Dissolving Cysts Naturally: an Effective and Holistic Guide

| Modified on Feb 21, 2024
Cyst Natural Remedies

Cysts, fluid-filled sacs that can form in various parts of the body, are a common health concern. While medical treatments are available, many individuals seek natural remedies for cysts due to their minimal side effects and holistic benefits. This article explores effective natural treatments for cysts, offering a safe and alternative approach to managing this condition.

Understanding Cysts

Cysts can vary in size and location, commonly appearing on the skin, ovaries, kidneys, and other organs. They are generally benign but can cause discomfort or pain depending on their size and location.

Popular Natural Remedies for Cysts

Castor Oil

Castor oil, celebrated as Earth Clinic's most popular natural remedy for dissolving cysts, is renowned for its remarkable healing properties. This natural emollient oil is versatile in managing cysts and effective due to its ability to boost circulation and stimulate white blood cell production, which is essential in addressing various growths and abnormalities.

How to Use Castor Oil for Cysts:

For optimal results, massage castor oil gently into the affected area twice a day. This method targets the cysts directly, helping to soften and nourish the skin. Beyond its effectiveness on cysts, castor oil is also known for its soothing properties, making it a great choice for easing sore muscles and stiff joints.

Choosing the Right Castor Oil:

When selecting castor oil for cyst treatment, it's advisable to choose an organic, cold-pressed variety. This ensures you are using a high-quality product free from additional chemicals or processing agents, maximizing its natural therapeutic benefits.

Warm Compress

A warm compress is one simple yet effective way to dissolve a cyst naturally. This method helps increase blood circulation, speeding up the healing process. It may also reduce cyst size and alleviate pain. Soak a clean cloth in warm water, wring it out, and then apply it to the affected area for about 20 minutes. Repeat this 3-4 times a day.

Tea Tree Oil and Frankincense Oils

Essential oils such as tea tree and frankincense can be potent allies in managing cysts due to their unique properties. These oils can be used individually or combined, offering flexibility in your treatment approach.

Both tea tree and frankincense oils can sometimes be used "neat," which means they are applied directly to the skin without dilution. However, diluting these potent oils is often prudent for sensitive skin or delicate areas. Castor oil makes an excellent carrier oil in these cases due to its potential cyst-healing properties.

Tea tree oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities, making it a popular choice for home cyst treatment. Applying diluted tea tree oil directly to the cyst twice daily can alleviate discomfort and reduce cyst size.

To use essential oils in their pure form, massage a drop directly onto the cyst twice a day. If dilution is preferred, mix five drops of the essential oil with one teaspoon of a carrier oil like castor oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another natural remedy often used to reduce cyst size. Its acetic acid content can help dissolve the cyst's keratin protein. Dab a small amount of apple cider vinegar onto the cyst with a cotton ball and cover it with a bandage. Let it sit for a few hours before washing it off.

Diet and Lifestyle

Certain changes in your diet and lifestyle can promote general health and potentially prevent cyst formation.

Dietary Changes

A nutritious diet promotes balance in the body and provides the needed nutrients for maximum function. A healthy diet does not have to be cumbersome. Sometimes, implementing a few changes can produce significant results.

  • Eat a variety of whole foods.
  • Keep sugars and processed foods to a minimum.
  • Consume more water and less coffee, soda, and energy drinks.
  • Consume some raw fruits and vegetables each day.
  • Include smoothies in the diet a few times a week.


Exercise benefits the body in so many ways. It moves fluids around in the body, including blood and lymph. This helps to remove waste products from the body. A 20-minute walk several times a week is an excellent place to begin. A mini-trampoline or rebounder can be used year-round, even while catching the daily news or weather report. Even 5 minutes of rebounding several days a week will allow significant movement of the blood and lymph.


Lugol’s Iodine Solution

Lugol's iodine solution, recognized for its antiseptic properties, is often used as a remedy for cysts. This versatile solution can be applied topically directly on the cyst, although it may temporarily stain the skin. The 5% Lugol's iodine is more potent than the 2% variant and might require dilution for topical application, depending on the cyst's location and individual tolerance.

Additionally, Lugol's iodine can be taken internally, particularly when a deficiency of iodine is the underlying cause of the cysts. Although Lugol's iodine has a distinct iodine taste, it can be easily masked by adding a drop to a cup of coffee or a glass of grape juice. Renowned folk doctor D.C. Jarvis often recommended a mixture of one drop of Lugol's iodine and ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to treat various health conditions.


