Colloidal Silver, Vitamin D Protocol for Colon Cancer

on Jun 07, 2022| Modified on May 29, 2024
Ionic Silver Vs Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jen (Australia) on 11/01/2022

On the one hand, Art, your story of this woman's success with CS is fabulous news...However, I have now switched to Ionic silver NO longer colloidal as it was said that the CS especially if used in higher doses can and will turn your skin / grey blue. and that is irreversible... so as we did not want this color we changed to Ionic silver as even my health food store owner told me that the owner of the other Coloidial silver brand... that he still sells to people that want this..... is taking larger quantities and his skin has turned blue.... from experience the silver I also a successful one stop shop for any woman with painful breast cysts >>>> definitely no need to see any "expert" as this taken for say 2-4 days will remove all discomfort, and worry.

I would be interested to hear more of this "treatment"!! And any side effects!!??

In good health Jen

Colloidal Silver Dilution
Posted by Art (California) on 06/27/2022 2182 posts

Hi Kat,

Math is not my forte either, but I will give it a shot. Your 120 ppm CS solution is 6 times the strength of an equal amount of 20 ppm CS. So if you take one ounce of your 120 ppm and combine it with 5 ounces of distilled water, you should have 6 ounces of 20 ppm CS. Similarly if you take one cup of your 120 ppm CS and combine it with 5 cups of distilled water, you should have 6 cups of 20 ppm CS. Also similarly, if you have a 16 ounce bottle of 120 ppm CS and add five 16 ounce bottles of distilled water to it, you should have six 16 ounce bottles of 20 ppm.

I am more accustomed to diluting 320 ppm because that is what I mainly make and I use tablespoons of the 320 ppm and add those to specific amounts of distilled water to achieve 20 ppm dilutions.


Colloidal Silver Dilution
Posted by Kat (Knoxville) on 06/27/2022

Hi Art,

I wonder if you could help me with a dosage question? I have CS that is 120ppm, and I'm not sure how to cut that down to the 16 oz. of 20ppm. Should I take 3.33 oz. per day? Or dilute the 120ppm CS by 1/6th to make it 20ppm? Math is not my forte - help! And thank you!

The Brand Coated Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 06/09/2022

If you already have 20 ppm or higher colloidal silver, it can be diluted down to 10 ppm if that is what you want. If you have 20 ppm CS, just add an equal amount of distilled water to it and you will have 10 ppm CS.


Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 06/09/2022

Cindy, after restarting my own version of rebounding, the surge in energy the day after, is quite amazing! Thank you. (My version is simply heel lifts, coming down hard(ish) after each lift. Just about 10 or 20, two or three times a day did the trick for me.)

The Brand Coated Silver
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 06/08/2022

As regards my own use of colloidal silver or nano silver, I would always use nano silver that had a solution concentration of 10ppm with a nano particle size of 10nm or less. There are good reasons for this.

We've also had a similar conversation on EC about colloidal silver usage for vs. the Ebola virus way back in 2014. Here's what Ted from Bangkok had to say about using colloidal nano silver:

"Department of Defense know already the cure for Ebola. It is nano silver not colloidal silver at 1 to 10 parts per million to be effective, any more is not effective. Must be prepared at very high voltage DC at least 300 v DC at 10 degrees celsius. The size should be between 1 to 10 nanometers prepared in a refrigerator set at 10 degrees Celsius under dark conditions with very pure water. Most colloidal silver is actually ionic silver and you need colloidal silver. This is a proven technology which has been declassified by the government. Colloidal silver of nano sized operate on quantum physics. So it is not about pushing high ppm it is about the size of silver which can be exposed to ultraviolet or indigo violet range to further the size down to nanometer without being exposed to broad light band. So most colloidal Silver out there is in fact ionic silver. There are many ways of producing colloidal silver of nanometer but I simply don't have the time to test them. Ted"


My own views are completely based upon what Ted has said about using CS as well as being based on some critical research carried out by Janice Speshock and Saber Hussain in 2009 at the US Air Force National Laboratory:

From the above research, they discovered that:

  • 10ppm was by far the most effective concentration of CS used against viruses.
  • 10nm nano size was the most effective CS particle size.
  • Uncoated silver nano particles were much more effective than protein coated nano particles silver.

In the above research, it was found that CS was effective against many viruses -- including HFV, EBV, Enveloped RNA viruses, Marburg virus, Candida, Lassa fever virus etc etc.

