Dental Extraction Pain Remedies


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Posted by Anonymouscat (La, Ca) on 01/31/2013
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Magnets for facial area or brain is NOT suggested generally. That is what I read, in this book.

Inflammation, take Bromelain tablet and turmeric are amazing. I took Bromelain and arnica montana and drank aloe vera juice 5 days prior to surgery and I had an easy recovery.

Posted by Kaio (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 09/30/2009
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A big flat magnet. Very crucial is to be used only the North pole facing the skin. The magnet should be at least 1/2" tick. Use it as long as necessary, providing that only the north pole side is used!

Mama's Wisdom Tooth Extraction Remedies

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/11/2016
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Natural Remedies to Promote Healing After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

As much as I like to treat health issues as home with diet, herbs, and natural remedies, sometimes the help of a professional is needed. Such was the case with my 18 year old's wisdom teeth. He was having TMJ and a sinus issue caused by his wisdom teeth. We chose an oral surgeon that the dentist we trust recommends. My son had his wisdom teeth out ten days ago and has had an excellent recovery. I thought I would share some ways that we used natural remedies to help his healing along.

First of all I was delighted to see that his discharge instructions from surgery recommended that tea bags (black, as in Lipton) be used if bleeding could not be stopped. I liked the recognition that something as simple as tea was not being improved up by pharmaceuticals, which would have been much more expensive. 30 years ago, I used black tea bags on the sites of wisdom teeth extraction, upon recommendation of my mother and think it contributed to an easy recovery for me.

Secondly, salt water was recommended for rinsing the mouth several times a day. I was so happy that this simple solution was suggested instead of some expensive chemical alternative, and obvious credit was being attributed to its effectiveness.

While my son's teeth were mildly impacted, the surgeon did not think that prescription pain medication would be necessary. He gave me a prescription just in case, but I never even filled it. I know from experience that narcotic pain medications seem to make my children feel badly. I would have filled it if needed but it was never needed.

He was also given a prescription for amoxicillin antibiotics. I didn't fill that either. I am convinced that turmeric works at least as well and likely much better as an antibiotic. I gave him 4 turmeric capsules 4 times a day for several days and then tapered off the amount. Turmeric is also excellent for pain and inflammation.

I did have him hold colloidal silver in his mouth a few times to help prevent infection.

My son had almost no pain in the days following his surgery. He had me look in his mouth the day after surgery. He had no redness. No inflammation. No swelling. The surgical sites looked amazing.

He did have some pain six days after surgery but he had gone to work in the heat and was likely dehydrated. Once he came home and rehydrated the pain went away.

He did need to eat soft foods for a good week. But he had no pain. I did give him a couple of doses of ibuprofen the first day but it probably wasn't even needed. I don't know how much to attribute to an excellent surgeon, how much to credit the general good health and strength of my son, how much to attribute to turmeric, salt water rinses and colloidal silver and how much to attribute to prayer, but they were all in play.

Just my 2 cents on helping wisdom teeth recovery go well.

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Mila (Boise Idaho ) on 11/03/2021
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I had problem with root canal. Had very bad infection, could nor sleep for 2 nights. Had very bad pain . I used few drops of MMS with few drops of water and DMSO and brushed with tooth brush. And after 5-10 min pain left . It was miracle. Having pain for 2 days and no pain after 10 min!

Replied by Dano
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I know this works. I have used the same in the past with great success.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 07/01/2014
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I had surgery to remove a previous root filled tooth that had fractured vertically. As soon as I got home I applied a teabag (must be a BLACK tea bag) WITH CLOVE OIL APPLIED TO THE TEABAG FIRST.

And had 4 grams of vitamin C every 6 hours and 4 drops of propolis tincture 50% 3 times a day.

I also took Paracetamol 2 six hours apart and only had to take four yesterday. 2 six hours apart after the operation as soon as I felt the anesthetic wearing off.

Then another 2 at 3am when I awoke. The propolis I added to a WARM cup of Red bush tea and drank it through a straw which stops the propolis staining your teeth.


Just add to warm water or tea and drink from a cup. I was trying to avoid getting anything in the socket and was NOT advised about this, I found it on the web.

I got up at 3am in pain and did the propolis again through a straw and a big long blood clot was hanging from the socket right after.

I was then trying to find what to do about the blood clot and came across 'Dry socket'. And thought I was in trouble IF THE CLOT CAME AWAY.

I then put another teabag to hold the clot in the socket and couldn't find anything on line as what to do about the hanging clot. So I rang a dental NHS Direct who gave me an emergency number to ring and speak to a nurse.