Recognized for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties, turmeric is a useful natural remedy for painful cysts.

Turmeric capsules, readily available in stores, provide a convenient way to incorporate this beneficial herb into your routine. A standard dose often recommended is four capsules, taken twice daily.

For a more potent and flavorful method of consumption, consider creating "Golden Milk." Though it requires more preparation, the potential health benefits make it worth the effort.

Turmeric is beneficial when ingested and can be used topically, especially on infected cysts that need to be drained. To make a turmeric paste, combine turmeric powder with water until it reaches a paste-like consistency. This paste can be applied directly to the cyst and then covered with a bandage. Replace the bandage when it dries out or after approximately 12 hours, whichever occurs first.

For added benefits, you can create a more cohesive paste by mixing turmeric with French green clay or bentonite clay, both of which have their own healing properties. Combine equal parts turmeric and clay, and then add water to achieve the desired consistency. This mixture can then be applied to the cyst in the same manner as described above.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a popular natural remedy known for its numerous health benefits, and some cysts may respond well to its application. Epsom salt's soothing properties make it an effective soaking agent for cysts, whether they're localized or widespread across the body.

For those dealing with multiple cysts, Epsom salt baths could provide relief. Simply add 1-2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath and immerse yourself for around 20 minutes. This soothing routine can be repeated several times a week.

An Epsom salt compress can be particularly beneficial when targeting a specific, localized cyst. Create a solution by mixing 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 1 cup of water. Saturate a cloth in this mixture, then apply it directly to the cyst for about 20 minutes, repeating this process a few times each day. For enhanced effectiveness, consider covering the Epsom salt-drenched cloth with plastic wrap and placing a heating pad on top.

However, if you find that these natural remedies only offer temporary relief, or if you're experiencing multiple cysts or additional health issues, it's crucial to consider further strategies to promote overall wellness. By improving your general health, you might find that the cysts naturally decrease in size or even disappear altogether, never to return.

Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is a traditional herbal blend known for its broad therapeutic benefits. While it's often highlighted for its potential role in natural cancer treatment, it's also commonly used to assist the body in addressing less severe chronic conditions.

One of the key health benefits of Essiac tea is its purported ability to help the body eliminate growths, including cysts, and purify the blood. This detoxifying effect can enhance overall wellness and support the body's natural healing processes.

Vitamin Supplements

  • Vitamin C: Great for its antioxidant power, helping with cell repair and immunity.
  • Vitamin A: Keeps your skin healthy, crucial if you have skin cysts.
  • Vitamin D: Important for a strong immune system and healthy cell growth.
  • B Vitamins: Support overall body wellness, including hormonal balance which affects cysts.
  • Zinc: A must-have mineral for a robust immune system and healing.Conclusion

Various natural remedies can potentially aid in managing cysts, from topically applied treatments like Lugol's iodine solution and castor oil to beneficial ingestibles like vitamin supplements and Essiac tea. Even though these remedies can relieve and stimulate the body's healing process, it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional before implementing any new treatment plan. Remember, your well-being is paramount, and tailoring a treatment approach to suit your needs is key to effective cyst management.

Do you have a natural remedy for cysts? Please send us some feedback! Please continue reading to see how our readers have used natural remedies to heal their cysts!

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Gennie (NL, Canada) on 02/27/2021

My husband had a cyst on his back. It was red, painful, and hadn't erupted yet. Saw family doctor who referred us to a specialist. With COVID and Surgery pending, I was concerned. ( He has COPD).

I soaked some sterile cotton pads in ACV with the Mother. Placed it on his back and covered it with Plastic Wrap. Taped it in place. I did this twice a day until the cyst began oozing. Then it required more changes. A week plus later all evidence of cyst had disappeared. He was healed without surgery or scarring. I canceled his day surgery. I was asked and the appointment clerk was amazed.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Terry (Madison, Wi) on 02/03/2015

I had a myxiod cyst for 7-8 years on my toe. Had the doctor remove it twice - kept coming back. I saw an article on drinking 1 oz. (2 Tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day for the cyst, so I did. After three weeks it was gone and never returned. Totally gone!! I don't have a clue why, but it works.

