Collagenous Colitis Treatment

| Modified on Oct 14, 2022

What Is Collagenous Colitis?

Typically included under the umbrella term microscopic colitis, collagenous colitis is an inflammatory disease of the colon. Generally speaking, collagenous colitis presents as persistent watery diarrhea and typically affects individuals over the age of 50. This type of colitis is more prevalent in females than males.

Named for the thick layer of protein or collagen that develops in the colon tissue, collagenous colitis is a fairly recently identified disease. In addition to its discovery, lymphocytic colitis has also been identified. As of yet research is inconclusive on whether the two disorders are separate entities or are rather two symptoms of the same condition. Either way, the symptoms, testing, and treatment of both are very similar.

Signs and symptoms of collagenous colitis are relatively similar to that of any colon issue. The trademark symptom of the condition is chronic water diarrhea. Additional symptoms include abdominal pain and cramps, weight loss, nausea, and fecal incontinence. At present, the cause of the inflammation and associated symptoms of collagenous colitis is unclear; however researchers believe that the possible causes may include certain medications, bacteria, viruses, or immune system issues.

Home Treatments for Collagenous Colitis

Any type of colon issue requires targeted treatment. Collagenous colitis, like many other colon concerns, typically responds well to many home treatments. One particularly effective treatment option is coconut oil. Consuming two to three tablespoons of coconut daily in the form of oil used on foods and natural, unsweetened chips naturally relieves, cramping, stomach pain and watery diarrhea. Additionally, a high quality probiotic taken daily will support overall digestive health as will changing the diet to avoid food intolerances.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Jean (Oklahoma City, Ok) on 01/24/2013

I was recently diagnosed with LYMPHOCYTIC COLITIS. Pepto Bismol worked fairly well, but I've read its effectiveness lessens with time. I have received much relief from coconut and virgin coconut oil. I buy unsweetened coconut chips and the oil and eat about two or three tablespoons coconut each day, use the oil on oatmeal and other foods. It relieves cramping, stomach pain and watery diarrhea.

Replied by Sylvia

Thanks so much for your post, Jean. I've only been using coconut oil for 2 days and it seems I am cured, after having really bad diarrhea for weeks.


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Posted by Dianne (Georgia) on 07/06/2017

Ted, I read a post in which you talked about stomach acid getting to the kidney and causing problems. I am battling microscopic colitis so I did a Diet to heal "leaky gut". I took digestive enzymes to give my gut a chance to heal. After a few day, I noticed my urine was slightly pink. I stopped taking the enzymes but have noticed my urine a slightly yellow and a little cloudy, the first thing in the morning. Do you think the digestive engymes caused the pink urine and is still causing the yellow and sometimes cloudy urine. I am not taking the digestive enzymes at this time. Also, I take a 2:1 ratio of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate before going to bed at night for alkalization.

General Feedback

Posted by Fed Up (Ypsilanti, Mi) on 11/02/2012

I am on codiene sulfate and take chloestyramine for collagenous. Now the doctor also has just put me on alendronate, folic acid, and methotrexate for arthritis. Also just had colonoscopy and they removed a polyp that was precancerous. Is it really safe to take all these every week? so worried but I know they are tired of me doubting them at times.

Replied by Fed Up
(Ypsilanti, Mi)

Hi everyone, thought I give a more detailed account for others to understand better. I decided I would try the new meds but sure didn't get far with it. The folic acid 1mg daily and after 3 days it made me so ill, dizzy, exhausted and had terrible diahrea. Those were the lighter reactions I had. Could not begin to imagine what the mtx would do and it is not worth the risk or side effects for me to take. It is the first time I had been seen by this rhumatologist but he knew I took 30mg codiene sulfate 1to 2x daily along with chloestymine for collegnous colitis. I am so hurt that when I tried to explain I have allergies and my body is very sensitive to many drugs and I do end up getting most side effects I was told that is not what I asked you. He then asked what the other rhummy tried for me and like I fool I said nothing much and I didn't like the rhummy. Just a cortizode injection in arm that only lasted a few days. When it came to all the med I tried in past for ra I honestly don't remember after I discontinue something 1-4 years past. He felt my throat at the visit felt a mass and said get to your doc asap for referal testing it is (just a goiter) results. Went upstairs to my doc they are in same building said why I was there I explained and said rhummy told me thyroid gland (it was what I kept in my head).. I am sort of new to him also and he got irritated when I couldnt remember exact and he actually had to call rhummy (too bad) I was really ready to cry over both of them treating me the way they did so I said I am sorry I can't remember and he won't call you even though I asked him too ahead of time When he hung up from other rhummy he was very snippy to me and said you gave him misleading info of ra drugs you had in past that's why the old rhummy didnt do more for you he thought you still took a med from the doc before your last old rhummy... Then he snapped my med history pages in file and started saying very snappy to me each and every one of them I had tried and even the reasons I gave the old rhummy for not going to appoint. (to be honest I was just putting that old rhummy off till I found a new one in case I did need a cortizone shot again for pain) Here is the funny part of it all. How was I to know that the old rhummy, new one, and my reg doc were all friends of sorts. To think there was me and my big mouth at my yakiest from codiene sulfate kicking in saying how lousy that rhummy was in the past. Learned my lesson on that guess I will be looking for new docs soon again especially when I send rhummy his e-mail from me saying no I will not take these meds. Anyones opinion or advice greatly appreciated

Replied by Becky
(Kansas, US)

Hi there: I'm sorry you're going through all this. I'd first ask around for doctor's your friends/acquaintances like and find out WHY. Second, if possible, go when you are NOT hungry, feeling loopy or in pain - if that's possible! Either make notes ahead of time what you'd like to ask and WRITE their answers down OR have someone go with you that you can trust to be your advocate. If you are not a smart consumer and your own advocate, alot of drs will walk all over you. Educate yourself. Make lists of what's worked and what hasn't and make copies. It's YOUR body, you decide the sort of treatment you will accept and deal with. I've found the more direct, clear and succinct you can be, the better!