Ted also advised putting several drops drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide into the his colloidal silver, which helps to prevent the unwanted clumping together of nano silver particles that result in much larger silver particles that will, in the end, be less effective. Smaller nano particles can easily be disseminated and distributed to the peripheral tissue regions of the body whereas larger clumped nano particles cannot travel to the body's peripheral regions to successfully reach ALL tissues.

I will always go by what Ted from Bangkok says, which is also supported by just one piece of very valid government research (see above link). Therefore for me, I would always make sure to buy and use CS at a concentration of 10ppm and with a 10nm particle size (or less) -- nothing else will do!! And I would also probably add 2 or 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide -- as recommended by Ted -- to my bottle of colloidal silver to help stabilize the CS to make sure that unwanted clumping of the silver nanoparticles never occurs.

Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 06/08/2022 2182 posts


Animal studies indicate that CS can kill good gut microbes, but the gut microbiome can recover once the CS usage is stopped. In the case of CC, given that it can be fatal, you have to figure that into the equation also. Iris only used high dose CS for one month and then stopped.

I almost never recommend taking CS continuously through life as you might take vitamin D, especially at low dose as that can allow for bacterial resistance to CS to occur. There are already some bacteria that are resistant to CS. CS has shown benefit in dealing with bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics such as MRSA and VRSA. It would be nice to be able to maintain this benefit from CS for many many years to come.


Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 06/08/2022 2182 posts

Prana Student,

That is a very interesting use of CS! Out of curiosity, does CS by itself have any effect on the diverticulitis?


The Brand Coated Silver
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 06/08/2022

I wanted to share with the EC community interesting feedback I got on the brand Coated Silver, which offers 20,000 ppm (parts per million) Colloidal Silver. Most brands, including EC, offer 10-20 ppm Colloidal Silver for comparison. We thought this brand might be a good option to post about as the extraordinarily high concentration could be more affordably diluted down to the mg dosage in Art's colon cancer protocol for those who don't make colloidal silver at home.

Yesterday I emailed Kephra, the founder of the colloidal silver/colloidal gold forum and undoubtedly one of the world's leading experts on CS and CG to get his feedback about the extensive scientific claims made on their website, which I read here:

Kephra replied: "I am pretty sure it is a scam. Even the description of the operation is incorrect. Silver ions are not exactly the antibacterials. To be effective, the silver ions must be created when the silver nanoparticle gets within atomic distances to the bacteria. This happens with silver nanoparticles because the nanoparticle and the bacteria have opposite electric charges. Opposites attract. Ions are positive charge the same as bacteria, and therefore would repel and not contact the bacteria. When a silver nanoparticle is attracted to a bacteria, the difference in electrical charge causes a nano lightning bolt between them and burns a hole in the bacterial membrane causing the bacteria to essentially bleed to death. The voltage difference is on the order of 1 million volts per meter. Once the nanoparticle burns the hole. it also creates a silver ion which enters the bacteria through the hole it just burned.

I really doubt anyone's ability to make a stable solution with that much silver. 20,000 ppm is 20 grams of silver per liter."

A member of the forum had this reply to Kephra:

"I've heard this explanation from Kephra before, but the part I don't understand is that he says silver ions and bacteria are positively charged. When I look at the literature regarding the charge of bacteria, it looks like most bacteria are negatively charged:,charge%20of%20bacterial%20cell%20walls.

"Most bacterial cells possess an overall negative charge at neutral pH due to the presence of peptidoglycan, which is rich in carboxyl and amino groups. Teichoic acids containing phosphate-rich components also contribute to the negative charge of bacterial cell walls."

Kephra replied: "I know this is confusing because of the way the charge is measured.

A silver nanoparticle itself is negative because of the free electrons on its surface. But these electrons attract positive ions in what is called the slip layer. The slip layer is what is actually measured as zeta potential. So from the standpoint of zeta potential, the nanoparticle is positive because it's that layer of positive ions surrounding the particle that is actually measured.

The same holds true for the cell surface and surface of bacteria. So if a particle or cell surface is actually negative, it will test as positive because of the slip layer. For any of this to make sense, everything should be measured the same way but they are not."

Thought I would share this feedback with the community.

Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/08/2022 480 posts

The issue with constantly drinking CS is that you're constantly bathing the digestive tract in active anti-biotics that, until they are flushed out, kill and continue to kill microbes. I don't know if silver kills friendly flora or not BUT starvation absolutely WILL. If you eliminate the "bad" guys, you also eliminate the "good" guys that feed on them.