Baking Soda

1 User Review
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Posted by Jill (England) on 07/29/2015

Hi, I came on this site when I was told I had a cyst. I had never had one before but I instictively 'knew' how to treat it. I am a healer of sorts if you will. So I thought I would share. It started out as a small dot. I went ot the doctors who told me it was a cyst and nothing to worry about. But week on week it got bigger! I decided to treat it myself with Sodium Bicarbonate. Bicarbonate of soda! It is alkalike and 100% natural and can be used for many things. It is naturally alkaline and isn't patented for that very reason ( not owned by big pharma so they will not shout about all its health benefits as it doesn't make them any money! )

I won't bash on about the other health benefits of bicarb (though there are many) I will let you google that for yourself!

You can get premium grade bi carb from the chemist, but the stuff from the supermarket is the same , just lower grade. And its cheap!! I get mine from Boots, a tub for a quid. As bi carb is alkaline it balances the bodys natural PH, especially with all the acidic products we allow into our bodies, and gives us what we need. (again look into this for yourself).

Basically I mixed a teaspoon of bicarb with a smidge of water and made into a paste. I then used some savlon antiseptic cream (smidge on your finger to pick up/carry the bicarb paste) and pasted it/rubbed into the area.

This I did four times a day.

I also ingested a teaspoon of bi carb ( mixed with warm water) three times a day.

Within 24 hours it had shrunk. Within 72 it had all but gone!

A cyst is acid. Bi carb is alkaline. Dig??

I'm guessing apple cider vinegar works in the same way a lemon does on the body. Its acid but the body turns it to alkaline.

I hope this helps!


1 User Review
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Posted by Lynn (Canada) on 02/17/2014

I applied bloodroot paste to my cysts and it slowly works to create an eschar around the entire cyst, including the sac and then it falls off. I apply it directly to the cyst and put a bandage over it. I leave it on for a day and check on it, then reapply and bandage again. I keep reapplying for at least 4 days or so, or until I feel a lot of swelling. At that point there may be a bit of oozing from the cyst liquifying and pushing its way out from all the pressure of the swelling. It's optional to continue applying the salve depending on your comfort level and whether it stings too much. Eventually by about day 6 or 7 the cyst will fall out on its own, or with a little pulling with sterilized tweezers. It leaves a large crater at the site, but eventually this fills in completely and with almost no scarring. I am finding discolouration from the site, like any other scar, but the area is now flat and there is no indication of any part of the cyst left.

I did find one cyst on my neck wasn't completely removed, so I did a second treatment with the bloodroot salve after it healed completely. Sure enough, it found the area with any cyst material and surrounded it. That too fell out and I'm hoping I got all of it this time around.

Not only does this work great for deeply embedded cysts, my sister found it worked great for removing a mole on her arm. The exact same application was followed, although she may have had to leave it on a bit longer than I did for my cysts. By about a week and a half the mole just came off on its own with a little help with tweezers.

During the healing process I felt what was probably scar tissue, so I did try reapplying on my elbow but found no reaction. It left a bit of a chemical burn, but nothing major, just uncomfortable itching. I've also tried on other miscellaneous scar tissue/bumps and it didn't do anything but leave a slight stinging sensation and discolouration (that eventually disappeared.)

Replied by Robin

Hi Lynn,

Where do you get the bloodroot paste? I'm dealing with a cyst on my neck that I believe is caused by some kind of parasites. Anyway, would appreciate the info. I'm in the US by the way and wonder where to buy this product. Do you think it would be safe to use on the front of the neck just under my left jawline where the parotid gland sits? Sounds like it has a weird process for working out what's in the cyst and dissolving it, but I'm willing to try.

Thank you, Robin


Robin.…I have had several cysts and removed all of them with topical iodine. Just yesterday, I wasn't having any movement with the iodine (2x a day) on a cyst near my chin, so I put a drop of DMSO and a drop of 5% Lugol's Iodine every time I thought about it…maybe 5 x. Today it is scabbed over and much smaller. I will continue doing the iodine and DMSO a couple more days and it should be gone. Dr David Brownstein said that ALL CYSTS are caused by low iodine.


Hello Robin,

There are several websites that sell this salve: Etsy, Zenith Herbal.com, Herbs From The Labyrinth.com, Amazon.com, bloodroot salves.com, wiseways.com, bestonearthproducts.com, cancer salves.com and others.

If it were me, I would find a holistic practitioner with experience using bloodroot salve because some of these mixtures really may not be a safe option due to the location on the upper neck. Often, the affected area is much deeper and extensive than it appears and, extreme pain, a large crater and severe scarring can result, which eventually fills in.

