his diaper today, my sister who daycares him, brought to my attention he's starting to shake his hands and wiggle his fingers (not as in tremor. sorry, hard to describe); he's also done it recently a couple times to her when he doesn't want her to get too him. When desert was being served, he wanted sweets but not allowed. His Dad was eating dessert and telling/teasing him how good it was. When putting on new pants for Christmas; he was tugging and whimpering to take them off. When it was time to leave, his dad carried him outside in a long-sleeved shirt, diaper and little socks in 20 degree weather to get a pair of pants. Next thing we know, our grandson is standing outside on the sidewalk crying big tears for several minutes. He wanted to go to my sister with whom he loves dearly, but Dad said no (they won't allow him to go to her when he's fussing), which only made him cry harder. To boot, he was sick last week with a sore throat and slight fever. Great and Grandparents very upset. Said more than we should have which resulted in an unpleasant end to Christmas. Sorry for the long dissertation, but we're concerned IF there is something physically wrong, this beautiful little boy is being treated like a child without issues. We're sick, scared, angry (mom and dad wear their jackets) and want to protect him but at the same time don't want them to keep him away from us. Any thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. Blessings to all.


Try acupuncture. The Japanese method. Chinese needles are too large. It will not hurt.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Marsh57,

This is so hard for you as a grandparent who loves this little one so much but can only do so much to help. And your help and input isn't always welcome...

I am encouraged that the child is going to a speech therapist. This person should have the background to make connections if there are other health problems underlying.

It surely seems as if sometime is going on. First of all, you have been concerned (wisely) about his teeth issues for a while. It does seem as if nutritional deficiencies are a problem. Even children with pretty limited or inadequate diets do not always have this many dental problems (they often take longer to develop.)

So you continue to find ways to help him with his nutrition. But perhaps there is another issue with food absorption or parasites that could be interfering with nutrients in the body. Though you have used black walnut, correct? That can help parasites... Home made bone broth can help with the gut. It may be a trick to find a way to get him to consume it. Home made jello? You could buy plain gelatin (I think green pastures is a good brand) and use juice (100% concord grape is good for health problems and well tolerated by children, usually) to make gummies or jello squares.

The hand shaking/finger wiggling - would you describe it as "flapping?" That can go along with speech disorders and underlying health concerns. Again, its good that a speech pathologist is involved. A child that is having difficulty with speech and communication will sometimes have these behaviors due to this frustration with lack of communication. I think feeling stressed can also bring them on. And nutritional deficiencies may exacerbate them. (Magnesium deficiency, would be my first guess.) Here is an interesting article about "flapping."

Does he take vitamins? I am thinking of some sort of natural type without artificial sugars or food dyes....

Speaking of which, some children can be very sensitive to artificial sugars, food dyes and msg and this can cause behavior difficulties.

Epsom salt baths when you or your sister have him (you wouldn't have to talk about it as a treatment, just a fun part of the day) can help with general detox, getting magnesium into the body and relaxing. I put a cup into a bath for toddlers (but if loose stools are a problem use less.)

Is there a possibility of mercury toxicity? (Living in a house with old paint, possibly some vaccines...) That idea keeps popping into my head.

How about a hair analysis? I have not done this before and don't really know a lot about it, but it may be something you could have done for him (discretely if needed) that could reveal any vitamin/mineral deficiencies or any overloads (mercury.) It may be easier to figure out what to focus on with foods and supplements at least when he is in yours or your sister's care.

Will he sit still to be read to? Reading to toddlers is really good for their communication skills. It would be something positive you can do.

Obviously this child means so much to you and your sister and you don't want to loose the opportunities to speak into his life and care for him. But not only are you trying to help him, you are working through his parents who are having a hard time handling him in a loving and patient way all the time. I would encourage you to try to encourage them in ways you can that are not taken by them as criticism whenever you can. And do what you can for him while you have him in your care, as you do.

The communication problem, the sensitivities, the food difficulties may all pass as he grows and develops or they may all be part of a bigger picture; you just are not able to make everything happen as you would if you were the parent. I will pray for wisdom for you and for healing for this little guy...and his parents to have love and patience and wisdom.

Keep us posted....

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Epeach

Mama to Many,

Thank you for all of your wonderful, thoughtful, caring advice! You heal through your kind words, alone!

Replied by Marsh57

Dear Mama,

Thank you so much for your input. His hands aren't flapping, more like sign language but also includes his wrists. He just started this a couple weeks ago, but we've also been concerned the last couple week that he's becoming frustrated not being able to communicate. I researched for hours last couple days and read about "apraxia". He has several of the symptoms. You're right about the vaccines, my gut says the same. His older sister, now 8, has very slight ADHD symptoms and feel the same. His mom feeds them cheap food - yogurt with high sugar content, egg whites cuz yolks are fattening... all this raises my blood pressure as the kids are beanpoles. My sister and I will make the gummies, add walnut in a drink, magnesium, hair analysis, etc. He like to be read to and can sit still. When he's with us, we only feed him natural/organic foods. (We keep our mouths buttoned, it's only when dad does something like take him outside in the freezing cold without clothes. Even when babies, he would take them out - even right after a warm bath when it was cold enough to see your breath. We tell them, "if its cold enough for you to need a hat, coat & gloves, it's a good indication your baby needs to be wrapped in the same. Their response is that they're trying to build up their immune systems.) God Grant Me The Serenity..... Many blessing to you Mama, you're magnificent.

Replied by Nonny

Dear Marsh57

Being a parent is the hardest and the most important job in the world.

Both you and your sister are doing a wonderful job with your grandson. Mama to Many's reply to you is full of compassion and sincerity, coupled with some incredibly useful advice.

