Collagenous Colitis Treatment

Wild Yam Root
Posted by Val (Tn) on 06/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For my collagenous colitis, I have been given Entocort CR 3mg. It has helped tremendously!! I've been on it for 15yrs. w/no problems. I started taking Mexican (wild) Yam Root for my menopause (hot flashes/night sweats) and to my amazement it also helps with the inflammation of my colon (as long as I don't run out). I buy it at Swanson's cuz it's cheaper & I know it worx for me. The meds are so expensive!! I ran out of yam & suffered tremendously. After spending over $800 for 2 months work of meds I also got back on track w/Wild Yam Root and am feeling sooo much better. No meds after 2 months but will NEVER run outta yam again. I also suffer from Celiac Disease but diet takes care of that. I can even eat oatmeal cookies w/o any effects. Don't know if it's the yam or not but just nice to know I can have a little once in a while! Hope this helps someone else!