The book "Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment", by Ingrid Naiman, is an excellent reference when choosing which type of salve to use since there are so many that work well. You could consult with her. Most anti-cancer salves are also anti parasitic.

Based on the limited description and assuming it is a type of parasite, many have had success trying one of the following ideas listed below which generally have broad spectrum anti parasitic and antimicrobial effects. However, when you mention "cyst", is this fluid filled, discolored, or deep? How long has it been there? Has a doctor diagnosed it? A more complete description and history and possible ID (Ectoparasite? Helminth? Other?) would be helpful to determine the best approach. If this is not parasitic or if you have doubts, try the more gentle approaches first (e.g., clays, oils) to tease out a possible ID &/or infection dimensions.

1. Salt Packs (Salt & Turpentine Pack or Stupe, Simple Saline Pack)

A. Heat salt in a pan, pile it in a multi-layered cheesecloth and secure end. Apply 10 drops or more of 100% gum turpentine essential oil to the hot cloth and/or to the skin. Apply hot pack to skin 30 - 60 minutes daily. Can do two 30 minute sessions. Debris is often drawn out, remove this. To minimize pain, one can first apply diatomaceous earth and/or Ivermectin cream 3% to the area, wait a while, then remove. Repeat the entire process until nothing else is drawn out. Some repeat this process daily, every other day, 2-3 times a week, as needed depending on the results. Persistence works. One can add other essential oils such as Frankincense (to minimize inflammation and kill parasites), clove (to minimize pain and kill eggs) and others. Most often, dark debris or a scab(s) emerges and this must be removed at some point so that the remaining underlying infection is drawn out.

Most of the time, these infections are quite deep and take time, you slowly remove them layer by layer to minimize trauma to the site.

B. An alternative is a Salt Turpentine Stupe: soak a washcloth or hand towel in very hot, highly concentrated, salt water. Add turpentine to the affected skin and/or to the cloth and apply to affected area until cooled, repeat 2-3 times until a full 30 minutes is achieved. Do this process twice daily, every other day or as needed. Cover stupe with plastic & towels to maintain the heat longer.

C. Or, simply use a washcloth or hand towel dipped in hot concentrated saline solution and apply a full 30 minutes, twice daily, retaining the heat by covering the towel with plastic and towels.

2. Earthclinic's BCC Baking Soda Remedy

Mix baking soda, apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar, and coconut oil into a paste. Or, simply mix baking soda & coconut oil. Optional: can add essential oils to this. Apply a generous amount and cover for hours to days, or as needed. Remove debris. Repeat until nothing emerges. Some have used various borax mixtures with good results. It appears these pastes work due to osmosis, suffocation, and various antimicrobial effects (anti fungal, antibacterial, antiviral).

3. Essential Oils

There are many that work well, a few are described below. Before using, first dilute the essential oils by adding 75-90% carrier oil to test your skin's reaction. Make sure to rub the oils onto clean/dry skin and rub it in very well extending beyond the affected area by 1-2 inches. Optional: can cover area with non-stick bandage or plastic. Depending on the response, you can repeat the applications once or twice daily every day, every other day, or as needed.

Note: if incorporating Peppermint, always add this oil last to any mixture or if layering. Peppermint “drives” the other oils deeper into the tissues.

* Oregano oil followed by the carrier organic olive oil. Apply 1-2x/day. Or, dilute oregano oil with olive oil, 1:1 or as needed. Can add more olive oil to the skin if it burns too much. For some conditions, having the oils as concentrated as you can tolerate is important. This oil is not for the “faint of heart” since it is burning and is generally used for more difficult or resistant issues. For example, areas in Brazil use it for cutaneous leishmaniasis and apply the oil neat 4 or more times daily until completely resolved.

I used this simple approach on an area on my forearm and was quite amazed at what emerged. I applied the oils 1-2x/day or at bedtime, every day. And, I used two species of oregano - O. vulgare and mediterranean oregano oil (optional). I applied the oils neat then rubbed in organic olive oil on top. As needed, I skipped a day or two or I covered the area with a non-stick pad. Sometimes, I would layer peppermint or frankincense oil on top for pain relief. A friend used this approach & cleared a spot on her lower back after 2+ months of consistent daily use - all sorts of “debris” emerged.

* Purification Blend (citronella java, lavandin, lemongrass citratus, myrtle, rosemary, tea tree) followed by Frankincense oil followed by oregano oil. Use a carrier oil to dilute as needed. Apply twice daily. A family member had success with this mixture on a hand-sized lump on the upper back/lower neck base areas. Pimple-like bumps emerged and dried up. Eventually, the lump & bumps disappeared after daily applications for 2+ months.