What bothers me, though, is the behavior exhibited by the father (teasing his child with dessert when the toddler can't have any, exposing his son to the cold for several minutes when the poor boy was just wearing a shirt, diaper and socks AND when he had been sick with a fever last week, letting him cry alone on the sidewalk).

If this is how the dad behaves in front of witnesses, what does he do when he is alone with the child? Not everyone is cut out to be a dad or mom.

I don't know the whole story - no one does - except the parents. However, this sounds like child abuse.

Do you have someone you can trust to evaluate your grandson? Can you or your sister take him to a pediatrician for a thorough check-up? Is there a pastor or someone else who can guide you on what you can do?

I'm just so worried about your grandson. His health problems may be compounded by the treatment he is receiving at the hands of his father and/or mother. She is aware of what the dad is doing and didn't object ...<

I apologize for being judgemental. Children are innocent and it's up to adults to see that they are being looked after properly 24/7.
I know it's extremely difficult for you and your sister - I wish you the best of luck.

Replied by Marsh57

Nonny, thank you for your response. We've been concerned about his dad being too rough too and yes, the word 'abuse' has also surfaced in conversations with various family members. Dad does grab the 8 year old by the arm roughly to where she starts crying/screaming, "My arm, my arm, you're hurting me! " and now he's doing it to our 2 yr old. A couple other incidents I won't go into but we have talked to a counselor who also said the arm pulling would qualify as child abuse. The dad is a good guy, a great dad, he just doesn't know how to handle children.(His mom left when he was a little boy, his dad worked and he raised himself.) Not a lot of common sense, for example, he has the kids sit down and play quietly; then he jumps in front of them like a monkey to make them laugh. Lots of mixed messages that ends up getting them in trouble.

I copied and sent your & Mama's messages to my sister. Your points & concerns = ours. My sister addressed taking the babies out in the cold with pediatrician when the mom was present; he said the cold won't affect their well-being. Now you know why the parents think it's ok. Mom trying to present united front with husband, unfortunately at the well-being of her children. Off to make counseling appointment.

Thanks again for your kind words and shoulder. Blessings to you.

Replied by Nonny

Hi Marsh57 -

Thank you for such a gracious reply!

After I responded to your earlier email, I cringed thinking it was harsh - but it was already sent. However, now that you mentioned the dad's upbringing, I'm wondering if he had been treated similarly by his own father and thinks this is how to be a parent.

While one child might consider such rough "horse play" fun (maybe the dad enjoyed it with his own father); another child might live in fear of being hurt.

If the parents are open to it (even if only one is), counseling is a great idea. It would go a long way in healing the relationships - between parent and child and, of course, between the parents and the relatives who want to help but don't know exactly what to do.

I wish you and your family the best of luck. It will be a challenge but well worth it. Please keep in touch. Take care and best wishes for 2018.

Replied by Beth
(San Diego)

Marsh 57:

I would strongly encourage your daughter and husband to do baby sign language with your grandson. It really is super easy, don't be apprehensive! Just like teaching a child to wave hi and bye, there are a few words that can help him communicate if he cannot speak yet. Even though he is two it can still help! “Eat, drink, more and milk” are very easy and super useful as those words are frequently used! I currently am doing baby sign language with my 16 month old, and she is already talking (children who do baby signs typically speak sooner), I also did baby sign language with my other two children).

Also, perhaps your grandson may also have a tongue tie. For some reason it popped into my head when reading about his eating issues. It's when the tongue membranes are attached on the sides or roof of his mouth. You can have him try to stick his tongue out of his mouth and see if he can. Also do more research about it& there are doctors that can help, with that.

Replied by Nikki
(South Carolina)

Marsh 57, my heart goes out to your grandson and to you. My advice is small, but perhaps it's a step in a healthy direction...vegetable powders are my secret ingredient. My veggie-hating family/friends eat all kinds of veggies because they don't know I use them. Some powders can be bought online, though I dry and powder most of my own (a dehydrator and a spice grinder or a high-speed blender). Squash powder is so mild and neutral colored, that it can be hidden in almost anything. I replace 2-3 tbsp of flour for every cup of flour in a baked goods recipe. I add 1/4-1/2 tsp beet powder to yogurt (can't taste the smaller amount) or chocolate muffins. Just about any veggie can be dried and powdered, and a few pinches can be cooked into or sprinkled over almost any dish.

Replied by Mama To Many

What a great idea, Nikki! I am sure this will help many people!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Marsh57

Beth and Nikki, thank you for your suggestions. I researched for days and day and discovered our little boy had apraxia symptoms. Shared with parents and they've had a speech therapist working 2 days a week with him. My sister who watches him, called this week to say she's been giving him fish oil for 2 weeks and was so excited to see him saying 2 syllables or 2 small words together, even though he's not annunciating fully. It's a start!

I've found a local therapist who's son has apraxia. She's written a lot about it and has a website. She's concerned that I ID'd the issues; her suggestion is to speak to other therapists who know more about apraxia.

He's eating a little more. Mama's suggestion of smoothies is something he loves (vegan protein powder goes in); and now willing to eat scrambled eggs.

Thanks to everyone - you're a blessing to more than just me.

Replied by Marsh57

Beth, we're using sign language which helps, but the signs aren't as clear as with other children. We've been working with him - drinking and blowing bubbles through straws to help strengthen tongue muscles and coordination, and a lot of the exercises depicted on pin terest (don't know if I can mention the site, but it's been quite helpful). We visited with a family who has a 3 year old and he's light years ahead of our grandson in speech. That has scared me but at least we now know what it is and we're moving forward. I'm trying to get the family to drink filtered water; to avoid metals, fluoride and chlorine, as well as things for the bath water. It's a learning experience. Thanks again for your suggestion.