She told me to take the tea bag off as it was now 18 hours after the operation and the clot MUST COME OFF BUT DO NOT PULL IT OFF. It will fall off by eating and drinking. And it's all absolutely supposed to happen like this, as long as there is no bleeding and the clot had formed.

Then to leave it until 24 hours have passed by then do a salt in water warm rinse 4 times a day until you feel pain and swelling subside. And the brush teeth carefully avoiding the extraction site and surrounding teeth for a few days.

DO NOT SWISH..just hold the salt water over the socket until it cools and just let it run out of you mouth DON'T SPIT as this will put pressure and cause pulling on the socket.

So far I have minimal pain and some swelling but nothing too bad at all. And I believe doing everything before the anesthetic wore off was the key to keeping it minimal.

I also 'Earthed/Grounded' myself for an hour when I got home by laying on the grass on a Cotton towel. I only put my back and neck on the towel to stop 'Grass rash' and rested my head, arm's and legs on the Grass directly.

I will be 'Earthing' myself again today but for as long as I can, I have the book 'Earthing'. It states if you get 'flu symptoms' from 'Earthing, then rest up for the day and do it as soon as you feel better.

I did have a lot of joint pain etc from other stuff going on with my body but I am going to carry on as I can suck it up and do it.

And I did get 'Flu symptoms' for a day last week after 'Earthing' all day in the Sun by walking around barefooted. And then went out in the Rain and did it again in the evening for an hour.

So I just spent the next day indoors doing stuff and resting up and went to bed early. So for the next week besides 'Earthing' I am going to do the propolis 3 times a day and the salt water rinse 4 times a day and vit C 4 gram's 3 times a day for 5 to 7 day's.

The paracetamol I won't take unless really necessary and staying on bone and veg broth for a few days.

I have added fresh chili peppers, ginger, onions, garlic turmeric root black pepper and various fresh herbs as well. Thyme, rosemary, mint, I don't always completely strain mine unless I have to to eat it. But I will be avoiding eating any bits that are too chewy for a few days.

But leave the soft bits in. I also put a lot of raw butter on it as well and Celtic salt yum!!

Love Andrea C xxx

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Janice (Toronto, Ontario) on 03/02/2013
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I've had a few sensitive teeth before, but recently a back molar, cause was crappy dental work, four days now I've been doing oil pulling with Sunflower oil, it seems to work, because my dentist who helped me with another sensitive tooth won't do anything for this one. Maybe it's because the needle I got in that tooth is linked to my cataracts because the needle touched the eye nerve and I was twitching for 3 straight months, not sure, but the oil pulling works. One friend said using coconut oil every morning made her loose teeth sturdy! 4 days now and it doesn't hurt as much, but it's only 4 days, and that's good...... the Colgate Pro Sensitive when I put that on I screamed, a friend's dentist told her that would ruin the enamel, on the waiting list 6 months to see this special dentist!

Oil Pulling, use Sunflower or Coconut 1 Tbsp. swish throughout the mouth 1st thing in the morning, rinse with salt water after spitting it out, and then brush your teeth, that's it.

Replied by Joy
(Battleground, Wash)

don't put coconut oil in your sink, tub, or shower or it will clog your pipes when it rehardens below 70? degrees and the plumber will have to pull the blob out of your pipes or your septic pump.... OUCH! Spit into a paper towel, napkin, or toilet paper and put in trash or burn in woodstove.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2072 posts

I spit my nasty oil into an empty plastic peanut container then wrap it into one of those cheap plastic grocer bags. It will proly wind up bursted in the landfill and incorporated into all the other nasties in the pit.

Pineapple Juice, Vitamins A and D

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Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/03/2013 89 posts
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I read years ago that if you drink LOTS of pineapple juice (like a can a day) and take extra A&D prior to having dental work like a root canal there would be no swelling or issues. I followed this and have taken an hour off from work for a root canal and came back to work with no issues (as a teacher! ). I know it is best not to have to have these procedures but sometimes it happens!

Raw Milk

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Posted by Linda (Anoka, Mn) on 10/31/2012
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I had the same problem and cured it in one week by drinking raw milk. It also worked for my 8 yr. old granddaughter and son-in-law.

Root Canal Dangers

Posted by Josie (San Antonio,Tx) on 05/01/2016 22 posts

If you need to learn more just type (The danger of root canal treatment). I love EC because people help each other. I have some information about root canal. If you have any root canal please remove it and if you're going to get one done, DON'T. The root canal is a dead tooth and it is highly toxic. It causes bacteria that makes their way into the blood steam. It can cause a number of serious medical conditions. It won't show right away, but later. It can cause cancer.