* Mix of Four: frankincense carterii, myrrh molmol, lemongrass citratus, yang ylang and carrier oil (olive oil, raw shea butter, black cumin seed, neem oil, and/or emu oil). Apply twice daily or more often. Clears MANY difficult skin issues including parasitic.

* CA Roller: fill roller bottle 2/3 full with Frankincense carterii essential oil and the remainder with 99% DMSO and black cumin seed oil. Apply twice daily. Many add Myrrh molmol. Can add other anti-cancer or anti-parasitic oils (clove, lemongrass, etc...).

Or, use (2 parts) Aloe Vera + (6 parts) Frankincense essential oil + (4 parts orange oil) + (2 parts) Black Cumin Seed oil or Emu Oil.

* Earthclinic remedy for a skin lump - castor oil + oregano oil + 99% DMSO (which is similar to turpentine) + clove oil. Every ingredient is anti parasitic in some way. Be certain to use high quality castor oil.

Other essential oils: eucalyptus (kills various parasites & ectoparasites), peppermint (kills larvae and mites, anti inflammatory), orange (anti-cancer, insecticidal, anti biofilm), copaiba (anti parasitic, anti inflammatory), lavender, german chamomile (anti parasitic), tagetes (anti larval), davana (anti parasitic), vetiver, garlic (antiparastiic & ectoparasitic), etc ....

4. Sulfur Pine Salve (SPS) or Pine Resin/Tar Salves

SPS typically consist of 75% sulfur, pine oil (turpentine or other pine oil) and vaseline (or raw shea butter, coconut oil, etc...). Apply liberally, cover area 3 days making sure it does not dry out. Rinse off and remove any debris. Repeat the process until no more infection is drawn out. An old traditional commercial brand called NuStock has been used for a long time, there are other brands.

An alternative to the sulfur/pine salve is Pine Tar and/or Pine Resin salves applied in the same manner. Often, anti parasitic essential oils or extracts are added to these resinous salves.

5. Cashew Oil or salves (anti parasitic & ectoparasitic) - research oil as to how to best use.

6. Andiroba Oil (anti parasitic & ectoparasitic) - research oil as how to best use.

7. Dragon's Blood Resin (salve or tincture)

8. EmuaidMax - very effective for many skin conditions - must rub in VERY well several times daily or more depending on the issue. Great for ectoparasitic infections (e.g., mites), fungal/yeast infections, bacterial infections, viral infections, scabies, burns, wounds, viral infections, ect...

9. Drawing clays (e.g., bentonite, French green clay, etc..) mix with distilled water and add frankincense &/or rose essential oil. Keep moist/warm with plastic and additional towels for as long as possible (e.g., 1 hour) then allow it to dry and rinse. Apply 1-2X/day or overnight. Can also use Diatomaceous Earth in this manner, it is a drawing and desiccant agent. You can leave the DE on the skin 24/7 so it continues to work.

NOTE: most of these remedies work well when quality product is used. For example, there are many adulterated or synthetic essential oils on the market so do your research.

NOTE: if secondary infections or severe inflammation develops (fungal, bacterial, viral, ….) you can spray HOCL (hypochlorous acid) on the area. It is a potent antimicrobial, looks and feels like water, completely non-toxic, and is a potent analgesic and anti inflammatory. It also accelerates healing, stops bleeding and is therapeutic in itself. Many hospitals and clinics are now using this in too many ways to list. I use BrioTech.com.

Wishing you speedy success in finding a solution! Sherri

Chamomile Tea

1 User Review
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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 09/19/2014

Sebaceous Cyst

Brew some chamomile tea and place a soaked cloth as hot as you can bear. Repeat during the day. In Europe this is an ancient remedy that works well.

All the best, Om

Clay Tablets

1 User Review
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Posted by Philippa (Surrey, BC, Canada) on 03/17/2009

I have problems with cysts/ganglia developing on my wrists and finger joints. I usually have to have them removed surgically. This was a real problem as I had to limit activity and keep the surgery site dry for several weeks after each surgery - not to mention the pain.

I had started developing another cyst on my left wrist that was becoming big enough to be considered my parasitic twin. I was putting off having it looked at due to the pain, the surgery, the inconvenience, etc.

