Crohn's Disease Remedies

Sulfa Drugs
Posted by Leslie (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 02/09/2013

Regarding Crohn's Disease - I have it and use Sulfasalazine pills. I hear that many doctors no longer perscribe this, as sulfa can disagree with you. I seem to flourish on it and with just one 500 mg. pill I can feel a differnce. You can take up to 8 pills per day although I never have had to do this. I usually will take up to 4 pills per day for awhile but stop because stool becomes normal very quickly for me. I hope this helps anyone with this same problem. Many medications like Zantac etc, can aggravate Crohns. By the way, a side effect of sulfa is that mosquitoes won't bite someone with it in their system. That's kinda nice.

General Feedback
Posted by Kent (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 12/03/2011

I posted in the past as I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. About a year later it was discovered I had Crohn's. I did the low residue diet with a tablespoon of Black Strap Molasses, and it brought me out in the past. I have been going on two months now and have lost a job (thanks Immodium with the "narcotic like effects") as a call center representative, and could not hold my head together.

This particular flare up I have tried turmeric with black pepper and oregano infusions to get rid of bacteria, coconut water famous for stopping the runs, pomegranate juice which is supposed to stop the "D", Pentasa, Asacol, glorious diet foods from Whole Foods "whole paycheck" that were supposed to bring remission (SCD), pepto bismol tablet and liquid, the famous anomaly coconut macaroons, blackberry brandy (the real stuff, not flavored), black tea, the bratt diet, caltrate, and finally, bentonite clay.

I was a wreck when I was on Immodium AD extra strength (my mind was not where my body was on the phones) as I found out when I had told a potential client wrong information on a call that was audited, and about a third into my shift, something was urging pretty severely to get out and it was not gas. I took my break a little early and ran to the nearest restroom which felt about a mile away in my dress shoes. I prepared some black tea because that might help calm things down a bit and had a cigarette. No avail. For lunch I had strange stares because who brings in gatorade and a couple of bouillon cubes? My mother died amidst all of this, and I still managed to catch a flight, play violin at her memorial service with the aid of goodnights. This is just not the way to live.

I on the good side of things dropped about 25 pounds (sexy... Lol). All of this brought me to an idea that I had when I was 15 (28 years ago) when I had a flu bug and the urgency was terrible. I had an herbalist tell me to go home, and take 1/4 teaspoon (and no more) of nutmeg with 4 oz of warm water, and don't eat for an hour and a half. That cleaned up the problem, and no worries after that.

All these years later I have this flare up, and 2 months after the start 1/2 a teaspoon of nutmeg, and later that evening I had a Jamba juice Pomegranate pick me up with their yogurt (which is not good as well as a test), and a 12 inch steak and cheese with spinach, black olives, and chipolte sauce (gentle test) on Italian Herbs and cheese from subway; things are normal this morning (so far). I found that for whatever reason nutmeg is a cleanser of the digestive tract, and an effective astringent as well it will bind your intestinal tract. You DO NOT want to take more than 4 tablespoons in a day however as it will make you very ill, and usually has bad effects on your body such as possible hallucinations (not likely but has been documented as a possible side effect), and possibly death (most likely not, but possible). If you are sensitive to nutmeg or have reactions to apple pie, or other common recipes that contain nutmeg, sorry this course is not for you.

I had also looked in to coconut oil for a few days after things are back into swing and you need to normalize the bowel, and have come up with a decent brand of coconut oil on amazon from Jarrow (it really tastes like coconut, and very fragrant).

In my research, experience with doctors, and self experience have found that I have been my best barometer of success with this ailment. It matters not necessarily what you eat because if you are going to have a resection, surgery, or other procedure, it will happen anyway. I had Solu-Medrol followed by a taper Rx of Prednisone which I forced myself off of sooner than prescribed because walking a parking lot felt like walking a football field, and the jitters and palpitations were terrible, and when I ran out of Pentasa and tried to get assistance from they were like dealing with the jaws of Satan. All I can say is I am grateful I have no adverse reactions to nutmeg, and it works.