Replied by Natalia
(Mn, Usa)

So hard to have to stand back and observe a beloved child suffer and to see that it is due, in part, to indifferent parenting. I'm a Nana myself, but one to whom my daughter looks for guidance and consult on diet, nutrition, vaccines, and all. I cannot imagine holding back with parents who are so indifferent to the multiple tactile sensitivities of a wee child as to purposefully expose him to painful stimuli. The poor dental health is dietary and brushing and the treatments as recommended above should help; you are getting some wonderful advice!

He really needs his overall environmental toxin loads and nutrition addressed. I would go utterly mad in my impatience for these key issues to be addressed.

What pings for me is the possibility that this child is simply one who isn't going to speak until age 5 or so, as is still in the normal range for kids. I also thought of tongue-tie, a condition (easily correctable) where the band under the tongue is too tight to allow for speech. Also, of course, chronic ear inflammation and or infection causing speech delay; this can be both dietary and environmental. But, the biggest one is possible vaccine damage, causing symptoms related to the autism spectrum disorders. Mercury poisoning and the resulting issues can be reversed with suppls and diet. I would be def doing the hair testing and keep trying to add in what his little body needs to heal.

I would be sitting those parents down for one of those talks, but Native culture is different and we Elders are looked to for our knowledge and guidance. Very different from the typical family system.

Blessings and hope to your little ones and all of your family. I pray that you can step up to and beyond that line drawn by their parents; these children need your help. There is nothing more precious than our sacred little ones, they are our future and we are here to help them with our love and wisdom. Best to you and yours.

Replied by Marsh57

Dear Natalia, My sister and I are very much a native culture like our parents and grandparents before us. We listened to what they said and appreciated their wisdom (even though as kids, we rolled our eyes! And, believed then prescriptions were better). This generation however takes our suggestions and wisdom personally and believes we're being critical. Nothing further than the truth.

I'm also concerned about vaccine / metal poisoning. When his hair grows out a little, I'm cutting to have tested.


One other question... our little boy is having more than usual issues with his neck glands swelling. My sister who watches him thinks it's his tonsils and they need to be removed. I on the other hand believe tonsils serve a purpose and he's too young and sensitive to go through such a procedure at 33 months old. Any suggestions? Also safe supplements to help with metal chelation based on Natalia's suggestions above?

In continued gratitude to you and the others who have had wonderful suggestions. Blessings to you all.

Replied by Marsh57

This is an update on our little boy who recently turned 3. We've been concerned due to him getting a fever and sore throat once a month, like clockwork. Blood workup just revealed low IGA immunoglobulin a, Crp 8x (C-reactive protein (CRP) substance produced by the liver that increases in the presence of inflammation in the body causing an elevated C-reactive protein level) and a 3x ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate).

His speech is improving. We do believe the probiotics and fish oils have made a big difference. His vocabulary is improving, some words are spoken clearly, still others aren't. He's stringing 4-6 words together. Such a happy little guy.

Doc scheduled appt with allergist. Suggestions and prayers welcome.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Marsh,

So good to hear an update and happy about his progress! Great job on your own sleuthing on remedies for him and faithfulness to help him.

In another post you asked about the possibility of using borax as part of treatment for him. Honestly, I would not give borax to a child. If it ever became known that you had done so, it could leave you in a heap of trouble, even if you use very small amounts for the boron. If you are thinking boron would help, I would check into a boron supplement as they are not expensive.

You have tried many things and I can't recall what all I have suggested in the past, so forgive me if I repeat myself.

We have used nettle, kefir, coconut oil and iodine for auto-immune problems in our house with good success.

Nettle is wonderfully gentle but powerful. Not sure how to have him take it - perhaps in a tincture. You could give him 5 drops 2-3 times a day. It isn't strong tasting.

For a little guy, 1/4 teaspoon coconut oil may not be hard to incorporate into the diet a few times a day. (You may already be doing this.)

Does he take any type of multi-vitamin? I am wondering about one that has boron, iodine, selenium among other goodies...

Thanks again for the update!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Marsh57

Hi Mama, thank you for the caution and suggestions. He has been taking a multi, probiotics and fish oil. I took him in for rife 5 times this week. The naturopath scanned with Zyto. Said his adrenals & immunity are taxed from fighting all these infections. The scan revealed bacteria, fungus, parasites (trichinella spiralis, fasciola hepatica & toxoplasma gondii nos), chemicals (gramozone, urethan, trihalomethanes); imbalances in amino acids, digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics & nutrients; some low neuro transmitters, hormones & thyroid; put him on cell food, phyto multi vitamins, primadophilus optima, omega 3,6,9, an advanced enzyme system... and recommended he avoid gluten and dairy. She also suggested not sending him to preschool so he can have time to heal and rebuild a healthy foundation.

He did so well during 54 minute sessions. When the pads moved off, he would put them back on. It was as if he knew they were helping him. His coloring improved significantly, and he was sleeping at night for 10 hours without waking up (he normally wakes in the middle of the night and doesn't go back to sleep)!

Doc said the trichinella can only be seen in stool. Mine was revealed via a blood test. Why they didn't find his via blood test 2 weeks ago is baffling.

Will incorporate your herb suggestions for immunity.