I had previously been taking Terramin Clay tablets (1 tablet per 50 lb. of weight) to help cleanse my system; but, had stopped for some unknown reason. I started taking the clay tablets again without realizing that they could help my cyst.

Over a period of several days, my cyst shrank and disappeared. I had no idea how it happened; but, was delighted nonetheless. Two days later I happened to stumble upon the Terramin site at a place that was explaining how the clay in the tablets was small enough to break through the blood/tissue barrier. These particles were so small they had the ability to enter the cyst, start cleansing it and eventually remove it.

I'm back on my clay and loving it!

Replied by Faye

I had a ganglion surgically removed in 1968. Very painful. Came back a month later. Went to another doctor who removed it with a needle 10.00 and 5 minutes, it was gone. Never came back.

Coconut Oil

2 User Reviews
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4 star (1) 

Posted by Maria P. (Australia) on 06/10/2019

Coconut Oil for a Sebaceous Cyst

I dissolved a large sebaceous cyst on my scalp successfully by rubbing in some virgin coconut oil every night and pressing as I did so. I

had this idea from reading about the dissolving of acne in "Coconut Cures" by Bruce Fife N.D. 12 weeks later, it was reduced to a large flat dark scab which could be picked off leaving behind a teeny hole.

Replied by Gerri
(Auburn, Alabama)

Hi Maria,

I'm using coconut oil every night on my cyst and it has gotten flatter with a crust spot on top. Was it hard to get the crusty part off? Did you use anything different for that? Did your hair grow back after the cyst and crust were gone?

I am so anxious about this and praying mine continues to get flatter and flatter. Obviously it's a slow process since it took yours 12 weeks. Just need encouragement!!

Thank you,

Cream of Tartar

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 05/12/2012

I got a cyst after what could be referred to as a detox.. I think that the Lymph system might get overloaded, with the accumulated crap leaving the body, It was more a cyst, but Turmeric and Cream of tartar got rid of it.

I started off with just a teaspoon of Tumeric, then added a teaspoon of cream of tartar to it, poured in some milk, gave it a stir and drunk it all down. Then as it improved I just used Cream of tartar.

The Cream of tartar seemed to kick start the healing, not the Turmeric. The sting came out of it about the second dose. I used it internaly. I got through about packet of Cream of tartar from the baking isle of the supermarket. I'm sure the boil/whitlow its something to do with the general cleaning up of the body, with the natural cleansers ive been taking. Ive only had one like that before.

Cysts and MRSA

1 User Review

Posted by Karen (Georgia) on 10/02/2016


To all of you looking for cyst remedies: I would be very careful! I had a "cyst" that was lanced at the ER and later diagnosed as staph at the ER, lanced, drained and packed. Finally wound up at the surgeon's office. It was MRSA and resistant to ALL but two antibiotics. It still never totally went away and required surgery. MRSA is VERY serious and can even be deadly.

Please if you are ever in serious pain or these self diagnosed "cysts" are growing rapidly, consult a physician IMMEDIATELY and get tested for MRSA. This can also be very contagious if the skin is broken and it is MRSA.

Replied by Clare

I can't help but wonder if the MRSA had nothing to do with the cyst, but everything to do with the ER itself. I have been in many doctors' offices, ERs, hospitals, that are not all that clean, and staph is very prevalent. That's probably how you got MRSA..... Just saying.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Mary (Tomball, Tx) on 10/10/2013

Going on 6 months now GMO free only eat whole foods that are organic, my itching skin went away, I lost 25 lbs I feel 20 years younger, all the pesticides in our food is making us sick. I had back aches all the time with these 2 cyst in my lower back, back pain is gone and the cyst is way smaller, started on Diatomaceous Earth to see if it would help and so far I see that it is making my real thick and ugly toenails shrink back to normal. You need to get off white sugar and white flour they are fulled with pesticides only eat sugar cane sugar which is found mostly in organic foods. 80% of the food in the grocery store is poison to our body, but look for the Non gmo list on the internet and start getting your health back.

DMSO, Colloidal Silver, Turpentine

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc ) on 05/05/2015

I have used a few methods of dealing with surface cysts and below skin cysts. I say cysts; but I "lump" fatty tumors; cysts of mass as well as fluid in a single group.

I first want to make sure the cyst is not caused by infection or accompanied by infection. So I place on the site a poultice of colloidal silver mixed with DMSO. I let that sit for fifteen minutes on the surface.

I have also used a charcoal poultice and a turpentine poultice. I mix the turpentine with DMSO and colloidal silver. The turpentine is caustic so I don't put too much on skin for too long.