Another thing of note is that Crohn's sufferers are commonly deficient in vitamins b-12, and d3, and some cases iron. It is important in addition to your multivitamins you supplement them with either b-12 or b complex, d3, and if you have a lot of bleeding or are anemic; iron. If for some reason you are unable to consume iron supplements, liver (usually beef) is a good starting point. Also if you are iron deficient Do NOT take pomegranate supplements or juice.

I am not a doctor, though I have visited many. I ask a lot of questions, and make sure I don't leave until I get answers. Also I have found that if you are gluten intolerant, you may have celiac disease. Other topics of interest to explore are Colitis (any form), c-diff, and h-pylori. If the diagnosis is Crohn's, make sure you review cat scans, x-rays or biopsies with your physician thoroughly, and write down the questions you intend on asking before your visit. Do not leave until you have all of your questions answered.

Barley Grass, Slippery Elm
Posted by Macky (New Iberia, La) on 06/08/2013

I had been on meds for flare ups of Crohn'sfor many years. I had bad side effects from the meds so when I started taking the Barley Grass I was not on any prescriptions. I haven't taken any meds since 1997 and do not have any problems with my colon. I avoid caffeine and cows milk. I also took acidophilus. Please read about the benefits of barley grass. I took capsules instead of powder I pray you get well. Thank you. Macky

White Fish Supplement
Posted by Myway (Delaware, Us) on 02/25/2015

There is a product called "Seacure" That is hydrolyzed white fish that is very economical. It is used for many reasons - see the reviews on I hope this helps! MyWay, :

White Fish Supplement
Posted by Brenda (WA) on 10/29/2020

Pleae add K2 with your Vit D3. I would seek advice form your PCP before doing so.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mark Bickett (Coos Bay, Or) on 04/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My wife has IBS/Crohn's and after book after book and days on the internet and a doctor that wanted to put her on a prescription we finally came to find the chief culprits in her case. After reading a book published by a doctor who suffered from Crohn's we eliminated several things from her diet and added some items. Anything with high fructose corn syrup was out, citrus fruits were reduced, sugar consumption was reduced , herbal teas for the tummy are used and an on the shelf digestive product with dicalcium phosphate and magnesium sterate are used. This so far has been working. But the corn syrup is a major player, it's in everything in America. We try to buy European when possible they at least use sugarn their cookies, jam, etc.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Health Coach (Toronto, Ontario ) on 03/05/2014

Try reading the book "Reversing the vicious cycle" by Elaine Gottschall. I follow a vegan version of the diet mentioned in this book. Although not in remission at the moment, turmeric, mineral drops, probiotics and the most magical thing, boiled cabbage (about 7 minutes) in a vegan broth and eat before I go to bed. The boiled cabbage makes most (95%) of my pain go away!!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Carye (Texas) on 10/09/2017

I've had 3 and I can tell you that surgery is really the only thing that will help. If you don't escalate the situation, you could end up even sicker and in the hospital. I'm 33 and like I said, had 2 minor surgeries, and one major. I haven't felt relief like this in a long time. I was terrified, but they can be deadly. Not something you want to mess around with.

Fruit Enzymes
Posted by Kim (Riverside, CA) on 05/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with colitis. I went to the doctor constantly with diarherra, pus and bleeding. I was having pain after every meal and at one point, was losing a pound a day. My doctor told me that I would have to stay on a diet of soft foods. I found a book on the internet called "Crohns and Colitis". The author talked about eating a strict fruit diet. I starting doing it and the symptoms that I had been suffering from for over a year left me. The enzymes in the fruit made all of the difference.

Removing Mercury Amalgams
Posted by Eve (Sydney) on 12/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had Crohns Disease about 17 years ago. I was finally cured of this when my orthomolecular practitioner discovered that my bowel was saturated with mercury she said was most likely from my amalgam dental fillings. I had the amalgam removed and replaced as well as went on her prescribed detox. The treatment took about 2 years. I have since been tested and found to be completely free of the disease. When I was ill in hospital with my bowel not functioning, what they started again was large doses of Metagenics brand Bifidus in water. Sorry, but I don't remember the dose but will look for it and post when found.