"Bad" guys aren't bad. They're "good" guy food and "good" guys eat a LOT which is why "bad" guys repopulate so fast after a round of anti-biotics. "Good" guys reproduce slower and their population is controlled by how much food is available. No food, no "good" guys.

In addition - I suspect the most critical issue with aging is the lessening of physical activity - or, what I call the anti-rebounding effect. Physical activity/rebounding generates white blood cells which have no problem killing off cancer so, the less you move, the less natural cleaning and maintenance gets done.

Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Prana Student (Queensland) on 06/07/2022

Art Solberg's article on Colloidal Silver (CS) and Vitamin d3 is welcome news. We have used CS for more than 20 years episodically. We make our own CS so a supply is always at hand. We keep our Vit d levels at the upper end of the range and feel these two things have worked wonders for our aging bodies in resisting several infections and probably rapid abnormal cellular division as well.

I have used CS as a Trojan Horse to ameliorate diverticulitis. As I have to take psyllium husks/powder routinely I used silver solution to mix the psyllium in before drinking it down as a liquid immediately after mixing, followed by a large glass of filtered water.

The fiber in the husks virtually scrapes sludge from the much of the villi of the intestine where bacteria and yeast overgrowth thrive on decaying food in the pockets known as diverticula sacks. This can create dangerous and life threatening infections. The silver content kills much of the excess microorganisms to help restore balance. Excessive use can virtually sterilize the bowel which is bad, so, as I used this treatment on several occasions, it's always complemented with probiotics/ yogurt / kefir and fermented foods like sour kraut.

Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 06/07/2022 2182 posts

Thank you for saying so, Laura!

I think with CS, as with other supplements and prescription medications, too low of a dose may be ineffective and too high of a dose may be toxic and the right dose may achieve the desired effect.

With 10 ppm CS, that is half the silver content of 20 ppm CS. So you would take twice as much 10 ppm to be equivalent to a 20 ppm CS dose. It is the amount of total silver that is important. If you had 40 ppm CS, you would take half the dose in order to equal a 20 ppm dose. Here are some equivalent amounts of silver as examples:

4 ounces of 320 ppm

8 ounces of 160 ppm

16 ounces of 80 ppm

1 quart of 40 ppm

2 quarts of 20 ppm

4 quarts of 10 ppm

8 quarts of 5 ppm

These 7 examples above are all delivering approximately the same 40 mg of silver.


Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Laura (Phoenix) on 06/07/2022

Great article. Thanks for posting. Any idea what the dosage of CS would be at 10ppm? I read in one of the links you provided that many factors depend on the PPM and that if you go lower, there could be adverse consequences. Thoughts?

Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 06/07/2022 2182 posts


Yes, that is what she used and yes it is expensive in comparison to other supplements. I think she was trying to see if it would help because she told me she was afraid to go the chemotherapy route. If you are comparing it to chemotherapy and the current standard of care for CC treatment, I imagine CS would be at the bottom end of the cost scale. She didn't skimp on cost and she told me she also got a capped CS product because I showed her the studies that I listed in this report that showed that capped CS was more effective than uncapped CS in the studies. I also use capped CS when I use it. Bottom line for Iris is she is happy with the results she got and glad she tried it before going ahead with her oncologist's therapy.


Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jeff (Georgia) on 06/07/2022

She drank 16oz/day of CS? $63 (including tax) per day. $1900/month

Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 06/07/2022 2182 posts


Normally people use colloidal silver in very small doses of teaspoons or tablespoons. Iris was drinking 16 ounces of 20 ppm CS or 30.7 tablespoons everyday and I doubt that three or four teaspoon or tablespoon dosing of CS will have the same effect.

Another consideration is that there are many different concentrations of silver in CS. I saw a product the other day that was only 3 parts per million and I have seen 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 20 ppm on up to 20, 000 ppm. The point being that the amount of actual silver that you are getting is what matters.

Lastly, Iris was using CS that was capped and in two of the studies I highlighted, they showed that capped CS was more effective than uncapped CS at fighting colon cancer cells.

Iris was apparently using the dose that was effective for her and that is no BS.


Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jim (Oklahoma) on 06/07/2022

A friend 87 yrs old makes and drink CS. Been doing at least 30 yrs. Recently had a section of his colon removed due to cancer. Drinking CS is BS.

Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Earth Clinic on 06/07/2022

Don't miss Art's new article and extensive research on the two supplements that helped a friend's sister with colon cancer!

Thank you so much, Art! ❤️