I've used Healing Clay. Not as a poultice. I just put a half spoonful of the clay with colloidal silver and then place the "goo" onto the site. I let dry.

All the above I repeat many times.

JUST in the past three days I found a number of "nodules" on my chest wall. They were sore and the size of a pencil eraser. I used the colloidal silver and turpentine plus DMSO on day one. Day two I used colloidal silver with tea tree oil and DMSO as a poultice and then did a colloidal silver with turpentine and DMSO poultice. The nodules covered an area about the size of three by four inches.

In only two days the sensitivity is down by 80 percent and the size of the five or six nodules is reduced by over half. I theorize I had an infection perhaps in my lymph glands. I will continue this poultice application for a month.

DMSO, Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Colleen (Wisconsin) on 12/26/2018

I had a sebaceous cyst in my groin area for years that was pretty small, not really visible, but if you felt around for it, was always there. I had one bout with a cyst in this spot as a teen; it appeared suddenly, got quite big within a few days, and drained on its own. Painful but over with quickly and no recurrence until I was in my 30s. This time it was a bit bigger but never irritated and sadly never threatening to burst or progress at all. So I finally decided to see if I could make it go.

I started with castor oil, which did seem to shrink it a little, but after several days seemed to stop having any further effect. I next tried ichthammol salve, which smelled god-awful to me, but if it made this thing come to a head and be over with, was worth enduring for a few weeks. After several days of keeping it coated, not much was happening so I started taking warm epsom salt baths while continuing with the ichthammol.This did make it slowly start to grow in size, soften up, get irritated, and kind of come to a head. It was not totally effective though. I think the warm baths may have had as much to do with it progressing as the ichthammol, not sure.

But regardless, although this protocol did bring it to a head (I could see a white dot forming) when I went to express it, maybe only a third of the material (white stuff) came out. Huge disappointment. I considered going back to the ichthammol again, but I was starting to suspect that a true boil might be better treated with that stuff. My cyst was perhaps too old and dry to be coaxed out.

I decided to totally switch to another remedy I'd seen hinted at: Lugol's iodine. I've had really good success with other ailments by increasing iodine in my diet (eating dulse flakes) in the last few years, and I know I've been deficient of this essential element in the past. I'd also read that mixing Lugol's with DMSO (50/50) would do a better job of getting it to absorb at the site. I had both ingredients on hand though I'd never used the DMSO before.

Mixed up a few ounces in a small glass container and applied it twice a day for about a week. (I used Crow's 5% iodine and pharmaceutical grade DMSO--both purchased on Amazon.) Right away I could feel something happening, a tingling. Within a day or two, the cyst, which as I mentioned had become larger and inflamed and only partially drained, was much smaller and starting to dry up. It was probably less than ten days before it was entirely healed over.

What really surprised me was that it was completely flat at that point--no sign of a bump--for the first time in maybe ten years. It's now been about three weeks. I stopped applying the iodine/DMSO once it was healed and flat and it so far has not come back at all. If it does, I won't be going back to the ichthammol again. I'll just try the iodine/DMSO.

One tip: I used a Q-tip to apply the solution directly on the cyst and would "paint" it thoroughly for about a minute to get as much of the stuff to absorb as possible. Because of where this thing was, I didn't bother to try to get a band-aid to stay in place and just used panty liners to keep my underwear clean. Once absorbed it didn't seem to be very wet or getting all over the place, so this was more of a precaution than a necessity, but keep in mind iodine does stain clothing. Also, iodine will spread all the way up the Q-tip, which seems to waste it. I wanted to saturate just the end, so I eventually figured out that dropping oil (I used castor oil) onto the part of the cotton about halfway down from the very tip would block the iodine solution from "running, " if that makes sense.

Definitely try this if you have a stubborn old sebaceous cyst. Hopefully you can avoid the attempts to poke at it and get it to come to a head--it really is possible to get even an old cyst to absorb and clear out with your body's help if you use iodine. Good luck!

Eliminate Gluten

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Posted by Gorettia (Lena, Louisiana) on 02/27/2012

Just want to help anyone suffering from chronic painful cysts... Gluten intolerance may be your problem. It was mine. After YEARS of fighting a loosing battle, my bloodwork came back positive for celiac (over the limit anitbodies showed up). I had to give up soy, dairy, sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, and most starchy foods like white potatoes, corn and beans... But I thoroughly enjoy healthy eating... Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, lean ground beef, salmon, turkey and a few other foods. For years dermatologist told me diet had nothing to do with it... But I am now convinced diet has everything to do with it ... Plus getting your stomach in good working order. Pantothenic acid (b5) in 500 mg per day and acidipholus and digestive enzymes are a must in my daily regimin.