My advice is to get rid of amalgam fillings asap.

Posted by Gerry (Pr) on 10/26/2015

Hi!!! Are they turmeric pills or curcumin? I bought curcumin and they didn't work for my Crohns :(. Plus they had a weird taste.

General Feedback
Posted by Lara (Taylor, Mi) on 07/11/2015

My husband has Crohn's, and has had surgery once already.. All his pain and diarrhea has come back. Food does not digest comes straight out.. If anyone can please help!

Thank you.

General Feedback
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 07/11/2015

Dear Lara,

There are some stories of success with herbs like slippery elm, barley and turmeric here.

Activated Charcoal Powder may be of help also. There is a story on the website of a man drinking charcoal water daily for his Crohn's Disease with great success.

Charcoal for Crohn's Disease

I hope you find a good solution for him soon.

~Mama to Many~

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Martin (Philippines) on 07/17/2015

Are you sure this is safe? I also took barley pills after reading your comment. At first I felt relief from my symptoms for the whole month. I can take any food I want. But then when I increased the dosage to 4 pills every meal I developed urticaria and keratosis pilaris. I'm also taking some blackstrap molasses, baking soda, chlorella, and Apple Cider Vinegar pills. I started to take Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar pills almost 2 weeks ago. I don't know what's happening. Kindly enlighten me. I read somewhere that barley is gluten but the pills I'm taking are gluten free. The brand I'm taking is pines barley grass. USDA organic and gluten free. When I also take some Apple Cider Vinegar pills, my body starts to itch. I can't get any relief from antihistamines. The only thing that helped me lessen my hives is vitamin a. I'm also now taking flaxseed oil. I stopped taking Apple Cider Vinegar pills, blackstrap molasses and barley. I don't know if I'm going to stop taking chlorella. I'm taking chlorella because of my problem with my hormones and hyperthyroidism for one year on and off. I can testify that chlorella made my thyroid back to normal. It is almost a week since I developed urticaria. It's rainy season in our country I don't know if it has connections. There are a lot of small insects too and mosquitos. Maybe it's an infection in the blood or hexheimer's?

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Martin (Philippines) on 08/31/2015

Be careful with barley. It made my condition much worse. Now I have totally intolerance in every food I eat. I'll try pau d' arco

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Martin (Philippines) on 10/08/2015

Hi Linda,

What are the side effects you found out about barley? Would you share it with us?

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Emrol (Virginia) on 10/12/2015

I would like to know how much of the Pau D Arco tea have you been drinking daily. What strength? I started taking it today.

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Gerry (Pr) on 10/26/2015

Hi!! I bought Pau D'arco capsules. The ones that are really dark green. I have Crohns. Can you tell me when and how does he take them? With food? I read it can increase bleeding, so I'm kind of scared. Do you know how does the Pau D'arco work? I've had Crohns since I was 7 and when I was 17 I had part of my distal ileum and part of my descending colon resected :(. I'm using humira and its kind of not working anymore

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/26/2015

Dear Gerry,

I am not sure that Pau D'arco capsules will work. That herb needs a good bit of heat and time to draw out the healing properties from the bark. When I have used it, I have steeped the bark on low heat for about an hour.

You mentioned curcumin in another post. Personally, I think regular turmeric is better. Curcumin is only part of what is in turmeric.

Have you tried slippery elm bark? It is very gentle and healing to the digestive tract. Milk Kefir would be another thing to look into for healing.

Also, have you read, "The Maker's Diet?" The author cured himself of Chrohn's with diet.

I hope you fine some solutions to give you relief!

~Mama to Many~

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Dd (Olympia, Wa) on 10/26/2015

In regard to Pao d Arco; it is an amazing herb and has healed my daughter's irritated eyes when she places a warm tea bag on her eye externally and lets it soak. It has helped me with my lupus as well as immune support. Another herbal combination that could help Chrone's is the Anti-bio or Immune Support put out by Crystal Star. It has helped my fibromyaglia and lupus, which has affected joints, nerves, muscles in my body along with my bowels being affected. It has relieved my symptoms.

