Natural Remedies for Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Magnesium, Borax, Phosphorous +
Posted by Franky (Beirut, Lebanon) on 02/10/2013

In reply to Re: 16 Year Old Daughter With Degenerative Disc Disease --

Magnesium oil is a must but not enough for degenerative disc disease. You also need vitamin d, and bioavailable calcium through food like almonds, sesame seeds, dark greens, organic whey protein from 100% concentrate.

You need boron also. Spray a borax solution mixed with water on the degenerated area. (half a tea spoon with half a liter of water sprayed on the area twice a day)

you need to eat food high in Phosphorous.

You need to massage a mixture of clove oil 10% and castor oil 30% and extra virgin coconut oil 60%. This works like a charm but needs time in such situations. You also need to eliminate foods like wheat sugar fried food and junk food and grains, to stop fueling the underlying undiagnosed hidden body condition or major multiple malnutrition, that are causing your disc to degenerate. This is most vital to success and better than treating the symptoms on-site, to ensure future body harmony.