Just hope I can help someone else with this advice... Give up the junk food and gluten and see if it helps. God revealed to me what I needed to do... So I give him all the praise and glory for my progress. Believe it or not, I now actually like the taste of FOOD without all the sauces, toppings and added "stuff" we destroy it with. Blessings!!!


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Posted by BlindedbyScience (Candler, NC) on 07/21/2021

I had a full 1cm fatty cyst on my knee. One day I just noticed it so I was pretty surprised. I've had it for about 3 mos. After reading a review for garlic on here, I wanted to try it. I smashed a garlic in a press. I took a piece that was still left in the press, the smashed part and taped it to my cyst with a bandaid. I did not cover the whole cyst but close.

After 15 mins I noticed it was burning so I left it on for about 1 hr and a half. It was reddened when I took it off. The next day I had a burn mark where the garlic was and the cyst was flattened where the mark was. So awesome. I taped a tiny piece of garlic with scotch tape for a couple hrs to a part that was still left but I didn't feel it burning.

Anyway I went to work. This morning it is almost completely flat. I will probably let it go a couple of days before I decide if I need another treatment. I am completely thrilled! That didn't cost a thing. My initial treatment was 4 days ago so I still have the burn mark and expect that to take a while to go away (like any burn mark) but totally worth it!

Replied by Katherine

If it is definitely a cyst, paint it with iodine…Drug store kind is fine. Do it for several days and it will be gone! Dr David Brownstein says that all cysts are caused by low iodine.


I've got large, 2" fatty (Baker's) cyst behind my knee. I think, maybe, that this thread applies, because I did the skin test - painting iodine tincture on the skin - 24 hour check. My patch disappeared completely in less than 6 hours. We'll see. Just got my Lugol's in the mail yesterday, and took first dose this morning. Don't remember how long it takes to see a difference in my energy levels.


What kind of iodine did you use?

painting iodine tincture on the skin - 24 hour check. My patch disappeared completely in less than 6 hours


Over the counter (OTC) iodine tincture used for scrapes, etc.

Replied by Aja

Thank you, that is interesting. I have a small cyst in one nostril and another small one in the corner of upper eyelid. It doesn't bother me, and it is barely noticeable. Looking at all the remedies, there is nothing that would be suitable for the eye. I much prefer to improve diet, or address deficiencies, so this looks as though it's the ticket! I'm off grains, gluten sensitivity is a problem and sometimes cross reactivity with non gluten grains. Easier to go without, rather than have dermatitis outbreaks.

Replied by Lou

Hi there, I tried garlic crushed over a little cyst in my cheekbone, as it was suggested here. I placed it with a gauze as a paste and on top of the cyst. It started burning a lot by I kept it overnight and slept with it. I woke up in the morning and it left me a terrible burn mark that was dark and somehow purplish. The cyst was a little flatter but I am left with this mark🙁 do you have any suggestion what to do for the mark and burning sensation also continues the day after. Please help. I do not want a scar or a mark forever. It is on my face under the eye 🙁

(somewhere, europe)

Lou, try applying coconut oil.

Posted by Nicole (Montreal) on 09/09/2016


I had a cyst on my forehead, for the last 4 years, the size of a green pea.

Last night (2016/09/09) at 2:30AM, I crushed a clove of garlic and applied it on my cyst and around it. I held the crushed garlic in place with scotch tape. It burned quite a bit for half an hour. I went to bed with the garlic and scotch tape in place.

7 hours later, I woke up and looked at my forehead. Under the scotch tape, the crushed garlic had turned green overnight.

I removed the scotch tape and garlic.

To my great surprise, the cyst had COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. A small puncture mark was left, probably due to where the liquid was drawn out by the garlic.

Also redness of the skin; better than that cyst that reminds you of witches.

I am on a waiting list to get a family doctor. I should be waiting another 4 years to get one.

That is the reason I tried the garlic treatment and it WORKS.


Replied by Cfitz

Oh my goodness! Four years until you can see a doctor? Take care of yourself.

Replied by Cfitz

Just noticed the date of your post. Hope all went well these last four years. I am going to try the garlic on the Baker's cyst behind my knee.

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