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Anka (Usa) on 07/08/2017

Are you talking about Pau d'arco or the barley grass? What exactly did you give to your dog? Thank you

Barley Grass and Pau D'Arco
Posted by Vernon (Philippines) on 09/30/2017

Hi Kelly! When do you take Pau, before or after meal? Thanks so much!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 09/05/2013

Stopping GMO foods will do wonders for Crohn's Disease. The gmo foods are treated as foriegn bodies and our body starts the immune response. Milk Kefir is the best for any type of Auto Immune disease. Good Health

Paleo Diet
Posted by Janet (Usa) on 09/04/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Anyone suffering from Crohn's might want to try the Paleo diet (primarily NO grains or dairy). I have been on this diet for four months and have not had a flare-up during this time. May be too soon to tell, but have read posts by other Crohn's sufferers saying that they were cured by following a Paleo diet plan.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Amber (Ca) on 07/10/2015

I have questions about the Paleo diet because I was told to not eat raw fruits/veggies and nuts. Isn't that what the Paleo diet mainly consists of? I'm afraid to try it....

Dietary Changes
Posted by Deb (Florida, USA ) on 07/11/2015

Regarding the Vegetables on a Paleo Diet: You can lightly steam or saute them. Just rember the more you cook them, the less nutrition. Try to get free range meat.

Fish Oil
Posted by Michael316 (Alton, Il) on 07/04/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Crohn's Disease relief/cure. A lady I know had Crohn's in the past and I asked her about it because I was having stomach problems and my father had died from Crohn's. She said she had suffered and tried many different medicines with no success. She read about this remedy and it worked... Take 4 quality fish oil tablets before bed and 4 after waking up in the morning. She said she stopped taking them about 8 months later.

Posted by Maynard (Gardner, Ks) on 08/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Kombucha and probiotics for Crohn's Disease. I had to have my colon, and anus removed with emergency surgery due to untreated chronic diarrhea(mutating fungus in the colon). After surgery, it started to attack my small intestine. It could have been prevented by consuming Kombucha. I make my Kombucha with apple juice (frozen purified water) no extra sugar, plus add 1 probiotic capsule the first 2 batches. It is very acidic, so I mix 1fl. oz. with 15 oz. water. Drink 3 times a day forever, and say goodbye to medical doctor!

General Feedback
Posted by Chocolate Butterfly (Los Angeles, Ca) on 07/28/2012

Jordan Rubin has a book that helps! He's the creator of the Garden of Life products. Please check it out... You'll thank yourself later. I suffered with it for a few years. I applied the principles in his book. It took months to see results, but the doctor dropped the diagnosis from Crohn's to IBS. I no longer need my medication. There are many other testimonials. Give it a try! "Restoring Your Digestive Health" (I think that's the name of it..)

General Feedback
Posted by Kent (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 02/24/2015

This has been trying and so far the flare ups have pretty much stopped. Through all of this I have remained pretty well off; last 4 days symptom free. My method of cure is 10,000 iu vitamin d3 daily with 1,000 mg vitamin c, 1200 mg fish oil, a good multivitamin such as men's health one a day, 2 caps of cayenne pepper 450 mg (do not take if you are allergic to capsicum and if you are uncomfortable with the idea) with a vitamin b complex taken every other day (the b is the one every other day). The cayenne was added after taking 2 500 mg black walnut hull capsules twice a day for 22 days to detox the intestines. After the black walnut caps were completed I felt a lot less desire to imbibe alcohol... no physical pain or anything, just less desire. After adding cayenne I have noticed my circulation getting better, my appetite better controlled, and a lot more active.

I am the closest I have ever been to feeling like I beat this thing without having to restrict my diet. Things are coming out normal, and I am happy again. Another treat I found that is very good for you along the way is mulberry juice (no specific quantity required... I could drink a liter of the stuff and not bat an eye). A good source for this is vitacost; they are inexpensive and have a good reputation. As far as the supplements you can pretty much get them at the dollar store and not spend a ton. I order cayenne on line through Walmart. I have not had a resection or surgery for the Crohn's as of yet.

