How To Prevent Cavities Naturally

Comfrey, Egg Shells
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 10/24/2018
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I am adding to my comment here a new tip for teeth renewal. Comfrey is also called knit bone. Dr. Christopher has some creams with it in it and you can put it on the skin near the mouth ( I do a lot at bedtime) and then during that timeframe also put some eggshells from farmed eggs in your mouth ( flour consistency ground up stage). My teeth have been splitting off and a couple had half the tooth break away even in the root area. My composite fillings fell out and I am letting my teeth heal instead of renewing the dental work. They have black parts that are now collecting white material back onto them like specks of white enamel. I pick food out of the holes with toothpick with clove oil on the tip. I also started rinsing after food with water with pinch of borax and epson salt....very little and then spit out and then more eggshells to remineralize.