Light, Love and Gratitude to you, EC and All

Replied by Marsh57

Should anyone else have a child with similar symptoms, I'd like to follow up. Our grandson has had a positive turn of events. Since having several rife & reiki treatments; a lot of prayers, omegas 3-6-9, probiotics, good multi-vitamin, drinking George's Aloe Vera juice and a few other supplements provided by the rife practitioner; eating gluten and dairy-free, coconut oil used on toast/in everything possible; stevia rather than sugar; organic. He started stuttering at the beginning of summer, then worsened. It's pretty much stopped and his sentences and pronunciation is improving. Diet still not great but we're working on it. Still a way to go, but so much better. A multitude of appreciation to all of you at EC for your suggestions.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Marsh,

Such happy news! Thank you for sharing! Your good report brings tears to my eyes. You have persevered on a long road with him. What a blessed grandson you have.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Marsh57

It's 2022,4 years after my last post regarding our grandson. He's now a 7 yr old - all boy! His speech impediment improved and now we can't get him to take a breath! The diet and supplements for apraxia, and all your wonderful suggestions helped tremendously. He is struggling a little with reading and math (seemed to have a challenge with seeing at a certain distance and there may be a touch of autism ). The doc put him in glasses so we're hopeful. I do think his previous issues held him back but he seems to be on a very good path. He's brilliantly creative and his vocabulary is amazing. Plus he's so loving and sweet, he makes our hearts melt. I really wanted to say 'thank you' and to encourage any parent/grandparent to use this site and never give up. Our prayers were answered with your help. Many Blessings to you all.

Mama to Many

Dear Marsh57,

Wow! What a great report! Thanks so much for taking time to share it! I have wondered how he was doing when I have seen you post other things. I am sure your story will encourage others, too.

So happy for you and for him!

~Mama to Many~



I am new to the Earth Clinic site and after reading through your journey with your grandson, I am in awe of how God has directed your path. God bless you for your perseverance in helping your little guy. I am sure your journey is an encouragement to many. The reason I wanted to respond was that I have gone through mercury poisoning, Lyme, EMF sensitivity over the last 7 years. One therapy that has helped greatly with toxin identification & removal is Field Control Therapy, developed by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., to heal his own son. Heavy metals usually have parasites/Candida/Lyme co-infections associated with them and it is best to remove them in a certain order and slowly as not to overload the body. We receive FCT treatments in MN, from advanced practitioners for a reasonable cost. Maybe there is a practitioner near you?? Blessings to you and your family!

Replied by Lynn

Have lost a couple fillings so have been rinsing my mouth with a dropperful of black walnut hull tincture in ~1oz of water. It may be working to keep cavities from growing but it stains my teeth, which is unfortunate. Is there a workaround that won't stain my teeth?


Posted by Cait (Ireland ) on 03/31/2023

Hello there, I've 2 cavities in my mouth, determined to try to save the teeth. Comfrey leaves are starting to grow in the garden...thinking of making a poltice with comfrey, clove and frankincense essentional oil, 1 drop at night time..any thoughts or suggestions ...oil pulling too...or will that loosen the tooth more?

Thanks Cathy

Replied by Learner

Possibly not a good idea. Comfrey is said to be contraindicated in cases of cancer as it purportedly causes new bone to encapsulate any infection.

Best wishes.


I swear by Squigle Tooth Builder SLS Free Toothpaste (Stops Tooth Sensitivity) Prevents Canker Sores, Cavities, Perioral Dermatitis, Bad Breath, Chapped Lips

Comfrey, Egg Shells

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Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 10/24/2018

I am adding to my comment here a new tip for teeth renewal. Comfrey is also called knit bone. Dr. Christopher has some creams with it in it and you can put it on the skin near the mouth ( I do a lot at bedtime) and then during that timeframe also put some eggshells from farmed eggs in your mouth ( flour consistency ground up stage). My teeth have been splitting off and a couple had half the tooth break away even in the root area. My composite fillings fell out and I am letting my teeth heal instead of renewing the dental work. They have black parts that are now collecting white material back onto them like specks of white enamel. I pick food out of the holes with toothpick with clove oil on the tip. I also started rinsing after food with water with pinch of borax and epson salt....very little and then spit out and then more eggshells to remineralize.

Replied by Natural Momma
(Lawrenceville, Ga)

Where can those those items be bought?

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I buy no cage brown eggs and rinse the shells each day and dry in carton until I have dozen, then I boil the shells ten minutes and then bake for an hour 350 to make shells crumble more and then run through a mill to flour stage. You can get lots of information online if you google eggs for calcium on youtube how to videos. I read about this process in an article that popped up when I googled eggshells and comfrey to heal teeth. I bought a a cream with comfrey root in it and a tincture I bought. You can buy eggshell calcium powder online and all the different products of comfrey online. I tell people do their own research to meet the needs they have. I mostly guess and go on myself. Today I bought some beeswax to apply to cavities so food does not stick in holes until the healing takes over. Since food sticks in there the wax should stick there and prevent further decay.

Replied by Anna W.

Hi Charity:

Do you have any source sites you might recommend for these remedies. I have ongoing dental issues and most recently an infected dental implant with bone erosion. Any help would be most welcome.

Replied by Flower's Mom
(Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm)

Hi Charity,

I purchased a coffee grinder a few years ago just for grinding eggshells and I put the powdered shells in my own food and the food for my animal companions. I am now in the process of finding a source for comfrey seeds to see if I can grow them in my own medicinal garden or even in a container in the greenhouse.