Replied by Anon

The doctors involved can easily look at your chart/med list; you can always say "I don't remember them all, look at my chart". If they didn't that is malpractice. End of story.

Juicing, Remedies, Dietary Changes

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Posted by Kat Delisle (Montreal, Canada) on 01/14/2014

Diagnosed with collagenous colitis after an allergic reaction. Found that juicing veggies and adding a psyllium (bulking agent), slippery elm, probiotics, cats claw, turmeric to the mix....drinking it once a day first thing in the morning really helped me to reduce medications. Eating only starchy foods like potatoes and rice with fish for dinner.

Some recent research suggests that this autoimmune disease can be cured with stem cell transplant. Some other experimental research into the "repoopulate" pill.

Replied by Prioris

Have you tried the aloe vera AMP tablets for the IBS. If not, you may want to research and try it.

Replied by Kateri

Tried the aloe vera. It helped.

I recently was put on antibiotic for a sinus infection for 2 weeks. I supplemented with a large dose of purified salmon oil. All my symptoms disappeared. I now believe there is a infectious component to colitis. Keeping up with the salmon capsules and doing well

Replied by Xox
(Raleigh Nc)

Curious about the properties of slippery elm and cat's claw. I have heard about properties of the other things you are taking, but want to know what these two offer? Thank you for sharing. (I'm trying to get off endocourt asap)

Lymphocytic Colitis

Posted by Star (Austin, Tx) on 04/01/2012

Any thoughts about a natural cure for Lymphocytic Colitis? Right now I'm on three prescription drugs for it and would like to learn about a more natural cure.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Replied by Ann
(Healdsburg, Ca)

I was just diagnosed with Collegnous Colitis. My Dr. placed me on one Priolsec daily for stomach ulcerations and the 8 Pepto Bismol tablets throughout the day. After two days on them I've slowed down and feel in more control. However, when I feel pressure I still need to be close enough to a restroom even though the Diahrrea has stopped. He wants me on it for 6-8 weeks, then we'll see. But I'm all for natural if possible. My test also seemed to show Diverticuloisis not Diverticulitis.

Pumpkin Seed Oil, Bee Pollen

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Posted by Deb (N GA) on 02/25/2019

I was officially diagnosed with collagenous colitis, 15 years ago. But I have had it for 35 years. I did entocort and budesonide in the past. At the current time, I am trying to treat it naturally. What is helping me in pumpkin seed oil-2 tbs in the AM and bee pollen-3 teaspoons in the AM.

Wild Yam Root

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Posted by Val (Tn) on 06/28/2015

For my collagenous colitis, I have been given Entocort CR 3mg. It has helped tremendously!! I've been on it for 15yrs. w/no problems. I started taking Mexican (wild) Yam Root for my menopause (hot flashes/night sweats) and to my amazement it also helps with the inflammation of my colon (as long as I don't run out). I buy it at Swanson's cuz it's cheaper & I know it worx for me. The meds are so expensive!! I ran out of yam & suffered tremendously. After spending over $800 for 2 months work of meds I also got back on track w/Wild Yam Root and am feeling sooo much better. No meds after 2 months but will NEVER run outta yam again. I also suffer from Celiac Disease but diet takes care of that. I can even eat oatmeal cookies w/o any effects. Don't know if it's the yam or not but just nice to know I can have a little once in a while! Hope this helps someone else!

Replied by Marion

I too have collagenous colitis and am celiac. Been taking entocort for years as the only thing that helped the colitis but find it is not working the same now. I was wondering how much wild yam you take daily? Thank you.

(San Diego)

Have been taking Endocort 3mg 3X daily for years and Balsalzide caps 5 in the AM and 4 @ night. This regime works but when I've tried to get off, after 2 wks, symptoms, return and it takes another 2-3 weeks to get control back.

Have developed glaucoma and cataracts. What did you think of the yam root over time? Or what else have you learned?

Replied by C

How many wild yam root caps do you take per day?

Replied by Jackie
(Victoria, Australia)

Hello, I have just started another flare of collagenous colitis I am desperate to help this as naturally as I can last time I went on entocort it helped while I was taking it. I am interested to hear more about the wild yam and if you still take entocort?

Replied by Cheryl

My mom has CC and has taken Endocort for about 4 years now. She gets it from Canada because it is so expensive in the states. I am interested in exploring something natural that might help. Can someone give me more information about yam root. Also read that coconut oil and chips are helpful? Ok to use them in conjunction with the yam root?

Replied by Bessie
(Wichita, Ks)

I would like more information on doses of yam root and coconut oil used for control of collagenous colitis. Any other natural remedies would be appreciated.

Replied by Sallee

How does your Mom go about getting Entecort from Canada? Will they take a prescription from a US Dr. Also, what pharmacy does she use? Thanks. Sallee (P.S. Entecort is getting so pricey I have to find another way to get it or try roots and leaves! )