Vitamin D3
Posted by Starwoman (Gold Coast, Qld Brisbane, Australia) on 03/20/2010
1 out of 5 stars

Dear Earth Clinic,

I have read that Vitamin D3 may be helpful in treating Crohns disease.

Do you know if this is true, as I have been using 15000 iu per day for 2 months now and have yet not noticed any difference.

Also do you have any latest research on healing Crohns disease, with its Chronic diarrhea and gas pains?

Kind regards,


EC: Hi Starwoman,

Dr. Cannell's Vitamin D Council newsletter is an excellent source of information on D3. Here's one recent newsletter:

Barley Grass, Slippery Elm
Posted by Angel (Sanantonio, Texas) on 01/04/2011

While you were taking the barley grass and slippery elm, were you on any other medications that you took at the same time? If so what were they? Thank you

Barley Grass, Slippery Elm
Posted by Martin (Philippines) on 08/31/2015

I also took barley but made my condition worse. At first I felt relief but after a month, I feel bloated. I had itches and hives. I also had blepharitis and eczema. I only took barley and Apple Cider Vinegar so I think I got this from barley.

Barley Grass, Slippery Elm
Posted by Sneha (Marysville) on 06/27/2016

Hi your article was really helpful my husband is also suffering from crohn and I know flare ups are so horrible. In this disease he is also on some steroids - its part of treatment. Just wanted to know could you please tell me when and how much barley capsule you take in day with slippery elm herb thank you.

White Fish Supplement
Posted by Billa (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 11/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Crohns & Colitis

I have been sick with Colitis for the past six years, have tried every remedy recommended by Naturopath, Doctors, Specialists and Blood Analysts. I finally found a supplement that has managed my colitis amazingly. The product is a hydrolyzed white fish and miraculously calms down the inflammation and you will have regular bowel movements within 3 weeks - good luck!! Unfortunately you can only get this supplement from a Naturopath - its very inexpensive and effective. In Canada the product is $68 but I imagine in the states its much cheaper.

DMSO, Manuka
Posted by Sheila B. (Toronto, On) on 08/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Crohn's - DMSO gel & Manuka Honey

Hi: Try applying DMSO gel on your lower tummy (colon area) 2x a day. It helps to rid of inflammation, and restore healthier bowels. It helps with reduction of pain after 1 hour. Manuka honey also helps heal wounds in the bowels and definitely helped me with reducing acute pain. I take 1/2 tspn on empty stomach 2x a day.

Lastly, do not over look proper food combining. It is very important.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Geminish (Bridgeport, Ct) on 01/20/2012

What's the name of the book?

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sarah (Arizona) on 10/19/2016

Hi. After you cook it, do you eat the cabbage, drink the broth, or both?

Aloe Vera
Posted by Mrs. CR (Northern, VA) on 02/23/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Crohns with Fistula: Please help me with regard to how to get rid of an anal fistula assoc. w/ Crohns. I take high concentrations of an intracellular aloe vera product which seems to help but I don't want to live with this "pain in the butt" fistula forever! Only once a month does it flare up and abcess. Have had it asperated once, take sitz baths occassionally but.....Argh!! Thank you! Mrs. CR

Posted by Nadia (England) on 11/05/2018

How do you take the turmeric... is it in capsules

Fruit Enzymes
Posted by R.M. (Stanton, Ca, USA) on 06/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Fruit smoothies works as good as prednisone, though the prednisone has to be tapered of gradually. Without fruit smoothies, flare ups occurred even with prednisone and asacol. Not a cure, but a great help. Lets put it this way, I am NOT on prednisone (praise the Almighty), which is really MORE than I can ask for. One cup; made from all fresh fruit with 1/2 tsp of soy protein (from the powder mix). BTW, I also gave up black tea, except if constipated, and reduced all sweets except when I go on a binge. Also, DARK Chocolate in VERY SMALL quantities (an ounce?) helps shut off any symptoms of GERD.