Thanks for the info, and God bless you. Flower's Mom

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

My first GUESS, if it were in my mouth would be charcoal at bedtime in the mouth with castor oil all around the face near the issue and then a cloth and some heat to drive it down. Silver spray during the day and baking soda to lightly brush teeth after eating. Comfrey might help. As I said I am at the beginning with comfrey and just shared it hoping others could study and send in more testimonies. All healing usually starts with more pain.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Alpha lipoic acid for nerve pain and infections in mouth and also N acetyl cysteine because my dental issues also cause memory issues. I've been around the block on this topic for decades trying to figure out what to do. If my memory worked better it might help. Digestion is a major dental issue, affecting absorption of nutrients to feed teeth and bones and if you have neck issues that also contributes to circulation in the jaw. Years of mercury fillings and antibiotics to fight infections and many other dramas and neck surgery took a huge toll on my health. My liver seems to be improving by use of serrapeptase and if my liver is operating better then I plan to take back some land here. I also have a ton of faith, due to crisis after crisis. Nothing is off the table when I have~~~ Now faith is the substance of the things I am in hope for while operating in LOVE. I also have a natural body that needs stuff from the earth to survive, so here I am studying. My favoite way to study is to google stuff I am trying to figure out and then open sites and read the commentors.Those people share a lot of stuff they know.

Replied by Anna

Dear Charity:

I want to thank you very much for your post of Oct 25 - it has inspired such hope in me and I have a million questions.

1. I never imagined that teeth renewal could happen - and have lost most of my teeth over the years and now rely very heavily on implants. I have been very discouraged by the continuing erosion of what few teeth I have left and most recently bone erosion in my upper jaw. (Scheduled for surgery on 13th Nov to eradicate a bone infection at the root of one of the implants (Upper left bicuspid). Have read Bill's post below repeatedly dealing with spirochete and am gargling with VCO 2-3 times a day as well as taking Interfase.

2. Comfrey/Knit bone as a remedy in intriguing - and I acquired some leaf recently and will make a tea to add to my arsenal of remedies before the surgery. I will buy some of the cream you suggest as well by Dr. Christopher and use it topically on the jaw bone line. However, I cannot get my mind around the eggshells - is there any alternative that might work as well.

3. You mentioned that you are "letting my teeth heal instead of renewing the dental work". DO you follow a systemic protocol for this process and would you mind sharing?

4. How has the rinsing with Borax and epson salts worked, and is there a reason for the epson salts v Sea Salt?

5. Anything else work besides eggshells to remineralize?

Great thanks,

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Dear Anna, I have read for years of people who healed their teeth and I have been trying for years . I posted information I found so others could try it. You can google eggshells and comfrey and I would add silica . Calcium is one tricky mineral in that it requires other minerals to get it to go into the bones and teeth. Every day I get up and listen to my inner voice and go . I don't use the same things all the time. Lately I am using comfrey cream topical and eggshells and horsetail (silica) Vit D-3+K-2, Magnesium, MSM and vit C, vit E, A, Folic acid, Biotin, Selenium, copper, zinc, Burdock root, Walnut tincture topically on lips, borax and epson salt foot soaks 3 x a week(borax takes calcium out of soft tissue and puts it back in bones and teeth and balances mircobes in saliva), Plus a bit in water to swish in my mouth, full spectrum minerals, I use silver spray in my mouth . If I have an infection I use castor oil packs and sometimes charcoal. I think every person is different and needs to listen to their body, study, and try a little at a time of what they feel peace about. HOPE is a drug that heals, hope deferred causes sickness. I Say I am seeing my health fully restored and nothing is impossible . I do not look at the problems, I look at the possibilities. Kefir will heal digestion but I also take a digestion supplement. I use to read a denture site and learned a lot . Implants get infections . Root canals get infections . Alpha lipoic acid and N acetyl Cysteine help the immune system fight . Many people I have met have all implants and they are all infected and dentists say they need dentures now. I am hanging on in faith for healing and trying my best to apply what I learn and speak my healing . Hope the best for you, keep learning, keep applying, keep believing you can overcome. Blessings, Charity

hope this link stirs up your faith, notice they all use different things

Replied by Zak

borax miracle salt!


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Posted by Joel (Pa) on 10/24/2018 16 posts

My fiancee tried everything for her cavity but nothing worked. It was beneath a filling so hard to clean it. She felt she might have to remove the tooth. I gave her a 1:3 dilution of dmso water (tastes terrible! ) And she rinsed her mouth with it vigorously. After just a few minutes her pain was reduced. After a few weeks of use, her cavity was totally gone.


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Posted by Njoy (Canada) on 08/19/2014

I have been using iodine to cure cavities for about 40 years. It works great. Organic iodine from the health food store is probably best but I've mostly used the ordinary stuff from the drugstore.

If you have active cavities and perhaps toothache as well, put 10 or 12 drops in a small amount of warm water (about a mouthful) and swish it around your mouth for 30 seconds or so. Then spit it out. You will notice most of the colour is gone. Do this many times throughout the day.

Soon your toothache will stop and you'll see recalcification on your teeth. Don't stop using the iodine but you will find you can cut back a lot. I usually now use a couple of drops twice a week.

If you have big cavities you should get them fixed when you can afford it. Otherwise, if you forget your iodine for a couple of weeks the cavities will start to bother you again.

I had a dentist remark that I had "many small cavities that have healed over" which surprised him.

I did this iodine treatment for about 25 years, then stopped for years to see what would happen (no problems) and have now started again once a week, two drops.

Don't swallow the iodine and water mixture! Spit it out! Don't stop using it unless you get large cavities fixed!

The only new cavity I've had in more than 40 years is one that was deep inside a gum. I guess the iodine couldn't reach it.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Njoy (Canada) --- thank you so much for your post. I will do this definitely. Just have to find iodine. Namaste, Om

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Om - There are some suggestions under the heading "Where to Buy Lugol's in Canada" (most pharmacies can order it for you). Cheers, Bess

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Thanks, Njoy, for the info about iodine and cavities. My husband and I tried it last night and hope to make it a regular habit. I used about 5 drops of 5% Lugol's in 1 ounce of water. It will be interesting to see what happens. Wouldn't it be great (and cheaper) not having to visit the dentist so often ... Cheers, Bess

Replied by Ranita

Hi Njoy, thanks for the tips. I live in Malaysia and I have the black marks appearing on my teeth, so was wondering what brand of Iodine drops you use. I've been doing oil-pulling for close to 2 years now, and I don't see much improvement, so it could be the brand of coconut oil that I'm using needs to be higher quality.

