Dental Extraction Pain - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Dental Extraction Pain. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Colloidal Silver and DMSO

Posted by Danny (WV) on 01/08/2018

I used DMSO and Colloidal Silver mixed half and half, when I had all my teeth pulled, rubbed it on my cheeks the first few days, and it took out all the swelling and pain, and then applied it directly to the teeth sockets. Everything closed up in a week. Dentist couldn't believe it.

Clove Oil

Posted by Teena (Aus) on 07/28/2017 235 posts

After dental extraction requiring 2 hours of cutting and 15 stitches my husband was in a lot of pain even after taking panadiene forte, a very strong pain killer. He asked me if there was anything I could use (very rare) so I gave him clove oil but not having high expectations as whole clove had failed me recently when I was trying to avoid kids flu. He applied it with a cotton bud and I was surprised he got 3 hours relief. He slept. Well when he went back to work he soaked a cotton wool and left it there. He has done this a few times and the skin on his inner lip and gum is showing signs of irritation but he says I can work on that (probably coconut oil) when he is not in anymore pain.

I have been giving him to avoid infection and inflammation olive leaf, vitamin c, gse, li, sea salt and bs and Apple Cider Vinegar tonic. And once per day (as this is how often I see him), milk with turmeric, cinnamon and powdered clove.

It is healing nicely (day 3) and he is still using the clove oil but on cotton buds and not wearing all day.

Mama's Wisdom Tooth Extraction Remedies

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 08/11/2016

Natural Remedies to Promote Healing After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

As much as I like to treat health issues as home with diet, herbs, and natural remedies, sometimes the help of a professional is needed. Such was the case with my 18 year old's wisdom teeth. He was having TMJ and a sinus issue caused by his wisdom teeth. We chose an oral surgeon that the dentist we trust recommends. My son had his wisdom teeth out ten days ago and has had an excellent recovery. I thought I would share some ways that we used natural remedies to help his healing along.

First of all I was delighted to see that his discharge instructions from surgery recommended that tea bags (black, as in Lipton) be used if bleeding could not be stopped. I liked the recognition that something as simple as tea was not being improved up by pharmaceuticals, which would have been much more expensive. 30 years ago, I used black tea bags on the sites of wisdom teeth extraction, upon recommendation of my mother and think it contributed to an easy recovery for me.

Secondly, salt water was recommended for rinsing the mouth several times a day. I was so happy that this simple solution was suggested instead of some expensive chemical alternative, and obvious credit was being attributed to its effectiveness.

While my son's teeth were mildly impacted, the surgeon did not think that prescription pain medication would be necessary. He gave me a prescription just in case, but I never even filled it. I know from experience that narcotic pain medications seem to make my children feel badly. I would have filled it if needed but it was never needed.

He was also given a prescription for amoxicillin antibiotics. I didn't fill that either. I am convinced that turmeric works at least as well and likely much better as an antibiotic. I gave him 4 turmeric capsules 4 times a day for several days and then tapered off the amount. Turmeric is also excellent for pain and inflammation.

I did have him hold colloidal silver in his mouth a few times to help prevent infection.

My son had almost no pain in the days following his surgery. He had me look in his mouth the day after surgery. He had no redness. No inflammation. No swelling. The surgical sites looked amazing.

He did have some pain six days after surgery but he had gone to work in the heat and was likely dehydrated. Once he came home and rehydrated the pain went away.

He did need to eat soft foods for a good week. But he had no pain. I did give him a couple of doses of ibuprofen the first day but it probably wasn't even needed. I don't know how much to attribute to an excellent surgeon, how much to credit the general good health and strength of my son, how much to attribute to turmeric, salt water rinses and colloidal silver and how much to attribute to prayer, but they were all in play.

Just my 2 cents on helping wisdom teeth recovery go well.

~Mama to Many~


Posted by Ruth B. (Muskoka, Ontario, Canada) on 06/10/2016

After having a very difficult extraction of two wisdom teeth growing sideways, my dental surgeon told me to take pain killers before the freezing came out. Since I don't take pain killers, I sliced a thin piece of garlic and placed on both extraction stitched wounds as the pain became unbearable. First it burned slightly, then the pain lessened so I did not need to take pain killers. I continued to replace with fresh garlic slices for a couple of days. The healing process was also unbelievably fast. The dental surgeon couldn't believe the results.

Tea Bags, Clove Oil

Posted by Pixie (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 03/03/2011

I had a tooth extraction two days ago and thought I'd share a couple of things that were shared with me to make recovery a lot easier.

1.) Instead of gauze, use a warm, wet teabag to apply pressure. The tannic acid in the tea will help stop the bleeding and cause the tissue to start healing faster. Any tea will do, though I used black tea.

2.) A drop of clove oil on the wound will help with pain. It stings at first and then numbs it. Clove oil is also good for helping the wound heal and has antiseptic properties, even if it has a nasty taste.

3.) After 24 hours, gently swish with salt water--about 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of water. Swish after every meal. The salt will kill any bacteria and the gentle swishing will dislodge any particles of food from the open wound.

4.) Keep to soft food for the first 24-48 hours and easily chewed foods--nothing crunchy or chewy or drunk through a straw--after that.

5.) A vitamin C supplement is a good idea during the recovery phase.