When your body is fighting the infection it cannot reach inside the root canal. Sorry to tell you, but your dentist will not tell you are they may not know. The dentists are not train to learn about this. You have a dead tooth, now think about this. If you have something dead in your body, it will cause you to get sick. It will spread bacteria all over your body, well that is what a root canal will do to you. Have the tooth removed, do not have a root canal!!

If you are sick this could be the problem. Love you all. Pray about this and God bless you'll.

Root Canal Extraction Pain

Posted by Noureen (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 02/07/2011

My father mr. BARI, 54yrs old, had a root canal on the rt sided 2nd molar of lower jaw. After that he had severe sudden pain at the lower jaw which is sharp, sudden. Lasts for 2-3sec occurs 7-8 times day. The pain radiates to the cheek, eyebrow, forehead. Doctor had diagnosed it as atypical TN. He is taking gabapentin for 3yrs and allergic to carbamezapine. but for the last few days his pain is not relieving though he has incresed his dose of gaba from 600mg/day to 1200mg/day. now what should he do? should he go for a botox injection? if then will it be able to relief his pain forever?

Replied by Slh
(Lehi, Ut, Usa)

I had a similar pain to Mr. Bari after having a root canal. What was found was a very small extra root that had not be extracted during the root canal. My dentist had not seen it on his traditional x-ray, but a periodontist caught it with a more detailed x-ray.

Once the root was extracted the pain stopped.

Replied by Marshagail

I know it's Many Years after your post but in hopes of helping someone who might be suffering now I want to seriously warn you away from the very dangerous drug, Gabapentin. Doctors use it off-label for just abt Everything & if u research it you'll find what a bad drug it is. I really think docs Rx it cuz they've run out of other options or cuz they don't want 2 get nailed 4 giving pain meds. If u don't want to dig 2 much or read thru Bunches of medical jargon then go to search bar at the People's Pharmacy & type in "Gabapentin or side effects of Gabapentin" & b sure 2 read the comment section. It's also one of the hardest drugs 2 come off of & can put u in serious jeopardy. The only medical condition Gabapentin is approved 4 is for Seizures & it's still a very dangerous drug.

Sage, Bayberry, Privet, Plantain

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Posted by Glight (Hattiesburg, Ms, Usa) on 01/06/2011
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I had my wisdom teeth removed over Christmas. I used a Tincture of Sage, Bayberry, Privet and Plantain. Had no problems at all. I Love my Herbs!

Replied by Melanie
(Virginia, US)

Could you please tell me how to make colloidal silver? Thank-you so much.


Salt Water Rinses

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Posted by Candace (California) on 05/21/2016
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I had oral surgery about a week ago; three seperate procedures, same day! No single thing has brought me more relief than warm sea salt water rinses. The warmer the water the better.

Swelling After Dental Procedure

Posted by Ann (N.C.) on 07/27/2013

I am having swelling reaction to dental work that activated mercury in fillings plus the anesthesia injections I reacted to (very sensitive from Lymes disease and celiac illness(. Any advice for swelling/itching/pain? Thanks so much!

Tea Bag

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Posted by Steve (Minneapolis, Mn) on 08/05/2017
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Tea bags temporarily relieve pain of dry socket

Had three teeth pulled lower right in the back to prepare for low-level radiation treatment on my neck; trying to zap some thyroid cancer cells. One of the teeth pulled was an impacted wisdom tooth. Up to 30% of people having a lower, impacted wisdom tooth extracted develop what is called Dry Socket, where the blood clot that should form after removal is dislodged or dissolved before the wound heals, exposing underlying bone and nerves. Usually shows up two days after extraction. Main symptom: pain, pain, and more pain!

This situation can last up to 40 days; the socket should ultimately be packed with any number of medicated dressings to alleviate pain until the socket can heal itself. I was initially given oxycodone in combination with either ibuprofen or tylenol-generic and told to rinse with salt water. Tylenol-generic did not work for me at all; help with oxycodone was "spotty." Only thing that gave me two hours of relief at one time was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every four hours (NOT a good long-term solution, if you value kidneys/liver/stomach).

Until I can obtain some sort of medicated dressing for the socket, I resorted to the tea bag solution, and - oh my gosh I can't believe it but it worked it's wonderful not to have to resort to trashing of my other organs via ibuprofen to get some relief! (So far have used black tea tea bags and chai tea bags; both work same.)

Tea Bag
Posted by Renee (Emporia, Kansas) on 03/21/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Extracted molar quickly resulted with significant swelling and pain. Soaked a regular tea bag for a few minutes in warm water, squeezed out most of the liquid, then lightly bit down on the bag. After an hour or so, a noticeable reduction in both pain and swelling. Continued this process for several days... rapid healing has occurred.

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