I saw that some of you have recommended Lugol's 5% solution, but it's looking quite difficult to get here, and shipping is costly too. Would Life Flo Health, Liquid Iodine Plus also work? Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks.

Replied by Maryland

I am going to try this.... I have a hole in my tooth and now my teeth is getting grey and my breath is starting to smell.

Replied by Nepheryte

Hi guys, I tried using iodine (J Crow's Lugol Iodine 5%) to heal my cavities, and I got the worst burning sensation on my tongue. I used 10 drops and swished it in my mouth for about a minute, and by the time I spit it out, my tongue could no longer taste anything. I also had terrible gas, and had to consume large quantities of aloe vera concentrate to soothe my stomach. It's been three days now and my tongue is slowly healing.

On the other hand, I did see a lot of the black stuff from my cavities come out (not everything as I had to spit it out). I don't know why but even taking one drop causes gas in my stomach, so to those using this method, just be cautious please. It does help, but I really wish that Njoy had stated specifically what brand of iodine she was using, and how many percent it was. Using 10 drops of the 5% was hell!


Wondering if the iodine is killing some Candida in your body? Gas can be helped out by good probiotics, that also curtail the Candida.


Did you dilute the iodine in some water first?

Replied by Nepheryte

Writing again as an update, I decided to put the Lugol's 5% iodine on my brush and brush making as little contact with the tongue and walls of my mouth, for about 15-30 seconds. This has helped slightly more in ridding my mouth of the black stuff from my cavities. Not completely healed. I still can't do it every day as suggested as there is a burning sensation. 5 drops a day should be fine, but the 10 being suggested still gives the burning sensation and a very unpleasant taste in my mouth, so hope that those using this method will benefit.

Replied by Sheril

I've been using Iodine for about a year both orally mixed in water and by painting. How we started was by using 2% Lugol's Iodine and then moving up to 5%. As noted by others it does have side effects when first using mainly because Iodine kinda detoxifies your body. I would recommend to start with 3-5 drops of 2% and then increasing the amount slowly or start with 3 drops of 5%. Hope this helps out, cheers :)

Replied by Steve

I had a similar experience using nascent iodine on some tooth pain I had last night. I put a drop on the few lower front teeth that felt like they were hurting and also swished some colloidal silver. Within 30min pain was gone and hasn't come back.

Replied by Zark
(Emerald City, The Land Of Oz)

Nepheryte, Iodine can temporarily disrupt your gut flora if you swallow it. So take extra care not to swallow any. If you continue to have trouble then do the iodine treatment on an empty tummy, ie. wait at least two hours after a big meal - otherwise it would mix with the food in your stomach and disrupt its fermentation. Are you diluting it enough?

Replied by Nepheryte

Hey. No, I didn't know that I had to dilute it. How exactly do I use this for cavities? I actually stopped using it because it was so unpleasant.


Re-read the post - it says dilute the iodine with a mouth-full of warm water, and swish around mouth for 30 seconds, then spit out.

Replied by Eliza G.
(San Francisco, California)

Oh my God! Thank you so much for sharing this remedy and your experience. I am going to try it and hopefully this is going to work for me as well as it has for you for 40+ years. I've been doing coconut oil pulling, but it is not having an effect on my cavities although it is making my gums very healthy, so I love oil pulling, too.

Replied by Eliza
(San Francisco, California)

You mention that if you have big cavities, do not stop using the solution. My question is does this solution and frequent use every day reverse and heal big cavities? Are you saying this only for those with toothaches with large cavities? Thanks for your prompt answers.

Replied by Stephen Wolner Dds
(New York, Ny)

Every dentist should disinfect each patient's mouth before a cleaning.

The best and most effective way to do this is to swab all teeth and gums with 2% tincture of iodine and leave in place for 30 seconds. This form of iodine will kill S.Mutans (the bacteria responsible for decay) and in studies by P. Caulfield it takes about 4-6 months for recolonization to occur. This research followed children for several years and in double blind studies, it reduced the formation of decay by about 80%. This technique should be just as effective in adults.

Replied by Angela

When you wrote about swabbing Iodine on the teeth, what do you use?

I tried it with a cotton bud and the Iodine seemed to stay in the bud and not transfer to the teeth/gum line.

I also have a 2mm black cavity on the side of my rear molar which is only visible with a mirror, I would like to place a drop of 3% Lugol's Iodine in the cavity but it is very difficult to do because of the position of the cavity/caries.

Replied by Stephen Wolner
(New York Ny)

The best iodine is 2% tincture which can be found in any drugstore. Using a q-tip just dab a drop anywhere on a tooth. This iodine has a very low surface tension which means it will run into every nook and cranny. Studies have shown that 2% tincture will kill S. Mutans and keep it under control for about 4-6 months.

Replied by Bells
(Texas, Usa)

It might be beneficial to mention that most forms of liquid Iodine can be toxic if swallowed. If Iodine must be consumed, Potassium Iodine is the best way to ingest Iodine without fear of toxicity. Please be careful when using this method as swallowing enough Iodine can be fatal and has been used as a method of poison in the past.

Replied by Phil

You must dilute lugol's before using. One drop of 5% to 4 oz water before swishing.

