Crepitus Treatment for Neck and Joints

| Modified on Feb 03, 2017

What Is Crepitus?

Periodic cracking of the joints is a fairly common, harmless occurrence; however, regular or recurring crackling and grating noises are not typical and are signs of a more serious condition. The condition is typically defined or characterized as frequent grinding or crunching within a joint. The noise or sensation is the result of the joint surfaces or tissues rubbing together.

A symptom of previous joint injury or arthritis, crepitus can be categorized into several different types. The most common are bone, joint and bursitis. Bone crepitus involves two fractured bone fragments moving against one another. Joint crepitus deals more specifically with the movement of the joint, exhibiting the characteristic sensation as the joint is moved. Bursitis actually is the result of inflammation of bursae within the body and is felt if the fluid within the bursae contains fibrous segments.

Crepitus typically affects the weight bearing joints of the body including the hips, knees, wrists, and ankles. Crepitus neck is another fairly common form of the condition. While crepitus is not normally painful, it can cause pain if the cartilage between the joints is becoming coarse or rough or if a bone is broken exposing jagged edges.

Natural Treatment for Crepitus

By definition, crepitus is actually a symptom of an underlying condition. As such, the underlying condition must be determined before an effective treatment can be found. In any case, a number of common natural treatments are available to help mediate the condition. Taking a daily supplement of magnesium chloride or vitamin D has been shown to relieve symptoms and eradicate crackling bones. Additional treatments involve increased physical activity and weight loss. Physical therapy is often used to treat crepitus neck.

Magnesium Chloride

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Posted by Monica (Lawrenceville, GA)

Since I stopped taking Estratest, bones all over my body have been crackling each time I move! HELP! I am taking soy and glucosomine w/hyalueric acid and chondroiton. These really don't seem to have helped. The old bones are still crackling. Can you give me any insight as to what else I can do. I do not want to take prescribed hormone replacement. I have had a bone density test and I am NORMAL! Thank you.

Replied by Ted
(bangkok, Thailand)
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I have recommended magnesium chloride to stop crackling bones to both my mother and several friends here and that seems to help. At least my own mother now no longer have cracking bones and she is 75 years old. It takes a couple of days to notice it. Magnesium in your body is needed before the body can properly utilized the rebuilding of bones and the long term proper use of calcium. The other thing is to add small pinches of borax to your drinking water so the body can regain the capacity to rebuild bones and stop the crackling by helping the body retain and utilized the critical balance between the magnesium and calcium.

Replied by Lisa
(King Of Prussia, Pa)

I was happy to find a natural cure for cracking bones, but confused as to the borax statement. Are you speaking of the cleaning product? If not, then where can I find borax, and as you said a pinch, in how much water... If you would, please elaborate. I read that borax is not digestible. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

Vitamin D

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Posted by Bob (Gladstone, Or.USA) on 03/28/2007

Vitamin D cured my crackling bones. I got rid of most of my crackling bones when I added Vitamin D, about 5000IU/day. They all went away except in my right elbow, and it lessened considerably.

Replied by Josh

Hi, My neck cracks 3 times when I turn it left, will vitamin D help that go away?