Replied by Midas

Sounds like a Candida reaction as waves of them die. It's a good thing. The pain - that's detox. Wouldn't surprise me if other systems were inflamed a little, that you got aches and flu like stiffness.

Keep at it - but don't take so much so fast. Atomic iodine moves very quickly through your capillaries into your main blood system. Under your tongue especially.

Replied by LISA

I had a wisdom tooth come in and it revealed a big black cavity on it. I was in no pain because it had not decayed all the way through. I read on this site about swishing ten drops of store bought iodine mixed with a little warm water. I did that every day for two and a half weeks and the next morning, I got the flashlight and checked: The cavity was almost completely gone! I kept doing this treatment for a few more days and there is no more sign of a cavity. I have kept this regimen up just in case.

Listerine Mouth Wash

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 04/15/2024

Listerine mouthwash (the amber yellow kind): Old folks have told me that swishing mouthwash and holding it in your mouth for 10 minutes will kill any tooth decay you may have.

Look for the following active ingredients of mouthwash:

Eucalyptol (eucalyptus oil) 0.092%

Menthol (peppermint oil) 0.042%

Methyl salicylate (wintergreen oil) 0.060%

Thymol (thyme oil) 0.064%

Alcohol 12-23%

Replied by Madelyn

Hi Rob, I'm a big fan of your posts :) I think I'll try a few rounds of 10 minute Listerine soaks!

Over the past few months, I've been using the original Listerine (amber color one) for the first time. My teeth are clean 24/7 and healthy now.

Dr Ellie Phillips DDS recommends using Listerine twice daily for 1 full minute as part of her protocol that she claims has worked for decades in all people to eliminate decay and restore dental health and tooth remineralization. She's got lots of informative videos on YouTube. A big a-ha moment for me was her sharing how women's teeth are different from men's. More precisely, it's the fluctuating pH that happens with a woman's saliva mainly in response to pregnancy and stress. The pH turns acidic and demineralization kicks in. There are steps you can take to offset this. I could never figure out why I suddenly had cavities during my child bearing years whereas previously I had no trouble. If any pregnant women or future mothers happen to read this post: make sure you don't harbor pathogenic dental bacteria or have gum infections by using something like Listerine as well as cleaning under the gumline with a water pik on lowest setting using a saturated solution of baking soda and salt 50/50 with some iodine added. I believe it's DDS Stephens on YouTube who gave this protocol which he verified eliminates dental infections. He samples the salvia and examines it under a microscope.

Also make sure you're keeping an alkaline mouth by avoiding acidic and sugary snacks, avoiding carbonated water, using xylitol, and raising your internal pH by supplementing baking soda and calcium (but not the citrate form per Dr Reams). I also like horsetail for silica, borax for boron, and vitamin D and K for ensuring proper minerals for dental health and babies development.


From my notes:

Listerine, an antimicrobial mouth rinse, completely killed microorganisms in 10 to 30 seconds; the microbes includes methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Helicobacter pylori, Candida albicans, Streptococcus mutans, Actinomyces viscosus, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, and Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans. And now Sars-2-Covid19. Listerine was also weakly effective in inactivating human immunodeficiency viruses HIV. Bacteria in samples collected from human dental plaque and saliva were completely killed within 30 seconds when exposed to Listerine. When saliva samples were collected from subjects who had rinsed their mouths with 20 ml of Listerine or 1:50 diluted povidone-iodine, levels of viable anaerobic bacteria in the samples were reduced to 1%. When Listerine was used for oral surgery such as tooth extraction and periodontal surgery, the agent was effective in relieving toothache. This was probably due to a decrease in oral bacteria by the antimicrobial action of Listerine, leading to lowering the inflammatory response of the host. The use of antimicrobial mouth rinse during dental treatments such as endodontic treatment proved effective for more reliable infection control. In Japan, there are an increasing number of elderly and medically compromised hosts who are potentially at risk for developing pneumonia due to silent aspiration of microbes in the oral cavity and throat. For the aged with such potential risk, using of antimicrobial mouth rinse may be effective in preventing dental plaque accumulation when used in addition to the mechanical control of plaque, since they tend to have difficulty in brushing teeth by themselves. Indeed, the use of antimicrobial mouth rinse in these elderly people proved useful not only in preventing bacterial pneumonia, but also in improving their quality of life by preserving their oral health.

Listerine was first invented in the late 19th century, and as early at 1879, manufacturers claimed the disinfectant was effective at both cleaning floors and curing gonorrhea. Now, 137 years later, scientists have published the first ever randomized controlled trial testing Listerine's gonorrhea claim in the medical journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. The verdict: the bad-breath mouthwash does indeed kill gonorrhea bacteria, both in petri dishes and in people's throats.

Scientists at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre in Australia, first tested various concentrations of Listerine to see if it was effective at reducing bacterial counts of gonorrhea in a petri dish compared to saline solution. They found that Listerine dilutions of up to one in four (1:4) resulted in significant growth inhibition of gonorrhea when exposed for one minute, while saline solution prompted no change.

A number of studies have looked at the effects of Listerine on C. albicans, the microorganism that causes yeast infections. In a study conducted by the Tokyo Dental College department of microbiology, Listerine and Cool Mint Listerine were used to examine the effectiveness in killing C. albicans. A 30-second exposure to Listerine significantly decreased the number of living cells of C. albicans. Cool Mint Listerine had the same effect against reducing microorganism that causes yeast infections. This suggests that Listerine is an effective tool for killing the microorganism C. albicans that cause yeast infections in the mouth by rinsing the mouth for 30 seconds.

In another research study posted on the Medical Science Monitor, the use of Listerine to reduce different types of harmful microorganisms was tested. The number of microorganisms drastically reduced after 5 minute exposure to both Listerine Freshmint and Listerine Cleanmint. This is another study that suggests exposure to Listerine for up to 5 minutes can cause a drastic reduction in C. albicans that cause yeast infections.

In a study conducted by the department of oral medicine in Peking University School of Stomatology, the researchers looked at the use of several mouthwashes in treating C. albicans strains that grow on toenails and lead to toenail fungus. Listerine had significant antifungal activity that reduced the activity of C. albicans that cause yeast infections found on nails.

Overall, Listerine is a beneficial tool for treating yeast infections found in the mouth, skin, and nails. Yeast infections can be reduced by rinsing the mouth out with Listerine, soaking affected areas with Listerine, or placing a rag soaked in Listerine on the affected area.


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Posted by Art (California) on 12/15/2022 2158 posts

A friend who takes high dose melatonin every night recently mentioned to me that she discovered that she had a new cavity forming on the side of one of her teeth.

She uses melatonin that dissolves in your mouth, so she decided to place melatonin at the site of the cavity with her tongue each night when she went to bed. She told me that within two months, the cavity was very significantly reduced in size, so she will continue to repeat this process until it is completely gone. She also told me she had an area of gum that was sore, so she told me she applied melatonin to the area of the sore gum, and she said the pain was gone in two days. This second aspect she is reporting does have studies to support that melatonin is healthful for the gums.

I was aware that melatonin is good for the health of the oral cavity, but I was not aware that it could reverse a relatively new cavity. When I looked at studies regarding melatonin and oral health, I found that melatonin is noted for use against or as a preventative for gum disease, but no mention as a cavity fighter. Here is a typical study discussing multiple health benefits of melatonin for the oral cavity, including bone regeneration, but teeth are not actually the same as bone :

Here are some relevant quotes from the study :

' Oral cavity is affected by a number of conditions such as periodontitis, mucositis, cancers, and cytotoxicity from various drugs or biomaterials. Research has suggested that melatonin is effective in treating the aforementioned pathologies. Furthermore, melatonin has been observed to enhance osseointegration and bone regeneration. '

' Topical administration of melatonin has a positive effect on periodontal health and osseointegration. Furthermore, melatonin is particularly effective in improving the periodontal parameters of diabetic patients with periodontitis. Melatonin exerts a regenerative effect on periodontal bone and may be incorporated into of periodontal scaffolds. The cytotoxic effect of various drugs and dental materials may be countered by the antioxidant properties of melatonin. Topical administration of melatonin promotes the healing of tooth extraction sockets and may also impede the progression of oral cancer. '

As you can see from this study, melatonin offers many benefits to help maintain oral health, but the repair of new cavities is a new one to me.


Oil Pulling

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Posted by Zark (AU) on 12/07/2014

This works nicely! I swished a tablespoon of coconut oil around my mouth for ten minutes and now two cavities in a molar are now cleaned out. There is none of the black gunk left in the molar. Now that it is clean my tooth can heal hopefully.

I had previously brushed and brushed repeatedly and that black bacterial gunk just wouldn't budge.

Replied by Kayla Robinson

What coconut oil brand did you use? And how long did you do this oil pulling for (week or months?)

Replied by Myway

Kayla, you are in Indiana - find a Trader Joe's, they have their own brand of virgin, organic, unrefined coconut oil that is perfect for oil pulling, cooking, body application, etc. I oil pull daily to keep my gums healthy. About 20 minutes every morning. If I didn't, lodged food particles inflame my gums over time. Oil pulling is a lifetime commitment to my health daily.

Good Luck,

MyWay, :D

Replied by Let It Go
(Los Angeles, California)
10 posts

You can also add turmeric and a bit of baking soda into coconut oil, that helps as well.

Replied by Malcolm
(Sydney, Australia)

I was recently watching a video with Ian Clark on Nicolas Veniamin

He said that what takes 10 minutes of oil pulling with Coconut oil can be achieved in 1 minute using Black cumin seed oil

If you do not like the taste you can add a little Manuka honey


So oil pulling with black seed oil is ok to do for 10 minutes then? That will really kill the germs dead!

Ph Balance, No Sweets, Rinse Mouth

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Posted by william (Greenville, South Carolina) on 07/30/2007

My father practiced dentistry for well over 50 years in New Orleans, La. He took great delight in encouraging nutritional dentistry. The patients saliva sample was sent to a State of La. lab, which then forwarded their PH reading back to him. Today, PH strips do a faster job, and probably just as good.

My dad recommended elimination of all sweets, except for fruit and vegetables; plus rinsing the mouth after eating anything.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

Love your teeth with coconut oil and baking soda, protect your dental health by using supplements of vitamins and minerals, our food and water systems lack what we need to be in optimum health, even if you are a vegetarian or vegan or eat all healthy organic food...

Raw Milk, Cod Liver Oil, No Sugar

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Posted by Louis (Sc) on 09/29/2020

I've always had cavities until I read Rami Nagel's book. May he rest in peace. Raw milk, cod liver oil, no sugar... My dentist said I had no cavities, age over 35.

Xylitol or Erythritol

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Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 04/23/2022 84 posts

For 10+ years I have been able to avoid getting the cavities I used to get. For 10 years I kept buying Xylitol by the pound, added it to my food, 2 heaping tablespoons, twice a day, every day. But, no, I have never brushed my teeth with it.

Then, in the last 12 months, I switched to Erythritol, which - according to scientific research - is even better than Xylitol, for the prevention of cavities.

The only drawback is the price; prices have gone up 200% in the last two years.

I hope someone can use this!

Replied by Maria
(Oklahoma city)

Studies show that Erythritol causes blood clots. What are your thoughts on that?